Having problems with your 1999 Pontiac Grand Prix ?

Supercharger troubleshooting???? i have a 99 gtp. when i drive and my foot is constant on the gas and the boost meter is at 1 or 2 bars it starts shaking unless i step on the gas some more or take my foot off of it. if you have any idea what this may be it would really help me out.

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Answers :

Check for a vacuum leak from the inlet and outlet hoses on the boost bypass valve and especially the boost solenoid.
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Supercharger troubleshooting???? i have a 99 gtp. when i drive and my foot is constant on the gas and the boost meter is at 1 or 2 bars it starts shaking unless i step on the gas some more or take my foot off of it. if you have any idea what this may be it would really help me out.

Check for a vacuum leak from the inlet and outlet hoses on the boost bypass valve and especially the boost solenoid. ... 1999 Pontiac Grand Prix

2004 dodge ram slt 5.7 hemi---- ETC light comes on and when it does truck may take off as if i pushed the gas pedal, this can happen at any speed "example" i may be driving 35 mph and it will jump to 40 all the sudden,can take foot off gas pedal and it will continue going 40 it will drive itself without foot on the pedal, cant stop it unless i **** it out of gear, idles irratically too in park usually high idle when etc light comes on!! no check engine light no codes

... Dodge Ram 1500

My 2004 pontiac grand prix makes a loud noise when I get to 40mph and gets ouder when I take my foot off the gas. Any ideas what this may be

One thing what can be,maybe not, but broken piston. ... 2004 Pontiac Grand Prix

Have a 97 corolla that takes long to start and after starting u need to keep your foot on the gas pedal because it does not idle properly and cuts off. If u keep your foot on the gas pedal for about 5 mins, it then idles normally and can take your foot of the accelerator. What may be wrong?

... 1995 Toyota Corolla

I have a 2000 chrysler voyager, it has difficulty shifting into gears,meaning it will shift into all gears sometimes you have to give it a lil gas or take your foot off the gas pedal when it starts revving. when sitting at a light or with your foot on the brake with it in drive it lunges forward. took the pan off, the fluid smells burnt but is stil red. The filter has collapsed. any ideas?

Change both the fluid and replace the filter. it osunds like your modulator may be going bad but that would be a lot of money. i hope that's not it. ... 2000 Chrysler Grand Voyager

When AC is on it blows out the vents until I put my foot on the gas. While Im pressing the gas it comes out the defrost vents then take foot off and it comes out regular vents! Any ideas??

When the gas petal is pushed down the engine needs a amount of vacum to run.If there is not enough vacum it will pull vacum off heater/ac box inside which controls where the ai flow is controled.Check intake for vaccum leaks,hoses,connections.look fo ... Cars & Trucks

I have a 2005 Honda Accord. I do not get any heat on idling, but I do if I am driving. I noticed when I am idling and press the gas a bit, it gets warm, but cools off when I take my foot off the gas. The thermostat and antifreeze levels are fine. The system has been drained and refilled. Any idea?

U should flush cooling system and check water pump somtime blades on pump fall a part good luck ... Honda Accord

Idle speed Some times when I start the engine it will not stay running or dies when I take foot off gas to put on brakes. Then like flipping a switch it will run smooth. Next time or two it may start and run OK. Then may act up the next time or two.

From what I can tell with the info I have It has the sound of the IAC it messing up and this is a pretty common problem sometimes you can remove it and clean it but you will need to replace it in the near future.Iac stands for Idle air control ... 2002 Ford Escape

Car starts off really slow i put my foot on the gas pedal and it takes forever to get up to speed like it just dont want to go but it does go just takes a while what is the problem have no idea please help me

... 1997 Mercury Tracer

I have a 1994 chevy truck it has a 4L80e transmission which wont come out of first till you get it to 20 mph then take your foot off the gas pedal. once you get it out of first gear it shifts to 3rd and up. once in awhile it will find second during a slow down like to take a corner. any ideas? if its a solenoid or something ill need a schematic

I would look into the governor, in behind a round cupped plate at the rear of the trans., The governor is a flyweight w/springs on a shaft, most times the center nut comes off and or loose then the govn. gets out of wack. ... 2003 Chevrolet Silverado 2500HD

My 2004 ford f150 xlt has a rattiling sound coming from the left front end of the truck. the sound is a tinny rattling sound that only happens when I am going up hill and pressing down on the gas. When I take my foot off the gas the sound stops. The tinny sound has progressivly gotton worse from the start, any ideas?

Check the heat shield to the exhaust manifolds, good chance that the bolts on them have rusted off or is loose causing the Heat Shields to rattle making the tinny rattle noise. Good luck and keep me posted, be glad to know if that's maki ... 2004 Ford F150

I have a 1998 Acura 3.0 CL and the radio had an error 3 last week. I had to take the console and radio out in order to find the radio serial number and got the radio code from Acura, since mine was missing. I put it all back together, entered the radio code, and now when I start it, if I take my foot off the gas, it stalls. Any ideas what is going on?

... 1998 Acura CL

Transmission problem While driving the 94 Jeep Grand Cherokee Laredo it seems as if the motor dies or loses power. If you take your foot off the gas and then give it gas the rpms jump and the jeep runs. Sometime it will not change from 2nd gear and manually changing sometime works to make it change gears. Any Ideas?

