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I have a suzuki grand 2.0 and a 4cylinder engine,1998.It has a hard start especially in the morning or after parking for a long time.I have changed fuel pump,fuel filter,spark plugs and air filter with no success.Any help would be highly appreciated

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I have a suzuki grand 2.0 and a 4cylinder engine,1998.It has a hard start especially in the morning or after parking for a long time.I have changed fuel pump,fuel filter,spark plugs and air filter with no success.Any help would be highly appreciated

... 1999 Suzuki Grand Vitara

1993 buick skylark quad 4 cylinder... car will not accelerate.... new fuel filter....new spark plugs...new air filter... fuel pump works fine.... car starts ok... car wants to stall but does not... loud blow back sounds from muffler when accelerator is pressed all the way down....repair shop says coil pack problem? cant find location of egr valve or pcv valve location to replace... really could use your help...any suggestions would be greatly [email protected] or [email protected]

Clean MAF , and replace throttle position sensor . ... Cars & Trucks

2006 Escape 3.0 v-6 auto.- rough idle when in gear/idle is fine when in park or neutral. I have replaced all 4 motor mounts, cleaned fuel/ignition system, replaced all 6 upper & all 6 lower intake mani. gaskets, replaced fuel filter, all 6 coils, and plugs, changed oil and filter, replaced cat. converter, replaced harmonic balancer, cleaned mass air flow sensor and idle air control valve. ANY help or suggestions would be greatly appreciated-thank you!

That is way too much to have to do on a 2006 alreadyI would look at fuel trim at idle & on a road test,also cylindermisfire counts in Mode #06 on the roadThat requires a professional scan tool to look at dataWere the u ... Cars & Trucks

I have a 1992 bmw 325ic with E-30 body. I was having problems with the idle, specially when at a stop. I replaced the airflow meter, idle control, air intake hoses, spark plugs and fuel filter. The car started well but after a while it dies and won't crank up. I took out the spark plugs, let them dry and replaced them. The car started again but died a few miles later and will not crank up. Ideas would be appreciated. Thank you!

Hi,Initially I would least likely suspect any fuel related problem. It would appear your problem is electrical and based on your description, intermittent and possibly heat related. Rough idle, ... BMW 325

1995 chevy 4.3 runs smooth but idles rough during long stops i have replaced the iac egr syder fuel filter plugs wire cap fuel pressure 55 replcaed vaccum lines dont hear any leaks replaced air temp sensorthe van runs very smooth as long as your going at long lights or just periods of idle in park it wants to die this problem has challenged all of my auto repair knowlegde and i feel like i hit a wall any help would be greatly appreciated

The famouse spider injector will cause just what you are discribing. The cpi motor has it's share of problems. \015\012To me it sounds like that is the problem. There are ways to test it but you need a scan tool to be able to look at inform ... 1995 Chevrolet S-10 CA Edition

I have replaced the port seals, isolater bolts, cleaned the EGR ports, plugs and wires, and chanced the air filter. I was getting both 171 and 174 codes. Now after 60 miles or so, pulled the codes again and am just getting the 171 code (Fuel trim bank one condition) any suggestions ? I was told that I may have to go to a dealer and have the comp re-flashed. Any help would be appreciated......

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My grandaugther has a 1999 s10 blazer new plugs,wires,cap botton,fuel filter,air filter &fuel pump &battery.It will turn over but will not start ,62lbs on fuel if I prime it she run til thats gone ,When she first gdt it she started using the spare key it had yhe owner never use it the other one was well worn,thats when things started her gauges would act up shift light would go out ,So I'm thinking securety system can it be reset thanks,Jerry

Here, read this link \015\012http://www.chevroletforum.com/archive/threads/security-system-malfunctioning-40960- ... Chevrolet Blazer

2003 crown victoria randomly (either right or way or 2 days later) engine cuts of while stopped at a red ligt. The front end was taken off so wires could be inspected. The vehicle has a new alternator, battery, fuel pump,fuel filter, spark plugs, air filter, sensor on air filter housing, lighting box under dash (at times the headlights would flicker before vehicle shut off), tried a new egr but same end result. Oxygen sensors were replaced. Other than this one problem the vehicle runs good. As t

Several things to try, but computer should have coded. If your style intake has a metal airhorn, remove its 8 bolts and clean under the gasket. Then replace the gasket.\015\012Check with Autozone or similar and see if there is an extra water t ... 2003 Ford Crown Victoria

