Having problems with your 1999 Plymouth Breeze ?

My 1999 plymouth breeze I was driving and it just died, we started checking it out and found the computer fuse blown when we replaced it, you turn the car to the on position it trys to start (not in the start position) could this be that the computer went out?

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Answers :

The computher is shorted out

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My 1999 plymouth breeze I was driving and it just died, we started checking it out and found the computer fuse blown when we replaced it, you turn the car to the on position it trys to start (not in the start position) could this be that the computer went out?

The computher is shorted out ... 1999 Plymouth Breeze

Started my lincoln mark viii 1995 this morning everything was fine, stopped at store tried to restart car turned ignition key, my hand slipped on the key so the car did not start all the way went to turn key again engine turns but will not catch could it be a fuse or did the computer become jammed some way?

Is the theft light flashing while your trying to start it? Try a different key,maybe the theft unit in the key got damaged. Has to be one that came with the car. Also if someone has a code scanner, you will see a code like p1260 theft detected if it ... 1995 Lincoln Mark VIII

Driving tonight, stopped for gas, listening to the election results on the radio. The car started right back up, but the theft system light was on. When I went to turn off the car, I cannot do so, the key is frozen in the on position, could not turn off the car. Took the negative battery cable off the terminal & it kept running. Finally removed a fuse, that turned it off, but the key is still frozen in the lock & theft light stays on. Removed the battery cable as it was nighttime & no hel

You can download the owners manual here and see if the answer is in there. ... 1994 Chevrolet Cavalier

Screeching noise Went to turn off my car, (1997 Hyundai Elantra) and it made a screeching noise. Even though I had the key turned to off position, my car did not turn off for 10 seconds. It started right up again with no weird noises, just wondering if this could be a serious problem

Dear friend-the fact that your car did not switch of for 10 sec means that the fuel did not cut when the ignition was switched of.i think you must have it checked. ... 1997 Hyundai Elantra

When staring my saab 900 se turbo the computer always does a checking before it will start if the computer does not check the car will not start had it tested but found nothing wrong went for a boot on the weekend turned if of for gas and car just turn over and would not start eventually it started and I got home been sitting since car is in great shape and has been well maintained

Poss bad fuel pump, clogged fuel filter, Do you hear pump running, Its under the back seat ... 1996 Saab 900

ABS Light went on, followed by check brake light, engine started running a little rough. Pulled over brakes and fluid OK, Tried to start car turned over slow, and fired, Tach very erratic and at 1500 RPM. turned off car, went to restart, sol clicked would not start dashboard dark. Checked Battery pos term dirty, cleaned term, reattached term, Did removing the term re set computer? car started and appears to run fine. Any ideas?

A bad electrical connection can cause a number of lights to come on, have any lights returned since cleaning and reinstalling the terminal? if not then the loose connection probably caused all that you saw. Hope this helps, let me know. ... 2004 Ford Taurus

I have a 1995 buick lesabre and i changed control module,position sensor,cam sensor and computer. car stop and will turn but want start. when i first bought car it had this vibration on take off but never could find out what it was. need help

Are you getting gas and spark to the cylinders?\015\012\015\012If you add gas to the throttle body, does it start?\015\012If so, then you have a fuel pump delivery problem in this vehicle.\015\012\015\012If it doesn't st ... 1993 Buick Skylark

2000 Buick Regal... All the lights, every single 1, in the dashboard started flashing & the car went dead. Will not start back up unless the head lights or emergency flashers are on but will die again if turn signals are used. What could possibly be the problem, is there a computer reset button or anything?

