Having problems with your 1999 Plymouth Voyager ?

Over drive hydraitic pressure swich.code is p1781

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Over drive hydraitic pressure swich.code is p1781

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2000 mercury grand marquis 4.6 Intermittent problem. 35,000. miles. Problem engine died several times wile driving. Also after car is parked from a drive will not start. Found that the fuel pump is not turning on with the ignition key turned on after car was parked. Checked for fuel pressure ...no pressure. Suspect that fuel pump is not on when cart dies when driving. #1 1st Tested car when car was working good and problem was not there. .Fuel pump fuse good. Fuel pressure good 35psi Tested F

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1995 dodge dakota 4 wheel drive...while driving oil pressure dropped light came on no oil pressure...kept driving thinking it was just the gauge started to hear lifter noise, shut off truck restarted oil pressure came back and lifter noise gone. This problem happens internmittenly and usually goes away with a shut down and restart...is this an oil pump, sending unit, or just a cloged oil pickup problem?

... 1995 Dodge Dakota

When I am driving my car the (STOP oil pressure is too low) light comes on. I have taken it to a garage and had the oild pressure switch replaced and this is not the problem. When the car is idol and i am not using the accelorator the light comes on and when I am driving it goes back off. What could be the problem? Is it dangerous to drive? how much will it cost to get fixed? I drive a Peugeot 207 which was registered on the 01.04.2007 and has only done 24000 miles.

This is not good, the reason the light is on is because there is not enough oil pressure at idle, your garage was right to try the oil ... Peugeot 405

2004 Silverado 4.8l Oil pressure fluctuates from 40 down to near 0 when driving according to the gauge next to speedometer. When pressure shows about 10 or less, the audible warning constantly sounds. Shut engine off for 5-10 min and pressure is back up (temporarily). Problems start about 1k - 1.5k after an oil change. Pressure gets very low on when driving on highway rather than short trips in town. Been doing this for about 6 mths now.

Have the oil pressure checked, asap, at a service center to make sure the oil pump is not going bad. i would also take into consideration the suggestion offered by fixcar001. i would also refrain from driving until you've made sure i's not just a mon ... 2004 Chevrolet Silverado

I have a 1998 chevy pickup 4wd (not that it matters) but while I am driving, the first few miles it seems to run fine then it starts to loose power . It doesnt die but will not get over 1500 RPM. I put a fuel gauge on it and placed it out of the hood in front of the windshield so I could see it while driving. When it is driving good , I step on the accellerator and the pressure is very responsive from 50psi to 60 psi very quickly. When it starts running bad, the pressure is unresponsive stuck

First off, go ahead and change your fuel pump if it's not holding pressure. The AC Delco parts will give you better life and reliability. Second, if it seems to "creep up" then you may be looking at a plugged catalytic converter. This would also indu ... Chevrolet C1500

Ford 99 diesel air condition cuts out after driving down road. works great while driving until you stop at light, then shortly after driving again it will stop. the compressor clutch stops spinning. if i turn it off for 3 minutes or so it will work again until same thing happens. it has 44 or 43 psi low side pressure while working. if i put guage on it when it fails it shows near 100 lbs. if i shut off switch for few minutes and turn back on the pressure will go right down to 43

Did you look ate the wireing to see if its shorthing, I'd check the controll.s on the dash . then the blower eiring .. ... Ford F-250

2001 Jeep Grand Cherokee Laredo approx 147000 miles. Recently notices oil pressures going up to 80psi periodically when driving. If I turned off the engine and restarted it would read normally. Within the past month - I've noticed my oil pressure reading lower than normal. It usuallly reads around 40psi while driving and around 20-25 at idle. The other night after I started the engine - the pressure droppped to around 10, and with the engine at idle - dropped to sero with check guage light

Very first thing you need to do is install a mechanical pressure gauge on there to verify what you see on your gauge. If the actual pressure is low, then it's time to start looking inside the engine. If not, then you need to trace out the electrical ... 2001 Jeep Grand Cherokee

Oil pressure loss at times while driving down the highway . the oil pressure gauge goes from 40 pounds to 0 pounds. you shut it off right away then restart it and oil pressure comes right and holds 40 pounds again. you may drive 10 to 25 miles down the highway before the problem happens again.

