Having problems with your 1999 Mercury Cougar ?

Headlight problem on my 1999 cougar

\015 I've only had my cougar for 4 days.ive already put a water pump on it.i noticed that my low and high beam headlights on the driver side is out and the high beam on the passanger side is too. i went to a dealer ship and got it fixed today. when i picked it up they worked just fine. then later today when i started the car up and begin to turn the lights on, none of them came on,the dash didnt come on either. the dash lights has been working find before then.\015
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Answers :

Go back to dealer and have them fix for free. warranty.
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Battery dead, or starter problem? My 1992 381i won't start. The battery has at least some juice in it (I can turn the headlights and interior lights on). But the digital clock has re-set to 0:00, suggesting there could be a battery problem. When I try to start, it won't turn over. After turning the key to "start" once or twice, I receive a rapid clicking sound. I tried to jump the car, but that had no effect. Don't know whether this is a starter problem, or a battery problem. Any thoughts?

It is most likely a flat or dead battery but first check the battery terminals are clean and firmly attached.\015\012If all above checks ok replace the battery.\015\012\015\012There are several reasons why an attempted jump start m ... 1992 BMW 3 Series

My 1999 cougar has issues.All lights,dash lights,headlights pulse dim to bright. After driving the car it sometimes will not turn over, it is not even getting power to the starter solenoid when it does this. This problem seems to resolve itself after 15 to 20 minutes, although sometimes will not turn over for days. This problem also causes the motor to surge slightly. Obviously its electrical,but there are no repair manuals available for this vehicle, has anyone else experienced a problem like t

Hi \015\012\015\012A couple of things, firstly check the ground/earth wire to the car body from the car battery. And also the ignition switch where the ignition barrel is, if these stick they can stick open or closed so the car does not k ... 1999 Mercury Cougar

Headlight problem on my 1999 cougar

Go back to dealer and have them fix for free. warranty. ... 1999 Mercury Cougar

I just replaced the battery on my 94 montero and it still wont hold a charge. everything will be fine for a while but then the radio goes out and the spedometer reads 0 mph as well as the RPM. The battery meter says it has no power. The car will then only go about 30 mph so I pulled over and turned it off and it wont start. Finally after turning all everything including the headlights off for 20 mins it started back up but keeps having the same problem. I am charging the battery right now b

Check all your grounds for a good connection and same with the positive terminal check for a loose connection clean the cable ends good . all it takes is a bad ground not making connection . ... 1994 Mitsubishi Montero

1999 Mercury Cougar with automatic transmission, car was running fine, then it wanted to shift while driving, and the speedometer dropped to 0, with jerky motions. Same thing 3 years ago and dealer said they replaced the instrument cluster for $700. Doing research, doesn't look like that could have been the problem. Can you tell me what to look for? Possible speed sensor or transmission range sensor?

ONe thing to check is that your throttle position sensor (TPS) is working as it should and that the electrical connections to it are clean and tight and that wires associated with it are intact. When your TPS starts misbehaving by sending the wrong ... 1999 Mercury Cougar

What could possibly cause a 1999 Mercury Cougar to lose its' brakes when pulling into a parking space and then, after putting it into park, starts to smoke out from underneath the dashboard area from under the hood. The fire department came and put it out saying it looked as if the insulation was smoldering. Could this be an electrical problem? The headlights would always flicker everytime I would start the car, and would continue to flicker off and on as I pushed on the gas to drive. The tow tr

Sounds like electrical to me might be some bare wires under dash that are arcing it could need a new wiring harness especially if it caught on fire ... 1999 Mercury Cougar

What's your problem?i have a 1995 mercury cougar xr7 its the 4.6L v8 model...it was in a ditch during a heavy rain. Car passenger side, was submerged in water about halfway. Water was in the inside on passenger side about halfway up and soaked glove box, seats, and trunk. Ive dried it out, cleaned it up, but I get it to start. All power windows, headlights etc. work. The engine cranks up and turns over but will not start. What should I do?

... 1995 Mercury Cougar

1992 cougar. headlights flash on and off, stay off in no set pattern. The turn signals and park lights are not affected. moving wires or switchs does not stop or start problem.

... Ford Thunderbird

I have a huge problem with my 99 mercury cougar.. for the past few weeks i have had to get my car jumped pretty much every morning after leaving it off all night but once i jump it in the morning it will start right back all day until yesterday i jumped it like usually but this time after i took the jumper cables off of it all the lights inside the car dimmed and the headlights dimmed and all my gauges keep jumping around and the battery light flashes.... what could possibly be wrong with my car

Dead Battery ... 1999 Mercury Cougar


Hi.Check first the fuse inside the car. There are two 10A fuses for the headlights (a single one in the model with twin headlight), check also if there is a 30A fuse for the headlight dimmer. The dimmer (DLR) should be fuse 17. Check also ... 2001 Toyota Corolla

My high beams won't work and the high beam indicator in the dash won't come on when the switch is activated either. I've checked the fuses and replaced the turn signal/dimmer switch and they still don't work. Is the problem in the headlight switch? This is on a 2001 Mercury Cougar.