I had this same problem a couple of years ago, $2000 dollars later my ex in-law spend at the dealer and the problem still existed, (they replaced the ignition switch, the entire fuse block assembly, battery, alternator and a couple of other things ). ... Cars & Trucks

I was on my way to work going sixt mph when i went to downshift to go up a hill my car died. It will not let the computer read it it just says error and when i turn the key the motor cranks but does not start and my check engine light will not come on at all even if the key is on the second position when all the other lights come up display on the car

Does the engine crank ... Isuzu Rodeo

I drive a Mercedes A200 2006 model. The engine management light is on and when the computer is plugged in error P0068 appears which says throttle position correlation . When driving at all speeds it feels as if there is mild fuel starvation. I recently replaced the fuel injection relay because the car wouldn't start on occasions when turning the key to the on position one could here that the fuel was not being passed to the throttle body. replacing the relay has appeared to solve that inter

... 2006 Mercedes-Benz A 200

I have a 99 bonneville SSEI. My starter on my car went out. I replace the starter,and I have an new fully charged battery. My alternator is also good. When I turn over key it sounds if it wants to start but won't turn over. My ends on my positive are kind of bad, the red boot covers are all split up and broken. But I can still press them together to get a connection. I have side post battery. The red is a little loose not much. Could that be my problem? I also noticed while putting on starter th

... 1999 Pontiac Bonneville

Ok, I just started having this problem last night, I went to turn over my car and all I heard was 1 click, and it wouldnt even turn over, it has plenty of juice, and the only way I could start it was to jump start it, and it started fine. I now just get home, and there is no where to push the car to start it, just 2 questions. Am i able to start it with a screwdriver at the solenoid? Also, what could be possibly the problem? Bad starter? Any help would be greatly appreciated Thank you

If it started with a jump, you have a weak / dead battery. ... 1997 Chevrolet Cavalier

I have a 2008 C70 with 25K miles. Suddenly, with no previous warning, the car will not start. The key WILL turn all the way to the start position and electronics are powered on but engine will not turn over. Error message says "Steering Locked Turn Wheel" However, The steering wheel is NOT locked. In fact, the steering wheel will turn all the way from right to left even with the key out and in locked position. The owners manual indicates that this condition could happen if the car is par

This happened to me, I had to get the ignition replaced. It was under warranty. ... 2008 Volvo C70

88 reliant computer keeps shorting out. I've had 3 put in in a two week period and each one shuts down the car. The car hesitates during driving before it shuts down.After it shuts down I can't read the codes because the engine light won't come on.The car turns over but will not restart. The repair shop called the last time and said they had it figured out and when I went to pick up the car it wouldn't start. Shot computer again, and they just had it running.I turned the key once to start it and

Well Take it back tothe shop who fixed it and make them pay the tow if they can't get it right. a computer is an expensive fuse. And you have a bad ground somewhere, on the motor or frame to the motor or computer to frame and it needs to be tested, i ... 1987 Plymouth Reliant

Hi my mitsubishi car doent start and its not on.i bought a new battery but still it could not start.so i went to the mechanic and it was check and the car was on and started.after overnite stay i the car start the next morning.but it refused to turn on or start after one hour rest. what might be the cause of the problem and at times it turns off in the middle of a journey and wont turn on ,charge and worst start. so what should i do please help.

Have the charging system checked. If the alternator is bad, It can actually drain the battery, even a new one, in a relatively short time. ... 2003 Mitsubishi Lancer

I have a 98 Toyota Corolla with just over 200K on it. Went to the gas station couple of nights it didn't start. Paid and pumped gas then got in and turned key to accessories so I could get digital odometer to display and wrote it down (I always write down mileage, how much $, how many gal, and price per gal)put notepad back in glove box and went to start car and dashboard lights and odometer all went out and car would not turn over. Tried several times and nothing. Asked for a jump from person

Check the fuses to see if any of them are blown, should be under dash or side of dash driver side. Also have fuses under hood.\015\012\015\012Also, make sure the car is all the way in park, their is a safety switch that prevents the car ... 1998 Toyota Corolla

2000 Jetta GLS 5 speed. I bought a new car, I went for a ride in it, drove and idled great. Went to start it later and alarm went off, it turned off after a minute but now the car wont start, battery works, but it won't turn over. Really could use help.

