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When turning i hear a popping noise under car

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Noise is comming from the steering when turn full lock fix was to apply chassis grease to spur on steering knukle where it meets the frame. turn wheel full left or right and take a look. A dab of grease will lessen the noise greatly.
\015\012TSB# 985017 Dated June 16 2000
Descripotion of the noise neds to be clearer, sorry, but popping does not really say a lot. When does it occur exactly, does it increase in speed when the car speeds up, it it worse over different surfaces?
\015\012At this point, all solutions given could be correc but as one said, difficult to know anything without either an exact description ot being under the car.
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Popping sound Well everytime I turn on my car, I hear this pop, pop, pop, pop and its only heard inside the car on top of the dashboard it turns off when I turn on the heat. Do you know what could be causing this noise? Please help me. I am afraid it's my ehaust. I have a system in the trunk, it's a 04 Envoy GMC.

It sounds to me like you may a vaccuum line thats either leaking or detatched. What your hearing is the vaccuum controled vent system that determines where the air(a/c or heat) is directed out, at your windshield, dash vents, floor vents. . etc. Un ... 2004 GMC Envoy

Strut problem I have a Volvo 2004 S60 Turbo. Have taken my car in three times, with the last time being very expensive, to stop a popping noise around the front left wheel. They felt sure everything was fixed but now it is again popping. Is a bad strut system dangerous? Also, my radio won't turn on at times, and a fan was replaced in the dash in front of the passenger seat. I was told it was bad fan but about every ten seconds I hear what sounds like a scratching noise. Or a "urrgg" noise. If I

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Just bought a used 1996 camry today. when i turn the radio on i get a pop-pop noise and i did notice the attenna wont go up, how do i do this, cant find a button/switch. I can actually hear the radio but the noise is irritating and seems to be coming from the back of the car

That is the power antenna trying to come up but is broke. you gonna have to replace antenna with new. ... 1996 Toyota Camry

The check engine light came on and we started hearing a popping noise in the gas tank after moma went to an out the way gas station instead of going to our regular gas station that we always go to. The popping noise in the gas tank will stop on it's on a few minutes after the engine is turned off or it will stop immediately when I take the gas cap off and relieve the pressure in the gas tank. It's never done this before and the car only has like 56,000 thousand miles on it.

The ck engine light is telling you to have it scanned and it will have a trouble code to indicate where to look for the problem. You may have a Vent valve or purge valve problem, it may just be a coincidence that it happened after filling up. ... 1997 Chevrolet Lumina

I just bought a 1996 lincoln mark 8. very good condition well takin care of. the previous owner told s there was something wrong with the stereo when we heard it it just sounded like a blown speaker. we have had the car for a couple of weeks now. at first you could hear this winding noise through the stereo almost tlike it was the engine. that has now progressed to a very loud popping noise and it isnt the speakers even though it sounds like it is.because you can turn that speaker off and it is

It can never hurt to check the ground wire from the engine block to the frame or body. actually the a bad body ground can be dangerous and can actually cause a fire. as for the radio that's a different situation. this usually a bad distributor coil w ... Lincoln Mark VIII

03 eclipse GTS, automatic, 3.0 L V6, I hear a noise behind me, in the cabin, when I start the car. If I turn the key to "on" but do not start the car, I hear the noise for a short time then it stops. A clunking, grinding noise. The car starts fine and runs fine, even if we hear the noise before starting. Would this be a fuel pump problem? If it is, what should I do about it? If not, what could it be and what should I do about that?

