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2c diesel engine knocking when the engine is warm

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2c diesel engine knocking when the engine is warm

... 1999 Toyota Camry

We recently had the timing chain jump on an Xtype Jaguar 2.0 diesel. We changed the timing chain and tensioner and fitted reconditioned delphi injectors, the car now has a very loud knocking sound coming from the engine which gets alot quieter when the car is warm but it i still there, Timing has been rechecked and is ok, head has been off car and checked and is ok,fuel tank has been drained and new diesel added, egr valve has been blanked off, catalitic convertor has been bypassed, nothing imp

Make sure you have proper sealing washers under injectors,and you have only one washer in place ,ihave seen it happen before 2 washers will cause a loud knock if not that get injectors calibrated good luck ... Jaguar X-Type

Experiencing a "ticking" "knocking" type noise when 1st starting the car in colder weather that goes away once the blazer warms up , any help ?? I was told it could be the exhaust manifold , or piston slap, or blown engine. This question is in RE: 2002 Chevrolet Blazer LS 6 Cyl 4.3L Im leaning to the exhaust manifold. A engine KNOCK does not go away when the car warms up. I was told piston slap is real qiuet and my noise is rather loud for a few minutes till car warms up , then it completely goe

It may need a lifter or valve adjustment when cold they will tick or knock depending on how loose or worn out then when it warms up they swell with heast and noise stops. after adjusting or replacing it will stop making noise ... 2002 Chevrolet Blazer

Engine knock I've noticed the past several weeks that my 2000 Corolla has a pronounced engine knock (sounds like valve knock) on cold starts. Once the engine warms up, the knock is less noticeable, but still there. I bought this vehicle several months ago with about 50K miles on it. It currently has 56K miles and I change the oil/filter myself about every 4K miles and it does not appear to be losing any oil. Also on cold starts, the rpms spike for about 15-20 seconds before the idle slowing star

The idle issue is normal. The idle is controlled by the ECU. There are no adjustments for the idle. Regarding the knocking noise, that could be several things, and I am hesitant to comment without hearing it. Take it to a Toyota Dealer & have a t ... 2000 Toyota Corolla

Engine knocks at cold startup. knocks more under load. lasts about 5 minutes till warm. Dealer said: 1. " They all do that. 2. Piston Slap, don't worry. 3. Valve train slow to warm up in this engine, Problem started at 2500 miles. had dealer look at it 3 times for this problem. Currently have about 25k miles on car.

I bought my wife a Lex and she also experienced the SAME problem. It is TRUE that that's one of the engine's characteristc's,but it can be corrected. These are the step's that i took.(1) First step is to change the oil and filter if you H ... 2007 Lexus ES 350

Infiniti G35 - 2006 Sedan - 37,000 miles. Knocking noise in engine area: Happens only in gear (drive or revese); loudest after engine is warm; took vehicle to dealer twice. First time, changed engine oil with additive. Second time, dealer claims the idle tension pulley system was missing a bolt, which cause the knocking noise. Drove vehicle today and I swear I can hear the faint knocking noise... although not as loud as before. I've read a few threads online about similiar issues. Any though

Smoke on start? Could be a valve problem where all your oil is in the bottom at start? Belts are squeaking too? Maybe a tensioner went bad?Saw this service bulletin---TAPPING / KNOCKING NOISE FROM ENGINE AT COLD STARTTh ... 2006 Infiniti G35

1997 ford explorer V6. Engine was idling to warm up, went in house for 10 minutes. Came out engine smoking knocking like crazy. Shut off engine and opened hood, oil was sprayed all over engine oil running down driveway. Something failed and engine oil pump pumped oil out valves were knocking from no lubrication. What Failed? Please help

This sounds like the engine oil cooler hose was leaking.\015\012\015\012DO NOT run the engine again until you fill with oil.\015\012\015\012start the engine and look for the hose that is leaking. ... 1997 Ford Explorer AWD

