Having problems with your 1999 Oldsmobile 88 ?

Starter is hung up

\015 Turns over the engine but will not kick in and start\015 Posted / edited by AnonymousUser on : 15-01-2018

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I was just wondering how to get the starter out? I have it dissconnected but I keep getting hung up on something and can't seem to slip it out. Is there something I need to take out before I can get the starter out?

Did that last year... really annoying job. The book says to remove the exhaust manifold... which if you do you will have a 90% chance of breaking or finding broken manifold studs... which you will then have to fix (got mine out with a special easy ou ... 1995 Nissan Pathfinder

My starter stays hung up with the flywheel for about ten seconds after it starts is there any way to shim starter away from flywheel

Change starter Bendix, or whole starter. Bendix is sticking... not getting hung up. ... 1988 Ford Ranger

Starter is hung up

... 1999 Oldsmobile 88

I have a 94 ford aerostar the starter hung up and the the motor just shut off. now we have put on a new stater and the van will not do nothing????

Probably melted a fusible link for the ignition circuit or fried a relay. Check all your fuses, especially the high amp ones. Do you have power to the starter when the key is in the "start" position? If not, check the fuses and cables. You sure the b ... 1994 Ford Aerostar Extended

How to change the starter in 1991 s-10 pickup?

It will wiggle out for youIt has very limited space although they do come outTake your time twisting it and moving it up and down to remove itTake note what position it was upon removing to install the new one back in ... 1991 Chevrolet S-10

94 ford taurus with a new starter 3.0 motor --automatic trans-- using the key the starter won,t turn over. I can short across the starter and the starter turns over. (good battery) all fuses check good I have turned the key on to starter position and ran the shifter all the way through gears --starter never turns over , until i short starter out thank you TOM

You may have a bad cylinder lock, or ignition switch, you may have a bad key if that car has a chip key. ... 2008 Ford Taurus X

Parked 91 trooper went to start week later starter clicking, replace starter still same problem replaced battery same thing. replace starter relay fuse dose same thing hear clicking on starter,losen starter to see if starter is in bind and cleaned battery cables. stater clicking and has had it tested no problem with starter.

You could try spining the engine with a 1/2 inch breaker bar and the socket for the crank bolt and see if the engine turns. If engine turns u cud check your ground wire and hot wire going to the starter. ... 1991 Isuzu Trooper

Changing starter on GMC sierra diesel


Starter fuse i repaced the starter motor. now it won't work without jumping the starter from the battery terminal to the starter. when i turn the ignition key, i hear a clicking sound, but the starter does not work until i jump it under the hood. i'm thinking it may be a fuse, but i have not located the fuse for the starter. any ideas? thanks!

Did you replace starter solenoid? ... 2004 Honda Civic

When you turn the key the starter just clicks. We have replaced the starter and the battery. Both the new battery and starter were checked and both are working properly but when we put the starter back on the car it only clicks. The ignition switch will engage the starter when the starter is not bolted to the car.

Could be a bad ground on the starter ... 1999 Oldsmobile Intrigue

2002 PT Cruiser 2.4L - starter went out - replaced it with new starter.. put starter in .. rehooked up Batery etc..-- started car - it started then Starter made funny grindie noise and then shut car off - tried to start car - starter no longer works... got another new starter .. did the same.. what am I doing wrong!!!

Are you making sure you are receiving the correct starter ?? different ones for manual and automatic transmissions. ... 2002 Chrysler PT Cruiser

1992 Jeep wrangler, 4.0L HO, manual transmission, replaced Key cylinder, starter switch(on steering column), starter relay, starter soleniod, rebuilt starter, and still have same problem of periodically when the key is turned to the start position the starter does not engage. The battery is new and very good. When I jump the starter soleniod and turn the key to the ON position, transmission in neutral, it starts very well and runs fine.

You have an ignition voltage problem or ignition box failure. ... 1992 Jeep Wrangler

1997 F150 replaced bad starter, new starter wont turn over engine, checked all power leads, checked selinoid, checked positioning of starter, double checked to make sure I had the right starter, can hear starter ''kicking in ''but won't turn over engine. made sure engine wasn't ''locked up'' by turning over at fly wheel, laid starter on floor, hooked up all leads, works fine.?? please help


Starter operated just fine, then the next time I tried it, nothing. I immediately thought the battery was dead but it is putting out 12.4 volts. I checked the voltage at the battery terminal on the starter and it is also 12.4 volts. Voltage at the ignition terminal on the starter is also at 10.5 volts. I replaced the starter as it would not respond when a jumper was connected between the two terminals. The starter did not respond from a bench test. The new starter bench tested OK but the same sy

Hi, you may have a ground issue. Try hooking a ground wire to the solenoid mounting bolt/screw. Please let me know if this isn't it. I'm assuming you replaced the solenoid along with the starter, yes? ... Plymouth Voyager

Starter problem My 2001 diablo VT. i turned off the vehicle and the vehicle did not start. i was unable to restart the car. i checked voltage at the starter and got 11.2 volts. I checked voltage at the exciter wire to the starter when activation to start the vehicle was applied i got 11.0 volts but no movement to the starter. i did not even hear the solenoid click. i removed the starter. i took the strater to a rebuild company who stated normally the starter cannot be rebuilt because BOSCH has t

What are the amps on the batt. The starter needs amps too. Nice car u should let me drive it when u get it running. ... 2001 Lamborghini Diablo

