Having problems with your 1999 Toyota 4Runner ?

Does one need to adjust a tps on 99 4runner v6 when replacing it?

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Answers :

No, just make sure the negative battery cable is disconnected, replace the sensor, and reconnect battery. Start vehicle to test operation. Best wishes.
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Does one need to adjust a tps on 99 4runner v6 when replacing it?

No, just make sure the negative battery cable is disconnected, replace the sensor, and reconnect battery. Start vehicle to test operation. Best wishes. ... 1999 Toyota 4Runner

I have a 97 ford probe 4cyl. I'd like to adjust the tps with a voltage meter, but want to be sure I do it right! My check engine light isn't on but car idles rough. I've had the tps replaced in the past, so i know i don't need a new one. I've had open headers, cold air intake installed in the past also. My car runs great, just the idle is off a bit. I believe with all my MODs my TPS needs re-adjusting! Can you help me? Thanks,Lon

Wheather your a2 .0 or 2.5 at idle key on engine off its is 0.7V to 1.1 V. you test it by doing a sweep, with your volt meter,voltage should increase with smooth throttle movement there should be no drop out or glitches and at wide open throttle you ... 1995 Ford Probe

One of the three drive belts on my 1986 corolla (4a-c engine) is frayed and needs replacing. The belt loops around the idler pulley, air conditioner? and crank. Can I just cut this belt out and not use my air conditioning? Or if it needs to be replaced, which pulleys/ alternator bolts do I adjust to loosen, remove, and replace the belt properly. I have to remove the main drive belt to remove the one that is frayed. Thanks for any help you can give

To replace the belt you need to see what size socket the tensioner has on the inside. with a ratchet attached put the socket on the inside bolt and push in the rotation to move the spring down taking the tension off of the belt. Pull the belt off a ... 1986 Toyota Corolla 2 Door

I have a 1998 Chevy Blazer 2 door 4 wheel drive. The parking brake adjuster is seized up and needs to be replaced. There are a front, left rear, and right rear parking brake cables and I don't know which one has the adjuster. All the cables are good other than that. Which one do I need?

... 1998 Chevrolet Blazer

I need to replace the throttle sensor. however, the replacement part I got at the autopart store looks NOTHING like anything on the throttle body or anywhere near it. Could they have changed the type of throttle body and sensor in the middle of the year and I have one of the vehicles assembled in the first wave of production? What needs to be done to replace the TPS at this point? Do I have to replace the entire throttle body?

According to the parts catalog, the throttle position sensor for a 2004 Verona should be a small plastic potentiometer with two screw holes and a connector plug.It should mount on the opposite side of the throttle body from the accelerator cable. ... 2004 Suzuki Verona

Replaced input speed sensor 2002 kia sedona as well at the TPS sensor, transmission slams into 1st gear while driving and the check engine light comes on ( after replacing these ) I have not adjusted the TPS to factory specs, I know I need to, but would this cause this problem ? It happens now and then, once you shut it off and restart it runs ok, shifts ok, light stays on, it will then go out after a while, run good for a couple days and wham, violent downshift, repeating the proble. This did n

... Kia Sedona

Per diagnostic codes i have replaced CTS and MAF on 1993 Mazda 626 2.5 6cyl, now it stalls and quits at a stop, does this have to do with clearing the codes after the work is done, does the computer need more time to adjust? The car drove fine after the replacement parts, one recommendation was to drive at least 20 miles under multiple conditions, after about 25 miles i filled up the tank, and then i got about 5 miles and it stalled quit and wont start, maybe an adjustment on the throttle screw,

U followed the pin point tests for these codes you had? did you disconnect the battery after you installed new parts? sounds like u have not fixed the problem, you do have a repair manual correct? did you check the intake air hose for cracks on the b ... 1993 Mazda 626

Hi! my mitsubishi eclipse is stall unexpectedly, but dont matter if it is cold or hot, or the tempeture is cold or hot. in the car was basically replaced everything from the computer to the waterheater, and it is still doing it. one of my friend said the cranksensor. well, it had a groove in it, replaced it, and guess what... still doing it. he said one of the cranksheft hitting it. need to take the whole engine apart and adjust it. is it true?

Suggest this first,is check engine light on? an auto zone or advance auto can code read it for free only if your check engine light is on. no need to take engine apart! if it's stalling and the check engine light is not on-- you may have clogged fuel ... 1997 Mitsubishi Eclipse

TPS testing and adjustment 2004 Dodge Ram Hemi 4x4. Do you need to make an adjustment at sea level I bought the truck in colorado and live in cabo. And I replaced the TPS. Because it stoped running that's what code came. Still will not run. Getting same code

... 2004 Dodge Ram 1500

I need to replace the water pump on my 1985 Toyota pickup but I can't figure out how to adjust the belt once I get the new one on. Anyone know how to adjust it or where the adjustment is? Thanks.

