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Sloppy gear change on peogeot 206 - 1999 Peugeot 206

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Sloppy gear change on peogeot 206 - 1999 Peugeot 206

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Using my OBD II on 2000 honda prelude trouble codes PO401 & (PO401 pd) all reads MIL on, monitors, 1 INC, EVAP, 7 ready, MISFIRE, FUEL, COMP, CATLYST, 02 sensor, 02 HTR, EGR. Will be cleaning out EGR, BUT do I need to replace my Solenoid? My prelude stalls and ideals out of first gear. (Autotranny). Is this stall caused by these trouble codes? Also with 1 pending code, what do you recomend? I ran car and used OBD II a 2nd time and only change was (0 inc) and 8 (ready).

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Sloppy gear change - 2001 Peugeot 206 1.6

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My Suzuki Alto (year 2000, 1,0 ) does not run well. I get brownish/black exhausts and the engine runs uneavenly. When i do not use the gaspedal the engine makes short speed-up and down, speed-up and down all the time. When in gear and medium speed it does not run eavenly. A test has shown exhaust-recirculation fault and I have tried changing the EGR valve. No result. Same problem

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Transmission After changing water pump, the transmission seem like slipping check engine light turned on and had code P075, it would stall some times 1-2 gear and sometimes at 2-3 gear. did a transmission fluid change and it started to run better it only stalls in 1-2 gear and now i have the DTC P0755 which is selenoid B stuck, but i tested and it was good, and I dont think there is a mechanical problem since it runs better than before, maybe it need another oil change, please help me needs to p

Go to aamco transmissions web site, they have a coupon for a free transmission check, the coupon expires on MAR 9th so you will have to get it in soon. Good luckCheck you transmission fluid, it should be bright red. ... 1997 Ford Escort

I have 1007 1.4 Dolce 2-Tronic automatic petrol car. Sometimes when it is trying to change to the gear 2, I get the "Auto Gear fault" message and the car turns to neutral. I have to switch off the engine and restart after few minutes. Sometimes it goes back to gear 1 and if I acceleates, it changes to the gear 3. I can then drive it, but still with the auto gear fault warning. I tried to drive manually, but it suddenly changes to auto and gives me the auto gear fault message. Please help me to

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2004 a4 2.0 sport petrol,estate,automatic transmission.112 000miles the car does not move at all . also i cannot change the gear range 1,2,3,4,5,6 when pull the gear stick on the manual gear change section (+-) . i can move the car by pushing it when put on ''D'' or ''R'' or (+ -) .i've lost the ''R'' for a moment a few weeks ago,but it was ok again after that.the gear indicator it's NOT flashing just shows normal information but can't change a gear or move! thank you very much !

The first thing to do is to plug in a diagnosis machine and check for errors in the gear system. From my experience it could be a sensor in the gearbox or the ECU. ... 2004 Audi A4

Suzuki 1,3 auto swift gear box has problem changing from 2 to 1 driveengages with a clunk. Told it is software that needs reprogramming after a clutch change. is this correct?

Find shop that can diagnose a bad t ranny, Automatics are complex , also the PCM , you cans scan it for t ranny DTCs fail codes, i see you are scan too free, right>? why not look, i bet you get P07xx errors.The TCM (in the PCM brain) h ... Suzuki Cars & Trucks

2004 Renault Trafic 1,9 dci gearbox problem. I have a ratteling sound at the fifth and sixth gear in my 2004 Renault Trafic 1,9 dci, 74 kw engine and manual gearbox, 140.000 km. No sound when the gearbox and engine is cold. No noise from the other gears, warm or cold. The rattle is present both when accelerating and let the foot of the gaspedal. Is there anything else to do (changing bearings) or do I have to change the whole gearbox?

Had exactly the same problem with mine, its in my mates garage as we speak. he had to take the engine out open the gear box and check the bearings. All the bearings were worn !!!! had to buy a wole bearing kit, £170 . plus labour, lot cheaper t ... 2004 Renault 181

I have a 1996 Saturn SL 1 manual transmission with 76,000, yea I do not use it to commute. While changing gears the stick just got lose. It now just moves back and forth freely. Gears do not change, still in 2nd. I can drive it, cluck feels fine but shifter just can?t change gears. What happend?

From you're description it sounds like a shift cable failed or got\015\012disconnected or there may be a problem in the shift control housing on the transmission. Have somone move the shifter around while you watch the shift control housing bel ... Saturn SL1

Hi, I bought an xk8 /97, car stood still for 2 years, now the gearbox don't changes gears...in D it stand's in 1' gear. If i change manual to 2 or 3 it stays in 4' gear. I changed filter and oil but no chance... [email protected] greatings Tonny

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I have got a Nissan Liberty 2000 model with a 1998 cc engine. The Problem is as follows: When I drive it for about 2kms it drives so well and then all of a sudden it fails to change gears, it will rev like it is in neutral gear. If I stop and cool it down I can restart it ok until it get to another 1 to 2km then it start again to rev high and fails to change the gears. I have changed the ATF fluid, CVT oil etc but it continues to be like that. So it looks like when it gets warm it fails to ch

I hate to be the bearer of bad news but you need a transmission, as the transmission heats up you are loosing pump pressure this is caused by to much wear in the transmission. it usely ... Nissan 200SX

I have 2002 caravan. The transmission will not go into gear properly. If it is put into drive thru 1 it will occasionally go into first and you can move the van. It will quickly "pop" out of gear after about 50 yards. This problem is accompanied by a whining noise until it does go in gear, then it quiets down until it pops out again. I have changed the solenoid pack as recommended. I have not yet changed the TCM. While changing the solenoid, I disconnected the cooling line, but nothing came out.

