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How to put back timing chain 1999 nissan altima

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How to put back timing chain 1999 nissan altima

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Look like this? ... 1995 Nissan Altima

I have a 1995 nissan pickup with a ka24e. I just put a new timing chain and timing chain guides in it put it all back together now there is no oil pressure. the oil pump seems to be working just fine. i pulled it out poured oil in it and turned the shaft and it pumped the oil out. next i pulled the oil pan to see if the pick up was pluged, i just found broken pieces of the plastic chain guide in the bottom of the oil pan. im not sure what to do next. If u can help me that would be much appr

... 1995 Nissan Pickup

Trying to put timing chain back after replacing head gasket on a Nissan N22 motor. Need to find adjustment to loosen timing chain so that i can attach timing gear with chain onto OH cam. can you help on how to loosen timing chain?

No adjustment neccesary. There is a timing chain tensioner, which you will simply push back in to its body. once you do that, there should be a small hple somewhere on the body of the tensioner. That' sthere so you can piut a paper clip into it to ke ... Nissan King Cab

My nissan altima 1993 is putting out alot of smoke through the exhaust and also has a hard time getting the engine started. Every time I turn the key in the ignition the car makes a weird sound and has a hard time starting when i finally get the engine to start i then put it in drive and the engine dies. Sometimes when i actually get it to start and get moving the engine dies again and i get stuck in the middle of the road trying to restart the car. Once it took me an hour to get back to my hous

The first thing that i recommend doing is replacing the fuel filter that is a very common symptom of a clogged fuel filter. the second thing if the fuel filter replacement has no effect is replacing the fuel pump. but it is definitely a fuel issue. f ... 1993 Nissan Altima

I replaced the timing chain tensioner and put everything back together. I put the distributer back in exactly like it came out...i had marked it before disassembly. Now the truck runs but stalls when idling and is hard to start. It is a 96 nissan pick-up with a 2.4. Any suggestions?

Adjust your distributor ... 1996 Nissan Pickup

I have a 2002 Saturn Vue 2.2L. I thought I needed to replace the timing chain. When we took it apart, we realized that the bolt on the timing chain tensior had snapped off and went into the head. So, we replaced the timing chain tensior, timing chain, the head, all the gaskets. New spark plugs, and a coil pack modular. Now, when we put everything back together, it wont start. When we take the piece that the spark plugs go into, out and turn it upside down, i have spark, but when I put it back in

It sounds like the timing chain was not position correctly. That will cause no ignition spark if the timing is off. Was it positioned correctly upon assembly? ... Saturn Vue

This 2002 nissan 2400 pickup has had the timing chin replace by my mechanic. he swears up and down he did it correctly. After letting another mechanic so-call mechanic took the carburetor screws in and out for a day now. Put the old carburetor back on I cant get them to recheck the perfect work they perform when changing the timing chain. Can you tell me the firing order on the distributor and weather i will go clockwise or counter clockwise from number one. And can you tell me location of 1-2-

Hi, your diagram is below. Also threw in the timing marks. Not sure how hard it is to get the top cover off the timing chain as I have not worked on this engine. If you could get a peek at those timing marks you could verify valve timing. Let me ... 1997 Nissan Pickup

I just put in a timing chain in a 1995 nissan truck put it back in the same way i took it off, i had a problem with the oil pump shaft i dont if i set it in right compresion stroke is up the rotor points to number 1 its starts up but wont idle and jumps what should i do now shud i take it apart again? or move the shaft which are the correct marks on the pully for tdc? can u help?

Hi , If you installed the chain correctly making sure that chain and gear marks lign up it should be fine. When you have engine running. check with timing light. Good luck. ... Nissan Hardbody

Put a new head gasket on this altima GXE 2.4. timed the crankshaft correctly and cams but yet still wont start. put new distributor, cap, rotor, plugs, and wires. thot the timing chain was stretchd so i also replaced the one for the camshafts. i put everything were its suppose to be timed and when i hand turn the engine with a wrench on the crank it seems to move a tooth over. as i wus doing that i had someone watch the chain and u didnt see the chain jump at all. ny suggestions?

I would check the compression in the cyl's it will tell you if the engine is timed right, I belive the compression is around 180 psi in each cyl. this will save you a bunch of time. ... Nissan Altima

How to put the timing chain for 2006 nissan altima

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I replaced the timing chain in my 95 nissan pickup. it is the 2.4 i put it all back together and now i've got no oil pressure but my oil pump is working properly. any suggestions.