Hi I HAVE A ISUZU WIZZARD 3.0 WITH 4jx1 engine,it hard to started,diesel knock when it idle,engine light stay on with a code p10193 or p1393,already replace fuel filter,engine oil,train and renew a diesel fuel from the tank,If the engine light turn off, engine is running smooth,already try a second hand computer still the same,what could be the problem

Hi, you problem is the rail oil pressure sensor having a high voltage input -  P0193 code set . This will also cause your faults . \012Change the sensor which is under the cam cover and the smaller of the two there and it will run ok ... Isuzu Trooper

I got a 2000 Dodge Durango 4.7L and 140 K miles. Couple of days ago the engine knocked and the engine light came on, the computer said it was probably caused by the timing chain streched of jumped.Another symptom is that the engine sounds and seems to run good, but while sitting idle, it won't start knocking or stalling until it warms up (average idle speed 600-700 RPMs, normal?) But I also heard the transmission having problems shifting down can cause the engine to stall and die while slowing d

... 2000 Dodge Durango

Engine knocking. I just bought a 1992 Toyota landcrusier Turbo Diesel Prado SX and it just started knocking on the Right side of the engine only on low RPM. When I am going over 50-60 kmph it stops. But it Just started knocking during idling. This is a rhythmic knock ...not a tap or slap. Anyone got an idea to help guide me when I take to the shop?

Diesel knock at low RPM and Idle is usually an injector that has a leaky seat or has a needle that has jammed up. The knock can normally be heard quite clearly as being at the top of the motor, run the motor at idle and loosen the injector pipes one ... 1992 Toyota Land Cruiser

I have an Hilux Surf (4Runner) from 1994, 3.0L Turbo Diesel and manual, and start to show the code 14. Until the engine reaches normal operating temperature, no alarm, and the engine runs normally. When the engine reaches normal temperature, lights the alarm, and starts to make a knocking noise valves (?) Already changed air-filter, fuel filter, clean the diesel pump... The mechanic suspects of the ecu. Is possible that it is the ecu fault? The ecu unity is inside the cabin of the car, so

... 1994 Toyota 4Runner

My father has 1990 Camry turbo diesel with, with 3S-FE engine I believe . The problem he has is that it starts well if it's cold but after running for 10-15 minutes it slowly dies when warmed up. When warm it also can not be started. After the engine will cool down it starts well and again works until it warms up. What could be the probable cause of such problem?

... Cars & Trucks

Good Morning, 1997 Subi Legacy Outback 2.5 Limited. When i start the car ( in any weather ) a loud knock is going on until the engine is warmed up then the knock stays but you can hardly ear it. I thought it was the injectors or at least 1 because it as the same knock sound, but no it's not the injectors. I ear it coming from the back of the engine, maybe from the throttle body area. Any Thoughts ???

Piston knocking on the wall of the cylinder . The sound is smaller because as the engine (and especially the piston) is getting warmer it dilates and the gap gets smaller.\012If it's that loud then it's time to repair the engine - if you're luc ... 1997 Subaru Legacy

Volkswagen lt 28 tdi going into limp mode . when in limp mode getting diesel knock from engine .If you knock ignition off and back on power returns to normal and diesel knock has gone. will drive maybe five or six miles then problem returns.

... 2001 Volkswagen Eurovan

Engine trouble Car has sat for quite awhile and is now hard to start, even in warm weather. It does not idle properly, continually stalls out until engine has warmed up. When the gas pedal is depressed,the engine seems like it is starving for gas or air. Also, the oil pressure gauge goes off the scale upon startup. I have replaced the spark plugs, fuel filter, oil, and removed the injectors which I soaked in diesel and then replaced. None of these things made any difference! PLEASE HELP

Car runs rough, ... 1985 Mercedes-Benz 190

I have 2002 dodge ram 3500 5.9L diesel w/auto transmission. It starts and cranks good.. but,on a cold engine, when Im ready to go i have no power, its smooth and no white smoke.. if I turn off and re-crank the engine then i have power and go down road. then bout 10 seconds it cuts out with no power again. re-crank till it gets warm then problem stops.. is one issue. the other is bout same after the engine is warmed it cuts out only under 60 mph. if im over 60 mph i have no problem of any kind..

