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Service engine soon

\015 The light "service engine soon" still open but dosen t flash\015\012\015\012any tips for check the code or just tips for reset computer\015 Posted / edited by AnonymousUser on : 22-01-2018

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Thanks but
\015\012i live in quebec and i dont have this kind of place
Go to any Kragen auto or chain parts store and they will run the test for free, then post the codes back here on this thread, it's easy and free!
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I have a 2008 Beetle with a 2.5 litre engine. The engine service soon light has been coming on for the past 4 to5 months. We have replaced the spark plugs, number 5 cyl coil, changed the battery, serviced the car. We have had the car to a mechanic that works on high end cars and the Volkwagen deal and they cannot get the engine service soon light to stay off. The car now is running extremely rough and the engine service soon light is coming on. The interesting thing is the service soon light is

With the doors closed put the key in the ignition. Hold down the trip odometer reset button. Turn the key to the on position. You will see the service indicator light (wrench). Press the minute adjustment button. Release the trip odometer reset butto ... 2008 Volkswagen New Beetle

2004 chevrolet tracker,how do we fix the service engine soon? The service engine sign says to service the engine soon, so how do we fix the service button lights?

Thats just like a check engine light. Take it to autozone and ask them to check for trouble codes. They do it for free. that will give you some idea what is going on, but if they try to sell you anything, don't buy anything until you get a second tru ... 2004 Chevrolet Tracker

I have a 2007 saturn aura xr..I noticed when i was at the street light my car's rpm was low and felt a slight vibration When i started to move i noticed a flashing engine symbol but no service engine soon message on my dash. I went ot start up engine this morning and notice engine light symbol is a steady on and there was a service enging soon message on dashand still felt that low rpm.. any idea's would be appriecated...

Once the engine light comes on it means that the computer has read a fault and it has not gone away.First thing you need to do is have it scanned to see which codes are stored. Most of the larger parts stores do that for free. If they only tell ... 2007 Saturn Aura XR Sedan

I have a nissan pathfinder 2001 and my problem is that the "service engine soon"appears in the panel board 7 months ago and its steady while my engine runs normally,but now my engine is vibrating while i'm driving and the "service engine soon"lights is blinking and i don't even reach the number of speed i want,i change my fuel filter the other day and and nothing happens.can you help pls.thanks

I've had this issue and had the engine codes checked. It was a coil wire in one of the cylinders (nissan has ignition coils instead of the old plug wires) and this will fix the misfire if in fact that is what it is. To tell if you are misfiring, do ... 2001 Nissan Pathfinder

Engine misses under acceleration. Spark plugs have been replaced, cables have been replaced engine module has been replaced.. Each time, after about a month, same problem reappears, with "Service Engine soon" lighting up on dashboard. Car was purchased new in March 2000. "service engine soon" showed up on dashboard after a few miles, and dealer replaced computer with one taken from another car in the shop. Has there been any history of malfunctioning computers o

... 2000 Buick LeSabre

Thermostat My service engine soon light was on so I got a diagnostic that said my thermostat needed to be replaced. My husband put it in and let it run and it was fine. A little radiator fluid got on the engine and it stunk burning off but no biggie. I went to the store yesterday and my service engine soon light went off and I was relieved. The farther I drove I noticed my engine was smoking so I pulled over. My coolant was low so I put some in. I decided to chance it and drive home. The temp ga

You might have a head gasket blowed or a crack head. Look at your coolant holding tank idling if it is bubbling you got a head or head gasket leaking. If this is happening you should be losing coolant and white smoke out the exhaust. to find the cyli ... 2002 Chevrolet Blazer

I have a 1994 Cadillac Deville. The service engine soon like is coming on and the service ride control message appears as well. I ws told by the mechanic that I had to replace the computer and the distributor on the car. I had to pay 1500 for this and I'm still having the service engine soon light come on and it has cut off on me several times. Also the service ride control message is still on. Can anyone tell me what may be the problem after getting a new computer, distributor, and air shocks o