Tring to install an alternator belt on a 1988 VW cabriolet. In order to install the alternator belt i have to remove the starter belt, which is on the outside pully. The alternator belt is on the inside pully and cannot slip over the outside starter belt without removing the starter belt first. My problem is finding all of the bolts on the starter in order to losen it and remove the starter belt. Ive replace several starters on american cars before, but never on a VW. Any suggestions you have wi

The air conditioning compressor is driven by the crank and that drives tha alternator. you have to take off all the belts in order to change the alternator belt. ... 1998 Volkswagen Jetta

My 1990 Camaro RS starter prblem. I saw the starter drive gear is using less or half of the gear on the fly weel like the starter needs a longer noise and the flyweel has marks from were the starter is striking it. The new starter drive gear is wearing on the tip. The engine is suppose to be from a 1989 Chevy Blazer rebuilt from Ac Delco, but a Blazer starter will no work. The only numbers on this engine is 638 on the driver side of the block. I searched and found that engine is a Chevy 350 87-9

So the engine is not original to the vehicle?When replacing the motor, did you replace the flywheel with the one from your original motor or did you use the one it came with?The cure would be to use the one from the original m ... 1990 Chevrolet Camaro

2006 Chevy Cobalt starter problems. The starter started making loud clicking sounds. I got under the car and had someone turn the key and it looks like a little amount of smoke would come off of the small starter wire when attempting to start. I replaced the starter with one from a junk yard and it wouldn't even click. I hooked booster cables up and as soon as I did, The starter started making a noise as if it was running. Does this sound like a dead starter? I plan on taking this one back t

Dead cell and or loose grounds at the starter will do it every time!! ... 2006 Chevrolet Cobalt

The ground cable of my 99 ford f250 LD 5.4 V8 from the battery to the starter was corroded off at the starter. I discoonected the old ground cable at the battery and starter and installed an off the shelf ground cable from the starter to the batter and fastened the small wire that is attached to the cable to the body of the truck where the old wire was. Istill will not turn over but it did when I held the corroded wire to the starter. That is why I want a diagram so I can see if the original wir

The cable coming off the starter is the postive (+) cable not the ground cable. thats why its not truning over cause you have now power going to the starter. run the cable from the stater to the (+) side of the battary and i bet it will start up ... 1999 Ford F250 Regular Cab

Accent 2001 wont starter starter wont engage i notice that lowet cable on starter is fryed is this cable going to where secondary relay or to selonoid? i am told by retards mechanic it is the starter and they want $400 i am weekend mechaic only problem is i dont have ramps on me right now otherwise i would be able to get to the starter. i cant see under the car with my one jack. please let me know what is going on with it. i am not trying to be cheap just dont feel like pay a rip off mechanic

Its a wiring problem, replace the connector on the end of the wire or just replace the cable and it should be fine ... 2002 Hyundai Accent

Starter engagement i'v been having a problem w/starters in my small block chevy 383 stroker. i put a ram flywheel-clutch-pressure plate assembly on this motor from the get go. i'v had nothing but trouble with starters ever since. i'v had the factory starter on---i'v had a gear reducer type starter on and i'v had a power master starter on. all of them just seem like they just want to catch the begining of the tooth on the ring gear and it dosen't take long to take the edge of the teeth off the ri

Yes it is. As for the starter issue the company/supplier of the crank and flywheel should be able to direct you to the proper starter to make up for that difference otherwise you will either keep having this issue or go back to the stock setup ... Chevrolet Lumina

Hi, i have a 1998 grand am with a 3.1 liter v6 motor, my problem is my starter will not catch when i turn the key to turn the engine over the starter just spins endlessly, i have purchased a new starter at a junk yard to fix the problem but i can not find a book at the local automotive store that can tell me how i can put the starter in proporly with out making my problem worse. the car has 350k (hence junk yard starter) and the problem only showed itself since it began getting cold. any help th

Since it is not a Ford, it is probably just an adjustment in the solenoid that would push the bendix out further, and it would work.But since you already have the used starter, you might as well put it in.As long as the bolts point the sa ... 1998 Pontiac Grand Am

S10 1999 bearings bad 0 oil pressure,removed and rebuilt engine, replaced most all. back in and...Won't start, not a crank or a ticking from the starter. Starter and starter selanoid, battery all tested OK.conecting to starter and starter getting power. Replaced neutral safety switch twice , check all 3 relays all OK. Still no response. Lights and accessory lights all go on when ignition turned. Have tried all gears but still nothing. Could I have forgotten to replace something. Is there a way t

Yes, you can hotwire the starter, use a button starter to energize the solenoid. there is a chance thet the new or rebuilt starter isn't working. it has happened to me I went an bought a newly rebuilt starter but it was no good, it happens sometimes. ... 1999 Chevrolet S-10 Pickup

98 Jeep Grand Cherokee - will not start - starter solenoid clicks once when engaged but starter will not turn engine - plenty of voltage (14V with jumper cables connected) going to solenoid - with screw driver jumpered terminals, solenoid to starter, but starter did nothing. I think the starter is bad.

The starter is bad. Solenoid is good, the starter itself is bad. You can remove it and take it to Schuck's/Chief's/Kragen/NAPA, they will test it for FREE. You can't beat free!!! ... 1998 Jeep Grand Cherokee

Starter problems The starter was starting to go out( by the clicking noise it was making) went to start and the clicking went away. So i put on a new starter and it still will not start no clicking no nothing . The battery is goog the wire's to the starter is good changed the starter relay and still nothing what else could it be

You have a bad ground connection. remove, clean, reistall ground cable. ... 1998 Toyota Corolla
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