Having problems with your 1999 Saturn SL ?

How do I get to the instrument panel lights behjnd the dashboard. I already have dash cover off.

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Answers :

In order to replace the lights in the instrument panel display you must remove the entire assembly from the dash, there is no way to access them from the back, no room to get your hand in there. here is how u do that
\015\0125.5mm socket
\015\0127mm socket
\015\012?mm socket (for steering column bolts)
\015\012Something small & pointy (small screwdriver works well, see step 5)
\015\012Flathead screwdriver
\015\012Step 1: Remove dash cover.
\015\012Step 2: Remove the lower steering column panel.
\015\012Step 3: Lower the steering column. There are 2 bolts holding steering column up to the dash substructure. Remove them, and lower your steering column, letting it rest on your seat.
\015\012Step 4: Unclip the wiring harnesses. There are 2 wiring harnesses attached to the back of the gauge cluster. Squeeze the tabs on the sides of the harnesses to release them from the cluster. They're tight, so it will take a strong squeeze, or you can pry at them with a flathead screwdriver.
\015\012Step 5: Remove the cluster surround. There are two 2-piece clips holding the surround/bezel in. Push the center circular pin in slightly, then pry gently out to remove both parts of the clip. You may be able to get it to pop out by pulling gently at the surround. Once the two clips are out, the surround should come out.
\015\012Step 6: Remove the cluster. At this point, nothing should be holding the cluster in, and there should be enough clearance with the steering column dropped to remove the cluster

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Refer to the above diagram that would explain you how you need to access the instrument panel lights.

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How do I get to the instrument panel lights behjnd the dashboard. I already have dash cover off.

In order to replace the lights in the instrument panel display you must remove the entire assembly from the dash, there is no way to access them from the back, no room to get your hand in there. here is how u do that\015\012\015\012Nee ... 1999 Saturn SL

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Check ALL Power and Ground connections coming off the Battery to circuit anchor points. Ignition and Services fuses for a Power supply. If all proves ok, then go to the Main Ignition control Relay and check the condition of the Pins and Recepticles. ... 2006 Chrysler Sebring

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... 2004 Ford Expedition

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I had the same issues. Dash dead, tail lights dead. Fuses were fine, Dimmer relay was fine...So I got to the Tail Light Relay.Removed the glove box, one screw on the right. Reach up (above the space where the glove box 'area' would be and ... 2006 Toyota Corolla

When key is in the "on" position my dash lights (check engine, brake, etc) will run their post and then the normal lights will remain on, however my instrument panel doesn't operate at all. The fuel light will come on to indicate that the tank is empty...even though there is a half tank. I've checked the ignition switch, and ignition cylinder. I have replaced the relay for the fuel and starter. I have replace the fuel filter, and checked all fuses in the PCM, and kick-panel. There are no fu

I would check for loose or broken grounds to the dash on the fire wall (located under the hood by wiper motor/hvac assembly) also sometimes the instrument cluster gets dirty/loose connection. if so remove cluster and clean connectors and reassemble. ... 1996 Jeep Grand Cherokee

Light behind my gas gauge in the instrument panel is out. All the other panel lights work. There doesn't seem to be a specific fuse for the lights in the dash other than the ones that are for the interior.

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