Having problems with your 1999 Plymouth Breeze ?

Front end noise

\015 When I turn the wheel all the way to the left, I hear a "clunking" sound that seems to be coming from the right front wheel area. The outter edge of the tire is very worn (but only in spots). It almost feels like the wheel is wobbling. I have jacked the car up, removed the wheel but can see no obvious problems. When I try to shake the wheel side to side or top and bottom, everything seems tight.Any ideas?\015 Posted / edited by AnonymousUser on : 15-01-2018

Answers :

Those ball joint are bad double check it please its dangerous a noise like that can cost you alot if wheel come out hope it help fixya the post thanks pierre
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Strange noise from front end when turning. sounds like a coil spring that is stuck, then lets loose, and makes this "twang" noise. However there are no springs in the front end. Mabe its the drive shaft? Other than that noise, it drives fine, but the noise is getting louder

It has springs around the struts above the tires. Sounds like you have a bad strut plate bearing. ... 2003 Buick Rendezvous

99 Suzuki grand vitara front end problem. clunking sounds coming from the front end.when in a parking lot turning a corner going over a speed bump there is a lot of noise coming from the right front i replaced the right front axle .but its still macking the same noise . im going two replace the sway bar ends twoday as the rubbers are all shot thanks Rob

Also change the struts (shocks) . ... 1999 Suzuki Grand Vitara

1996 Plymouth Breeze - Front end grinding / clunking noise. My Breeze is giving me all kinds of trouble and I can't figure out what's causing it. So far I had replaced the following this week. Both outer tierod ends Both Wheel Bearings Both CV joints The upper and lower ball joints appear to be in good condition. Car makes a Clunking noise / grinding noise when turning. The noise is not evident when the front and is jacked up and the car is in gear with the tires moving. It sound

... 1999 Plymouth Breeze

Whirring noise front end 2003 yukon denali xl which seems to be coming from front left wheel or even the middle of the front end. loudest when coasting around 20 mph with little or no accelerator. Noise goes away if transmission is shifted to neutral.

Your front pump in the transmission could be going bad. Check the transmission fluid for level and condition. The fluid should be bright red and not burnt (dark in color like burgandy). Best thing to do is take it to a transmission shop and have them ... 2002 GMC Yukon XL

My car is making a loud noise from the front end and vibrates when you accelerate. When i turn the wheel to the left it squeals and sometimes there is a clunking noise. Could this be a ball joint? I have replaced 3 out of the 4 wheel bearings already and the one that wasn't changed was a back one. The noise is coming from the front end. Got any ideas for me? Thanks....Becky

Hi Becky Your mechanic should be able to find your problem. They will lift your car so your front wheels swing free and shake your front wheels around. The bad part can be found this way. Theres a lot of things this could be. But yes it would be a ... 1999 Dodge Stratus

My 2005 Toyota Tacoma is starting to have some steering problems. As you turn the wheel while driving around a bend the steering is starting to get a little stiff. I am hearing a small klunk noise from the front end but everything seems solid under the truck. i jacked up the front end so both front wheels were off the ground. I then grabed one of the tires and turn it back and forth to see if I could hear any noises. When I bring it halfway throught the complete turn and then quickly bring it

... 2005 Toyota Tacoma

Noise coming from front end almost like a humming noise gets louder the faster i go i can start hearing the noise when i hit about 18mph and the front end is clunking

Check your Power steering pump. ... 2004 Chevrolet Cavalier

I had 2004 pontiac grand prix 3.8 engine my front end make like metalic noise on when i drive over bumps i repl front control arm biuchings new struts new inner and outer tie rods end new stabilizer links noise is on rigth front only in smal bumps not notice on hig way speed there is a pontiac tech to help me on this one aprentices please

Very difficult without seeing it, but have you replaced the sway bar intermediate bushings yet? These are a common problem.Dave ... Pontiac Grand Prix

Terrible front end noise 2004 cavalier Front end tires sound like they're rumbling; however, I just had them rotated and no change. The noise wasn't there when the tires were installed.

Have your tire shop check your wheel bearings because that is the noise you are describing. ... 2002 Chevrolet Cavalier Coupe

My 2002 Dodge Neon makes a loud, almost grinding noise in the front end which is worse in the morning and lessens as it drives and warms up. Hear the noise only at lower speeds. There is no vibration associated. Cannot figure if the sound is coming from the front end (driver's side) or the engine.

I'd say there's no grease left in the CV joint boots, if it's front wheel drive. Something you should check right away, as your car has about reached that age, and if you run it without grease in the boots, you'll eat up the joints in a big hurry, an ... 2002 Dodge Neon

Grinding noise, metal to metal noise in front end. It's not a wheel bearing or brake problem. It sounds like it is on the drivers side in the front end. Is it the differential? High speed shaft?

Get your truck up in a rack and take a look at the drive shaft, the differential, the u joints and the ball joints. Regards, joe ... 2005 Chevrolet Silverado

Front end whining noise. Just had new rotors and pads fitted on the front and now have a high pitched whining noise coming from the front at 15-20mph upwards. It stops if i release the accelerator and coast and stops as i slow down below the 15-20mph. Gear changes are as quick and smooth as theyve always been and seems to drive perfectly normally apart from this noise!! Any Ideas anyone?

... 2000 Jeep Grand Cherokee

HHR 2006. Front end shaking. Had a mechanic look & told me struts/shocks, car made poorly ... low, etc. NOW when start and driving loud noise similar to diesel cars--putt, putt. Drives alright. Cause of front end shaking? Should I get front end shaking repaired?What could this new problem be caused by? Is it alright to keep driving 7 more days (20 miles)until get tax refund to repair ?.

