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I have 1999 pontiac grand am gt I had it put on a scanner it said i had a misfire on #6 cylinder and something with my cam sensor i don't know what that means but it runs with a miss can you tell how fix this problem

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I have 1999 pontiac grand am gt I had it put on a scanner it said i had a misfire on #6 cylinder and something with my cam sensor i don't know what that means but it runs with a miss can you tell how fix this problem

... 1999 Pontiac Grand Am GT

Runs rough took to shop first time said cyl. 6 has a miss fire did a eng. vac on it ran ok for a while then had to take it back said cyl. 1 miss fire did eng. vac on it didnt help i was told it needs new injecters i dont know if this will fix the problem dont want to spend all that money if its not going to fix it what do you think??

If the injectors are dirty, this can induce the misfire they are talking about. It sound like they want to throw parts at it until it is fixed no matter how much it costs you. If they really want to prove their theory, they can use a pressurized syst ... Chevrolet Blazer

I have a 1990 corvette with what seems to be an un fixable problem. I've had 3 shops tell me they don't know what's wrong with it. They tell me , they can't set the timeing corectly due to when you unhook the wire from the computor to the distributor and line the rotor with number 1 top dead center the line on the harmonic balancer is out of site. They all rule out a timeing chain issue and said the distributor was in good condition. The car runs like **** , it misses and spits and sputters.

Replace the harmonic balancer so a mechanic can line it up correctly. If you take it to an expert (I know one here in Southern California) he should be able to set the timing by trial and error\015\012\015\012Here is a replacement:\ ... 1990 Chevrolet Corvette

My engine light has been on for about two weeks now. I diagnosed it as a P0172 problem. I found that this means that one side of my engine is running too rich on the fuel to air ratio. Now that I know, the problem, I'm not sure how to fix it. Can you give me some help?

First check that air filter is not excessively dirty.The fuel injectors on that side may be leaking. You can check this by putting a fuel pressure gauge on the injector fuel rail and turning on the fuel pump for a few seconds to pressuri ... Dodge Intrepid

Transmission problems my transmission fluid leaks. when it is really low, I will reverse and it will seem to be stuck for a few seconds after shifting to drive..it will be stuck in 2nd gear while driving. I constantly have to add fluid like once a week and I need to know what can be wrong so I can tell if I should get it fixed or find something new. when the fluid is in the car it runs fine, no hard shifting or anything, when the fluid is low there is very hard shifting and I understand because

Well, the car is 20 years running on the road, one can expect gaskets and seals to start leaking. If you stop the leak and keep it full, you may be alright. But running low fluid for very long will definitely damage the transmission, so do get it f ... 1992 Plymouth Voyager

I have a 2001 dodge caravan and the brake light and ABS light on my dashboard is on. My brake fluid is ok,and i don't know what ABS mean. My car is running and baking fine,so can you tell me what the problem may be?


Hi i have a 2003 hyundai tibron it over heated and i fix the leak.And it was running good then i put some stop leak in it then it ran ok tell the next day then it started missing bad the drive side tail pip is a little wet and smoke a little.I don't know if it'' the head gasket or vale can you help me please.What do you thank. Thank you Danny

It sounds like the head gasket is blown or the head cracked. These cars are known for the damage to the engine from overheating. Check the oil dipstick and see if it looks milky. If so then there is water in the oil and the gasket or the ... 2003 Hyundai Tiburon

POWER LIGHT The check engine light came on in my 2000 Kia Sportage. It just went over 100,000 miles so I thought it might be a sensor/reading problem, since it went off a day or so later & continues to run GREAT. Yesterday, while on a 3 hour trip, the check engine light again came on & the POWER light came on. I have never had this light come on before, ever. Did not even know it was in the panel. We got to our motel & I parked it. Can anyone tell me what this means & what I need to do?

