Having problems with your 1999 Porsche 911 Carrera ?

2003 porsche 911 cab new keys how do i program them to the car

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2003 porsche 911 cab new keys how do i program them to the car

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I have a 03 lincoln town car w/ 1 original key & 1 new key that needs to be programed. Can I program it myself?

Yes you can if you have necessary equipment, and instruction manual, so you do it right. ... 2003 Lincoln Town Car

I have a 2000 Lexus ES 300. I purchased it as a repo and when it was taken they needed a key. It was taken to a dealer who made just a key that will open all doors, trunk glove box and start the car, no problem. However I have obtained the original remote key from the privious owner and the remote part for the doors, trunk, glove box work and it will fit the ignition and turn but will not start the car. I am told by the dealer it cannot be programed to work and a new $1,500. computer is neede

They made the new key and you called they flashed it for that new key so car will not recognize old key in ignition get another key from they if you want another key to start car ok. I have a 04 Lexus RX 330 and that how each key has different functi ... 2000 Lexus ES 300

Replacing keys to a Chevrolet Tahoe 2002. Problems with this job, Loose my keys, also spare keys. Sendt the car to an authorized Chev. garage, to get new keys. They have "zeroed out my old keys", and trying to programming new keys. They can't fin any signal from the car to rekonize the new ones. The car is running, but the "alert display" tell that something is wrong. The display is allways on. Bergheim Bil in Drammen (takes the cars to Norway,import) told me that it is often a problem with

Hello\015\012All I can tell you is that the keys have a certain signal that the sensor in the ignition key cylinder reads and sends to the Passkey II anti-theft module and the PCM (main Computer). When key are changed due to loss the Pass Key I ... Chevrolet Tahoe

I have a 1995 Buick Riviera with a 3.8 supercharged V6. Vin# 1. It's a series 1 L67. I am having a problem with the security on this car. When I put the key in and try to start it the security light comes on and won't let the car start. I try again and again and it just keeps coming on. Every once in awhile it will start. I put a new starter in it. Had a new key made for it. Checked my fuses and relays. The only thing I have not replaced is the key cylinder. What is wrong with my car and can I b

Here is a detailed write-up on how to bypass the entire VATS security system yourself.http://newrockies.ca/vatsbypass\015\012\015\012\015\012This i ... 1995 Buick Riviera

I have lost all of my keys to my 2009 Toyota carolla and I have a lock smith trying to program a new key, but my car won't start because the factory alarm is still set. How do I result the factory alarm and then program a new key to work for my car?

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I need the programming instructions to use a new keyless entry remote. in later models it involves shorting 2 pins in the data connector (1 and 4) and turning the key to ACC 3 times. that hasn't worked for this car and i know it had a remote before.

My bible says only pin one to earth and a max of two remotes can be programmed ,then its diagnostic equipment only ... 1998 Mitsubishi Montero Sport

Can you use 1 programmed key to programm 2 new transponder keys for 2007 Mitsubishi endeavor

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I live in rural Alaska with no local mechanic to program the new keys I had to replace (the leasee lost ALL keys.) It is a 2006 Ford Focus. Can I buy tools, software, or equipment to program my keys to the car? Can I do it myself or is there security barriers? Shipping someone out here or the car to a dealer is not an option. Thank you! :)

The only opition i see in your case is to go to a junk yard and take the ign and the pcm out of the same make and model as you car you are still gonna need a com(like a ATS or an OB2 reader to enter the system) of it and you can install this in your ... Ford Focus

I have a 2003 buick rendezvous. thought it had a bad starter. I cant get the car to crank even after replacing the starter. has new starter strong battery and have gone over the fuses under the hood and in the cab. Test light endicates power to the starter. Does this car have a sucurity feature that wont let me start it? I had a new key made a couple months ago, then found the old one and now can't find the new one. should the old key still work?

Does the engine turn over good? If so you may want to have the crank shaft position sensor checked out. Also check for fuel making it to the engine. You should have a fuel rail which is chrome looking that runs on top of the engine. Look along the ra ... 2002 Buick Rendezvous

Where is the Engine Immobilizer of a 2010 Toyota Venza located. I bought a new 2010 Toyota Venza and shipped it in RORO. The 2 keys were sent with the car and both keys were stolen at the port. I have bought 2 new key and we have done all sort of things to program them into the ECU of the car without success.

This person is shopping this around......sounds like a stolen Venza shipped overseas and they are trying to get a new ignition system ... Toyota Venza

My key fob is from another 2007 fj cruiser same serial number on the back of the key fob as the old one that is broken, the dealership wants to charge me 60 dollars to program the key fob the my cruiser, I have had various cars and I was most of the time able to program them myself. example Ford key fob. turn the ignition on and off seven times and then click the key fob. suzuki, and Mazda, are very easy as well.. can I program this new key fob to my FJ cruiser

Try the following complicated series.\015\012It is for the 06.\015\012\015\0121. Start with the key out of the ignition, drivers door is open all others closed and drivers door is unlocked.\015\0122. Perfor ... 2007 Toyota FJ Cruiser

Just got a used 2004 Cavalier. Only has one ignition key. Went to get a key made but doesnt start the car. Works in the door. Is the key for this car a transponder key? If yes, is it possible to buy a blank off ebay and use a procedure of some sort to program the car to accept the new key?