... 1995 Nissan Pickup

1998 Nissan Altima ...sometimes the engine races for no apparent reason. We were pulling into a parking lot...all of a sudden the engine started racing...first we hit the brake, and could barely hold the car back...then we put the car in neutral. The engine kept racing. We stopped the car and turned it off. Later, when we started it up again, we had no such recurrence. This has happened a couple of times in the last couple years. We've had a mechanic look at it, but he could not figure it

Yes,with several makes of car with fuel injection,use a can of redexe/wynns(1 can to 1/2 tank) to clean the fuel lines/injectors of residue.worked for me,but it is also a symptom of several other maladies. ... 1998 Nissan Altima

Nissan altima DO i need to replace the timing chain, or even put a new fuel pump or check out the heat shield?

Timing belt is the only one that would make it rattle because its pre detonation which is timing is too fast. If there wasn't any other codes.If it was just a rattle it would do it all the timeGod Bless Greg ... 2002 Nissan Altima

How to put the timing chain for 2006 nissan altima

... 2006 Nissan Altima

How do I put my timing chain back on my 1984 4x4 nissan pickup 2.4 engine?

... 1984 Nissan Pickup

I just put a new head on my 1997 altima. i need to know how to set the timing on it. the original head was warped so i had to replace it. my car is a 1997 altima gxe, v-4, 16 valve and with dual over head cams. the cams have not been installed yet! this altima have two timing chains. it has an upper and a lower timing chain. someone please help me out asap!!!

... 1997 Nissan.5 Altima

I have a 1985 chevy pick up S10 with a 2.8L engine my problem is i threw the timing chain , i replaced timing gears and chain top dead center hard to start ran rough after a while took it to a mechanic see if he could help worked on it ran rough and would back fire every so often 20 mi. back fire 2 or 3 times and lose power on inclines. harmonic balancer came apart went to fix that took it all apart again to check top dead center agaian was ok putting back together new plugs wirers cap r

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2,4L replaced water pump ,timing chain slipped on removel of pump reset set cams to time spot with 8mm bolts in pin ,sei chrankshaft to tdc keyway in the top position to mark on block, put chain on starting with exhaust cams side to waterpump around crank back to intake side. kept slack at tension shoe released tenisor chain guides back in the problem is the chrankshaft will turn 1 and half turn and stop clockwise and counter clockwise.

Your most likely 180 out on crank shaft vaves are hitting piston ... 1999 Oldsmobile Alero

What would cause my1999 Saturn sl1 not to start after a new head gasket was put on? Ok so today we replaced the head gasket on my 1999 Saturn Sl1 single cam. We made sure the timing chain was put back on correctly per the timing mark specs.The heads are not warped either. Now when we go to start it it is not kicking over. We have checked the spark plugs and wires double and triple checked the timing chain and still nothing is happening. The starter and alternator and battery are all good. I don'

Check the cam/crank sensors. Also, if the car happens to have a distributor, make sure it is not 180 degrees off. If this does not help, then do a compression check. Remember, and engine only needs three things to run. Fuel, Spark, and Compressio ... 1998 Saturn SL

Timing chain i went to a smog place to smog my car. i have a 5.0 mustang 1989. someone put my timing at 5 percent and the tech had to put it back to 10 percent to passs the smog. after they were dont the damn thing sputters, losss of power and it started to smoke out the pipe. it also has a clicking when i speed up, like about 2k rps or so. they said i neeed a new timing chain for it. does this sound write and will it fix the problems

It may need a timing chain but before you blow the big cash on that, you should have your timing put back to where it is supposed to be. This is done by twisting the distributor. The tech has retarded your timing to get it to pass, but that really ... 1989 Ford Mustang


... 1995 Nissan Altima

I just put a timimg chain an water pump in a 2001 chrysler sebring 2.7 liter engine an it will back firer at start up an not run .no matter how many times i check timing marks everytime it seems to no

I just recently experienced the same problem. The timing is 180 degrees out. Unfortunately the only way to correct it is to take the engine apart again. Set the right hand camshaft to TDC by using the marks on the timing gear for that bank. The l ... 2001 Chrysler Sebring

98 Chevy Blazer 6 cylinder. Just replaced timing chain, ran good for 30min. died in middle of road. Towed it back and opened it up again, timing chain was fine. Put it back together and started it up, ran for 30min. and died. Next morning replaced fuel filter, ran for 30min. and died. Please help!

... 1998 Chevrolet Blazer

How does the tensioner on the timing chain of a 2001 Pontiac Grand Am SE? I've put it all back together and I need to know how to make the cylinder in the tension come back out to tighten the timing chain.

... 2001 Pontiac Grand Am SE
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