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How much transmission fluid does a 1999 Grand Prix once I drop the pan and change the filter? Also, what kind of transmission fliud works best? Thanks

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Transmission fluid does not have to deal with nearly the number of problems engine oil has to, with heat, water, acids, grit, etc., so it is not at all critical. In the old days, Ford always had a different fluid because they used different material for seals. But these days the all the fluids sold are great.
\015\012As to how much, that depends. There will only be about 4 quarts in the pan and transmission, but the total is more than twice that, and it can very anywhere in between, depending on how much fluid drains down from the torque convertor. It has a little flap that is supposed to stop drainage, but it always leaks down slowly anyhow. So there is never any set amount. You just have to estimate how much came out, put that much in to start, and keep checking and adding, with the engine running.
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How much transmission fluid does a 1999 Grand Prix once I drop the pan and change the filter? Also, what kind of transmission fliud works best? Thanks

Transmission fluid does not have to deal with nearly the number of problems engine oil has to, with heat, water, acids, grit, etc., so it is not at all critical. In the old days, Ford always had a different fluid because they used different material ... 1999 Pontiac Grand Prix

Transmission dilemma I have a 96 grand am. it has the GM 4t60e transmission. I have about 100k on it, and I dont think the tranny fluid has ever been changed. It is greyish in color, and doesn't smell at all burnt. I have heard that a fluid change at this point can be harmful, but I've also heard the reverse. It is working perfectly shifting wise, but it makes a slight groaning noise only in reverse. Should I drop the pan and change the filter??? Thank you. Jack Dyson

If you do, be sure to change the gasket on the pan too. ... 2006 Pontiac Grand Prix

Transmission problem I was driving the truck back and forth to work just fine, ended up in the hospital for 4 days and try to go to the store and theres no reverse. put in drive and it goes fine. once the truck warmed up the truck acted like it was in neutral. it cools down and it drives forward again until it warms back up. I'm trying to change the fluid and filter but can't get the pan off. do i really have to take the exaust off to do the pan off? and also any suggjestions on how to f

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I recently had a leak in my 2002 Grand Am SE 3.4L transmission due to a spot which wore a hole in the hose. Fliud leaked out at gas station and I drove it a mile home. My dad fixed the line and we dropped the pan and changed the filter and I added 5 quarts of Dextron Fluid. Now the Transmission is shifting alittle hard and the other day after about 50miles or so it was slamming into gear both fwd n rev. Too much or too little fluid? No way to check ( no dipstick)

The manual says there is no dipstick. The transmission is a sealed unit, filled for life. It's really a bad design to not have a dipstick, because transmissions will weep a little fluid at times and it's a good idea to check the level once in a whi ... 2002 Pontiac Grand Am

What kind of transmission fluid do i use for my 2007 suzuki sx4 and do i really need to drop the pan and change the filter? I have 49000 miles on the car. How many quarts?


I have a 85 Olds Cutlass w/ original 307 eng. and either 250 TH or 350 TH transmission. The cars stays in drive no matter where i place the gear selector. Even in park if u rev the gas u can feel the car trying to move but doesnt because the trans pin is engaged. I connected the detent cable, filled the fluid and dropped the pan and changed the filter and gasket, also made sure the vacuum was connected as well.

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1) ('94 B3000) Automatic transmission acts sluggish. 2) It is also slow to shift into 2nd and from forward to reverse and vice-versa. - I've checked for sediments and found only the slightest film sticking to the magnet strip on the inside of the tranny oil pan which is better than i expected even for normal wear-and-tear. I changed out the filter just in case and refilled with the proper amount of the specified fluid. The only thing i can think of is that it might be some kind of sensor ma

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I just did a few repairs all at once. I replaced the oil pan gasket, oil filter and oil. I replaced the transmission fluid filter, transmission pan gasket and transmission fluid. I put in new spark plugs, spark plug wires, rotor and rotor cap. I flushed the cooling system and changed the heater hoses, the upper & lower radiator hoses, the temperature sensor and the thermostat. I also replaced the valve cover gasket. When the engine is started now. There is a loud tapping noise that seems

The tappets are usually oiled via hydraulic lifters that pump oil up the push rods. I'm assuming you have the gas engine V-6 or V-8. When you changed the valve cover gasket(s), did you do anything else under the valve covers? It seems unlikely that ... 1994 Jeep Grand Cherokee

