Having problems with your 1999 Toyota 4Runner ?

I think I have a bad front wheel bearing. There is a light grinding noise that comes and goes while driving straight and seems to be more prevalent when lateral force is applied during a turn. What do u think? Btw it is 4 wheel drive.

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Answers :

Yes sounds like a wheel bearing needs replaced look inside the wheel at the hub see if you see greese around it any greese means needs replaced make sure do it soon cause wheel bearing will let the tire fly off hope this helps best way to check these is jack up one wheel grab tire and wiggle it up and down and if any movement needs replacement dangerous can wiggle it side to side too hope this helps
Alot of times you can check front bearings by jacking up the front end and checking for play by pulling out on one side of the tire at a time. Try top to bottom, then right to left. Be sure to leave one side of the vehicle on the ground to prevent steering play.
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I think I have a bad front wheel bearing. There is a light grinding noise that comes and goes while driving straight and seems to be more prevalent when lateral force is applied during a turn. What do u think? Btw it is 4 wheel drive.

Yes sounds like a wheel bearing needs replaced look inside the wheel at the hub see if you see greese around it any greese means needs replaced make sure do it soon cause wheel bearing will let the tire fly off hope this helps best way to check these ... 1999 Toyota 4Runner

I have a 2003 Chevy impala and last week driving to the store I heard a loud pop didn't think much of it I went into a drive thur and my car started to smoke so I pulled over and looked under the hood everything seemed to be normal had my uncle come look at it tried to start it and it was like my steering wheel had lock on me come to find out my belt broke ok fixed that two days later got a tune up and 2 days later which is today my belt is broke again and my power steering is out what could be

The reason the belt broke was not found yet. Most likely you have a belt tensioner issue or a frozen pulley. ... 1996 Nissan Pickup

Transmission Slipping? I am driving a 1998 Chevrolet Silverado K1500 Z71. Automatic Transmission. Vortec 350. Here is my is sue...If I am going down the road at 60 and floor it into passing gear it my transmission seems to be slipping. This is the only time I notice this. My RPM's on my engine go to 5,000 but my truck does not seem to go anywhere. I was thinking by engaging my 4 wheel drive would eliminate my transmission. It still seems like something is slipping in 4 wheel drive. When I floor

Putting it in four wheel drive does not eliminate the transmission. Honestly, it sounds like the transmission is on it's way out. A 4l60e in one of cars was acting the same way. It required a rebuild. ... 1998 Chevrolet K1500

Clicking coming from wheel assembly when in four wheel drive. I just replaced the wheel studs on my 2000 Nissan xterra. When I took it for it's first test drive I noticed a buzzing noise coming from the wheel I worked on, the noise goes away when I take a turn In either direction. When I put the car in four wheel drive a clicking noise seemed to come from the wheel assembly. About two clicks per rotation of the wheel. Any help on what you think might be causing this would be greatly appreciated.

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05 Silverado, overheats when in 4-wheel drive under strain. Fixed once(so I thought) by replacing the water pump and thermostat. Happened a few months later. Again, 4-wheel, under strain. Wound up replacing heads also. Now can't drive anywhere without overheating. Have determined the fan is not coming on until it is past 210 degrees( too late I think) and by this time it wont cool it down. I'm thinking something in electronics. Can this cause me to overheat if a sensor or module is out?

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I was driving my 2000 GMC Jimmy down the road and the rear tires locked up. The tranny was still in drive, but when i pushed down on the accelerator it didn't move and the rpms went up. I put it in reverse and it went back about 4 feet and the rear wheels locked up again. It seems like i can go 4 feet in either direction before the wheels lock up. I don't think its the tranny, because it was rebuilt 40,000 miles ago and i just changed the fluid. I think it might be something in the differen

The differential may be locking up on you. Is the fluid full? Have you drained the fluid and pulled the pumpkin cover and looked inside to see if anything looks to be out of place or broken? ... 2000 GMC Jimmy

Gmc yukon put into 4 wheel drive and then shifted back to 2 wheel drive. days later I heard a noise, brakes are great, i think it is stuck in 4 wheel drive

