Having problems with your 1999 Mitsubishi Eclipse ?

Speedometer recently went out on my 99 eclipse, i have replaced the vss and the speedo and i still have nothing. all the other gauges work, am i overlooking something else?

\015 New tranny, new vss, new speedo\015
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Answers :

Also check the speed sensor and cable
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Speedometer recently went out on my 99 eclipse, i have replaced the vss and the speedo and i still have nothing. all the other gauges work, am i overlooking something else?

Also check the speed sensor and cable ... 1999 Mitsubishi Eclipse

Iwas driving when my timing belt came apart. I replaced the belt and water pump. Upon completion the engine wouldnt start. There was zero power coming out of the coil I replaced the coil, the control module and then went expensive and replaced the entire distributor. Still nothing coming from the coil. Is there a sensor or something somewhere I am overlooking that would cause the coil to not work? Could something else have failed when the belt went?

First I would like to know what is the make of your vehicle,in order to give you the correct information you need and not give anything wrong and cause a panic. Looking forward for your reply. ... Cars & Trucks

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I've got a 1991 BMW 525i which has done 253,000 km. It's been a good car but, the instrument panel on the dashboard has gone silly over the past couple of weeks. When I first start the car in the morning, nothing works - i.e. no fuel gauge, temperature gauge, no vacuum gauge, no speedo, no tach. I drive for about 1 km and the euel, temperature and vacuum gauges start to flicker like crazy. Affter about 1 to 2 km they all start to work properly. Then at about 2-3 km the speedo and tach go crazy.

This is just a rough guess, but i think it would be the battery or the alternator. Some part store have testers that they will check both for free. ... BMW 525

I am having troubles fixing my Speedometer/ Odometer on my 1996 Geo Tracker. The RPM gauge is still working and shows up on how fast I am going but The speed of the car itself is not showing up. And Also the gas gauge is working and also the Heat of the engine gauge is working so its only the Speedometer. And I have checked the cables in the back and everything was plugged in and everything. So nothing just came unplugged its something more in depth then that. So if you have any ideas on what my

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I drilled a small hole in the dash near lower area of gauges to run a wire . I know that I hit what seemed like a silver strip . I now have no dash lights no turn signal light , and the gas gauge reads full all the time .when I turn on the ing. key the gas gauge pegs even further past full .did I destroy the ground or power to these items? All the other gauges work fine . I would like to get the gas gauge to work if nothing else .I really dont want to tear the dash all arart .If I must then I mu

Hi! You may not have damaged the fuel gauge. It sounds like a fuel gauge fuse problem to me. Please do check the fuel gauge fuse for inaccurate reading means the fuse is faulty. Please check the fuse and replace. Hope this helps and have a good one! ... 1987 Chevrolet El Camino

On my 1999 chevy silverado the only gauges that work are the oil pressure gauge and the temperature gauge. nothing else is working cot even the speedometer or the RPM gauge.

Replace 10 amp radio fuse under hood it will work unless you have radio working i blew my radio fuse touched wrong hot and it blew my speedo and rpm gauge ... 1999 Chevrolet Silverado 1500

Instrument panel takodometer,speedodometer,gas gauge,temp gauge,blinkers,and shifter is not working. the battery light and the SRS light still work,but nothing else on the instrument panel work. already checked the fuses and wiring. I'm wondering if the instrument panel assembly is needing to be replaced.

If you take off the cover around the steering colum there should be a wire connected above your blinker switch if its not all the way pushed in tac ,speed and other lights will not work. ... 1992 Honda Civic

The gauge cluster stopped working my radio works but nothing else

Remove cluster clean terminals with dielectric cleaner then coat pins with dielectric grease that shoul do it ... 1996 Jeep Cherokee Country

I bought a 1995 Honda Prelude and the Tach, Speedo and Clock all work fine. The gas gauge, temp gauge and oil (and whatever else is located on the dash) do not work at all. I tried turning the dash illuminating switch all the way up to no avail. Could it be as simple as a fuse? Does anyone have a fuse box diagram for a 1995 Honda Prelude?

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My instrument cluster doesn't work at all, no speedo, tac, fuel gauge, nothing. Dash lights , heater everything works but no gauges.....

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2004 Toyota Tundra is not running. Lost power when driving all of a sudden, lights went dim and gauges stopped working and it would hardly drive. Can get it to run when boost and as long as battery was charging it would run. No gauges are working even when boosted. Is it a fuse or alternator or is it something else?

You have a bad battery cause by a faulty altenator\015\012take the battery and altenator to Auto Zone or most auto parts store\015\012they can test both at no charge to you ... Toyota Tundra

I have 2 problems, one is my fuel gauge isn't working properly, wondered if it's the fuel sending unit or something else, and 2, if someone could tell me why i have a 3rd brake light, but the other br

It could be a couple of things it could be your sending unit. a bad wire. or possibly the gauge its self. but the bad thing is you have to take your gas tank down to check the wires and sending unit. if you take the tank off you can pull out the ... 1997 Chevrolet Lumina

I have 2002 lexus is300 and today out of nowhere after putting gas, my engine started right up but none of the electronic stuff worked, gauges , gas level , radio. Nothing eletronic works now and it wont let me shift into drive enless I press the over ride button on the side. Then the car drives fine but still no electronic s working? Is it a blown fuse or something?

