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Sqeaky sound in the chassis while driving. - 1999 Toyota 4Runner

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Sqeaky sound in the chassis while driving. - 1999 Toyota 4Runner


Hi my toyota 4runner makes a whining sound after running for a few minutes pressing the gas pedal it seems to not be so loud once you turn if off and let it set for few minutes it sounds ok except a loud hum but after you drive or leave it the whine comes back any ideas?

... Toyota 4Runner

Grinding noise when accelerating. I drive a 1994 Toyota Tercel automatic, and last night I was cruising the highway at about 75 when my left front tire made a slipping sound, and after that I noticed a grinding noise and a slight whistle. The noise is only present when I accelerate from 0 to about 30 mph, and also when slowing down without braking. While coasting at 50mph with constant pressure on the gas pedal, the sound went away. Is this a CV joint problem or something more serious?

It sounds more like your wheel bearing. If you jack the car up in the front grab the tire at 12 and 6 and try to wiggle it. If there is movement that will prove to be your wheel bearing or your ball joint. If you have someone look under the car at th ... 1994 Toyota Tercel

My 2004 toyota 4runner when I driving over 10 mph sound comes like beep beep and under 10 mph no beeps. What is the reason of it?

... Toyota 4Runner

I have a 1988 toyota 4runner w/ a 22re engine, its 4x4, automatic and im having some issues with it. the problem im most concerned with now is that i will be driving it and it will be running fine for awhile, but then for no apparent reason it will start spitting and sputtering and sound like its missing and it loses power and acceleration and it will do this for a few minutes sometimes more and then all the sudden it will start running fine again. It just started doing this a few days ago. mon

... 1988 Toyota 4Runner

1994 Toyota 4runner runs intermittently, no vacuum sounds as if there is a leak, all fluids topped off, truck cranks over and does start but will not stay running. Idle changes drastically until hot. Once hot idle steadies. If I try to drive truck once idle steadies it dies and the process restarts.

You should check you MAF sensor. clean your throttle body and change your spark plugs. shouldn't be anything if you say there is NO vacuum leak.would recommend searching your PCV valve for a vacuum leak ... Cars & Trucks

I my dad has referred me to you, could you help me with the problem with my 91 toyota 4runner? It is a V6 3.0L 4x4 automatic transmission. The engine is a 22R-E and the transmission is A340F which i believe is stock for the 91 toyota 4runner. The problem started when i was going out of down and was driving for hours on the highway, before that i didn't notice it so i can't say it wasn't there before then. I was driving down the highway for only a few minutes, maybe 4 or 5 minutes and suddenly my

It sounds like it is kicking out of overdrive. Many code scanners sold by auto parts retailers will not read manufacture transmission codes. I had this issue with my Ford Contour. The o/d light would flash but I couldn't get any codes from it with ... 1991 Toyota 4Runner

I have a 1991 toyota 4runner V6 4wd. Lately driving my toyota 4runner around its been kinda guttless and its getting horrible gas mileage, like below 8 mpg! this is not good, my truck is running kindof rough for what it is, but i know it's a really nice truck, i recently have gave it an oil change, new plug wires, cap, and roter. Decreased my tire size from 33 in to 31 in. I have been smelling gas after driving my car several times but i have not found any leak. Can it be my Fuel pump, catalytic

Timing belt could be going bad, Also the vacuum line coming from the air box could be leaking. Check vacuum lines first. Open the air filter box and check the airflow sensor door by reaching underneath and see if you can move it. It could be stuck. A ... 1991 Toyota 4Runner

1998 Toyota 4Runner Small Ticking Sound

Use a 10w 40 sounds like due to the heat your engine oil is to runny. Nothing to worry about . ... 1998 Toyota 4Runner

My car makes a squeak when driving and a loud sound when in reverse. This just started today, no signs previously. It only has 36000 miles. What would cause htis problem. 2009 Toyota Rav4. It was doing the squeaks sound all the way to work but when I tried to back up, it was horribly loud and sounded like driving over a metal garbage can

... 2005 Chevrolet Equinox

95 4Runner, hearing a rattling sound underneath, from drive train perhaps (do not think it is trainie, drive rod or rear gear box?), sound occurs during drive acceleration or braking -- indicating loose linkage or mechainical engagement or seals? 110,000 miles.

Rattling when doing what? if it rattles when it is running or when it is driving, this will tell you roughly where to look. If rattling while idling, coming from engine or transmission. If you ONLY hear it when you are driving, check you U joint. the ... 1995 Toyota 4Runner

HI, I own a 1997 Toyota Rav 4 4 wheel drive 4 cyl, the other day it started to make this loud noise coming from the front sounds like a grinding noise, when you put the clutch in the sound goes away any idea what can that be from ?? The Toyota has 200,000 kms on it thanks

It sounds like it is either your clutch or the throw out bearing. either way you more than likely need to have to install a complete clutch kit (pressure plate, clutch disc, throw out bearing, and have your flywheel resurfaced. ... 1997 Toyota RAV4

If i take a ECM out a '92 toyota 4runner with 4-wheel drive will it work in the same year 4runner that is only 2-wheel drive.

