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Overheating by loosing water but no water leaking out

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Have a 1994 acura integra was overheating an loosing antifreeze somewhere no sign of leak and oil looked fine, would top radiator off an bleed air off still no help. noticed water dripping out of exhaust so i bought some bars stop leak to try but still overheating. also pulled plugs and full of oil on plugs. car runs fine for about 2 days until it starts overheating after topping off. Does this sound like a cracked head or gasket?

... 1994 Acura Integra

My 1996 Suzuki Swift Cino is overheating. Replaced waterpump 3 months ago. Stopped overheating until 1 week ago. Replaced the thermostat yesterday and still overheating. Loosing all coolant, but no visible leaks. Not blowing white smoke, oil doesnt appear watery and water doesnt appear oily?

Hello, if you are losing coolant as you say than the most probable place is through your head and into your exhaust system, it is highly likely you have a cracked head or a major head gasket leak. The only other place it can go is if you have a auto ... 1996 Suzuki Swift

I just replaced the head gaskets and radiator on acura tl and it overheated and cracked the second radiator with no visible leaks on the hoses I was wondering why it would overheat with the new head gaskets and radiator why it loose water to cause overheating

Check tempature switch for the cooling fans or maybe a bad fan relay check all cooling fan.First the radiator, unless it has been replaced with an aftermarket "all\015\012metal" radiator, is going to be aluminum with plastic tanks. ... 2001 Acura 3.2TL

Toyota Emina 1995 2.2 TD. On long journies with fuller loads, the temp guage goes in the red after an hours drive. We pull over or nurse car into services (putting fan on full blast to cool engine) . When we check , there is water in the system, no hose or radiator leaks and gasket I am told is OK. Car seems to loose a bit of water and needs topping up, but then drives OK at moderate speeds. Why is it overheating?

Bad thermostat ... 1993 Toyota Previa

Overheating by loosing water but no water leaking out

... 1999 Volkswagen Passat

Overheating problems does my 1996 chev cavalier 2.4 call for a thermostat...doesnt have one so i replaced it and it leaks..it overheats and i just keep adding coolant and it doesnt seem to get better i cant find any leaks except for the thermastat n gasket that i replaced..i cant figure it out...i do loose water but i dont know from where. i can hear it boiling throught out moter when it does overheat HELP ME PLEASE THANK YOU DAWN

Yes it needs a thermostat. What size engine? ... 1996 Chevrolet Cavalier

I have a 2003 Hyundai Tiburon that is overheating. How can I tell if I have a bad water pump or if it could be the thermostat. Does not appear to be a radiator leak or hose leak, but I am constantly loosing antifreeze.

If it's overheating it will lose antifreeze.I would change the thermostat first and see it it solves the overheating problem if not then worry about the water pump. Thermostats are only $7-10. ... 2003 Hyundai Tiburon

I have a 2003 dodge stratus SE, the other day it started overheating. I replaced the thermostat and it was fine for a day, then it started overheating again. I saw that my coolant was completely empty and notice it was leaking so i thought it was the water pump but when i filled it up with water to take me down the street it started overheating but all the water was still there and smoking, my radiator isnt leaking and i dont hear my timing belt squealing. Could it still be my water pump or some

I recommend you buy staff from http://www.bestcardiag.com/, you can consult the supplier at any time ... Cars & Trucks

Guage indictes overheating condition but never steams or boils over. both fans and thermostat working properly. no visual leaks and seems to not loose fluid. External ir temp gauge show top hose area of radiator running about 180 and the lower hose are reads about 110, indicating to me flow and cooling. i drained oil but not exactly sure how to tell if there is water mixed in from possible head gasket issue. the oil seemed a little off color being browner that is was burnt black. is there an eas

The thermostat that governs the running of the radiator fans is different to the temperature sender to the display, Check out the temperature sender for proper operation and possible loose connection. ... Kia Sedona