I had the same problem with my deville and i replaced all the same stuff so the next thing i had done stopped the problem ask your mechanic to check your fuel injectors and replace any bad ones if none are bad ask for an injector decarb... good luck! ... 1994 Cadillac DeVille

Service engine soon light comes on and engine in vehicle begins to rattle and shake uncontrolably and service engine soon light blinks

The blinking light indicates a sevier miss fire. Get the codes scaned to determine which cylinders and we can go from there.\015\012Auto Zone will scan codes free of charge.\015\012Chances are you have an ignition coil or injector driver ... 2003 Saturn VUE

My service engine soon light came on 2003 gallant this morning while it was warming up. Is this a service notice that needs to be done or is it acutally the computer telling me something IS wrong? service engine soon light just came on this week in the 2001 Galant I own (with 126000 miles). Advice?

The Service Engine Soon light is a notice from the vehicles on-board computer that a problem has been detected somewhere, and service is required. You can isolate the problem by having the "trouble code" displayed for you at an auto parts store for F ... 2001 Mitsubishi Galant

Overheating Hi , I just bought a 2001 xterra and everything was fine til today. The service engine soon light came on and now the engine is overheating . It overheats faster when I turn the a/c on (not sure if relevent but thought i'd mention) . The previous owner had a o2 sensor replaced (probably not the original nissan part) . I checked the rad , liquide and everything looks fine. I don't think the engine service soon would light up if it was the rad or the thermostat??? Anyways hope someone

\015\012Here are a couple of suggestions.1. Check to see if the electric cooling fans are working properly. Let the car idle until the engine gets hot. Watch to see if the dual fans ever kick in. If the fans ... 2001 Nissan Xterra

Is there a manual switch to turn off the "service engine soon" light on a 96 Suzuki Sidekick jx 1.6L 4cyl? It has come on randomly for years. My previous mechanic said it was programmed to come on at expected service times. The car was well maintained and ran well. Still does. But the "service engine soon" light is preventing it from passing emissions. The code said it was related to the mass air flow which we cleaned looks good re-clamped 2 very loose hoses but the car is not driven enough to r

... 1996 Suzuki Sidekick

Service Engine Soon light has just come on after replacing relay for 2 fan motors to cool engine. What does the Service Engine Soon mean? First time seeing this.

It usually indicates that the computer has identified a fault in one of the car's systems. Take the car to an autoparts store and have them scan the computer for any fault codes stored there. Most parts stores will perform the scan at no charge. Hope ... 1996 Chrysler Town & Country

My service engine soon light came on my fluids are up to par , my engine is shaking when it is on, the engine did not do this before the service soon light came on

Engine light means, your computer pick up a bad signal from one of your engine sensor's, need to have a code reading done, most auto parts or autozone will do this for free, than get back with us so we can help you, diag. your trouble code number so ... 1996 Ford Taurus

0303 trouble code on my 2006 Nissan Altima. Leaving work I noticed a clicking noise coming from my engine and my service engine soon light come on. I had to make a stop on the way home and when I started my car again the click turned in to a load knock at first and silence down a bit 5 second later. I had a 5 minute drive home where I noticed the low knock got louder when idling at the lights. Once home I got the service engine soon code of 0303, which I looked up and found said it was a misfire

... 2006 Nissan Altima

Own a 2008 pontiac torrent gxp ''check gas cap'' message appears and service engine soon light illuminates ive already replaced gas cap but service engine soon light is still on. does anyone know how to reset the system??? its kinda retarted no being able to use remote start because of this!!!

The system is set up by GM to have the cleared with a codes cleared by a OBIII hand held device which can be purchased at many auto parts stores. Auto Zone can clear it for you for free if you ask them to do so. If the code does come back you may wan ... 2008 Pontiac Torrent

I have a 2004 GMC Envoy with 82400 miles. My service engine soon light continuously stays on. I have had it in the shop numerous times and they have run diagnostics. I have had a tune up done, 2 sensors replaced, as well as replacing the gas cap. The light is still on. I have taken it back to the dealership and they have run diagnostics again and nothing comes up, it appears the SUV is fine yet the service engine soon light remains on. HELP!!!!