I'd start next with hydraulic testinghere are the tests from Chrysler...TEST ONE-SELECTOR IN LOW (1st GEAR)Attach pressure gauge to the low/reverse clutch tap.Move selector lever to the (L) position.Allow veh ... Dodge Caravan

1995 Pontiac Grand Prix will not go into 1st gear. When gear selector is in 3, only 3rd and OD will work. It will NOT go to 2nd gear when the selector is in 3 or D. When gear selector is in 2 or 1, only 2nd gear will engage. I changed the fluid & filter yesterday and added some Lucas transmission additive. After the fluid change, it would go into 1st and shifted normal for about 5 minutes, then did the same thing again. I flushed the ****** today and tried it again and it is still doing it

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Peugeot 206 cc got an oil leaking from the gear and there's alot of smoke coming when the car is being driven. Now the car changes gears but doesn't move at all

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Gear box l have a vw golf 1.6. Year 2000. Problem with changing gears, only gear number 1, 5 and reverse working and the others not working. A mechanic said the gearbox needs changing. Please help as this is a 2000 car. Gearbox number is AUS 16V Thanks in advance Worried customer

Hi I have a Golf, quite old L reg I bought from a dealer, came from one lady owner from new. Mine gears are always sticking too, apparently the clutch cable is too tight and needs oiling. Could be this is all you need to do to yours. Get it ... 2000 Volkswagen Golf

I have a mazda astina ba 95 just had a clutch change after this has been done it has gotten 2 problems which were working fine before the change, problem 1 is when put into gear doesn't matter what gear it will idle high then I put the air con on at the same time the idle will go a lot higher and stay at a high rpm until I turn the air con off or take it out of gear, 2nd problem is the speedo is now not working, any help would be great as I don't have a lot of knowledge of mazdas

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I have an audi 500se auto and the car only moves in its gears when I change it from 1 to 3 and when i put it drive it stay in 3 . It does not changes gears in drive gear. oil is top up and some one told me its the computer box. and I have disconected the battery but same problem. We took out the box some one sort of fixed it and he said he must set computer cause the competer still reads the error. Please advise

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Transmission shifts into 1st gear as it should but when its time to shift into 2nd gear I have to push the RPM up to 4 (Speed up to 30) then lay off the gas & then it will shift into the 2nd gear & so on. All vacuums are secured on. No liquids leaking. Transmission fluid & filter has been changed 1 day ago. The transmission is not slipping or jerking it just takes a longer time to change, is there a sensor that controls the valves to open up.

Possiblity there could be a sensor, or you could have a valve sticking or going bad inside the transmission. good luck ... 2002 Chevrolet Tahoe

My peugeot 307sw auto sounds electric when driving in gears 1 and 2

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My toyota avanza when you change from 1st gear to 2nd the car almost mobile n the rpm shooting from normal 1 to 3 and when you change it to the next gear, the engine starts to go roaring with the rpm

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It just stall when i'm changing geares from any gear 1,2,3,4 or to 5

Before you take the vehicle to any mechanic, check the vacuum line that runs between your brake booster & fuel injection aluminum dome.  The computer will choke the vehicle trying to compensate for a leaking vacuum hose... that's about $60 i ... 1998 Volkswagen Jetta

I drive a Hyundai GX30 December 1999 model. The problem I have is that when you engage D on automatic mode it will drive fine for a while changing from 1, 2 , 3 upto gear 4 showing on the dash board monitor. All of a sudden the gear selection light will go off and the car will be out of gear. It will suddenly come on again on the gear lights drive for a while and blink out and I am out of gear again. I had to drive back home in reverse gear which is the only gear functioning properly. Kin

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Manual transmission i bought a motor and transmission not really knowin what i was buying, cause i just wanted a bigger motor. but when i first put the transmission in it was changing gears like it was suppose to. but now after i let someone else work on it for other reasons, the gears dont change. i have to do it manually like 1,2, and drive. what happen? did the person plug up something up or what? please help. ASAP

1 of 2 things Happened 1 Whoever worked on it Disconnected the "VACUUM HOSE" to the "VACUUM MODUELATOR" This Unit is Located at the Side of the Transmission about 2/3 way back Driver side I Believe -- if not Passenger Side. Has useualy a Steal Lin ... 1986 Oldsmobile Cutlass Supreme
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