I have a 1999 acura cl. There is oil in the radiator and coolant overflow. It is not overheating and loosing very little oil. The hose are now getting soft and gummy. There isn't any water or coolant in the oil as of yet. About 6 months ago I notice the car was running very rough and found that there was almost no oil in it... Not sure if the last oil change was done properly. It has never leaked oil onto the ground and still isnt. It has 185K miles on it and has been service to the hilt

It seems there could be a blown head, if there is oil in the radiator. If the car ran out of oil and it was still being driven, then that could have overheated the engine and maybe warpped the a piston. Sometimes when the oil is changed at some shops ... 1999 Acura CL

Loosing water from my overflow bottle in my lantra 1995 - N reg and the car is overheating. Don't know where the leak is coming from - anyone any ideas?? Please

I had a similar problem in the end after ablown head gasket ,stuck thermostat,overhauled engine and a new waterpump i found timing was out about 1 tooth (advanced) ... 1995 Hyundai Elantra

My jeep overheated lastnight..it got up to bout 250 so i parked it..i found antifreeze around the radiator cap(which was loose)...then noticed my upper radiator hose was flattened.....when i started it again later it started rough and sputtered for a minute but sounded ok after a few....just got an oil change and filled fluids yesterday..the antifreeze was really low after it over heated so i put a gallon of water in it ..its not leaking anywhere on the ground and didnt steam very much...what d

Well, fortunately 250 is not extreme....So, no info on your year, so I will take a stab generically... Something happened. (duh), it could be it just got low on water, could be a leak...here are the next steps. \012\012But first the uppe ... Jeep Grand Cherokee

I have a hilux with a 1kzte diesel motor waterpump was leaking had it replaced no visable leaks presuretested holds presure but looses about 3 ltrs water whilst driving willnot loose water at idle sprayes l/inner guard has coolant no water marks anywere has new heater core fitted oct2009 no visable leaks anywhere

You have a leak somewhere. My test would be to attatch the pressure tester and run the engine around 2500 RPMs. If it is spraying the liner under the bonnet, it is either the water pump or a pin hole leak in the radiator spraying into the fan. Let me ... 1995 Toyota Pickup

I have a 2001 Alero 3.4L V6; I have replaced the intake gasket the engine itself and countless other repairs but recently the car has been leaking coolant and it has also been overheating. I just replaced the water pump after a mechanic told me there was a leak coming from the back of the water pump. Upon replacing the water pump the car was still overheating. We then bled the car through the upper valve and it seemed like antifreeze was getting to the engine block. Well now it is overheating ag

The first thing i would do is put the coolant system under pressure with\015\012Cooling System And Pressure Cap Tester. if there are any ... 2001 Oldsmobile Alero

Vehicle overheating quickly. changed thermostat it ran fine for about 2 weeks, now it is overheating quickly again. no leaks are coming from water pump. Do not see any water leaking anywhere, but when it over heats the radiator will not have much water left in it.

Hi, check you have heat coming out the heater in the car put it on hottest setting and see what happens if it comes out cold then the chances are the head gasket has gone and is pushing gasses into the coolant system causing an air lock and then over ... 2001 Pontiac Montana

1999 saturn sl1 wagon has overheating problem. Had a leak in the reservoir so I replaced that. During that time had added stop leak several times. Reservoir is now new, but still losing water at speeds over 60. Radiator seems fine, hoses are ok, heater core not leaking, water pump is ok. How do I find out where water is leaking to?

If you cant see any water coming out anywhere then the only choice is a blown head gasket. \015\012\015\012The reason the resorvior had a leak was the pressure from the engine got into the coolant and blew up the reservior bottle. This i ... 1999 Saturn SL

Overheating first thing noticed was the over heating. cheaked for coolent leval and noticed it was low. added antifreeze, but keeped losing coolant. found leak in radiator/cracked radiator. changed and still losing cooolant.no water in oil, no water on ground. found water leak on rear of engine. leaking intake manifold gasket. changed gasket, did tune up, replaced thermostat, still over heating. changed water pump, still over heating, help please