The most probable cause is the front diff actuator ... 2001 GMC Yukon XL

I have a problem with a 2001 Lexus RX 300. It seems to be with the VSC sensor itself and not the light. We think ever since my wife was driving through a snow storm and pushed the ECT Traction button, the VSC system has never functioned properly again. When driving the car now, it seems like the system is constantly fighting itself for proper balance or control of the wheels. It feels like the car is stuttering and pulling, Sometiems when accelerating from a standing position, sometimes from tu

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I have a 2002 Kia sportage and the 4 wheel drive does not seem to work I was wondering if anyone else has experienced the same problem with theirs and if there was an obvious place I should look first. It seems to shift well at the transfer case so I'm thinking the issue is not their and I hear no grinding or any sounds coming from the front dif at all so I'm thinking its not their either( or at least hoping). Now to my understanding the entire system is run off a vacume, is their a way to test

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Vibration in car: When driving at different speeds, car vibrtes (steering wheel). I had all four wheels balance, but still vibrates, especially when excellerating. I checked for lay in the wheels, none noticed. Alignment seems straight...no pull. Car vibrates when slowing down and apply brakes with moderate foot pressure.

... 2001 Cadillac DeVille

Today, while driving my 2001 Buick Century, I took a right turn and hit a pothole pretty hard. There was a loud bang *originally just thought the rim hit the pavement* but now there is a pretty loud ..... banging? noise *I cant think of the word to describe it* when taking like 45 degree turns in both directions. So far seem only to happen with the wheel is cranked atleast a full turn. Also happens when BOTH wheels hit a bump at the same time, but not when ONE wheel hits a bump. I cant feel any

You might have broken the sway bar link, or the strut, or strut mount.\015\012 ... 2001 Buick Century

I bought a corvette and within the first 20 miles put on the car a mechanical failure caused my car to veere hard right from the number 1 lane across four lanes of traffic all the way to the right wall. the first time I drove the car on the freeway a clicking sound seeming to originate from the back left wheel area became louder and was joined by a violent vibration, my steering felt as though I was being forced to drive hard right, I tried to compensate by pulling the wheel back left to no ava

A failed c.v axle could have cause exactly what you are explaining... it actually almost the only thing ... 1995 Chevrolet Corvette

I have a 99 expedition and I have a bumping sound and jerking coming from the front. I think it has something to do with the front differential. I had a similar problem last year and had the transfer case replaced. This new problem is different and it seems to be in 4 wheel drive all the time, because when making a slow sharp turn it jerks like the front wheels are pulling. Any ideas?

Hello\015\012I am a retired Ford dealer technicain and have seen this exact symptom many times, the front differential does not cause this, the Transfer Case clutch does cause it, you most likely had a remanufactured Transfer Case installed, as ... 1999 Ford Expedition

My jeep liberty popped out of 4 wheel drive part time when driving in snow when i got to dry roads i tried to put it back into 2 hi and it would not. I then pulled into a parking lot and continued trying engaging other gears i could get it back into 4 part time neutral and 4 low by forcefully pulling lever back and forth could not engage 2 hi then i think the cable broke and it is now stuck in 4 low.

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I have a 91 ford F-150 with 17in American Racing Alum rims and horrible brakes. I have two problems. 1) Sometimes while driving the brakes when slightly pressed in they [ the brakes ] with apply; but other times I'll have to literally push the brake pedal in ALL the way. Why is this? 2) And number two, I was driving last night and all of a sudden I heard a sound coming from my front drivers side wheel. It sounded like a flat tire. It wasn't. I was thinking it was a bearing problem, hoping it was

Have you ever replaced the brake calipers sounds to me you have stuck caliper piston and maybe stuck caliper bracket pins. Mayb e the caliper has come loose which is very dangerous. ... 1991 Ford F150

I have a grinding sound coming from the front wheel drive right side.4 wheel is not engaged,when engaged sound goes away.coming off the highway the other day seem like i was towing or forceing the truck.2005 lariate

Hello,\015\012Sounds like you've got a bad wheel bearing there or a bad 4X4 hub there. You should have that looked at immediately as the unit in question will seize up at anytime. The usual way the noise goes is it will get louder & louder, then quie ... Ford F-150

When i push the parking brake down it sounds like it engages but it doesnt seem to be working. if i put the car in drive it doesnt seem to have any hold on the wheels at all. but my regular brakes work fine. what do you think it could be?

