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I just bought a 1997 nissan maxima. It will not start. I took it to the mechanic I have used for years. He doesn't specialize in Nissans. He said That the relay from the BSM module is not getting the signal. He could not fix it.

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What is a BSM module?? Do you mean ECM??/computer?? Chek all fuses. There is a ECCS fuse in fuse box, which powers up the relay for the ECM /computer circuit. Does the "service engine soon" light come on, when key is in ACC position?? Post result.Let me know what you find.
Engine need air,fuel,spark and timing to run,if you dont have one of these,obviousley it wont run,are you mechanically inclined to check these?if not,i recommend taking to a shop that does specialize in nissans
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I just bought a 1997 nissan maxima. It will not start. I took it to the mechanic I have used for years. He doesn't specialize in Nissans. He said That the relay from the BSM module is not getting the signal. He could not fix it.

What is a BSM module?? Do you mean ECM??/computer?? Chek all fuses. There is a ECCS fuse in fuse box, which powers up the relay for the ECM /computer circuit. Does the "service engine soon" light come on, when key is in ACC position?? Post result.Let ... 1999 Nissan Maxima

Abs module 1993 Nissan Maxima - Anti-Lock Brake Control Module (ABS) hi AvioriX Thank you to Fixya I am pratap looking for the 1993 Nissan Maxima GXE 4 DOOR Anti-Lock Brake Control Module (ABS) PART # 47600 96E00 (this number I got it from top of the unit, this unit has 4 cylinders having 3 electrical cables attached and my brake oil is leaking from this unit and every day I top up the brake fluid. I appreciate if I could get this part or guide me from where I could get it. thanks Pra

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Could the front control module be the cause of my 2006 Dodge Charger starting and cutting off when the temp gets below 65? When I do manage to get it to run, the dash lights will sometimes blink off and on and the RPM and odometer will start going up and down then it will just stop, while doing this the car just keeps going and does not effect the motor or speed? what does the front control module do?Switching relays, bought a new starter relay. Flipping switch off and on. When I flip the switc

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Check engine light on had auto zone check it out any they said it is the thotle positon sensor. A mechanic said that I had to order the whole thotle body that I could not get just the sensor. I have found just the sensor for sale at several places. Just trying to find out what my options are. I am a bit of a shade tree mechanic and could do it myself if no special tools or special training needed. I have only had the car a few days and have not gotten the Hains for it yet.

Get the sensor and screw it on.alot of manufactures sell the tps with throttle body because its a matched unit,but you can get by with hust sensor if need be. if its adjustable then a volt meter will be needed to adjust it ... 2000 Ford Focus

I have a 2008 Nissan Sentra Base model, and I bought a fitch fuel catalyst for it. However, when I went to get it installed the place told me that the connectors that came with the kit were for the old type of fuel line connectors and my car has a newer style of connection. I tried the get the size and pitch of the fuel line connectors from nissan so that I could relay that to Fitch or another company to make hoses with proper fitting connectors, but nissan couldn't tell me that information. Som

Dont waste your time and money on such snake oil ... 2008 Nissan Sentra

I have a 1990 740 with a regina system it has about 100,000 miles on it. It just died one day and we can not figure out what is wrong. It has no jucie at fuel injectors but we do get spark at plugs. It will fire if we feed fuel straight into the intake. I have been told it could be the FUEL INJECTION RELAY? OR THE CONTROL RELAY OR CONTROL MODULE I called the parts store and they did not reconize the term control module or control relay

The fuel pump relay is in the relay box behind the ashtray area ... 1985 Volvo 740

My nissan xterra was running but was sputtering. I stopped to put gas in it, when I was leaving it just cut off and wouldnt start again. The engine was turning over but wouldnt start. The mechanic said spark wasn't getting to the distributor. what part do I need to buy instead of buying an entire assembly. Would that be the ignition core or ignition module? He just said the distributor was bad and needed a new one. please help! I cant afford it and I need to get to my home town, my aunt is d

It sounds like your cam sensor. You need to find out if it has a code P0340 and/or P0345 first before you buy anything. You also need to know if there is injector pulse. Simply plug in a noid light in one of your injector connectors and spin the engi ... 2000 Nissan Xterra

1998 Buick Park Avenue Ultra car would not start replaced battery and cleaned all cables car started.Drove car for 2 days then car would not start after being in store for about 45 minutes after driving around all day.Towed car to house cleaned cables could not get it to start Buick dealership said possible security problem but would not elaborate said approximately $750.00 to fix a BM module or something like that but they could not be positive that would work either.