I dropped my transmission pan to drain the fluids and filter. I replaced the pan with the rubber gasket that came with the new filter and tightened all the bolts back in. I replaced the transmission fluid and drove my car the next day and it worked just great. I checked the ground the following day and there was a puddle of transmission fluid underneath the car and my car would not go forward and backwards. Do you think the rubber gasket failed because I didn't use any gasket sealant? The i

Yes, it's a leak and most likely is caused by the gasket that wasn't properly installed and has slipped. Yes, on rubber gaskets you shouldn't use sealants - they react with the rubber and destroy each other.\012\012\012Take it out and ins ... 2002 Dodge Neon

Transmission Filter My son changed the transmission fluid in my car and was going to replace the transmission filter. Apparently there are two separate types of filters for this model, but he could find neither one in my car. He found where the metal was stamped for the "oil filter looking" one to go, but it had not been cut out. When he dropped the pan to access the other one, there was not one there either. He is a very good mechanic but this has him scratching his head. Any ideas on this?

Hello why he cant find it where the transmission screen is its probaly in the cover thats mounted sideways on the side of the transmission drivers side goodluck please rate ... 2003 Mitsubishi Galant

I also need to know what kind of filter do I need for my transmission and it's a square pan underneath, but don't know really what kind of filter it takes nor gasket.

Go to auto parts store tell them what make, model, year car you have they will get you the filter you need for your car. ... 1992 Mazda 929

When changing transmition fluid, after dropping the pan, is there any more fluid that will need to be drained or is the fluid in the pan all that I need to worry about? If there is more fluid how do I get it out of the system? And is it okay to leave the inside of the transmition workings exposed while changing the gasket and filter or should I find a way to keep it covered.

Yes there is much more fluid in the torque converter. In fact more than is in the pan. You have three choices. You can change the fluid in the pan about 4 times and you will end up getting clean fluid. Or you can pump it out with the transmission its ... 1993 Lincoln Town Car

I have a 97 chevy 1500 ext. cab. I have a new rebuilt 4l60e unit and the truck still wont run right. I hear a kind of chattering noise from the transmission. it runs and drives fine but the shifts are soft and it takes a minute to engage reverse sometimes. Also when I pull the pan there is black, non-metal deposits in the pan and covering the top of the filter. I am thinking it may be a non-pwm pump transmission of just have a non-pwm pump in it. I do not know if there is any difference. My tran

The black materiel is probably plugging up the filter in the pump. Did you try a .500 Over-sized pressure regulator valve. This can be put in from opening the pan ... 1997 Chevrolet K1500

I change the oil myself on my 2001 GMC Sierra 1500 HD. I have noticed an oil residue on the oil pan and filter. The oil pan plug will also have a drop of oil on it and ready to drop. The leak will kill a small patch of grass if I leave the truck parked in one spot long enough. The leak is about 1 qt every 3000 miles.

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Hi, Have a 1995 GMC jimmy. Lost 2-3-4 geras, and slips in reverse. Have 5 codes that were present: 1 - PO753 2 - PO756 3 - PO758 4 - P1864 5 - P1886 I dropped the pan, and replaced A & B shift solenoids, and also the tcc solenoid. Now just to be sure, I was told that the A & B Shift solenoids are the same...same part...is that true???? I also changed filter, replaced pan, and filled with fluid, and it was still doing the same thing. Will not shift out of first. I am hoping that yo

Check it out ... 1995 GMC Jimmy

My 05 freestar mini vans transmission slips when i try to drive it. Reverse doesn't work either. When I put it in neutral the rpm's rev higher. The pcm and wiring harness has been replaced thinking that its an electrical problem. It worked for about 2 weeks then repeated the same problem. Next the transmission fluid was changed after discovering water in it from dropping the pan. It was then flushed a few times. This lasted 4 months and now the same problem. A light indicating a yellow gear with

... 2005 Ford Freestar

I have the works (oil change, tires rotated, etc) as recommended by dealer. Also, air filters, cabin filters etc. I am due for an oil change and the last time I was at the dealership they stated I would be needing my front stabilizer links repaired, my rear shocks are beginning to leak, I need a carbon induction cleaning and what is bothering me the most is the recommended transmission fluid flush which I have looked into on the computer it can do more harm than good. I have 80,000 mi

Actually, I had a transmission rebuilt by a certified transmission shop and they recommended that I go to a shop to have it flushed and filled every 30,000 mi. and that it was better than draining and filling with a filter change. ... 2005 Ford Escape