Replace the HI/LO Beam Relay.Regards.DT ... Mercury Cougar

I have a 2002 Mercury Cougar and when I'm driving the battery light will randomly flicker on and off and then the car will start to lose all power. The headlights will shut off and the radio will power down. The car barely has enough power to drive. Then I can just be sitting there with the car about to kill and all of a sudden everything will kick back on as if there wasn't a problem at all. I just had my alternator changed like 2 months ago when it went out. I don't know if maybe the alternato

Visit this site \015\012http://cougarfix.yolasite.com ... 2000 Mercury Cougar

Headlights problems I had the same problem with my headlights on my kia.i found what the problem was.Its a fuses box under the hood on the left side with the relays and the headlight fuses.Take the 20 fuses out for the head.the head stands for headlights.replace the fuse with the same 20 fuse.your headlights should start back working.i thought about doing one of the solutions i seen on here like cut wires but i just took my time to find the problem and i fixed it myself.Hope This Help

Fuses are a number one culprit in cars and because there is a computer in your newer car it is helpful to FIRST read your owners manual, and keep it in your car. Second, do always check fuses and you can simply replace but if that is not working then ... 2001 Kia Sportage

Drivers side headlights are out. bought new lights and that wasnt the problem, got a new headlight assembly wasnt the problem. checked the fuses an their all good, went an tried a new relay for the headlights and thats not the problem. what else could be the problem?

Did you pull out the light and test for 12 volt power at the plug?.....maybe a broken or corroded wire / plug ? ... Saturn SL2

I am having problems with my 1988 Chrysler New Yorker motorized headlight covers. Both headlight covers don't close completely when I shut the headlights off. There is about 3 inches to go on both headlight covers. I don't think the motors are bad since both headlight covers are doing the same thing. What could be the problem? Thanks,

I have the same problem with my 93 Salon. Take a look at the torsion bar rod end close to each headlight.There are collars that have a set screw which can be loosened to adjust the range of the door opening and closing. If the doors are going through ... 1988 Chrysler New Yorker

1999 Mercury Cougar *possible* alternator problem?

Yes my battery light started coming on my cougar and i checked the voltage with a meter and the battery is showing the right voltage. but when i drive at night the lights goes dim and then to bright again. so can you help ... 1999 Mercury Cougar

The dashboard lights and headlights on my Jeep Grand Cherokee flicker on and off. When my headlights go out, I have to turn them on and off which usually works but recently the problem has got much worse and when my headlights go out, sometimes they wont come back on at all and I find myself driving with no headlights. Any suggestions on what could be the problem?

... 2006 Jeep Grand Cherokee

Thought my driver side headlight went bad, but I wiggled it and it came back on. I then noticed that the connection behind the headlight was the problem so I purchased a new connection and attempted to install it. When doing so, I test he connection and it was initally good, but then all of a sudden I lost power to the (driverside) headlight. Is there a fuse controlling the driver side headlight or is it another problem?

There are individual fuses for the headlights. ... 2000 Nissan Maxima

ELECTRICAL PROBLEM my truck runs fine now the bat gage is at 0 my oil gage is at high they were working fine i was hooking up a new stero looked up the gages for alt at 0 the oil was at high the heat was at normal the gas gage was at the proper level the only problem im having now is the battery gage and the oil gage the truck now runs with the neg cable off so alt problem is good any thoughts.

The prob seems like you have connected the power to your stero from the wrong place. You cut into live a wire for the power, this should be connected at the ACC on your fuse panel. Also make sure you stero has a good ground! Frankster016 ... 1989 Ford F 150

Low beam headlights is not working. My mechanic said that the low beam headlights and the relay are good. He suspected that the problem is between the relay and the headlights but he doesn't have the tools to find the problem. Please advice

Not much needed, a test light and a volt-ohm meter, and lots of time ... 2003 Chevrolet Monte Carlo

I replace my headlight lightbulbs today and i still get the same problem as with my older headlights. My problem is, at night when my headlights are on, i basically only have one setting, and i'm pretty sure its my low beams, but i can't really tell. My bright symbol is always on no matter what position i switch the lights to. I checked the fuse by the engine and it looked fine, so if you could please shed some light on my parade that woud be awesome! it is a 1993 Ford Escort GT, but it won't l

The hight beam switch is out ... 1993 Ford Escort 4 Door

1982 elcamino I have teplaced fuel sending unit 0-90 it matched the original perfect I checked the ohms to be sure. ground wire is well grouned to the frame. I thought old sending unit was the problems so i put it back togher same problem gauge goes to empty with the key on.then I ordered a new gauge put it on same problem . Are the gauges set for only 0-90 like a sending unit? some tanks are 17-22 gallon.

No they are all the same normally ,i would check for a feed to the gauge first and if it has a feed then check at the tank ,it could have a broken wire somewhere or a corroded connection under the carpet somewhere ... Chevrolet El Camino

Headlight problems I can turn my lights on and off and they work fine, but when I shut my truck off, after a couple minutes one of my headlights come on and stays on. Is it a wiring problem or a sensor problem or niether?

Have you wired any aftermarket devices into the lights for like police or fire rescue? ... 2003 Dodge Dakota Club Cab

My 2001 dodge caravan sport has headlight issues. It is equipped with daytime running lights and also driving/fog lights below. The problem is that one of my headlights burned out so I replaced it. That did not solve the problem. Only one headlight will come on at a time wether on low or high beam. They switch from low beam on daytime running on the passenger side to low beam on the drivers side when lights are manually turned on by driver . Not sure if relay is faulty or something in computer?

There is a module is plugged in to the front of the fuse box under the hood. u need to remove it by taking out the four torx screws. Then clean the prongs with needle nose ... 2001 Dodge Grand Caravan

Seems to be a common problem with the plymouth sundance... Brake lights do not work when headlights or day lights are on. This seems to be a problem, I have found out. The highmount or "cyclops" brake light works with or without headlights on but the regular brake lights have the problem

Yes this is quite common for Plymouth made during that time. However since the cyclops are working, which the driver car behind can easily spot the cyclops, which, if whiite/yellow in color, can be painted red in color. Therefore the primary work of ... 1994 Plymouth Sundance
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