Having problems with your 1999 Pontiac Grand Am GT ?

Cooling fan does not come on

\015 My resevoir boiled and the car would not idle. The cooling fan never came on.\015 Posted / edited by AnonymousUser on : 22-01-2018

Answers :

Choices are the fan motor, fan relay, and temp sensor.
You should also be able to activate the fan if you turn on the a/c provided the a/c works.
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Did you changed the themostat ? sound like you have a bad themostat. good luck. ... 1997 Honda Civic

We have a 1993 Pontiac Grand AM SE with the 3.3 L V6 engine, automatic trans, power windows and door locks. The engine temp is running hot. I have replaced the cooling fans, fan switch sensor, relay, temp sensor and cap. The guage goes into the red, biut the temp light never comes on. The cooling fan only comes on if you turn the AC on. Fan never comes on except when your turn AC on. Coolant has been flushed, not lease from radiator or watter pump. No blown head gasket, did compression ch

Dose it run hot with ac on or open hiway? ... 1993 Pontiac Grand Am

Cooling system The cooling fans donot come on, I jumpered the relay contacts and each fan works, Haynes seems top show the coolinf fan switch to be at the botom of the radiator on the passenger side, is there one switc for both fans and does the shoud have to come off to get to the fan switch?

It's a single thermal switch next to the lower radiator hose. the wire plug pulls straight off towards the engine and nothing else needs to be removed. shorting the two contacts inside the plug should turn the fans on. (That will bypass the temperatu ... 1988 Honda Accord 4 Door

I have a 91 Ford Escort cooling fan problem. The cooling fan does not come on, but when I unplug the temp sensor the fan works. I replaced the sensor and the fan still does not come on when the car reaches high temp.

Check the relay ... 1991 Ford Escort

Does a 95 cutlass supreme have a fuse for the cooling fans or only the relays. I dont see a fuse for the cooling fans. Neither fan is coming on, Ive jumped the fans they both work, Ive changed out the relays didnt help, is there anything besides the temp sensor that would keep them from coming on?

There are three fuses and two relays for your coolant fan. They should all be in your underhood fuse box. They may not be marked "coolant fan", so check them all, (2) 60 amp , (1) 20 amp, (1) 15 amp. If all the fuses are good, you may have a bad f ... 1995 Oldsmobile Cutlass Supreme

Does a 95 cutlass supreme have a fuse for the cooling fans or only the relays. I dont see a fuse for the cooling fans. Neither fan is coming on, Ive jumped the fans they both work, Ive changed out the relays didnt help, is there anything besides the temp sensor that would keep them from coming on?

\015\012Yes, in the underhood electrical center, a 60 amp with a red wire going to relay 1 and a 20 amp with an orange wire going to relay 1 and a 15 amp with a brown wire going to relay 2 and another 60 amp with a red wire going to relay 2. Th ... Oldsmobile Cutlass Supreme

92 saturn sl2 1.9 liter engine have problem with cooling fans not coming on. Relaced relay in fuse box , jumped wire to fan motor, fan motors works. took wire off cooling sensor and jumped . fan still would not come on, but engine idle would go up. ac system is fully charged and blowing cold air. can you help me?

... 1992 Saturn SL2

I have a '97 Dodge Intrepid with an overheating problem. I had to change the water pump and intake manifold gasket because it was losing water, that seems to be ok. Now I have only one cooling fan working with the A/C on. The primary fan does not come on at all. I jumped the motor and know that the motor works, I also replaced both cooling fan relays. but still cannot get the primary fan to come on.

Hi!!\015\012\015\012have you replaced the coolant temp. sensor?? If so, check the wiring to it. \015\012\015\012Also, I have an Intrepid 99 myself, the cooling fan comes on when the gauge gets to almost half way, not before. ... Dodge Intrepid

02 mini cooper cooling fan problem...fuse was blown..power steering fan was locked up..replaced it and the fuse now the cooling fan will only come on with the a/c

... 2002 Mini Cooper

The VW new beetle cooling fan will not come until warmed up, does not come on when in AC. Replace Module, cooling fan Fuse Block. All fuses check good. A/C will not come on.

... 2000 Volkswagen Beetle

Over heating fans dont come on when car heats up but comes on when i turn the car off . so it over heats at stop light and cools down while driving .replace raidador,fan swich,cooling fan relay,and therostat.