Do you have a broken power antenna?if so the antenna motor is making noise with the broken antenna mast-if it is not related to the antenna-need more info.on what kind of noise you are hearing ... 2003 Mitsubishi Eclipse Coupe

My 07 dodge caliber when turned the car off it sounded like the car was starting itself and made a noise similar to a grinding starter. so i turned the kry on and car started. turned it back off. now wont turn at all.. hearing a humming noise from engine

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When turning i hear a popping noise under car

Noise is comming from the steering when turn full lock fix was to apply chassis grease to spur on steering knukle where it meets the frame. turn wheel full left or right and take a look. A dab of grease will lessen the noise greatly.\015\012TSB ... 1999 Mercury Grand Marquis

I have a hyundai accent '08 i have nearly 8,000 kmh and this summer i had a problem i heard a cracking noise from the left wheel when i turned right or when the car weight was on the left side.i went to a mechanic and they changed the left axle the noise stopped all o.k. One day when i turned the wheel full left i heard a noise like tak tak tak it was differend noise from the first and it came from underneath.i focus on it and when the car is cold i don't hear anything!when i drive few kmh then

It sounds like a c/v joint is worn .check under the left where the axel connects theres a rubber boot in the boot is the c/v joint if there is a little wear on the joint it will click click clik when u are driving and turning expecaly at low spee ... 2008 Hyundai Accent

My 2005 pontiac grand am is having trouble starting sometimes. When I turn the key, I hear a humming noise and I know it will start, but when i dont hear it the car wont start. The security light comes on but turns off once the car starts. some days it does this, other days i have no problem starting the car. any help would be great!!

My guess is that your fuel pump is giving up on you. try hitting your gas tank on those days that wont start, best if you have somebody help you do it while the other try starting it ... 2005 Pontiac Grand Am

My 2007 Camry LE is making a noise that sounds like spark knock. The car has 102,500 miles. I moved from 87 octane gas to 93, and have been using fuel additive to clean fuel injection system. Only seems to make noise during idle, and when driving UNDER 10 miles per hour. I thought I could only hear this in the car - it's not the dash - so I popped the hood after stopping last night - I can hear it in the module where the oil cap is located (I presume this is the engine - sorry, I'm 'car du

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I have a 2001 Dodge durango SLT. I am hearing a noise that appears to be coming from the rear, but can not pin point the exact location. The noise sounds like an object (not metal) touches a moving object. When the car is in park, it did not sound, but when the car starts moving, the sound can be hear louder and faster dependent on the speed of the car. I have check/replaced the rear brake shoes and turn the drum. The sound is still there. What other possibilities should i be looking for?

Have you checked the diff oil?\015\012Have you checked the universal joints? ... 2001 Dodge Durango


Sounds to me like its a cv joint. if the rubber boot gets damaged in any way, dirt gets in there and really does some damage. check the boot really good. if you dont see any holes or anything it might just be the wheel bearing. id take it to a mechan ... 2004 Toyota Camry

Have a 2006 R500 Mercedes and still hearing noise after replacing power steering pressure hose. Turn wheel back and forth 30 times as instructed with engine off. Once started and turning wheel no noise but once car off jacks and driving noise returns, Still hear air leaking from filler cap. Still appears foaming occurs after driving. Any suggestions??

The rack and pinion unit may have a pinhole leak ... 2007 Mercedes-Benz R500

My car is making like a "typewriter" noise that you can only hear when your inside the car, you don't hear it outside the car. Even when the engine is off you can still hear it on idle..it stops when you turn the key to completely off right before your going to pull out the key....my car is Cadi CTS 2004 with about 126k miles..thank you.

Sounds like a servo insdie the car is slipping bad. Check your windows, vent controls, etc for smooth ops. ... 2004 Cadillac CTS

Hearing a popping noise the frount when going over a bump or turning. Steering seems to be pulling to the right a little?

... 2003 Pontiac Sunfire

Intermittently the car won't start. sometimes when turning key over I hear clicking noise and sometimes this will happen 2-5 times consecutively. other times it will fire up right away. other times turn key over, I hear click, try again and car will start but it almost seems that the battery is dying. If it is a stater problem, can I buy a brush/contact rebuild kit?

I think you answered you own question, when you said "it almost seems that the battery is dying," Drive it (while you can) to a parts store and get a FREE check of your charging system. They can tell you if it's the battery-low charge, which may in ... 1998 Honda Accord

95 Honda Accord V6 I heard a popping noise when I was driving my car then the gauges on my car (speed and rpm) started moving up and down them stopped working. My lights inside the car and headlights went dim. I pulled to the side turned the car off turned it back on I put my foot on the gas and it felt like my car wanted to stall. The gauges didnt work at this time, lights still dim. Then everything kicked back in and the car took off.