Hello! When you say it won't start; Do you mean the starter motor does not crank the engine? Do you hear a "click" when you turn the key?I am here!...........Guru..............saailer ... Buick Park Avenue

Transmission problems seems as if someting is tripping the relay cuases the car to lock in to low gear until you shut the car off restart it the car will shift fine for a few miles. has to be effecting the relay. Now going thru the questions on this site possibilities people having the same trouble could be a transmission modulator, teperature sensor, or a transmission control module. Where are these? inside of transmission connected to the valvebody is black box type thing i can get to it just

I have a 02 dodge intrepid and it was getting stuck in 2nd gear. This is called "limp mode", designed to get you off the road . I had to replace the transmission control solonoid, and at the same time, had the tranny serviced. the tech also found a ... 2002 Dodge Intrepid

I have an 04 Mazda 3 and I took it in to get the headlight fixed and they said it was the HID headlight module. I called a Mazda dealership and he said the part was called HID Control Unit and was 511.00. Is there anywhere I could get a used one or convert the headlights back to standard?

Is it a problem with the HID lights flickering? ... 2007 Mazda 3

I have a 03 dodge dakota quad cab. I tok it to the dealership to get a new key fob and to get it programed. the service tech said that they could not get the computer to go into programming mode for the keyless entry. He told me to check the fuses and other items. where is the fuse and the relays. so i can try to get it fixed. thanks

... 2003 Dodge Dakota Club Cab

Car would not start after beginning to idle rough and then stalling out. AAMCO said that it was the fuel pump and wanted to change fuel pump and module. I had the pump changed but not the module, the car still idles very rough and stall's quicky. I've been reading that it could be the pump relay. Is this the same as the pump module? Another huge issue that is likely another cause is that the fuel was very dirty. It was a soupy brown color, like hot cocoa without the light brown fo

Hello. The fuel pump module and the relay are totally separate parts. But both necessary for the fuel to be pumped at the correct times. YES that fuel system needs to be purged and the spark plugs, fuel filter and air filter all need to be changed ... 2001 Ford Focus

I have replace the fuel pump on my 1986 S10 pickup and the relay could someone tell me why i am not getting fuel still. I ran a hot to the fuel pump and it works but when i plug it in nothing. Help i am getting frustrated with this thing. Also where can i find the computer module on this truck?

The computer , or (Brains) is up under the passenger side dash, and right underneath your dash speeker cover, As far as the fuel problem I dont know ... 1986 Chevrolet Chevy

Ijust bought a 1987 Nissan pickup that we cant get to run 1st off were putting a hot wire staight to the fuel pump the distribtor didn't have a bolt holding it in so it was just sitting there we weren't getting power to the fuel pump so that why he hot wired it do you think its the timing or could there be a relay?

Check the fuel pump relay ... 1987 Nissan Pickup

Where is gem module that controls the power windows location at need to replace its on a 1998 mercury moutaineer 5.0 v8 none of my power windows work dealer said it was a short in the gem module but all the other electric stuff in the truck works just not the windows. I could go to junk yard to get replacement but dont know the location of the gem plz help?????

... 1998 Mercury Mountaineer

U can see that the fuel pump is working but the car will not start. We have changed the fuel filter an there is gas getting to the carborator but very little. If u put gas directly into the carborator it will start then die out. Someone said it could be the fuel pump presure relay. Do u think it could be that if so were is it located on the 1984 fleetwood 4.1 liter?

