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Why would my brakes freeze up on my 2000 bmw 528i when it is cold out

Posted / edited by AnonymousUser on : 22-01-2018

Answers :

Are you talking about the whole brake system freezing up or just the pads and pistons?

If you are talking about the whole system then you might have got condensation built up in your break system and that made the brake fluid freeze. Also it is possible that something could of broke with the cold temperatures.

Otherwise you get water, ice and dirt in them and then the cold temperatures freeze them up.

Are your brake stiff or mushy?

If they are mushy you may need to bleed the breaks and check all the pads, discs and drums if you have them. You could of also sprung a leak in the system.

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Why would my brakes freeze up on my 2000 bmw 528i when it is cold out

Are you talking about the whole brake system freezing up or just the pads and pistons?If you are talking about the whole system then you might have got condensation built up in your break system and that made the brake fluid freeze. Also ... 2000 BMW 5 Series

Brakes freeze? On very cold days here in the mid-atlantic, while trying to backup my wagon first thing in the morning, I have a very stiff/solid brake pedal. it does not move at all when trying to depress it. I have to try several times before it finally breaks free and I have good brakes and no further problems. I have had the fluid changed, brakes bled, thinking it was actually water/condensation in the system. Any others experience this? Any help would be appreciated.

You seem to need a Brake booster. You master cylinder is mounted to the brake booster. You will need to remove the master cylinder and then loosen the (4) bolts under, up above the brak pedal. nThere should be a rod coming from the booster that conn ... 1999 Subaru Legacy

I have a BMW 528i 1997. Last night, the battery light came on, followed by the traction control light, then the ABS, and finally the brake light. It went on for a few minutes then the dashboard started flicking/blinking then everything went out. The car ran for a little while with all the lights off. I parked it and tried to start it. It started a couple of time and would do the same thing after a few minutes. The car finally wont even start. Does anyone know what the problem could be? you can e

I had a BMW 540i 2000 and that happen to me, my advice is to get the battery out of the car and recharge it. It would be advisable to have it check for malfunctioning. If it is ok, put it back on and the car will start. If not good, put a new battery ... 1997 BMW 5 Series

My Brake Light on My dashboard is coming on when I brake, but the fluid is above the minimum level, and I had my brakes looked at less than a year ago. the dashboard brake light comes on intermittently during cold temperatures. The fluid level is fine and the pads were replaced a couple of months ago. Brakes are working fine. When temperature is above 32,no problem. What would cause the light to come on in cold temperatures? thanks

You hava very common issue.\015\012The brake fluid contracts when it is cold. The level may be "above the minimum", but being there allows the sensor to activate when it is cold, due to the contraction aspect of the brake fluid... \015\01 ... 2003 Toyota Camry Solara

Hi.. i have a bmw 850i year 1994 ...my bmw 850i brake have something wrong?can u help me?now the problem is the brake at cold is ok,but wen water temp is normal temp the all 4 brake caliper is lock.so wat can i do?and the power steering resevior,the fluid is come out wen i pump the brake.and then i suspect the brake booster pump damage so i already change the pump already but also same problem.pls help me.tq.

Sounds like an abs control problem if i am understanding you correctly ... 1994 BMW 8 Series

2000 BMW 528i After driving the car for 11 minutes the rear brake warning light comes on. Also, the yellow brake warning light has come on a couple of times as well as the yellow triangle with a curved arrow around it. The problem started after my battery died about a week ago. AAA came to my house to jump startthe cart but it was dead. AAA then towed my car to my BMW mechanic's garage. The person who towed my car used a tension cord from the brake pad to the steering wheel to lock the ste

\012\011Replace rear pads and wear sensor. \012\011\012\011 \012\012 Hold milage reset til you see test then toggle through it pro forms test and resets. ... BMW 528

Trailer breaks not working on 2002 Ford F250. Trailer brakes are good and have a new break controller. I do have voltage on the 7 pin connector when break is applied, the voltage starts at about 9 volts and goes down to about 3 the longer the brake is held. I would think if there was a short or open there would be 0 voltage? What can cause my trailer brakes to not work?

A faulty conection ( rust, corroded,loose etc) can let voltage through but not proper amperage to energize your brakes ... 2002 Ford F250 Super Duty SuperCab

My 1995 dodge v10 just quit while running driving it. It started up but would barley run. t would not move. seemed to be starving for fuel. Then quit . The next day the truck started right up and I was able to drive it about a half a mile in which the truck ran fine and then it just stopped again. Fuel tank has 3/4 of a tank. I also poured in a bottle of injector cleaner and fuel line anti freeze into the tank. The temp outside was in the teens but should not be cold enough to freeze the fuel li

I once had a 302 ford van that ran really bad going up a hill and I thought the transmission was dying. Turned out that my catylitic converter had broken apart and clogged so the truck wasn't exhausting at all. This will make a vehicle hard start a ... 1995 Dodge Ram 2500

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Sounds like some **** on the line used the wrong grease and is isnt allowing the sable to slide frr in the case remove cable and clean with brake sleaner to disolve grease ... 2002 Dodge Dakota Club Cab

My 2003 Mitsubishi Eclipse Spyder's shifter has had problems "freezing" when it is very cold. This has happened a few times now. The button would not depress to allow it to come out of park. Finally after trying a little while I got the button to depress. Yesterday, it would not go INTO park when I tried. It would not click into park. I could not shut the car down all the way. The key would only go back to accessory. After a few minutes of sitting, it finally clicked and locked. What i

... 2003 Mitsubishi Eclipse Spyder

Ford Edge 2007 not a bit of trouble, then wife went to store, set parking brake, shoped for about 45 min. Came out, Edge would not start, stone cold dead. I jumped it, would not start, would not start for about 15 min, then, all of a sudden it started. Drove it home abour 20 miles, parked it, would not start. It still will not start.

