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Wat holds fuel pressure when the car sit over night

\015 Changed all injectors fuel filter/regul,next is the pump\015 Posted / edited by AnonymousUser on : 15-01-2018

Answers :

Itnd like the pump but run a presure test it cuold be a vacuum or small hole it a line. hope this helps
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Wat holds fuel pressure when the car sit over night

Itnd like the pump but run a presure test it cuold be a vacuum or small hole it a line. hope this helps ... 1999 Saturn SL

Wat holds fuel pressure when the car sit over night

The fuel pump has a check valve that prevents fuel from draining back into the tank with the engine off. ... Saturn Cars & Trucks

I'm having trouble starting my '87 Fiero. Everytime I leave it sit for more then an hour or so, It takes about 20 seconds of cranking to start. Once started it runs perfect. Basically I'm losing fuel pressure when it sits. Is there an accumulator that holds the pressure or a check valve somewhere that prevents the backflow of fule? Not sure if one of these pieces exist on this car? Would it be the fuel pump, even though the car runs perfect once started? Thanks

HI. this sounds more like an obstruction in the fuel lines or a faulty fuel pressure regulator. i recommend doing a fuel pressure test. the pressure should be at least 9-13 psi. If not, check for crimped lines or disconnected elec ... 1987 Pontiac Fiero

I have a 560sel that is very hard to start when warm after sitting for a few minutes, the primary fuel pressure holds overnight, but I noticed that the fuel distributor was leaking fuel into the throttle body at rest so I replaced the fuel dist. with a rebuilt unit and it does the same thing, almost all the components have been replaced. Did I get a bad dist or could it be something else. The only way that the car will start warm is by holding the throttle to the floor while cranking for a long

The black smoke is a sign of running rich, so chances are your car is still leaking fuel into the throttle body and the startup is especially rich. The injector itself (at the throttle body) is a likely culprit - if the pintle is leaking, or the O-r ... Mercedes-Benz 560-Series

1992 cadillac deville ....parked it at night and in the morning battery was dead and car wouldnt start. Charged the battery and now it cranks but will not start. if you let it sit for a minute and then try to start it, it will run for about 2 seconds then shuts down. If you try to crank it immediately it just cranks and won't even consider starting until you let it sit for a minute or so. Iam thinking it was the fuel pump (it does have fuel...I put in 2 gallons). Fuel pressure is 40 pounds....An

Does it have three second fuel pump run when you turn key to run position/ in between you should let i rest 5 or so seconds then try it again also some of these cadilacs have oil pressure sending unit wich takes the duty of keeping fuel pressure up ... 1992 Cadillac DeVille

Fuel Reg........ I'm stumped. Car starts, runs great, dies when I make a left turn. Seems to starve for fuel. Right turns are fine. Should fuel system maintain fuel pressure even after car sitting for a while? I checked pressure at fuel rail service port. sometimes it is pressurized, other times nothing, is that normal, and what are the symptoms of a failing fuel regulator? Replaced fuel pump motor recently but wondering if I might have an internal leak within the fuel pump module, which might b

Fuel pressure should not drop more than 5 PSI in 24 hours, the symptom you have is more than one issue, first verify the system holds fuel pressure over night, the pressure regulator will not cause this issue, the check valve built into ... 2002 Daewoo Lanos

I have 87 honda civic sedan. It has 97 thousand miles on it. The problem that I have is when the car is started after sitting over night. The engine turns over and starts but, will not stay running until several atempts are made. It seems like it needs to warm up first. After the engine has been running it will stay running. I want to know if the fuel pump may be going bad and takes a while to build up pressure.

How do i get the ignition module of the distributer....the gear which the rotor button sits on is in the way....87 honda civic 1.3 carb ... 1987 Honda Civic

I have a 1996 izuzu rodeo, when i let the car sit over night i go to turn the car on and i get no 3 second prime out of the fuel pump, if i throw a spray of eather in her, it will start right up, and will run perfectly fine, and if i shut it off it will continuously start back up perfectly fine,but if i let her sit back over night it will do the same thing the 3 second prime will not kick on for me, until i get it running, i checked at the relay and it is fine, and i checked down at the fuel pum

Try and turn the ignition over ,and over,then stop,then try and start it,if it starts,then the fuel pump is loosing it`s prime,check the fuel pressure regulator. ... 1996 Isuzu Rodeo

Car won't start put new fuel pump filter and pressure regulator on still won't fire except on ether pump holds 80lbs of fuel pressure but when you crack the fuel line there is no pressure on i

... 2001 Pontiac Grand Am SE

1997 Lincoln Continental w/4.7 DOHC. If I leave the car sit for a couple of days, it will turn over but will not start, then a couple of days later it will start without doing anything. If I start the car everyday, it doesn't seem to have any problems. Does anyone know what the fuel pressure is supposed to be with the ignition turned on without the car running? How about the fuel pressure with the car running at idle?