If you can loosen the fuel line where it connects to the carburetor, do that while cranking the engine to see iof there is pressure at the carburetor. If yes, next take the cover off of the carburetor to see if fuel is flowing into the float bowl. ... Cadillac Fleetwood

My 1994 BMW 525i. is draining battery. I replaced battery. have had alternator checked twice. charging fine. I checked the wires to the alternator> red one has read 12.4. the smaller black read 10.7. I asked a local electrical shop and they said they dont believe that 10.7 is enough to get the alt to kick in.My question is where in the fuse box is the alternator relay. Am I on the right track here. do you think a relay could solve this problem?

... 1994 BMW 5 Series

Nissan frontier 2002 3.3 liter engine truck would not start, replaced distributor module and was told ignition was also in this module. truck started fine but a/c fan does not trun off after the key is removed. took back to mechanic and a burnt smell was coming from under hood. they said it is an a/c problem and that relays were fused together and that a/c is not cooling. had no problems with a/c before this was worked on and the blower still remains on after engine is off unless I turn

... 2005 Nissan Titan

Where is the fuel pump relay on an F350 Ford Diesel 7.3L Engine. One posted said it was behind the radio and the radio has a special tool required to take it out. The truck died over a week ago. We thought it was the computer module which we just replaced. No wait to start light. Think it may be this relay.

According to Haynes Diesel Repair Manual the fuel pump relay is mounted on the inner fender (doesn't say which side). The fuel pump inertia switch should be found under the dash to the right of the transmission hump and near the heater case. Depress ... 1991 Ford F350

I had ford taurus 1999 station wagen my problem is no power door locks and no power windows are working i get sugestion from ford tech emissionwiz he said to repl gem module i get two from bone yard both are same number and some year i install one by one still no work power window and power locks all relays are ok cause i repl both acording to owners manual also found blue and black strip wire has no feed from fuse box cause i check this i i jump power to this wire from battery to blue and blac

Hi, My name is Lee and electrical problems can be very difficult and time consuming. I will help you start by giving you some areas to check by diagram. Thank you for using FixYa.com\015\012 ... Ford Taurus

I have a 1995 Jeep Grand Cherokee. I get voltage at the coil leads only for a second when cranking engine. Car has factory security system. Could this cause a block of voltage at engine control module? Or, is engine control module defective? Relay at fuse panel for coil works fine. Any suggestions?

Try changing the crank shaft senor around the bell housing on the driver side ... 1995 Jeep Grand Cherokee

My 98 nissan frontier cranks over but is not getting fuel. fuel pump is fine and have changed filter. could it be the relay or something else? where is relay located?

May be in your driver side inside your car under the steering wheel on the left. ... 1998 Nissan Frontier

Air conditioner.... i went to a mechanix and they said if i could put a relay nin it then it would work but i finally found a relay at a dealer and it stil dont work i dont know what to do..... it still cold air but it just dont blow and it al happened when my car got power surged......... its a 1989 nissan maxima

You are describing a blower inside the car that does NOT blow or run at all? Very important, check the fuse? Is the blower resistor plugged in?\015\012The resistor is located just below the glove box in the housing where you can se ... 1989 Nissan Maxima

No power getting to ac compressor and fuse and relay are in working order. What else could be the problem. Should there be power to the wires just before the compressor if the ac is turned on and turned on high? Someone told me that my compressor was locked up and another person said that the compressor is not locked up and used a test light and had me turn the ac on high and there was no power getting to those wires just before the compressor.i was told something about the high and low pressure

... 1999 Dodge Caravan

Took my 2004 nissan sentra 1.8l to dealership to get catalytic converter changed due to restriction. Well they said it was the timing chain needing adjustment. Well that didn't fix it. So they now put new catalytic converter on and it runs great except on start up. It runs rough on startup. I have antifreeze in the oil and comming out of the tailpipe and I am throwing the p0300 code random cylinder misfire. Could they have caused the head gasket to leak by adjusting the timing chain?

HI. The random misfire will be the result of compression leaks, due to the damaged head gasket, in this case. The leaky head gasket is allowing for the coolant to be introduced into the cylinder chambers, thus, disrupting normal combustion and compre ... 2004 Nissan Sentra
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