Mate .2 things.The oil pressure sending unit is playing up or its not.The other is how long since an oil /filter change.If you know the oil is ok ,get the sender unit fixed.Oil is a lot cheaper than metal if things are not right.If it happens all of ... Dodge Cargo

HI, my jeep grand cherokee V8 5.2L oil pressure gage works properly when jeep is driving and when idleing oil pressure gage goes to zero. The engine does not knock even when is driving or idleing. is that oil pressure switch? or what else? thanks

I'd replace the sending unit and if it does not return to normal, put a mechanical gauge on it and check the real oil pressure. (your dash gauge is electro-mechanical) If the mechanical gauge reads the same as your dash gauge, you may have some wear ... 1996 Jeep Grand Cherokee

At an idle the oil pressure in my truck drops the oil light comes on and stays on the oil pressure will start to rise but the oil light stays on and within about five minutes it will shutter and stall out it has oil pressure driving down the road and runs fine when driving down the road what could cause this the oil presure sending unit?

You mean the light shuts out the truck dosn;t stall right Yes then i would try replaceing the sending unit likely is the cause of the problem ... 1992 Dodge Dakota

Im lossing fuel pressure it starts with 34 to 37 psi than it works it way down to about 5 then dies i put in a new fuel pump, filter, and fuel pump pressure sensor. after each thing i replaced i load test the engine than wait for it to cool down and then take it for a test drive and all is good but the next day i drive it it looses pressure again


Loss of oil pressure 1995 dodge dakota 4 wheel drive...shut off truck restart and oil pressure is back this problem happens intermittenly can drive 20 miles, 50 miles or one mile and presure will drop again...shut off truck restart and pressure is fine...is this a pump problem or is something clogged?

Sounds like you may have a defective oil pressure sending unit. ... 1995 Dodge Dakota

My oil pressure gauge (on the top right of the dashboard) randomly shows the oil pressure going down to zero (check gauge light comes on) and then randomly goes back into the normal range. It happens mainly when I start the vehicle and drive a while. It seems to lessen as longer drives occur. I believe it is a gauge problem on the dash because of this; 1.) I replaced the oil sending unit 2.) I have driven the Jeep with a manual gauge attached and it showed perfect pressure (75-100 lbs of pr

You May need a Wiring harness located by drivers door ... 2002 Jeep Grand Cherokee

My 1992 plymouth voyager 3.3sl started lossing pressure while driving and regain pressure afew mints later it will good then repeat. then one day i was driving and it stop driving it would ture over but would not crank some told it might be the ingnition switch box connected to the spark plugs i replaced it and my car still will turn over but wont start ps it has a full tank of 100% gas old gas was run out

Sounds like fuel starvation.did you run the car to the limit or run out recently?you may have sucked up dirt from the bottom of the tank which is now blocking your fuel system.if you crank over for a while and dont smell gas a ... 1992 Plymouth Voyager

I have a 2004 f150 with the 5.6 engine. It has ahad a knocking noise coming from the engine since I bought it in 06, I have been told it was a nylon gear on the oil pump drive, I lost oil pressure and stopped the engine. Loaded on a trailer and brought it home. Upon loading it the oil pressure came back up and engine sounds and runs fine. I think the oil pump drive may have stripped. I would like to find an exploded view of the engine. Any help is appreceated

... 2004 Ford F250

Engine stalls driving down the road or on take off. Had code 42. electronic spark tining. E S T circiut fault. Cleared codes and installed a fuel pressure gauge. On test drive the motor, (3.1 EFI) still stalls and dies. Fuel pressure is 38 to 42. No logged codes. Dead headed fuel return and it's 62. Tried another Ign. module with coil pack's, Same problem. Ohm checked the crank sensor and it's 1041 ohms. Act's like it's running out of fuel. 185000 miles. Need a G M diagnostic tree for code 42 to