It may depend on where your key is made. I made two spare keys at Meijer and both work fine. ... 2004 Chevrolet Cavalier

It violently shakes when parked or when stopped with brake applied, doesn't shake when moving though, rpms is like 500rpm constant so between 0 and 1 on the gauge. it also notice at night my lights stay dim till the car warms up and than they are bright, the car also runs sluggish till the car warms up, the belt squeals till warmed up also, i start running mid grade it helped a little with the sluggishness, has a new air filter, new oil change, new tranny oil change, new brakes, new brake fluid

If it shakes, it is normally either a bad motor mount (if the car runs fine) or your car is "missing" on one or more cylinders (misfire). The belt will squeal because they stretch with use. That can be solved by replacing the belt or tightening the b ... 2003 Kia Spectra

I ordered a 2nd key for my 2005 crossfire that i bought used. of course they only had 1 key. my local dealer ordered a new key by using the vin number. after 5 weeks & $135.00, the key does not work in my car. it is cut different than my original key. they tell me that i have to send my only key to germany to have another key made. no way i'm letting my only key for the car out of my sight. are there any other options for me to obtain a 2nd key for my crossfire??

Go have a key cut at a locksmith, even if it would start you car , due to anti-theft, and give them that one, to make a good key, just an idea.. ... 2005 Chrysler Crossfire

Key programing I have just bought a new uncut key on ebay and want to know how i go about getting it programed to my car ?. The car is a 06 GTI.

Go to this link for programming instruction\015\012\015\012http://www.programyourkeys.com/Program_Keys_-_VW_Audi_ ... 2005 Volkswagen Golf

The remote for my key's buttons all fell off. I ordered a new remote. It came in yesterday, but it won't work. I assume I need to program it somehow' but how? It came with no instructions' but there is a code on the remote by where the key slides in. It is a brand new remote' never been used on any other car. Can you please help me? I can't lock my car.

I hate to tell you this but you have to have a scan tool in order to program the new key fob. Typically only dealerships tend to have those. That device is necessary to communicate with the alarm module. Contact a dealership and bring all keys/fobs ... 2004 Saab 9-3

Hello, i got a messege on control panel that key card battery needs changing, this i did with new batterys ever since its been a nightmare very hit and miss as to it working at all, im worried me and the kids will get locked out its a nightmare, also when i brought the car there was a spare new key with it ive treid this one and it does,nt work at all so im wondering if its possible that the new card needs to be programmed? also will the key card be covered by the warrenty do you think?

I had a Renault Scenic 2005 with same problem, basically I got the correct battery and it fixed the problem, there is no way you will get locked in or out as the key will still work, the second key will not work unless it is programmed by Renault, an ... Renault R5

Previously I had a key fob that worked and bought a new key fro the dealership about 5 months ago. I went to program the new key fob and it didn't take. I then tried the old key fob and that didn't take as well. Meanwhile recently my husban took the door panel off and found several broken wire and fixed them. In doing so my interior lights work the way they used to not having to shut the lights off before locking the door manually. I am able to lock the car with the keyless entry but not able t

The window regulator won't matter. Follow the instructions in the owner manual. Report results. ... 2002 Ford Explorer

1997 Camry le that has a TDS 3-button keyless remote. he car key is separate. I want to know how to program my new replacement 3 button TDS, the old one works, but I want to replace with new one that

... 1997 Toyota Camry

Ignition hello my car got broken into and the ignition is screwed,i bought a new steering column with ignition switch and it came with a key,but now it wont start,do i need to have a locksmith program the key to the ecu ?? its a 2004 civic ex do i still have to take it to get programed if i bought a cteering column with moduel and it came with a key ?

Yes, Most keys now a days are made so that they carry a chip on the inside of them. You will need to take the car to a Honda dealership so they can get the key programed for you. ... 2004 Honda Civic

My key and transmitter for my jag( s type 2002)were broken purchased new one from dealership, now i cannot start the car as it needs programing, have tried all solutions suggested on the internet when i come across the solution on your site whereby put the key in tp the on position press lock button, do this 4 times, ok i will give it a shot . Now i go outside to try as i put the key in my car the alarm goes off , done this twice can't disturb the neighbours any more, any solutions please, h

Call the customer support for jaguar, Instead of wasteing your time with all thease mouth mechanics on the net,Or call a jag dealership, ... Jaguar Cars & Trucks

I have a new remote for a 1998 Lincoln T/C. I have attempted to program it with the instructions provided but the car will not go into program mode. (Key from off to run 4 times in under three seconds, stopping in the on position. Car should cycle the door locks to indicate programming mode.)Does anyone know if there is a trick or perhaps a step that was left off of my instructions?

Http://www.programyourremote.com/ wrong programming instructions ... 1995 Lincoln Town Car

Car will not start. does a rapid clicking with key turned to ignition. already changed solenoid with a new one. original and new one have the 3 bolts 2 large, 1 small. not the new 4 bolt ones that replaces that model (4 bolt solenoids have never worked on this car). battery charged to full. any ideas?

Sounds like either corroded battery post/terminals, a bad relay or the starter its self. ... 1986 Mercury Cougar

PIN CODE I lost my key , I need PIN CODE inorder to program new key. NOTE : 1- my VIN is : NLHCG41F04Z031915 2-I have tool to program Keys . 3- don't tell me about dealership .

Have you called the dealer? ... 2003 Hyundai Accent
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