This is a wild guess, but disconnect the positive terminal from your battery. Touch the cable (that went to the positive) to the negative, to drain out any capacitor in the system that is holding charge. I think you have to short it that way for a ... Cars & Trucks

This problem just started you could be driving the car and turn it off and when you get back in to go the car won't crank everything works but it won't crank I had the battery, alternator and starter check there Ok. Today I coneted everything the battery, alternator and starter let it run for about an hour drove it went back home no problems went to pickup my son at church came back turned the car off went to turn it on nothing put it in drive and back to park and it truned on

Sounds like the starter inhibitor switch(stops you from starting the car unless its fully in park) ... 2003 Toyota Corolla

Car stalled while driving. went to start it and wont kick over ACC lights don't turn on when turning key.anymore radio does not turn on and windows as well could fuse prevent car from starting? and if so whats needed to fix it to get car started? battery is fine so is the alternator

... 1997 Mercury Sable

Car won't start. I hear a clicking sound when I turn the key to start. Electricity is on signals work there's enough gas. Basically: drove it about two blocks turned car off. Went to start it again and it was a slow draffy start sound but engine did not fully turn over. After that would not start. Could it be atarter altenator or anti-lock alarm system?

Could be a faulty starter,,loos earth leads,,,loos battery leads,,,loos lead to starter,,,or the battery is not getting a good charge from the engine so its flat! try recharging the battery first,,,or use a set of "jump leads" from another car's batt ... 1995 Mitsubishi Montero

2001 Santa Fe - About 5 ago I lost my car key with the immobiliser on it, and had a spare (without a immobiliser) and of course everytime I unlocked the car, the alarm would go off. After persistant unlocking the car (manually by key) the alarm stopped and I could start the car as usual. Only just recently I went to the shop, turned the car off and it wouldnt start. There are dash lights etc and a single click when i turn the key on and nothing. It will jump start (with the help of friends pushi

... 2001 Hyundai Santa Fe

Turn the key to run position. nothing happens. Turn key to start position, acts like its in run position. car wont start. thinking it could be the turn key assembly?

KEEP MOVING COULD BE CONNECTION. ... 1992 Plymouth Grand Voyager

Foel problem 1 changed fuel pump 2 added fuel to tank 3 turned ignition on off several time then started car but having to hold pedal right down 4 car started and ran a couple of times then noting 5 assumed it was flooded could smell fuel 6 next morning turn ignition wait 5 seconds turn to start position it starts for a split second like its notgetting fuel repeated this several times and still nothing 7 ANY IDEAS ANYBODYwoild appreciate the help

When you smelt fuel, It was flooded. Your best bet would be to replace the spark plugs. Gas will foul them out, just like oil. ... 2000 Honda Civic

2006 taurus my wife came home from work 15 minutes later we went to leave and the car would not start? seemed like no spark car didn't even sputter when it turned over we were running late so we took our other vehicle the next day i went out and it started hard but started thought maybe a fuel pump was the problem but i am leaning toward a ignition switch being that it did it again the next day and i could hear something clicking under the hood and the car started again only this time i noticed

I reckon it could be your starter motor or battery-did the lights come up onto the dashboard when you turned the key-if they did then it is not the battery ... 1996 Ford Taurus

2003 Saturn Ion -just replace ignition key tumbler HOUSING, car will not start tried the procedure listed in Mitchell and does not seem to work the amber antitheft light "picture of car with lock" will not go out. Problem did not exist before we replaced the housing, computer states must run procedure to start again. Procedure we used was: 1) turn key on position 10 minutes 2) security light goes off 3) turn ignition off the back to on position fro another 10 minutes and again security light

Greetings,\015\012Does the key have a chip in it? If it does, read the resistance accross both sides of the key chip on the 20k scale, buy a 96 cent pack of resistors from Radio Shack, and solder together a set of them that equals near 2% vari ... 2005 Saturn ION
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