Tempature sending sensor ... 1993 Honda Accord

2006 dodge ram 3500 diesel, clutch cooling fan- doesn't come on when engine temp . gets hot -- some times come on but just a for a bit. The cooling fan comes on when the AC cycles off and on What can it be ? Marty

... Dodge Cars & Trucks

Cooling fan I have a 2002 Chevy Cavalier, and the cooling fan seems to only come on when it wants to. When it does not come on, the car runs hot, and the a/c blows hot air. When in does come on, it cycles off and on very rapidly and makes the car surge to a point that at a dead stop it will make the car lunge. Any help? Thanks Karen

I would deff check the relay i had a problem with my relay going out on my 04 but i just ran my fan to a togle switch so i can turn it on and off when i want it on when im in dead stop situations like traffic and also when your ac is on the fan has t ... 2002 Chevrolet Cavalier Coupe

When running the AC on my 1985 Lincoln Towncar the cold air seems mixed into the warm air, and somtimes only warm air comes out. The freon pressure is fine. With the fan on auto and AC set to the lowest temp, when going up hill or accelerating, the fan turns off and warm air seeps out. Then, 5 - 10 seconds later, the fan comes on and cooler air starts blowing again. However, it seems to me the cool air is always mixed with warm air and is therefore never that cool. This goes on over and

Get some hoses on that puppy and get it to 35 PSI. Under charged. ... Lincoln Town Car

The cooling fan does not go on and the temperature gauge does not show signs of overheating but it over heats and comes out of the little over flow hose. The fan does come on with the ac running. I only put water in the radiator cause of the fan not turning on when it should. I change the radiator, thermostac,water pump, and the temperature cooling sensor. So I need to check the wires for a short or something

After replacing all that its going to take the fan awhile to kick on but tis going to over heat fast with just water its got alot lower boweling point than coolant may be doing this faster than what the fan can kick on ... 1996 Mazda Millenia

Cooling fan I think my cooling fan relay or somthing is bad, I just put a cooling senser on it yesterday and the fan still want come on causing it to boil the liquid out of the radiator, where is the cooling fan relay located on my vechice and what should i do before i go and buy it.

Under hood, driver side, rear engine area, above master cylinder, mounted on firewall.\015\012\015\012Check relay for continuity? \015\012\015\012Also on my old saturn SL2 i was able to place a 10 guage wire in the relay slot ... 1990 Ford Probe

Car came in overheating, fan working then. Replaced water pump, thermostat. Roadtested car and still overheats after about 20 minutes of driving. Elec. cooling fan does not come on unless turn on the a/c. Replaced cooling temp switch, radiator fan switch, fan clutch, and also the resistor pack. Need to know if there are 2 relays for the electric cooling fan and where they are located at. The engine code is Awm, also is there 2 fuses for the relay also appricate any help here. We also hooked up a

Tech Bulletin from Nov 9 2004.....Engine Coolant Temp Sensor issue....\015\012\015\012It is 13 pages.....if you email me at [email protected], I ca ... 2004 Volkswagen Passat

The radiator developed a crack, was replaced, the cooling fan would not come on, replaced the relay, and the fan motor, now the coolong fan will not come on and the a/c compressor will not come on, however the blower motor comes on.........HELP?

How about temp sensor for fan? ... 2001 Pontiac Sunfire

My question concerns the electric cooling fan attached to the radiator: Should this fan come on automatically with the A/C compressor? After having some work done on the A/C, the fan comes on with the compressor, even when the engine is cold. It goes off with the A/C compressor also. My thinking is that the fan should be thermostat controlled, coming on when needed.

97 caravan it begain with the fans coming on, on moist night conditions and draining by batt. replaced the relay under the air box on the frame rail. now the engine gets real hot with the ac on and the fans will not come on until it gets to hot and n ... 1996 Dodge Caravan

My cooling fan won't come on unless you turn the A/C on. It does not matter how hot the car gets. It won't come on unless you turn A/C on. Where is the cooling fan sensor(thermostat)located?

... 1989 Buick Century

Cooling fans Cooling fan wont come on when engine reach certain temperture but will come on when i turn the air on what the problem

Sometimes the thermostat gets sticky and starts opening more slowly and in acting like that the engine gets hotter. Does it come on at all but seems pretty hot when it does?\015\012Its becoming good weather now so let me tell you how to set the ... 2001 Chevrolet Malibu

1999 3.1L V6 Monte Carlo: Had the engine replaced. Now the dual cooling fans do not come on when the engine heats up as before. They only come on now when the A/C is running. How do I get this corrected so the cooling fans work correctly??

The fans are controlled by the ECM.they will not normally come on untill about 235 degrees.Have someone put a scan tool on your car,run it and see how hot it gets.Your new engine may a different coolant sensor, which changed the reading on your gauge ... 1999 Chevrolet Monte Carlo

1991 Honda civic 4 dr. The temp gage stays on cold all the time and the engine cooling fan never kicks on. Is there a relay somewhere for them? As soon as it gets hot the check engine light comes on.Probably cause the cooling fan isn't coming on?

Check on the engine around the thermostat housing for a fan control sensor. if your engine fan doesn't come on when the a/c is on, then thats your prob. ... 1991 Honda Civic

My cooling fan does not come on when car is started.both the ac and cooling fan comes on when ac is started

Electric cooling fans are 'temperature' controlled,and are 'switched' on when coolant temperature rises,or a 'load' [like AC] is put on the motor.they will also sometimes stay on when the car is turned off, until it cools down.check for operation at ... 1997 Nissan Sentra

Cooling Problem I have another problem with 1995 impala. My cooling fans are coming on but my car temperture is running high before the fans come on.

Check your temp Gauge.\015\012 ... 1995 Chevrolet Impala
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