Without warning or indication of a previous problem, suddenly the transmission would NOT grab! I Turned the ignition off, waited a few minutes, then started-up again. Transmission seemed to "Re-Boot", at first, then did the same thing again, and again! Fearing that I May Ruin the transmission if I continued the ridiculous process, I pulled into an auto-parts store, Bought EVERYTHING I SAW For Transmission Repair, and Proceeded to Drop the Pan, Change the Filter, Replace the Fluid, etc... IT DID

It appears to me the problem lies with the computer not communicationg with the transmission so i would start there and work forward,get another computer and put in see if that doesent change anything .on the fuse panel you can take a small fire bruc ... 2004 Chevrolet TrailBlazer

I'm leaking transmission fluid, maybe the gasket is broken I ran over a curve. So I may need to change the gasket and filter while I am at it. So how do you change the transmission filter on a 2002 Buick Rondezvous (automatic transmission)? Is it as simple as getting under the car and removing screws around the transmission pan, removing and replacing the old filter. This was the way we did this with older model cars. Is it easy to access and remove the pan?

First thing to do is get the car in the air, jack the front up, and place jack stands under it(safety first PLEASE). now slide under and inspect the bottom of the tranny. make sure there are no holes. if you went over the curb, you could have bent ... 2002 Buick Rendezvous

Van was taken to local mechanic, who hooked up his meter and it indicated transmission problems. He took off the pan and there was a few metal shavings and two springs. He changed the fluid and filter and put the springs back. However, he indicated that it would cost too much to put a new one in for the age of the car. Is this problem something that would cost a little or a lot??? He doesn't do transmission work. Thanks.

There are plenty of wreckers sites on the net, why not try one........some even give a warranty.and YES a NEW gearbox would cost a fortune,but you could buy a recon unit.your mech could even fit it for you......... ... 1999 Oldsmobile Silhouette

1995 Chevy g10 van with 4.3l v6 not sure what transmission. It wont shift out of park. Disconnected the shift linkage at the outside of the transmission. Linkage works fine. Tried to move shift rod with a wrench, still locked solid. Dropped the oil pan to have a look see. What a pita! If I ever catch a gm engineer in a dark alley...oh boy look out. I'm guessing I gotta disassemble filter and valve body. What next?

... 1996 Chevrolet G10

How to fix pajero fieldmaster transmission? the gear only runs till 3rd gear and stops there..so if i step on the throttle up to 3x10000 rpm the temperature will rise..so i have to maintain only to 2x10000 rpm..and the temp is normal..the air filter works and **** air, the turbo works also,there are no lose wires on the fuel injection..the atf is still clear not burn..but ever since i got the fieldmaster i havent change the atf but b4 i took the vehicle it never runs for a long time..the a/t ind

I actually have the same problem just a few mos ago with my Pajero Fieldmaster 4M40 A/T. Is your speedometer working? My speedometer sensor is intermittently working if it does not work at all, the tranny will not shift to 4th gear no matter how hard ... 1999 Mitsubishi Montero

On the 98 Mazda 626 with a cd4e transmission can the trans filter be changed in the car? What all has to come apart? I heard you have to drop the side pan and the valvebank to change it. Do you have to take apart more?

No you have to remove the transmission and split the case halves to get it out. ... 1998 Mazda 626

Will crank on ether but not without. what is best way to check if fuel pump is working? Has fire to the plugs. Also transmission shifts fine going forward with no slipping but will not go into reverse. its an automatic. motor is 5.7 350 and 2 wheel drive. whats the best way to replace fuel pump, drop tank or remove bed?

Check to see if there is a blown fuse before you try anything.You should be able to hear it run. Turn the ignition key to the on position and remove the fuel line before the lift pump, should have fuel coming through.If you have to replac ... 1998 Chevrolet C1500

I have a 96 chevy pick-up with a v-6 auto. The vehical will not start unless you pour fuel into the throttle body then motor will run until the fuel is gone. I changed the Fuel pump in the fuel tank also changed the in line fuel filter. I don't think the injectors in the vortec intake are working. I removed the intake fuel line on top of the intake manifold and turned the key on fuel came out at a high rate. Is there a cur cit controlling the injectors. Any help out there. Best, Don

It sounds like a bad fuel pressure regulator. If you have not replaced it, here is the steps:\015\012\015\012Removal & Installation\015\012\015\012\015\012Disconnect the negative battery cable.\015\012 ... 1996 Chevrolet C1500
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