You need to let us know what the fault code(s) is. Did anyone ever give this information when they were working on the vehicle? There are many reasons for the check engine light to be turned on. ... 2004 GMC Envoy

Flashing service engine soon light The "service engine soon" light starts flashing when I accelerate.

Sounds like the 0xygen sensor or Egr value ... 2000 Cadillac DeVille

2004 MINI COOPER today when started the SERVICE ENGINE SOON light was on along with the EML light on the dash, and wouldnt go above an idle. Drove it down the street and didnt get any better. Parked it at home and left it off for about 10 minutes. When started again, the EML light was off, and it reved like it should. But the SERVICE ENGINE SOON light was still on. Drove it to my local AUTO ZONE and they put their hand held computer diagonostic tool on it and came up with a P1683 code, but

The Service Engine Soon is for an exhaust emissions issue and the EML is engine electronics. Could be a sensor or something else. ... 2004 Mini Cooper

P0440 Service Engine Soon light. My 2000 Buick Regal has a new thermostat and gas cap. The Service Engine Soon light is still on. What needs to be fixed on it. Please respond quickly.

Here are some possible causes and fixes http://www.obd-codes.com/p0440 ... 2000 Buick Regal

Service engine soon light on drove to work 15 miles away drove back home went to gas station turned my vehicle off and when I came back out started it the service engine soon light came on and is still on what could be the problem?

That light indicates a malfunction if the computerized engine management system (fuel injection, spark, cooling system). There are literaly dozens of things that can cause the light to come on. You will need t ... 2002 Buick Rendezvous

Yesterday the service engine soon light came on and now today, the brake light in the dash is lit up and the service engine soon light is still also lit up. What is the problem? Is it safe to drive like that until I can get it in to the shop??

The service engine light is totally safe. If it's just the ABS light, it's safe as long as you don't panic stop on the way to the shop. ... 2004 Mitsubishi Endeavor

I have a 1998 Honda Accord the service engine soon light came on. I failed inspection and was told I had a Diagnostic trouble code P1259.(1) What does P1259 trouble indicate. (2) How do you turn off the Service Engine Soon light. Thank you

P1259 is a problem with the VTEC system. this system is for improved performance at higher rpm's. oil can get sludged up and clog the system, or the VTEC solenoid can just go bad. you can always have someone with a scan tool clear the codes to tur ... 1998 Honda Accord

Service engine soon light came up on 2000 Infiniti Q 45 ,took car to Autozone and code says Ignition signal,primary circuit intermittent Probable cause: Open or short circuit condition Poor electrical coonection Failed power transistor I took car to an independent shop,owned and operated by a former Infiniti Master Mechanic he completed his own check and told me that coil packs and knock sensor must be replaced. Estimated price $3000 This "service engine soon" light came

... 2005 Infiniti Q45

I fixed the transmission leak, how do I get the :Service Engine Soon" light to go out? I replaced the axle seal, when the trans fluid was low, the service engine soon light came on. Is there a way for me to reset the light without taking it to a shop? (I'm cheap) Thanks.

Need a scanner to reset but it will come back on until you fix the problem ... 1997 Dodge Grand Caravan

97 chevy ck1500 manual trans 4.3L. ''Service Engine Soon'' Lite. Solenoid on EVAP canister appears bad. I read 12v on solenoid connector with ignition key on but relay does not kick. I remove relay and put 12v from a battery on it and it kicks fine and holds air when blowing into it. I plug tube on canister and the ''service engine soon'' lite goes out. Shouldn't 12v from anywhere trigger the relay?

The ground comes from the ecm. either the ground wire is open or ecm is not sending the signal ... 1997 Chevrolet Tahoe
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