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What color should radiator coolant color be? - 1999 Mercury Mountaineer

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What exzactly is it doing? Need better detail (Pease) To help you out.
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What color should radiator coolant color be? - 1999 Mercury Mountaineer

What exzactly is it doing? Need better detail (Pease) To help you out. ... 1999 Mercury Mountaineer

Overheating while driving my 2006 mercury mountaineer with 65000 miles on it. The coolant reservoir stays full but the radiator loses coolant but no puddles under the truck

If you are losing coolant but not leaking out, there are 2 other possibilities. Does it go intop the oilpan? Easy to verify by looking at dipstick. If no, then it is probably getting into the cylinders and going out the exhaust. Is the exhaust pa ... 2006 Mercury Mountaineer

Overheating. I have a 98 Mercury Mountaineer. Tonight, the check engine light came on and I checked the heat gauge, and it was hot. I pulled over right away to let it cool. I checked to see if there was coolant in the reservoir, which there was. Next I checked the bottom radiator hose which was lukewarm. I next checked the upper radiator hose which was hot. The hose that goes to the thermostat , to the water pump was also hot. There was no notice of water on the ground, or from the pump itself a

Cover the radiator front, leave the cap open, start the engine for 20 minute or more, wait until the engine gets hot, check the coolant ,see if it is circulated, if it's not, chenge the thermostat first and then check the water pump. ... 1998 Mercury Mountaineer

I have a Mercury Mountaineer 1997 Model and when ever I put the engine coolant in it dries up and there is a burning smell everytime I drive. When I step on the accelerator there is a sound and I think the radiator may be the problem. Been told it would cost me about 370 bucks to change this. Any tips pliz. Thanks

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1997 mercury mountaineer radiator - 1997 Mercury Mountaineer

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Remove radiator 2007 mercury mountaineer - Mountaineer Mercury Cars & Trucks

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My 1998 mazda b3000 overheated for the first time the other day at the end of a two hr trip. the overflow on the radiator ended up filling up with rust colored coolant and exploded. the overflow exploded, and thats it tho, no hosses busted or anything. so i flushed the radiator and refilled it, also draining the overflow. drove it again maybe a quarter mile and thye overflow was filled with rusty colored fluid again. the oly thing i can think of is maybe the water pump is rusted out. but i donnt

As far as the rust, that most likely has been in the cooling system for a long time and repeated flushing will help but rarely will it completely rid the problem. Do you have heat or is the heater blowing cold? Could be a bad thermostat b ... 1998 Mazda B-Series

2003 mercury mountaineer coolant leak - 2003 Mercury Mountaineer

... 2003 Mercury Mountaineer

Re: 2000 Mercury Mountaineer V-8 with A/C. I'm trying to remove the radiator but it appears that the A/C condensor and engine radiator were installed at the factory as one unit. I've got the right side A/C condensor bracket loosened, but the center left bracket connection to the radiator is impossible to slip out of position. What is the technique used in the shop to get this radiator separated from the A/C condensor bracket so that I can lift the radiator out?

Here are instructions for radiator removal. At the bottom, there will be links with pictures. \015\012\015\012Removal & Installation\015\012\015\012\015\012Drain the cooling system. Remove the overflow tube from ... Mercury Mountaineer

97 Buick Riviera leaks coolant. Engine is a V6 3800 Series II, supercharged. I noticed the coolant leak the other day. Heres what I know: Definitely a coolant leak, have filled coolant only to find it near empty after a couple days. Oil level is consistent and appears good in color. Coolant leaks from under the front carriage and appears to be coming from somewhere under or very near the radiator. Car is running a little hot. Car gets up to about half way on temp gauge much faste

Review this list of things that easily you can checked at home, and can always add to your knowledge of cars in general:\015\012\015\012Understand that overheating problems may be \015\012caused by a low coolant level, the radiat ... 1997 Buick Riviera

Radiator Excuse me sir, I am trying to replace the radiator in my Mercury Mountaineer. It's a 1999 model and I am having a lot of trouble removing the old radiator. It is connected to my condenser and I can not slide it off. Are you aware of what kind of tools I would need to remove the radiator myself. Thanks a bunch, Heath