Hi renjay, is your jeep trans an AW-4 or a 46RH? The simple things to check here without getting to the internals are as follows; check your oil level,filter etc. check the throttle linkage adjustment,check the trans shift adjustment also have the TC ... 1994 Jeep Grand Cherokee

Tranny problems i just put a clutch in my 92 rodeo, it was making a grinding sound only when giving gas, taking foot off gas,it stops when pressing on clutch pedal. after installing the new one it still makes this noise. it to me sounds as if a bearing was missing a ball {this is the noise it makes to me} if you have any idea please let me know

Did you change the bearing in the flywheel the center one or throw out bearing that pushes out on to the presserplate ... 1992 Isuzu Rodeo

I have a 2002 Mazda MPV. When I start it and drive it revs really high. Sometimes i can take my foot off the gas and it will still accelerate, A LOT! Also when it does this it shifts really hard and there is a jerking motion. As well when i shut car off like to get gas i cannot start it immediately. I have to wait 5 minutes then it fires right up. Its like it is beeing flooded. Any ideas?

The transmission is slipping, have it checked for low fluid level, if that is ok then you need the transmission rebuilt or replaced with a factory rebuilt exchange unit. ... 2002 Mazda MPV

My 1999 gmc 2500 pick up dies when you take your foot off the gas. Doesn't matter if your in park or driving down the highway. The truck has 225,000 miles on it but is very well maintained. Any ideas will help. Thank you.

Are there any codes,check engine light?The idle air control is the most likely problem here,not to high in cost,but most likely the cause for this.I hope this is helpful,If so,let us know,thank you. ... GMC Sierra 2500

I have a 2003 Jetta 2.0 automatic. When the car is warm I'm having some shifting issues but the real problem is when I get up to a speed of about 65 or 70 and i take my foot off the gas, the tach drops to about 1000 rpm and then shoots back up and gets the transmission stuck in a gear and the only way to reset the problem is by turning off the car. The dealership has already replaced the control module with no difference and now wants to change the transmission. Any ideas on what the problem cou

Hello! Which control module did the dealer ship replace; The transmission control module? If so, ask if they changed the Transmission Vehicle Speed Sensor...This particular sensor is suspect...There isn't any way to test it and it's location is on to ... Volkswagen Jetta

Idle drops Once in a while the engine idle drops too much when i take my foot off the gas causing the engine to stall while the vehicle is still in motion. I have already replaced the fuel filter and air filter in the past and those fuel additives don't help. Do you know what may be causing this problem which I have had since purchasing the vehicle 3 years ago?

Have you tried cleaning the throttle body? I've had the same problem with mine twice. As a mechanic, I can tell you that this is something that often gets overlooked by DIYers. There are 2 small vacuum ports at the bottom of the intake side of the th ... 1993 Mercury Villager

1990 vw cabriolet. after start it wants to die. after being on the highway for awhile it will seem to run pretty well, then it may go into this jerky kinda action, hesitancy, then be fine again. Then, at a stop sign, it will stall completely and then not want to start again! Then finally after 10 minutes of waiting, I crank it and have the clutch depressed completely and put put pUT PUT, it will start (barely) and not want to stay running so i keep my foot on the gas for awhile then take off. It

Do the following procedure and it will clear up the problem. I wrote this and developed it over 30 years of Bosch fuel injection repairs for this and other problems.\015\012Here are the common cause of surges, cold stalls, stalls a ... Volkswagen Cabriolet

Car jerks car is in drive... as soon i take my foot of the break the care jerks...i push the gas it goes away and drives smoothly The dealer tells me its most likley the trany....( i dont believe that ) any ideas

... 2007 Nissan Versa 1.8 Sl Hatchback

Hello there, i own a 1960 herald convertible and when i get to a certain speed and take my foot off the gas i get a whinning noise from under the car? It seems only to do this when there is no load on the diff? Any clue's as to what this may be, Many thanks , Ray, Brisbane Australia.

Hi RAY\012is it a 1200 or a 1360??? NICE CAR...cardboard gearbox cover...\012the answer is you pinion bearing is worn.no noise when loaded whine when not....although the job of replacement is simple, setting up the pinion to the crownwhee ... Triumph Tr 7

99 F150 5.4 V8 - Will start but then dies. If Revs are kept up the truck will run, but as soon as you take the foot off the gas it dies. Problem used to happen every once in a while, but now is happening daily. Any ideas?

Yes your idle cotrol valve is sticking replace it and it will fix your problem ... 1999 Ford F150 Regular Cab

I recently changed the alternator on my 03 lancer and now the battery light and the brake lights flash during idle.they usually go off when i step on the gas but once i take my foot off they come back on any ideas why?

Sounds like you may still have a charging issue. Most auto parts chain stores will check this for free. You should have the charging system checked. ... 2003 Mitsubishi Lancer

Hi, I have a 2006 Altima with 31,500 miles. Recently, the engine start shaking when car is Idle but I still feel the shake when driving or at red lights. My second problem is a weird loud (humming) noise sometimes when I take my foot off the gas. Everyone seems to think it may be a whole in the muffler but I would appreciate any help. I am about to change the spark plugs but not sure if that will help the shake. Thank youm Bettie from NJ


Over the last few weeks my my subaru wagon with 180,000 on it has been dying when I take my foot off the gas. The other night it quit and won't start. It turns over but just doesn't start. I replaced the fuel filter, I have spark in all cylinders, camshaft and crankshaft sensors are giving the right amount of resistance, the timing belt is not broken and there is fuel getting to the filter. I'm on my way out to the garage to check fuel pressure. Any more ideas???

The engine dying when you take your foot off of the gas is a sure sign of a vacuum leak. On a vehicle with that much mileage the very first suspect would be the EGR valve. They coke up with gunk and stick open which allows the intake and exhaust ai ... 1991 Subaru Legacy
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