It could be your head gasket. ... 2001 Chevrolet Express

94 Subaru lagacy 2.2L. The radiator is using water, but I don't see where it is going. I filled the overflow full, run the engine at fast idle for 15 min. Then check the overflow and its almost empty. No excess water coming out of exhaust(except for usual exhaust smoke), no leaks in hoses, no leaks in radiator. Took it for a short drive, when I returned, I checked fluid level, had to put almost 1/2 gallon of water in. The heater core isn't leaking either. To loose that much water, you woul

... 1994 Subaru Legacy Outdoor

2003 Jeep Liberty 4WD 6-cyl, 65000 miles. Last year, my car overheated. Front driver side, orange-red coolant was leaking. Granted, I never had it flushed. After the car cooled, I filled with water, and was able to drive home. Next day, I had the coolant flushed, and everything was fine, until it overheated a month later. Turns out it was slowly leaking. I had it topped off, and was able to get home. The water pump blew out, and the car started spewing coolant. Brought it in, a

If you have a "check engine" light on then a bad temp sensor would give a \015\012wrong reading. Do you get heat from your heater core? Also make sure you\015\012 are getting a good flow from catalytic converter.Are you using ... Jeep Liberty

Leaking water and overheating

The best thing you can do is get some dye and check with a black light to see were it is coming from if it is from the water pump you can see that easy just look at the bottom of pump there is a hole in it were it will leak out good luck ... 2000 GMC Jimmy

I just got the water pump and timing belt replaced on a 2002 Hyundai Santa Fe v6 because antifreeze was leaking from that area and the SUV was overheating- i didnt let it get too high and it was leaking long before the engine was getting hot. The mechanic took it for a test drive to make sure it wasnt overheating and it wasnt. I picked it up and drove it around doing errands and then noticed it was leaking in the same place as before, but the engine was not overheating what so ever. Could thi

Could be intake gasket, head gasket or leaking bolt that didn't get sealed. You can use sealer but sometimes it does more damage then good. I don't use it on any vehicles that come in because of sometimes plugging more then it should, like the radiat ... Hyundai Santa Fe

Radiator Flush I have drained the radiator and need to know what do from here. Do I leave the valve open while the engine is running and keep water from the hose introducing fluid into the cooling system? Or should I be going about this differently? Ultimately, I have a small leak in my head gasket and will be adding Bar's Leaks to fill the viod. The jeep has never overheated and loses water. I have to add water about every 4 days. I have checked the coolant system for leaks and found none. No w

There is no right or wrong for this one but on a car w/ no gasket leaks you can leave that valve open.Keep a CLOSE eye one the temp gauge and oil gauge while your doing it.Change that oil for sure after you flush & refill w/ anti freeze. Since yo ... 2000 Jeep Cherokee

Hi I have a Pajero that is loosing water. The water pump is leaking and there are bubbles in the radiator. The bubbles could be a head gasket problem but could it just be a badly leaking water pimp problem? Could a water pump take in air? I picked Lancer in the Chose a Model because there is no Pajero listed.

Yes a Water Pump that is leaking can take in Air. You will need to get the Water Pump replaced. The same thing happened on my Neon. Get the Water Pump replaced and your problems should go away. ... Mitsubishi Lancer

Water and radiator fluid pouring out under front of vehicle but it doesnt show it is overheating? the radiator is new three months old, the freeze plugs are all new same time as radiator, the theramostat is only a year old and its not leaking from the water pump cuz i can see where the water is coming from and the water pump isnt in that spot also it isnt old either its new does anybody have an suggestions what could be leaking all my fluids out my truck and not causing it to overheat?

What area is it coming from? These are common for leaking intake manifold gaskets ... 1999 Chevrolet Blazer

My 1994 Tracer is overheating, I have changed the thermostate. The radiator had a couple leaks so I plugged them and now there are no leaks. I think the water pump is still pumping and I get an check engine light now. Could it be a bad water temp sending unit or just that the water pump has eroded down far enough that its not pumping water. Car has 219000 miles on it.

You may have to flush your system out. just take and loosen the nut on the bottom of the radiator. get all of the radiator fluid into a container. then connect a water hose to the top of the radiator. with the drain plug still out, turn the hose o ... 1994 Mercury Tracer
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