There is a button on the right side of the dash if your looking at the steering wheel.\015\012Push the button again and should turn off the power light.\015\012\015\012This is an option for climbing hills or when you need a little m ... 2000 Kia Sportage

I have a 1984 150 that i just replaced the starter on. however i forgot to disconect the battery and blew a fuse. i know it is a fuse because when i run a wire from the starter to the battery and turn the key it startes right up! i have looked threw the fuse box and all over the truck but can not find a fuse between the starter and the battery can you please tell me where to look, or how to fix this problem so that i can hook the truck up properly and get rid of the wire i ran? thank you very mu

You may need a new battery cable there is a fuseable link in the cable itself that will need to be replace when burnt. I would ohm the cable out and see if that is the case. ... Dodge Ram 150

I recently started experiencing electrical problems with my Chevy Prizm (2001). Basically, one morning, I attempted to start it up, and then let it run for a couple of minutes. When I lowered the parking brake, that prompted the daylight lights to come on, immediately killing the RPM and shutting the car off. I took it to a mechanic, who obviously didn't know what he was doing. He managed to fix this issue by replacing a module (didn't tell me what he replaced). Then something strange; the headl

This just happened to my Prizm. We found a short in a ground connector, behind the driver's side kick panel. We cut the grounds and soldered them together. That fixed the engine dying issue, but the headlights won't go off. The DRL is apparently ... 2001 Chevrolet Prizm

Good day. I drive a 2007 City Golf, I recently took my car in for its service. When i received the car back the radio was saying SAFE?? What does this mean? I Bought the car at a second hand car dealer and did not receive all the books the car comes with? How can I obtain a code to go out of this SAFE on my radio? Beeing a lady I do not know much about these problems. If i take it back to the place it was serviced they tell me I have to pay them like R700.00 to have the radio fixed? ? ? ? ? ?

The radio anti theft system is operated when,for any reason, the power is turned off/disconnected,(safe mode)in some markets,the dealers do not keep the factory code (0000) OR the code inputed by the owner...SO, if anybody turns the power off(discon ... 2007 Volkswagen Golf

Heating problem I have a 1999 dodge grand caravan V6 3.3L. 190,000. Cant get rid of it yet but now have problem. It seems that the hose coming form the radiator to the rear heating unit has eroded away. I have antifreeze leaking everywhere and need to know how to fix it. I know that you can bypass the entire heating system but need to know how I can tell if that will fix the problem.

I suggest getting a Haynes repair guide for that model at your parts store. It will show you the major connections and how to get at them. You can compare what you see to what the book shows as the major components and then decide what to do. ... 1995 Dodge Caravan

I was told by a Lexus Dealer that I have a cam seal leak and a rear main seal leak and they would have to pull the trans out to fix the rear main problem. Cost to fix both to run about $2,040 which I don't have at this time. How serious are these leaks and can they cause engine problems? Which problem is more important than the other if I were to get one fixed now and one fixed later? Also, my check engine light is on and trac off light. What does trac off mean

These leaks are minor as long as you dont let it get down more than a half pint. When driving it can blow all over the undercarriage and maybe get on on electrical connectors and cause issues but thats far fetched. Slim chance. Can end up smelling if ... 1998 Lexus ES 300

Engine light has been on for the past 3 years. The car runs fine!! I have fixed numerous sensors as directed by different mechanics in hopes of fixing the problem. The latest mechanic tells me that the cam sensor needs to be replaced. Problem with that is that I replaced the cam sensor last year! Another tells me it is the catalytic converter. This has been going on forever, but I need a sticker this month and need to get rid of the stupid light.

The only way to turn off this light is with an obd2 code scanner ... 1996 Ford Taurus

Check engine light was on and car running hot when idling and sometimes while driving. Had fuse replaced did not fix problem, then had fan assembly replaced. Check engine light came on again, running hot while idling. When car heats up right fan goes off but will come back on when turn A/C on but A/C not cool when idling. I have two mechanics telling me fan assembly needs replacing again (its just been 3-4 months) and another shop telling me its a computer/circuit problem. What do I do, I really

If the fan goes on with the a/c then the fans relay is bad ... 2003 Chevrolet Impala

2001 PT cruiser runs well then will die - will restart later and run for 2 blocks or for rest of the day or days then die again. Cam replaced as code indicated a problem but not fixed. Any ideas? Mechanic was not confident of this fixing the problem and he was correct. He and I keep driving it in the area of the shop but it does not reoccur with him when I am near the shop. I know it will stop again later as it has been towed 3 times now.