With the key on engine off it should be 32>40 psi and drop to no less than 30 psi and hold... if not your looking at a pump assembly, check your fuel filter or replace it and retest.....hope this helps...GL ... 1997 Lincoln Continental

The car starts but then bogs out and dies after a few seconds. I loose fuel pressure during that time until the car dies. The pump will cycle on when i turn the key. It holds at 42lbs of pressure. Goes to 50lbs after i start it then drops down to 45lbs and then quickly to 30lbs and then a continual drop until it dies. I replaced the fuel filter.

Check the fuel pressure regulator. ... 1999 Buick Regal

Ok i have a 1996 olds aurora its been sitting up for 6 months.i just replaced spark plugs,wire,etc. i started it with starter fluid & it started. then i pressed on the gas then the car cut off. it has a new fuel pump could it be the car is not getting enough pressure from the fuel relay, although the car is getting gas to the engine. there are no cracks in the fuel delivery system.

There might be a good chance the gas may have turned in to varnish. If the gas has turning in to varnish, try to drain the gas tank and run high octane with fuel injector cleaner through the system. Gas that has turned in to varnish will ... 1996 Oldsmobile Aurora

Car: 2003 kia sedona lx having a weird start problem. after the car has been sitting for about 1 or so, the car will not start (if the car has been just turned and try to start again it starts fine). but after 1 hour or so i have to either try it 3 to 4 times or have the car in ignite and wait about 10 sec and try again. the funny thing is if its been sitting over night, the first try in the morning usually starts. i have replaced the fuel pump and the filter but still the same problem. any

This sounds like a malfunctioning choke sub-system which is probably controlled by the engine control unit (computer).\015\012\015\012Charlie ... 2003 Kia Sedona

I have a 1975 cadillac eldorado. It has the throttle body and fuel injectors. While driving at low speed (10- 30mph) the car hesitates and jerks . I give it more gas and the jerking and hesitation goes away. At higher speeds while holding the accelerater steady, the speed fluctuates. I have replaced the fuel filter, fuel pressure regulator and the throttle position sensor. I have not checked the fuel pressure or began to troubleshoot the fuel injectors.

... 1976 Cadillac Eldorado

I replaced the fuel pumps and filter and tried to start the car and it sounded like the fuel pumps were not coming on so I ran jumper wires from an external battery to them and the car fired right up. I drove the car around the block everything seemed fine but then died after ten minutes,then would not start again. I let it sit over night and tried it and the car started right up but shut off in a five or so minutes. That's all it keeps doing over and over. It starts if I put gas in the intake s

There might be a helper pump in the tank also and after 5 minute of running it needs help getting the fuel to the primary pump that you have jumped out under the body near the rear tire and it stalls. both pumps are controlled by that relay so whatev ... 1989 Mercedes-Benz 300-Class

87 F150, runs for a couple of minutes and then stops running. Acts like it's not getting fuel. I pulled the fuel line after the filter and it was holding pressure. Has new fuel filter and idle regulator. Will not restart with out sitting for a while. I can hear fuel pump getting pressurized when key is turned to "on"

After it quits, check for spark. This could be a problem with the igntion system, the ignition module to be more specific. ... 1987 Ford F 150

My 1994 cadillac starts hard at warm starts, if i run it, let it sit for 10-15min then go to start it again it cranks and cranks like its getting to much fuel. it has the 4.6 northstar and is a great car. i have replaced the fuel pump and the filter. after i crank it for like 5-8 sec. it starts and smokes like its getting to much fuel. injectors?? when sits over night it fires up right away??

You have bad fuel presure regulator ... 1994 Cadillac DeVille

Have a 01 Tahoe, fuel pump, fuel filter, fuel pressure regulator, TPS and CPS all have been replaced in the pass year. car still stalls at idle, when slowing down or low speeds. If I hold gas pedal to increase RPM's by 200 this usually will keep car from stalling.