High idle 89 c2500..5.7 TBI... starts normal idles fine, then sputters a bit and kicks into a high idle and wont stop.. i recently replaced the following-- Fuel pump,fuel filter, TPS, coolant temp sensor,ignition control module, idle air control valve, ignition coil, cap, rotor, wires, plugs, starter, fuel injectors...sometimes it wont idle high and i can drive it for an hour or so with no problem..then out of no where it'll start idling high.. im confused ..if anyone has any suggestions ple

It's probably one of two things , a vacum leak or a bad ground. ... 1989 Chevrolet C2500

Help I have a 2000 Jeep Grand Cherokee Laredo 4x4. Recently, it started surging on me. While I am driving, the oil pressure gauge will go high then return to normal. While it is doing this, my RPM's go low and high. Any suggestions? I have had the spark plugs changed but, the guy told me it doesnt have spark plug wires. I have added injector cleaner, changed the air filter also. Maybe needs a fuel filter? Any suggestions?

Hey, I just had the same rpm surging problem... really bad all of a sudden over the last couple days. The check engine light came on today and it's idle changed from big time shaking to barely a pulse. Drove okay on the highway on our way to my favor ... 2000 Jeep Grand Cherokee

Hesitation during initial acceleration,also at high speed either hesitation or missing ( 70 mph ~ 1700-2000 rpm). I have changed the plug wires,distributor cap,rotor,plugs, fuel filter,air filter,tried fuel additives nothing has helped. any ideas?

Im having the same problem as you had with your truck, have you had any success with it, if you have could you let me know!! ... 1996 Chevrolet K1500

No#1 cylinder is missing (sr20de+T p11 primera) high tensions leads are fine, new plugs, new fuel filter, all injectors are still pulsing, fuel pump is working fine no blockages, timing is set to +5* which is normal for a bolt on turbo set up, what else could be causing the misfire? the no#1 spark plug gets covered in carbon very fast after a clean, when i unplug no#1 injector there is no change at all, AFM is clean as well as air filter so what may be causing the problem?

Find out if No. 1 cylinder has compression by doing a cylinder compression test. If compression is good, then swap spark plug and wire with No.2 to see if missing follows. If the missing follows then you know the plug or wire is bad. I ... Nissan Pulsar

Hello there; Well I have a 94 Pathfinder and I am enduring really high fule consumption. I drive with very little high revs and I am getting about 25l per 100km, coverts to about 8 to 10 mpg. Here is what I have done, New o2 sensor, plugs, fuel filters, air filters, new tires aand a new font axel, cv boots both sides. My mechanic is a great diagnostic but with his 50 years of exp he is at a loss. Any Ideas, tried polypropal alcohol for the fuel injectors, what else can I do. This consumption is

Mass air flow sensor?EGR valve?Vacuum leak?Theifs in your neighborhood stealing gas? ... 1994 Nissan Pathfinder

Subaru Forester 1997 Model Single Turbo, Misfires when cold only and gets perfect when warm.... Air Control Valve Replaced, New Genuine Spark Plugs, New HT Lead wires, New Air Flow Meter/Sensor... Fuel Nozzles Cleaned, Brand New Fuel Pump, Fuel Filter Replaced, Throttle Body Cleaned, Diagnosed and showing no code ???? What do i do ??? Really ******* me off after spending alot of Money :-( What Do i do ??? Help Appreciated

Possible dirty fuel injector which is most common. It can also be bad oxygen sensors, vacuum leak, or worst case a leak at the intake manifold. ... 1998 Subaru Forester

2001 S10 4.3 vortec 4x4. 230k Fuel pump and filter changed about a year ago. Plugs and wires change 6 months ago. The truck is very sluggish when accelerating, to the point where if I continue to depress the gas pedal, it seems like it is about to stall out. Not sure what to do next. Air filter? Fuel injector cleaning? Fuel injector replacement? appreciate any thoughts, jh

It could need a fuel injector cleaning or replacement if an injector has a problem.check the air filter as i`v seen them so plugged to cause this type of problem.there could also be a problem with the throttle position sensor(tps)not sensing the prop ... 2001 Chevrolet S-10