Have the ECM and ignition control module checked. one of those two is wjere your problem lies. ... 2007 Ford Edge SEL Plus

My 1997 318I BMW temp indicator would read normal after sittingand idling for approximately 20mins, and there was heat, after riding the guage would read cold and the air would be warm..it would never read normal while driving. after changing the thermostat, it overheats and there is no hot air from the vehicle..I am a rookie, and it only seem one way for the thermostat to go in..no external leaks

Had a simular problem with a 318 myself, they are notorious to get air locked after replacing the thermostat, should have a blead screw on the main water hose, start the car and get up to temp then slowly undo the screw until water starts seeping, sh ... 1997 BMW 318

Ford focus 2001 rear brakes freeze up in cold weather new brakes installed as well new cables they are drum brakes as well

... 2000 Ford Focus

I have a 2006 BMW 750Li that the technician has diagnosed as needing a new rotation rate sensor. The brake light came on for the parking brake - why would I need this instead of a parking brake actuator?

Because there is no such thing as a parking brake actuator. ... Cars & Trucks

I have 97 BMW 528i. Car would not start about a

Have your charging system checked to make sure alternator is charging to specs, also make sure no light are left on, (trunk light ,glove box mirror light.it sounds like you may have a draw somewhere, may be alternator or something is on, hope this is ... 1997 BMW 5 Series

I have a 2000 dodge caravan,heat was working great I got hot and adjusted the temp. control to cold then put it back on hot but it would only then blow ice cold air and its freezing up herte in New Hampshire. What the heck do I do?

... 2003 Ford Expedition

I have a 2000 Mazda Protege with manual transmission. I live in a very cold area (0 to -15F at night is common). The clutch pedal is extremely slow to spring back and it is quite difficult to shift with the shifter when it is cold. I have been told to check the transmission fluid but am not sure how to do this. Can anyone provide a visual discription of what I would do? Also, any ideas on this being normal behavior in such climates? Thanks!

... 2000 Mazda Protege

My 2000 Oldsmobile alero I just bought two days ago dies whenever I brake to much... at every stop light if I don't ease into the brake the rpms will drop to 0 ant the car will stall and then die... I tried tightening the throttle line so that it would idle higher and now I turn on the car and the Rpm shoot to 4000 and the check engine light came on but when I put it in drive it idles at 1500 rpm... what do I do to stop it from dying or stalling at red lights

Is a code showing on the dash sounds like an fast idle sensor ... Cars & Trucks

The electric roof on my convertible BMW M Roadster (2000) was having intermittent problems - It would work one day and not another. There were no sounds of strain or breakage, just no response at all from the motor, as if there was a switch behind the brake (brake must be applied to raise/lower) and it just wasnt connecting. At one point when it wasn't responsive I accessed the pump in the trunk to manually raise it, and it hasn't worked since, even though I immediately re-tightened the valv

There is a break switch located behind the pedal that works the brake lights when the pedal is depressed. You were correct in looking for it, it is located up around the pedal shaft. It will be the only switch associated with the brake pedal. Repl ... BMW M Series

I have a 1997 bmw 318is. The problem I've been having is with the heater fan at first in the cold weather it would start to blow then shut off and I would have to turn it on and off a few times to get it moving. Now when I turn it on I can hear the system turn on but the blower will not blow. Does anyone have any suggestions?

I need to know my bmw radio code for 325i 1992 plases ... 1992 BMW 3 Series

On my bmw x5 the backin senor light keeps on blinking whenever i put the car on reverse and it does not give me the signal of how far i am from the other object. these past two days it has been realy cold. i dont know if the cold has effect on it or something else is wrong with it. can someone help me out i would really appreciate your help Thanks in Advance

The cold might have an effect, but have you checked for debris stuck on a few of the sensors on the bumper?\015\012\015\012visit this site (www.x5world.com), join (basic ... 2001 BMW 5 Series

Brake sensor the is a connector on my bmw 528i, which connects to the brake sensors (front and back) I am looking for that part to buy, but unfortunately I don't have a name for the part. How may you help

I don't know what you mean with brake sensor but there is a brake switch by the brake pedal ... 1998 BMW 5 Series

03 dodge Caravan while driving home speedometer went haywire. It would go from 0-120 then it would down shift hard. I think the speed sensor is out. I drove it home and parked it and went back to work. Now i can't get it to start at all. I pulled the altanator it is fine Battery is fine fuses and relays are fine. I'm not sure what to do. Please help my wife is driving my Truck and i'm having to drive Motorcycle. It's December and it's to cold for a motorcycle. HELP!!!

Check body control module - or theft detereant module ... Dodge Caravan

I have a 1999 mitsubishi galant someone was messing with the battery and all of sudden as i was driving home the check engine light came on the gasoline sensor turn on and the brake sensor turn on and when i was driving up a hill it turn off. After that i noticed that the needle on the meter would not stay on 0. What should i do about this because i don;t know if this is supposed to be on 0?

Try disconnecting the battery cable for 30 seconds and the reconnecting it. This show clear the codes. ... 1999 Mitsubishi Galant

2000 V70 AC gets cold then freezes up. After a few minutes it's fine then freezes up again. What would cause that?

You have most likely a leak in the pipeline/compressor.\015\012Lack of refr.liquid charge. ... 2003 Volvo V70
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