Pull the rubber inlet hose off at the throttle body and check for carbon build up around edge of throttle plate.USE a old toothbrush and some spray throttle body cleaner that can be purchased at autozone or othertype of parts house. Hold plate open s ... 2001 Chevrolet Tahoe

2 questions. I have a 95 skylark with a 2.3l in it. And have 2 questions. The car starts to get hot when it is idling but when I give it gas it cools down. I'm in process of flushing system will that fix it or will it end up being the pump? Question #2 When the car sits for a while it is hard starting like it is loosing fuel pressure. Would that be the fuel pump or a leak somewhere else in the line. Or could it be something else non fuel related? Thanks for any assistance!

Your first question sounds like a coolant flow problem. \015\012\015\012Make sure that the cooling fans are running when the car is hot\015\012Check radiator temps in several places( an infared thermom ... 1995 Buick Skylark

Is 45 psi good fuel pressure ? 2002 chevy s-10 4x4 4.3 The truck will not start , turns over, has spark at plug and 45psi fuel pressure at schrader valve . 1 week ago hard to start may take 3-10 cranks to fire and seemed to be harder in the mornings after sitting all night --now won't start at all-also tried fuel filter, cap and rotor plugs,wires

The proper fuel for this s-10 is 58 psi to start the vehicle and it will run on 45 psi but not to good .:) ... 2002 Chevrolet S-10

Car won't start. It died on me on my way to work. Just started to load up, drop rpms and then died. I towed it home and have been trying to diagnose it all morning. the check engine light has been on for a week. i checked all the fluid levels and they are fine and are holding their levels fine. I have established..... Fuel pressure to fuel rail power to injectors cranks fine every other electrical system on the car works (p/w, p/dl, horn, lights, dash lights, radio, etc.) cam does turn dis

The igniter... if you have no spark 9/10 times it's the problem take Distributor cover off.. turn the crank until you can take the small screw off the rotor.. take the rotor off. and you should be able to see the igniter.. its a small box looking thi ... 1998 Honda Civic

I replaced fuel pump aprox. 2 months ago car ran fine then idle went up to 4000 rpm then i shut down tried to restart idle very rough let sit 1 hr. started and ran fine drove 10 miles or so turned off sat 15 min. same very rough idle let sit over night restart ran fine could it be fuel pres. reg. or check valve check valve rattles sometimes

Pres.reg.or TPS ... 1991 Pontiac Firebird

My Pontiac GTP 3.8 super charged. 10,700 original miles, just sits on driveway. Wife has been ill since car was purchased. I just drive around the block once every now an then. This year developed a start, run 3 seconds and quits. Restarts each time and quits. I keep it running by quickly placing it into gear. Then it stays running, and will restart and run for hours. Car still has awesome power. I replace body mounted fuel filter. Tested fuel pressure regulator, 48-55 psi. I replace it anyway.

So it will not idle? or will not stay running at all unless in gear?\015\012battery go dead? you might need to drive it a little farther to relearn adapts if it just does not wanna idle. ... 2005 Pontiac Grand Prix

92 ranger v6 when sits over night won't start, can here fuel pump running with switch on, never shuts off but won't start. can prime and runs. but if let sit for about 5 or 6 hrs won't start with out starting fluid.when is running uses a lot of gas and don't have much power . going up hill the more gas you give it the slower it goes. Got it in the shop Mechanic says fuel pump has the right pressure but won't start without starting fluid after sets

The problem is your fuel injectors sticking open. That will decrease fuel economy instantly. Also since the orfices will not close the fuel gets the spark plugs so wet it needs starting fluid to fire the plugs. To much starting fluid use along with t ... Ford Ranger

I have a 2002 Jaguar x-type 3.0 Nav. I have a check engine light on and when i let the car sit at idle too long 3-4 minutes I get a crusie unavailable warning and solid yellow light. If I try to accelerate hard while this message is on the car chugs and acts sluggish. If i drive normally usually after a few minutes the light goes off and then I can accelerate hard. the codes i pulled from the check engine light are P0193 Fuel Rail Pressure Sensor Circuit High Input P0182 Fuel Temperatur

Whats happening is when the computer see's that the fuel rail pressure sensor is in high voltage the computer goes into fail safe mode and would disable cruise and that is why you get the message and why the car chugs due to the sensor being faulty. ... Jaguar X-Type
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