I had an adjustable cable at beneath the car that i was told to tighten? ... 2003 Chevrolet Impala

Hi i have a 98 honda accord 4cyl 4wheel disc brakes.2 days ago i notice a rubbing & grinding noise in my right rear wheel when i applied my brakes at slow speed in and out,when i remove my foot from the brakes it goes away. i went and change the rotor today and sand the pads down alittle test drive exactly same noise there( pads are new and there is nothing touching that is visable) wheel does not shake. am think that its the bearing . help please. thanks

... 2003 Honda Accord

Shift truck into drive will not shitf though gears normal its like it wines out in 3dr gear the thoughter gears seem fine i dont think it is sliping 2 wheel drive auto trans

Does it have a tps switch (throttle position sensor) my 97 Xj had similiar problem had to change tps. ... 1989 Jeep Comanche

Hi I have a 99 chevy blazer with abs. I'm trying to figure out whats going on with the brakes because its seem like the brake padel is sinking in when i apply pressure. I try to bleed the brakes according to procedure..thinking that it might just be air in my brake line but after i was done it still sink in. My abs comes on after a while when driving and sometimes my brake grabs and i cant break at all. It feel like there something wrong with the abs unit.. I think.. Can u help me solve my probl

Sounds like the Brake master cylinder, witch is where you put the fluid. There is a metal block with metal brake lines coming off of it ,underneath the plastic jug that you put the brake fluid in that is the master cylinder. As for the hard to start ... Chevrolet Blazer

The vehicl is 1997 chrysler town&country 3.8 engine front wheel drive 4 speed automatic.all gears pull with brake applied except drive,when road test transmission starts slipping and goes into 1 gear and does not shift both speed sensors were replaced,is there any other sensors or is this a transmissiom rebuild,diagnostic code came up (p1790)which seems to be generic as anything garage sugested rebuild or replace transmission,this is spendy,I hope there is a better solution,have you got a though

If it was not slipping i may have suggested a trans solenoid pack but, .These transmissions are pron to have problems after 75000 miles.So in conclusion, i know it is not what you want to hear, but a rebuild is required thanks for your question :) ... Chrysler Town & Country

I heard a loud bang from the rear off side of my car and 2 days later from the rear near side, now there's no bounce at all when I push down on the boot. There's been a rumbling sound when driving for some time which I can feel through the seat. My car is honda civic saloon 1996, 127k miles had cv joints and track arm done on front, new tyres and wheel aligment on front, steers o.k.now and brakes o.k just feels like driving a tank. Rear tyres seem o.k. no uneven wear

Check your struts if i remember they are air struts and whey can and do blow up and also the air lines come off from time to time ... 1996 Honda Civic

Hi I have a 1995 Dodge Stratus that I have a problem with the right rear wheel getting hot and omitting a strong burning odour after driving it for a few miles. I took it to a mechanic and he felt it was my emergency brake sticking, why he thought this to be the solution as after he applied the emergency brake on & off the right wheel would not turn freely with the emergency brake off it would drag a bit when turned. After he adjusted it, it seemed to correct the problem. But after I had been d

Had same problem after replacing everything in brakes drum cylinders hardware i found that the brake lines to wheel cylinder were old looked fine but were weak and collapsed not letting fluid escape from wheel cylinder after replacing them no mo ... 1996 Dodge Stratus

I have a 1999 Mercedes-Benz E320 (all wheel drive). First the driver's power window stopped working. Then a week later the passenger's power window stopped working. Then another week later the power seats stopped working. It seems to be connected in some way. What is going on?

... 1999 Mercedes-Benz E-Class

Changed front left hub assembly on a Mercury Mountaineer 97 and now there is a loud noise when we drive forward but no noise when you back up. The noise was not there till the hub assem was changed also there is no noise when you turn the wheel to the right I think... One way or the other, there is no noise. When you drive faster the noise goes faster like something is not on right and hitting as you go.There seems to be nothing wrong with the axle. Brake light comes on.It is a loud noise like i

When i hit a curb with my 97 cavileier and bent the center hub its made a noise something like the one you are describing i changed it to a new one and there was still a slight noise i took it back of and took a closer look and the new hub had a slig ... 2003 Ford Focus
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