... 1985 Toyota Pickup

Hiya, i have a ford fiesta 2007 with the self-levelling adjustment. A while ago the headlight were constantly going up and down adjusting themeselves and now they have just stopped working and are just at low setting. Ford dealer says one of the headlights needs replacing which contains the motor which as gone. Is this true or could it just be a relay switch?? None of the headlights will adjust, both on low setting, thanks David

... 2007 Ford Focus (3 Door) Hatchback

I have a 1985 4runner 22re, it is having an intermitant start up. it will start normal and run for a couple of days then it will not start again. i have changed out fuel pump, fuel filter, fuel regulator, cold start injector,cold start time switch, coil ignitor, plugs, wires, cpu. all of these were changed out on so called expert advise. i am getting 2 codes one for computer, and tps. i adjust the tps then i recieve the cpu code. i bring the tps back to its original position and i still rec

Try this----there should be two or three coils in the distributor. Check these coils with your ohm meter. The car will run with one bad coil in a "limp mode". However, if a second coil goes bad, it will not run or start. These coils can be interm ... 1985 Toyota 4Runner

89 gta with 4 wheel disk breaks and the e break does not hold at all. both caliber have been changed and adjusted the small screws on them so the pads are just touching the rotors. the cable has been adjusted until the handle only comes up to half way. also the master cyclender has been replaced along with the proportional valve changed to an adjustable one with full power going to the rear. new ss braided lines on all lines. i need this to hold so i can pass my safety inspection. any help

You need to adjust your hand brake (e-brake) you will usually find the adjustment bolt under the console between the front seats, or under the dash, depending on the type of hand brake you have. it looks like two cables going to a crossbar then sing ... 1989 Pontiac Firebird

I need Directions to replace the Fan/alternator belt plus the other two belts on a 1999 Toyota 4Runner. It appears to be simple in that you merely need to loosen the bolt on the tensioner pulley to remove and replacethe belts. The tensioner pulley on one fo the belts is located down low and it appears that you will need to remove the engine guard splash pan to get to it. I am mainly wondering if there is anything tricky or complex that I am not seeing?

... 1999 Toyota 4Runner

I need to adjust my headlights on a 2008 Kia optima I recently had the driver's side one replaced an it is too low. I can see indicators for adjustment under the hood but not where or what you are supposed to adjust.

... 2008 Kia Optima

P0121 What adjustments are needed to replace a TPS in a 2003 Elantra GLS? Or OK to just screw replacement part in?

Hi there:This code can also be related to the MAF or mass air flow sensor. Lets test it before we try anything new.Testing and Inspection: ... 2001 Hyundai Elantra

How do I replace a tps on my 1995 Buick regal custom? When I replace it do I need to adjust it at all?? Please give any info for this

... 1995 Buick Regal

I replaced the brake cylinders in my mothers 96 pontiac grand am.we bled the brakes all but one.....and there is not much of a pedal still?do i need to adjust the rear brakes or somthing?i have gone forward and reverse and slam brakes on to adjust but doesnt make a difference

First you have to bleed all the brakes, then dissassemble the rear adjusters and clean and lubricate them, then adjust them so the shoes are just touching the drums, many brake systems do not self adjust with the forward and reverse anymore but requi ... Pontiac Grand Am

1998 Toyota 4Runner 4by4 Lmtd, replaced rear axle 3 times either side with in the last 6yrs and now needs to be replaced again.. Toyota has done the service on it, just because they are the only ones that has the tool for it!! We don't do any off roading in it at all, just everyday use.. has 178k and has had no other issues with it!! WE LUV IT

I bought my 99 SR5 last march and battled the axle seals 3 times before I figured it out on the forth time. The FSM has the wrong measurement for the placement of the inner retainer. Also the retainer works better if you orient the bevel outboard i ... 1998 Toyota 4Runner

I have a 1989 hg gsr galant, which i have just replaced the motor in, and i adjusted the timing, but then it knocked itself out and is pinging, ive been told i need to ground a plug on the fire wall before i can adjust the cam sensor properly, but i dont know which one it is.

I want to know what plug to ground also ... 1989 Mitsubishi Galant

I replaced one set of inners and outters on the rear. Adjusted snug and backed off to first hole. Took car for an aligment ant they said I need new rear barings> did I adjust them wrong?

Quite posibly did you folow torque specks \015\012there is a factory torque speck to seat the bearings and races then a back off spec if you didnt follow this you might not have tightened them right leson learned \015\012i bin there and ... 1997 Volkswagen GTI

95 4cly camry sometimes shuts off when gas peadl is depressed. new sparkplugs and wires, new distributor cap and rotor. new fuel filter, pulled code from the computer it said TPS problem replaced that to and still have the same problem. checked fuel when i replaced filter fuel pump working ok. Reply to this post 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 Add Comments Please type the numbers below to complete your post: Can't read it? Try a different one. Type the numbers here: OK Need additional assistance? ?Get Answers fro

Bad ignition coil. Replace. ... 1995 Toyota Camry

How do you adjust tps on a 94 saab 900 conv. front wire has 10v on it middel wire is ground rear wire is feedback,american cars on the feedback wire needs to start at idle .05v to4.5v at wide open this one dont seem to adjust to voltage, help

... 1995 Saab 900

1993 ford with 7.3l non-turbo has a tps problem. How do I adjust , check,and set if replacing with new one?

This component has essentially no adjustment... there is minor movement available from the mounting, but the TPS takes a value on power up and the that sets the baseline. From that point the system can measure position changes.\015\012\01 ... 1993 Ford F250


Hi if one sides wearing a lot more than the other there is a problem with the caliper or the linkes seizing on if its one pad this would seem likley as good brake pads drove correctly will last 35000 i bet you had to pay for the replacement pads ... 2006 Hyundai Elantra
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