Get a second and third opinion from other local mechanics.\012Does the shaking chang with speeds? It possible you have a tire with slipped internal belt.\012Could be a few other things too.. \012Sound issue may or may not be related ... 2006 Chevrolet HHR

2004 dodge ram 1500 2WD front end making a metal on metal sound going over small surface bumps like rail road tracks. I have had trhe front end inspected 3 times for the possible cause. All garages tell me my front end is good and tight. There is no poping noise when turning or going forward or back wards. Shocks replaced last saturday. Is this possibly the sway bar. I have spent hours underneath it looking for any indications that things are moving out of place or indication of metal hitting. R

I had the same problem. Sway bar end links. Fixed it ... Dodge Ram 1500

How to change front differential oil on 1999 ford explorer eddie bauer, I apply gas and get up to about 40mph let off gas and I here a gear noise only upon deceleration. The vehicle has 150,000 miles and I believe never had dif fluids changed or transfer case. It sounds like noise coming from front of vehicle, front dif or transfer case. The front dif is tightly packed into the front end and I cannot even see a fill hole to try and **** out the fluids and of course there is no drain plug and tak

... 1999 Ford Explorer

I have a 2006 Ford Freestar. I started hearing a ringing noise from the front end when I driving on the highway. I took to dealer and they changed front brakes. Noise came back. They said it was the t

... 2006 Ford Freestar

I have a 1997 chrystler concorde. We just replaced the cv axles and bearings because the front end was shaking badly. Now I hear a humming noise in the front end that starts at 35 and gets louder on e

Both bearing and axles. ... 1997 Chrysler Concorde

I have a 2001 dodge grand caravan sport with a cronic front end noise! I recently replaced the front sway bar links due to noise while traveling over bumps,the noise went away for a while now it is back.I assumed it was a faulty link,so i disconnected from sway bar to find that they were tight.So i continued searching thinking that it might be a warn inner or outer tie rod or faulty strut bearing plates on struts,so i removed them and found out that they were also ok. Upon further diagnoses foun

I replaced both sway bar links as well as the bushings this past summer and things are still quiet. I had the same clunking noise as well when going over bumps (Drives you crazy!). Did you try changing the bushings as well? They are $16 for a set of ... 2001 Dodge Grand Caravan

I am getting a metallic "clicking" noise from the front end of a 2003 jeep grand cherokee. The noise is most audible at low speeds (10-15 mph) The tempo of the noise does not seem to increase/decrease with the speed of the vehicle. I have check front and rear diferential and transfer case fluids. The U-joints appear to be ok but I do not know how to check them. Any ideas would be greatly appreciated. John

I can't say for sure without actually checking myselft but it sounds like one of four possiblilities, ball joints, tie rod ends or sabilizer bar ends or shocks. \015\012 To check the tie rod ends put the jeep on jack stands or a hoist, with t ... 2003 Jeep Grand Cherokee

I have a chrysler 300, 2005 model with 3.5 liter V6. I have a noise in the front end when going over small bumps like something is loose. A metel noise. Dealer has replaced 4 tie rod end and lower control arms , but the minor noise contuinues. I'm being told to replace the link pins from the sway bar to get rid of it. Does this make since ? Thanks for any help

The link pins could be the culprit if they have play in them, also the sway bar bushings can be worn. Another common noise can occur from play between the brake pads and caliper. The pads have a tab on each end that can wear over time ... 2005 Chrysler 300

We understand that your problem is: i have a 2002 gmc sierra 4wd duramax w/ 210k miles. when i engage the 4wd, there is a short grinding noise as it engages. when I disengage the 4wd, there is a slight clunk. that went on for a short time and now when i drive in 4wd, every so often there is a clunk noise. is sounds as though the noise is coming from front end. is it the 4wd actuator in the front differential that needs to be replaced?.

... Chevrolet 2500

Noise in front end, sounds like wheel bearings, 110,000 miles, rear end axles and bearings replaced, sounds still present, louder when making left turn when weight of vehicle shifts to front end right side

You say the rear wheel axles and bearings have been replaced, you mention nothing of the front wheels, you have the symptoms of a front wheel bearing being worn out, remove them and check for pitting in the bearing rollers o ... 2004 Ford Crown Victoria

2003 dodge dakota front end makes click noise only when in a turn while using brakes. No noise when in a turn with brakes released. I replaced hub assemblys 6 months ago I also replaced front brakes (pads only) at the same time. The noise started about a month ago

Check that the caliper slides are free and that you refiited the anti squel plates on the back of the new pads ... 2001 Dodge Dakota

2006 4X4 gmc sierra -knocking noise from front end of truck, occurs in 4X2 and auto 4X4. I noticed when truck is in 4X2, at times the shaft from transmission to front wheels is not turning but will start turning after a few seconds and the noise will sometimes occur exactly when the shaft begins to turn(other times the noise does not occur when shaft begins to turn) Should the shaft turn at all in 4X2?

... 2006 GMC Sierra

I have rear end noise on my 2001 Jeep Grand Cherokee Laredo V6. Popping noise coming from rear end at even small bumps. Mechanic tried to say it needs steering gear and pittman arm, but isn't that in the front. Noise is definitely coming from the rear. I checked the spare tire to make sure it was secure. Bounced bumper and still hear the problem.

Shocks is most likel by they the culpret./ Or a loose heat sheld by the exaust ... 2001 Jeep Grand Cherokee
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