I don't see why it would not work.The ecm would not have any connection with the drivetrain other than the engine.The prom or chip should change the settings for timing and other factors. ... 1992 Toyota 4Runner

I m driving 2003 toyota tazz.there is a strange sound cumin from the engine while drivin.it sounds like something is lose.it comes and go as I drive.

... Cars & Trucks

I have brand new 2010 toyota camry only 2000 miles in the morning when I start the car and start driving I hear a click sound from under the car when I start driving then its gone.It doesn't happen in stop and go traffic, or if the car I park in one place for few minutes. Dealer it tells me is normal.But I didn't hear that when I drove other Toyota camrys 2010. I find out from others they are having same problem. Please provide the best advice what is the problem? It feels like design defect

Call customer service by using the number in the back of your owners manual. You can take this in to a different Toyota also and demand a thourogh check of this. \015\012With all problems Toyota has they can not afford to pass on another proble ... Toyota Camry

95 toyota 4runner shuts off while driving - 1995 Toyota 4Runner

My 4Runner Toyota jeep auto transmission 1995 model has \015\012an accerartion problem. The RPM on the dashboard is not steady and the engine is a bit shaking. It is not speeding well. ... 1995 Toyota 4Runner

Rumbling sound I recently bought a 2000 Toyota Corolla VE with 77,000 miles. The first time I sat in the back seat I noticed a rather loud rumbling sound coming from underneath the car that increased in intensity as the speed of the car increased. The sound is not nearly as noticeable when driving or sitting in the front seat. I was told by a former Ford Tempo owner that this sound is inherent with small cars due to lack of insulation. Is this rumbling caused by cheap tires that came with the ca

It sounds to me like you have a bearing going out in one of the rear wheels. Get it fixed soon. It's pretty pricey but it will cause a lot more problems if left unchecked. ... 2000 Toyota Corolla

My 93 tercel is idling very rough and there's a locomotive type sound (like two unlubricated metal components rubbing together) while the car is idling and while I'm driving. There's also a random sound that's like water dripping from a faucet. The locomotive sound is in the vicinity of the alternator and water pump; I haven't been able to isolate the water dripping sound. My car is not leaking any fluids. Also when I turn my headlights on the rough idle actually becomes rougher. My toyota deale

... 1993 Toyota Tercel

My toyota 4runner 1997 Limited had trouble accelerating. It seemed fine. I turned the car off. Later turned it on and the car began to stall and rattle a bit. I put the car in drive and it was stalling really bad. Put the car in reverse and the same happened. While i was driving home the car started continued to stall but was somewhat mobile so i continued to drive. Just as I got home, the problem went away completely. I took the car to a mechanic and he couldnt duplicate the problem. We changed

... 1997 Toyota 4Runner

I have a 94 Toyota 4Runner that at a stop or stop sign will sometimes slip in drive and it has to be dropped down to low, then 2nd gear, then drive for it to move, and down the road at another stop it will take off in drive like normal, like as if nothing was wrong, HELP!, Thanks.

Try having the transmission serviced, get some good fresh fluid in there and have the filter changed. Hope it helps. ... 1994 Toyota 4Runner

Have a 2000 Toyota Camry with 170k on it. The passenger front end has started to make a whooping sound when you drive. It has new tires. I know it needs brake pads and rotors. The CV shafts and boots look good. The faster you drive the louder it gets. There is no vibration or pulling to that side when you drive. Any idea?

Sounds like front wheel bearings. does the noise change, get loader when making turns? ... 2000 Toyota Camry

I have a 2008 V6 RAV4 that has had a noise in the drive train that sounds like an older car with a bad ring gear. The dealership knows about it and told me Toyota is looking into providing a sound suppression for the noise. Sounds like a poor fix. Have you any ideas?

... 2008 Toyota RAV4

I drive a 2001 toyota 4runner. While I was driving I noticed that there's a "Trac off VSC off Check Engine" being displayed on my dashboard. I didn't see or notice anything differently while driving. What seems to be wrong with my SUV? Is this related to a transmission problem? How much does it cost to have this repaired? Please help.

Since it is turning your traction control off I would have to say yes it is something in the transmission. Unfortunately there is no easy way to troubleshoot this out. Check the transmission fluid levels to make sure they are at the proper level. ... 2001 Toyota 4Runner

I have a toyota camry 1995,4 cylinder.i have the problem that when i'm at a red light my car sounds like it wants to shut off,but it doesn't...buy the way it's automatic..when i take off to drive it seems like it has no power,it stutters.like a (pupupupu sound),and i can hear the same sound coming out from my muffler,like if there isn't enough power going through.i just did an oil change and changed the spark plug..my intake filter is in great condition,all my fluids are good and my catalytic c

It sounds like a bad ignition coil ... 1995 Toyota Camry

98 toyota 4runner limited. I'm replacing the torque converter. Does it need to be bolted on to the drive plate in a certain way. I mean the manual tells to mark the torque converter to drive plate but i'm replacing the torque converter so which way is the correct way to bolt the torque converter to the drive plate since the new converter won't have the marking. Do I also need new bolts?

You do not need to worry about where to bolt. One tip though, do not tighten the tC bolts until they are all in place. If you tighten one then you will not line up with the others. The exception to this is when you look at your fly wheel, see if one ... 1998 Toyota 4Runner
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