Knocking pinging Hello, I have a 4.3 ltr engine Silverado 02 and everytime I go uphill I hear a knocking or pinging noise. I have done a ll the major tune up and still the same. I read a book and it says check the fuel injection system. So right now I am guessing it might be the fuel injectors. The OBD is flashing a code 300 and sometimes cylinder 6 code would show up. I have changed all the wires and spark plugs too, new distributor, new fuel filter, new air filter and still same problem. So th

Get your timing light out and make sure that your timing is set at O degrees. This is very important on a Vortech engine. If you had a blown head gasket the engine would have a undeniable shake. As for the piston hitting the valve, not likely unless ... 2002 Chevrolet Silverado 1500

2001 Ford Windstar - on occasion will not start, do put fuel directly into air filter throat body (use of long funnel) van will start. Fuel pump works, have changed fuel filter within 100 kms. Would really appreciate solution as van is required every day to transport family. Thank you. Nancy.

Your problem is the fuel pressure regulator on the fuel rail. sending a picture. ... 2001 Ford Windstar

Air in fuel lines wont start air locked injectors, changed fuel lines front to back also changed fuel filter and t any ideas would appreciate

Did you replace the filter and lines because of the airlocked injectors or did you get the problem after changing the filter and lines? Did you replace the injectors? \015\012\015\012On the TDI's it takes a lot to get them bled. Even just ... 2000 Volkswagen Jetta TDI

I have a 2001 windstar with fault codes po171 po174 and p305 also smell fuel on start up, I have recently changed plugs and wires air filter and fuel filter fuel pump makes a weird noise on start up almost like a restriction and its presure is 30 psi. just found this site and would be grateful for any help.

MAF and 2 02 sensors are what the codes are.\015\012\015\012If your intake is dirty or egr is dirty, you will also get these codes. ... 2001 Ford Windstar

My 2004 Ford Expedition 4.6l has a rough idle and occasionally backfires. My check engine came on and I had it diagnosed and it said it was the O2 sensors. I changed all 4 sensors and the mass air. I searched online and was suggested that it was the PCV valve which would send a false O2 sensor code, but just found out on fixya that the expedition doesn't have a pcv valve. Any suggestions on what it could be? I have changed the air filter, fuel filter, spark plugs, O2 sensors and mass air.

Well i'm sorry that you got the miss information here on fixya. because all internal combustion engines need a pcv valve to operate properly.now the information you got first is correct and pcv valve can set false codes like o2's and lean ... 2004 Ford Expedition

I bought a 92 jeep wrangler 4.0 auto it would either try to die or would die at idle even when warm i put new plugs wires,cap,rotor,air filter,fuel filter and oil,and filter fixed some vaccum lines it needed all of this badly runs alot better but still doesnt wants and does die at idle so i took the cat conveter out and cleand all the guts out it started right up i let off the gas started to die and then did now it just turns over and wont start

Replacing the throttle positioning sensor on the throttle body will be the most helpful thing to do. There is plenty of test proceedures showing on YOU TUBE how to sheck the TPS sensor as well\015\012\015\012Here is one website with plent ... Jeep Wrangler

My 1999 saturn sl was intermittently starting, with some black smoke coming out when it started. would try to die when accelerating in first gear only. i replaced air filter, fuel filter/ fuel pressure regulater, spark plugs , ignition module ( used/work done at certified mechanic shop),fuel injectors, fuse/ relay box. had the starter & battery tested, both good. my mechanic friends now believe i have a bad pcm. how do you test a pcm to see if it's bad? the car also won' t pass smog, not

Just check the air intake tube for splits & clamp tightness 1st. You may also want your airflow sensor tested ... 1999 Saturn SL


... 1988 Ford Ranger

Accelerator problems I have a 93 legacy and it doesn't want to accel until it reaches a high rpm. We've replace the air filter, fuel filter, pcv valve, wire plugs, and spark plugs. still having the issue. My father is a mechanic and is having issues diagnosing the problem. Any ideas.

Hi,If you have the turbo charged version, this issue refers to the "turbo dead zone" between 3500-4000 RPM. This refers to the no acceleration between these two RPMs and is caused by the time difference between the time the second turbo k ... 1993 Subaru Legacy

1992 Buick Century misses at all speeds, will occasionally die while at idle, but starts immediately and runs well except for the misfires. New air filter and plugs installed. Thinking plug wires and fuel filter next. Any additional thoughts appreciated.

At this point, replacing the plug wires is a great idea, especially if they are worn or over due for replacement, Always start with the basics...then proceed with diagnostics with possible engine management causes. ... 1992 Buick Century
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