Trouble Code 42 indicates that there may be a malfunction in the \015\012Electronic Spark Timing (EST) system. During cranking, the timing is \015\012controlled by the ignition module and the ECM grounds the EST line. It \015\012expects to see no act ... 1991 Chevrolet Lumina

First start runs fine, as you drive oil pressure is okay, when you come to a stop oil pressure drops very low, when you start driving again it goes back up. Any thoughts

The motor needs to be rebuild it is losing oil pressure when the motor warms up ... 1993 GMC Sierra

2000 silverado-low / no oil pressure atstartup for first few seconds, once engine is warm holds 40 psi @ idle, after driving for an hour or so, hold 60 psi while driving and 40 @ idle. My question, what would cause low to no oil pressure @ startup and is ther a fix for this problem.

Sounds like you have sludge build up in the engine. you should try a oil additive to help clean out some of that sludge on your next oil change ... Chevrolet Silverado 1500

Replaced battery in 2004 durango and have lights on dashboard lit that won't go out. tire pressure light and 4 wheel drive lights stay on and once and a while the dome light on light will appear even if light is off. this is a 2 wheel drive and i bought this new and didn't even know there was a tire pressure light on dash. I have removed ground on battery and reconnected. I have touched both positive and negative cables to clear computer, then reattached them to battery--still no luck. any ideas

I have the EXACT same problem! I just posted today. I don't have TPMS or 4-wheel drive, but both sets of lights are on after changing batter. Did you ever figure out this problem? ... 2004 Dodge Durango

I need someone better than me! 1997 honda passport, 3.2 auto. car has had starting and driving problems. When put into drive gears, it fell on its face i changed the trans filter and fluid and wham, it ran fine all day yesterday. this morning it would not start. has spark and good fuel pressure. I replaced the fuel pump, filter and pressure regulator last week, also intake gaskets. just now it still would not start and the fuel gauge showed empty, and it has a half tank. low fuel light is blink

Try sticking a can of petrol in just to satisfy me then try again and see what happens ,wouldnt be first time er indoors has crept out on the razzle and took a fella out whilst iam working ,dont mind that as it saves me another boring chore,but hey , ... Isuzu Rodeo

Lost my reverse trying to get out of the parking lot in the snow last year. 97 chevy S10 little pick up. After I lost it I noticed that I had VERY low clutch fluid in clutch master cylinder resivior. Now reverse doesnt work at all. I can drive it down the street and put it in reverse while driving and nothing happens. Also I bled my clutch lines of all air and I can get clutch pressure but after a few more pumps I lose all pressure. But they didnt happen at the same time. Reverse went out first

... 1997 Chevrolet S-10 Pickup

Engine light turns on when i drive the volvo and it show a message at the instrument cluster saying no oil pressure. when i start the car and it's idleing. the oil light never comes on. as soon as i drive after 5 minutes oil light turns on. i replaced the oil pressure switch but it's still doing the same. what to do now?!

Before replacing the old switch did you test it with an ohmmeter to see if it is bad. You can do the same with the wiring to see if you are getting a reading. You can also run a diagnostic scan to see if it shows anything. Otherwise fuel pump may be ... Volvo XC70

I have a 97 olds 88. while driving sometimes the engine will just shut off. In rare cases the engine will quit and when i start it up again and give it gas it shuts down. after awhile it will be fine and drive great. do you think it is the fuel pressure regulator? I don't think it's a fuel pump cause it gets fuel. Seems like the pressure is not always there.

It could be both need fuel press guage also is check engine light on? ... 1997 Oldsmobile 88

Overhaul of the top in of 2003 jeep 4.7. It had jumped time, broke a valve spring and bent a valve. After the overhaul oil pressure at idle drops to 0 after the engine warms up. No engine noise what so ever. pressure jumps up while driving, but at idle drops back to 0. Afraid to drive, what should I do?

First thing you need to do is put a mechanical gauge in place of oil sender and read actual oil pressure. If mechanical gauge shows same condition, take a look at the connecting rod bearing serving the cylinder where the valve bent. If the piston hit ... 2003 Jeep Grand Cherokee
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