Clean the battery terminals! The best bet is baking soda, then hose off. ... 2007 Honda Accord Sedan

When i turn my key if i hear the little noise that is my fuel pump turning on my car will start and run fine. but when i turn key and do not hear that little sound it will not start it will just turn ,turn,turn until my battery goes dead.is there a swtich that goes bad that would cause this or what might be the ploblem. 2000 Lincoln LS V8

You might need a new pump. ... 2000 Lincoln LS

Noise in steering column when starting car in cold weather-turning the steering wheel & noise continues. Noise disappears when car warms up, don't hear this noise other than in cold weather. What might be making this noise?

This is simply a fluid issue try draining steering fluid and replacing it make sure to start car after top up and turn steering full lock a few times in each direction and top up to max as required done ... 2002 Chevrolet Tahoe

Hub noise 2000 chevy cavalier ...was hearing hub noise (hmm) when turning left noise would go away . I replaced left hub and noise is still there. Put the car back up on the jack stands took tires off still a little hard to here over engine/exust but at idle and axle turning could here a noise like those big marble things people move in there hand to relax/stress balls hitting each other. It was coming from the end of the axle where it butts up with tranny Any ideas.Could it be the ball and trac

You have a bad wheel bearing, when you turn away from the bad bearing the wheel bearing is un-loaded and quiets down. ... 2000 Chevrolet Cavalier

On my 2000 Dodge stratus SE I hear a Loud Growling/vibration noise on my car when speeding up or stay at a speed. when I turn Right I dont hear it its when I drive straight that i hear it. I took it to a pro mechanic shop they said it was the lower driver control arm that needed to be replaced and that the CV joints and the Bearings were fine. so i get the lower control arm fixed and i still hear this growling/vibration noise when im driving. wha do u all think is the issue

Have you checked the REAR whell bearings? Sometimes even when the noise appears to come from the front, the rear bearing can be the ones. Happende to me in my older Spirit R/T. By spinning the rear Wheel with an old impulsor motor in a Wheel balanci ... 2000 Dodge Stratus

I have 2005 grand Cherokee making noise from front! Sounds like tire noise but it did not change when I rotated tires. Noise is there when ever car is rolling, I tried letting it roll in neutral and the noise does not change. I do notice a difference ificurve to the left. I jacked the car in neutral and turned the wheel and did not hear anything from the bearing. Wheel is tight. Any ideas

If the tires aren't cupped, feathered or chopped then most likely it is the wheel bearing. Though it may be tight it could be dry inside and not yet at the point where you will feel pay. ... 2005 Jeep Grand Cherokee

I have 2 problems. The first is something with the electrical system. When I turn my truck off all of the guages drop to 0 but after a couple of minutes the fuel, temp, and the oil pressure guage all go up to about halfway. It doesn't matter if the key is in or if the door has been opened. The other problem is with the steering or suspension. When I turn there is a popping noise from the front end. I hear this noise turning in both directions but it is much louder when I turn left. Any ideas?

On the popping noise - maybe the U-joint boots are busted, have been for some time and now the joints have sand and crude in them and they need to be replaced?? ... 2001 Chevrolet S-10

I bought a new gas cap i had anti freeze put into radiator and coolant system. my car still failed the emission test. now my code is P0455. i keep checking gas cap twisting to hear a click sometimes i don't hear but its on tight. i don't see a service engine light pop up when i turn the car i just notice that. now i waiting to see if the car has a leak. my car has been setting for aleast 5 hours already by the time i go down to move around 3:00 it show me wheter or not their is a leak. Ms Jinks.

This is prob not a gas cap. Its prob a vent control valve\\ purge solenoid that has failed. This part is located under the car in rear by gas tank, further diagnosis to be sure though ... 2005 Buick LaCrosse
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