... 1999 Mercury Mountaineer

I unplugged the sensor from the removed the Air Filter assembly, and then removed the assembly to get to the radiator drain. I then drained and flushed the radiator. After the final flush, I filled the radiator with coolant and restarted the car. I noticed a "Check Engine" light had come on. This is not the "Temp" or "Oil" lights, but rather an amber colored light next to the "security" light. All of the fluid levels are fine. The air cleaner assembly has been reinstalled and the sensor has been

Likely you set that code by removing the sensor...you can usually clear it by disconnecting the battery or if you keep driving it I believe eventually it will go out when the computer cycles through and finds it is now OK. ... 1999 Buick LeSabre

94 suburban 5.7 flushed coolant but old stuff had brown murky color, suspect oil cooler in radiator leaking oil into coolant, oil in engine and trans coolant free, ever hear of such a thing?

... 1994 Chevrolet Suburban

Bad coolant temp sensor on 99 mercury mountaineer

... Mercury Cars & Trucks

I replaced the radiator on my 97 mercury mountaineer and have a green o-ring left over. Think it may go to the air conditioning line that hooks to radiator. Does anyone know if the air conditioning lines have an o-ring?

Always a/c lines have green o rings. ... 1997 Mercury Mountaineer

I have a 97 Olds Cutlass and it always needs coolant. It appears to be oil in the radiator, either engine oil or transmission fluid. Is there a solution set for this car? I have to add coolant every month. Where is it going? No, it does not smoke, white or any other color from the exhaust. Otherwise, it runs great.

Substance in radiator could be a sealer put in during manufacturing will be like a paste,would check coolant temp sensor,cooling fan operation and radiator cap 1st. ... 1997 Oldsmobile Cutlass

About half way through the process of removing my radiator from a 2006 Mercury Mountaineer with the 4.6 engine. Cannot find location of bolts to loosen condensor and move out of the way so that I can pull the radiator past it.

Hi,The Complete Procedure is :-RadiatorSpecial Tool(s)Removal and InstallationWith the vehicle in NEUTRAL, position it on a hoist.Drain the cooling system.Remove the coolant expa ... 1998 Mercury Mountaineer

How much coolant to fill a new radiator on a 94 cadillac devile 4.9L? and what color coolant?


Had coolant Bypass line break on the road just got it home had 0 oil Pressure fixed the hoses the next day started it noticed the coolant being pushed out of radiator im guessing a Blown head gasket eventhough the temp didnt reach Critical Temp but being it has Aluminum Head and cast Block that has to be it as the bypass lines were for the Oil cooler what do u guys think ? 89 ford probe GT turbo 2.2 litre and 1 more thing the oil was HOT !! :P

Sorry for the delay. if it is like that than your head gasket is bad. that is the only two common points other than the head and cylinder wall! if you do the head gasket make sure to take it to the machine shop to be pressure checked and resurfaced j ... 1989 Ford Probe

Fluid leaking out the driver side backside of the vehicle(1999 Mercury Cougar). What type of fluid could it be, and how is it fixed? Also liquid coolant, is a pinkish color(due to water mixing in with the coolant). I have gone to a mechanic and they suggested I use a sealant however it did not work. I got an oil change, but the oil change icon still appears. Any Suggestions or comments.

The oil icon is not oil change, it is oil PRESSURE. By your description, it sounds like you have blown a head gasket. Get the car to a good mechanic as soon as possible! ... 1999 Mercury Cougar

My 1996 mercury sable is overheating even after I changed the thermostat and flushed the radiator. I don't know where the coolant temp sensor is to check it. What could be the problem?

... 1996 Mercury Sable

Radiator coolant is quite black color

The most likely cause is a ruptured wells plug between a water and oil jacket.\015\012It can also be a crack in the head or blown head gasket. \015\012Because oil is lighter than water it will "float" on top of water and would be noticed when left to ... 1996 Honda Odyssey

1995 saturn! new water pump, and coolant. Changed alternator, and battery, changed oil, oil filter. noticed oily substance in overflow container. did a radiator flush, still has red, rusty color somet

The heater core if leaking will let coolant run into the passenger side floor. it will need replacing. ... Cars & Trucks

Mercury mountaineer replacement coolant cap location

... 2006 Mercury Mountaineer AWD

My 2004 mercury grand marquis is leaking coolant from aseal on a cylindrical device located on the left hand side and in back of the radiator

... 2004 Mercury Grand Marquis
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