Hi, I have the same problem on a 2003 PT Cruiser... I am still trying to figure it out what is the problem. I changed the Starter, because it was previously working bad, but it was not all the problem. ... 2001 Chrysler PT Cruiser

Ii have a toyota avalon 2000 qonquest 3 litre v6 i have replaced the plugs and leads now it is running rough and missing it misfires or backfiring what is the problem and how can i fix it i have a n

... 2000 Toyota Avalon

P0700 fault (pending) code on 2006 sebring. Does a pending code mean it's a real problem or just going to be a problem. The code refers to the transmission control module. Where is it located and if I change it will it fix the problem. Car won't start, if it does start it runs like it is running out of fuel. Had a similar problem last week, code pointed to the oxygen sensors. Replaced both and it ran great for a week. What shall I do?

... Chrysler Sebring

My 2004 nissan armada is stalling at idle and when on the road, i researched how to fix the problem and I got a list of nissan drivers having the same problem... I just want to know how to fix it and make it run the way it was when I purchased it!!!! ie read that people changed the fuel pump and filter, and it kept doing the same thing afterwords.... what actually be the problem?

I am having this problem, andhave found it to be the catalytic converter. Having one put on tomorrow. Hope this helps. Kind of costly but has to be done. ... 2004 Nissan Armada

Missing problem i have nubira 1999 ....i dnt wht the problem is the ,,,,when i start my car nd put in 1 gear it take a time to catch the speep nd start missing after that when i check i saw tht num 3 coil start sparking ....so wht is this coil problem or something else can tell me how can i fix it

The best way is to replace the sparking coil and then while doing this it will be wise to check the spark plugs and the leads. Cheers. ... 1999 Daewoo Nubira

I have an ls400 that was running andf then it started to die on me while driving. sometimes i would have a hard time starting it.now it just turns over like it wants to start but it wont.i replaced the fule pump but still have the same problem. please help me to find troubleshooting procedure for this problem or provide your knowledge if you or someone you know has had the same problem.let me know what dfinally fixed the problem thank you

Could be something in the ignition system either that or its still not gettign fuel. Check the fuel filter. \015\012\015\012Also:\015\012Spark plug wires ( especially if it gave you the most trouble while raining)\015\012 ... Lexus LS 400

Hello, Hello Problem Solvers! I have a noise problem with my A4! I have an issue with my 02' audi A4 3L quattro. When turning the steering wheel left or right at lower speed 2 - 10Kph and tighter corners / parking etc I hear a terrible creaking noise. Would you happen to know what this is? or how I could fix this problem? No body seems to know. I have already replaced the 'bushes' and the CV boots are fine. The noise is always there if hot or cold or the car has been running for 1 minute or 1 h

Check the belt tension..it might be weak and it making noise when start ... 2004 Audi A4

I have a 91 honda accord automatic with 2 fuel problems. one is when you run the car for a little and the check engine lights comes on sometime the car will when coming to a stop get a low rpm and shut off. it will restart tho but only run up to 2500 rpm but miss like crazy backfire and barley run. other problem is if you start the car and check engine light is in rite away the car has a rev limitor at 3000 rpm for some reason does anyone know what this cud be?

Your master air flow sencor has go out or you need to have it clean sound like it has moister build up get a can of mafs cleaner at your local auto parts ... 1991 Honda Accord

95 astro van will turn over but won't start. The fuel filter was replaced and when you turn the ignition key you can hear the fuel pump running and it'll try to fire once but after that it just will keep cranking. Have had this problem before and it had carbon build-up keeping it from getting fuel. Ex-husband fixed it but I don't know exactly where the carbon build up was. I need to know how to fix it myself cause I don't want to have to ask him. Please help!

Try changing the turn and brake light fuses.\015\012this is a common problem i've run into and it usually solves it.chevy for some reason hooked the fuel pump in with this fuse.\015\012good luck ... 1995 Chevrolet Astro

Car starts but wont stay running, starts missing and shuts off. Youcan pedal the car and keep it running sometimes but seems to start missing, and dark colored smoke will come from tailpipe. Ran fine yesterday morning then started all of this. Put a new fuel pump and filter on the car today, but not fix the problem.

Sounds like she jumped her timing..might be a mechanic job....sorry ... 2003 Chevrolet Impala
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