... Cars & Trucks

Dash gauges flashed for a day except fpr the speedo the speedo still works but everything else is blank

Same happened to me when i bought mine only the speed and miles were on\015\012\015\012you have to replace the bottom board on your dash panel a new part runs about 300$\015\012\015\012and repaired one with a lifetime warranty ... 1994 Chevrolet S-10 Blazer

The first symptom was quite minor and we ignored it. Driving along one day, the fuel and temperature gauges both fell to zero. Nothing else happened and the car continued driving fine. Then, after a few minutes, the gauges came back on again. Over time the battery ran down which I continued to jump start until one day, driving along happily, all the power failed suddenly, the car stopped and even the hazard lights didnt work, the car has been parked up since as my mechanic says he is unable to f

When you put jump leads on if your lights are working and she starts up would be inclined to think its your battery faulty ... 2002 Volkswagen Passat

Hello I have a 1996 Jeep Grand Cherokee Laredo 4.0 inline 6. I drove to work just fine and noticed nothing with it then half a mile down the road it died out, the gas gauge was kind of low at the time by the only way it started back up is if I floored the gas pedal and I couldn't let go of the pedal or else the engine would die out, made it to the gas station put gas in and then made it back to my work by holding gas and breaking while drove. It finally started without pushing gas to floor drove

Your timing chain has jumped a tooth or three. Replace the timing chain. ... 1996 Jeep Grand Cherokee

My gauges (temperature, gas, speed, rpm) stopped working at the same time the turn signals and brake lights stopped working. I am assuming I blew something as it happened when I hooked my trailer up. Checked some fuses, disconnected/reconnected battery. Anything else simple to try?

Have a caravan ´93 3.0 motor mi problem is a temperature, gas,speed and tableboard light don´t work and the table indicates check gages\015\012sorry i speak litle english \015\012sincerity\015\012a mexican friend\ ... 1993 Dodge Caravan

Car sat for 18 months, the battery died so i replaced it, after this the radio didn't work (maybe when i replaced it i shorted something out?) it ran for a while, but when it was driven at night the airbag light first came on, the dash lights dimmed (eventually to nothing). We barely got to our location. Once the car was stopped it was idleling weak. The turn signals quit working along with everthing else that is electric. The car shut off and would not start. When the key is turned to start it,

All of these are signs of a dying battery, because it's not recharged by the alternator.Test the alternator this way: jump the battery from a running car and start your engine; rev the engine to about 2500 rpm and disconnect the jumpers; test t ... 2001 Hyundai Elantra

My cluster is not working in the dash rpm,gas gauge and speedo, everything else is working good they are all set at zero and do not move and not my gas light is on, heat light , and windshield washer light needs some help with this 97 grand am se 3.1 L

I do not know unless the plug on the back of the cluster is loose give these websites a try www.alldatadiy.com and ... 1997 Pontiac Grand Am

2002 Hyundai Elantra Brake Light Problem? This is a Girl thing I am so car stupid!!! I have a 2002 Hyundai Elantra. Both brake lights are not working (but the brake light in the rear window does). I have replaced both bulbs and they still don't work. I don't have an owners manual to look through. I know nothing about fuses where they are how to tell if they are bad or how to replace them? Could this just be an easy fuse fix or is there something else that is the issue? I have already goten pulle

My car was wracked and now my brake lights stays on , How do i fix this ??? ... Cars & Trucks

My 1990 Toyota pickup: normally to start it you press the clutch all the way in while turning the key. Now this is not working. The last time it did start when I pressed the clutch in there was the sound of like a tin can being crunched. Is this a clutch problem or perhaps something else...that might be less costly than replacing the clutch? (I should mention that when you now press the clutch all the way in and turn the key there is just nothing. Everything electrical works...headlights, radio,

Push the clutch down while you are looking at the switch, it is right at the top of the clutch pedal. My bet is that there is a gap and the pedal is not engaging the switch. The sheet metal on the fire wall probably gave way. Check it out, then yo ... 1990 Toyota Pickup

Dear readers, I am having a problem with a rough idle. My mechanic cleaned the injectors, adjusted the idle and even had a diagnostics done, but nothing worked. I took the car to someone else and he adjusted something on the throttle body and it worked for one day. Could it be that my throttle body needs changing. Any help will be greatly appreciated. Amanda.

Before you could proceed, confirm the following basic adjustments:1. Check the valve tappet clearance at operating temp (80 degrees Celsius and above)Intake = 0.25 - 0.30Exhaust = 0.25 - 0.30)2. Spark plug gaps = 0.9mm - 1.1mm3. ... 2004 Toyota Corolla

96 Stratus, has some power, but won't start. How do I know if this is the starter, a loose connection, or something else? Dash lights and headlights works, but nothing else. It doesn't make a peep when I try to start it, no clacking or any other starter noises.

Test battery first ,make sure it good,if battery is good then check for power at starter, two wires one has power all the time from batt, now have someone strat hold key in crank position and test for power at small wire, if you have power then start ... 1996 Dodge Stratus

Replaced resistor, blower motor still does'nt work. relay works. do i need to replace the motor, or is there something else that can be checked that i;m overlooking

Check to see if there is power at the plug for the blower motor, if so, the motor is probally bad. ... Toyota Pickup
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