... Dodge Ram 3500

I have a engine knock on a cold start. Knock goes away after engine gets warm

That is an indication of worn internal engine parts, it quiets down when warm because the metals expand tightening up the fit between parts. If it is a true knock then the parts that are most likely worn and causing it are main/rod bearings, or pisto ... 2001 Chevrolet Impala

Engine knocks when startup but disappears after engine warms up.....could the oil pump be defective.......what about the knock sensor....

Its probably lifter noise,check what grade of oil is in the car or change it to a slightly thicker grade,i would expect that the car has a lot of mileage on it,if the oil light goes out quickly on the dash when starting its not the oil pump(very unco ... Datsun Maxima

83 Ford F350 Diesel Dually Smoking from oil Dipstick When the engine warm up, the smoke escapes from the oil dipstick hole. Is it normal for diesel engines? Last week I add smoke stop additive to my oil as it smoke white from the exhaust. It reduces the smoke from the exhaust, but now it is smoking from the oil dipstick. Any help would be appreciated.

I have an old IDI 6.9 diesel. They tend to burn oil, and that would be normal. Just keep a check on your fluids, and unless the smoke is excessive it should not be a problem. I must say though, I personally think the IDI's were the best diesels ever ... 1983 Ford F 350

Recently bought 2000 kia sportage has sat for sometime 95,000 miles replaced timing belt as preventative, also air filter, valve cover gasket. driving fine, and then started running rough between shifting(manuel) then would catch up check engine light came on at same time, code was knock sensor, misfire on 3rd cylinder, replace knock sensor, now after engine warmed up it will lose power as if not getting any fuel it will die, but will start right back up maybe drive fine for a minute or so then

Did it come with remotes?if so replace batteries and reset alarm/immobiliser..first step. ... 2000 Kia Sportage

Knocking in front of engine when cold but ceases when engine is warm. My car is a Subaru 2001 Legacy Brighton wagon with approx. 78,000km. The knocking started at 50,000km. Rene

... 2001 Subaru Legacy

I have 2007 dodge ram 2500 with diesel 5.9 engine that sets code2509 what is wrong it sets this code most of the time when it is cold and glow plugs come on. it never sets code when weather is warm or engine is warm.

P2509- intermittent power pcm/ecm or error data lost. Usually a simple power issue. Have the batteries load tested, and clean the connections. Strange things like this start to happen when one or both of the batteries just start to get weak ... 2007 Dodge Ram 2500 Mega Cab Laramie

When my engine first starts cold (1998 Dakota 6 cyl) it has a loud knocking noise. It will slowly go away as the engine warms up but I can still hear it at higher RPM's. I was told it was a lifter knocking, but I am not sure. What is my problem and how do I fix it?

... 1998 Dodge Dakota

I have a 1991 corolla and i'm having a problem while starting...you have to step 3 times on the gas then start after start the engine seems like it is low in RPM,if you do not step on the gas after you start because of too low RPM the engine will slowly stop..its like a diesel engine you have to warm up first the engine...and the other problem is while you are already taking 1st shift then 2nd shift up to 3rd shift if you will step on the gas gently its like riding a horse until you step hard on

... 1991 Toyota Corolla

Toyota Camry Knock Sensor Problem The top of the radiator on my 1993 3.0 lt Toyota Camry V6, 3VZ FE engine split some months back and it overheated. I have since sorted out the head gaskets and it seems to be running okay. However the check engine light comes on once the engine warms up. Previously this light was coming on soon after the engine overheated, but I thought that it would go away once the repairs had been done. When checking the fault code it comes up that there is a fault with the ?

Hello. You have posted an excellent question.\015\012\015\012The code 55 you are getting, in Toyota terms, as as follows: \015\012\015\012"No number one knock sensor signal to the ECU fo four crank re ... 1993 Toyota Camry V6
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