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When the fan is not working that means one of three things. first check to see if you have voltage going to the fan. second check to see that the fuses and fan relay are good. third if the connections are good and you have voltage it could be the temp sensors for the fan are bad. one last thing with the engine off check that the fans free spin and are not locked up.

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Hi, the fuse and relays are in the box in the engine compartment. The wiring diagram is also shown below. The PCM turns the fans off and on based on data it receives from the coolant temp sensor and the A/C settings. The sensor is on the back of the engine as shown in the pics below. On the 4 cylinder engine, you have to remove the air cleaner to access the sensor. On the V-6, it may be easier to access from under the car. Please let me know if you have more questions.


2.0 liter, temp sensor:

2.5 liter engine temp sensor:
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When the fan is not working that means one of three things. first check to see if you have voltage going to the fan. second check to see that the fuses and fan relay are good. third if the connections are good and you have voltage it could be the temp sensors for the fan are bad. one last thing with the engine off check that the fans free spin and are not locked up.

Hi, the fuse and relays are in the box in the engine compartment. The wiring diagram is also shown below. The PCM turns the fans off and on based on data it receives from the coolant temp sensor and the A/C settings. The sensor is on the back of t ... 1999 Mercury Cougar

My 97 chry LHS is overeating, and the fan is not coming on... i changed the thermostat, i looked over the wiring and it seems to be ok... i hot wired the fan and it works, i ve check the relay and the fuse is good. i changed the sensor also ( i only see one it maybe another, so if you know if there is a second one please let me know) what else could it be thats making it overheat?

You could have a worn out water pump\015\012The impellers will wear down over time\015\012The fan Belt may not have adequate tension\015\012The radiator may need flushed\015\012\015\012Good Luck, I hope this gives you so ... 1997 Chrysler LHS

Equinox overheating, found one of the cooling fans not working. Checked for voltage on connector, only found voltage by taking the ground probe and placing it on a known good ground. Where dose the fan connectors ground wire go to?

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Battery drain 1994 Chevrolet Caprice LT1 w Power Windows/Power Mirrors/Power Locks Tested the Alternator - GOOD Tested the Battery - GOOD (but drained/charging) The battery continues to get drained after a few days of being in the car as if there is something staying on and draining the battery dead. I did see the dome light was on at one point even with the doors closed...just stayed on, but I pulled the bulb. no light, no power right? Is there anything I can check?

See the diagrams attached and proceed think with logically and clearly. NOT fear. God bless you ... 1994 Chevrolet Caprice

I have 2001 awm passat 1.8 t replaced just the radiator support. after i had it all hooked up it overheated.Both fans run i dont see what is the problem.Dont see no leaks recovery tank level is good i let it idel and it tells me to shut it off when warmed up.The radiator dont feel hot at all. after running.Could be thermostat because i had the car sitting for about 5 mon? I checked all kinds of stuff but no fix.Water pump aint leaking this the second one put in blades are steel.

All vw cars need to have the water system bled after filling with antifreeze,just undo the top heater hose clip to vent any trapped air in system......wear rubber gloves,its hot. ... 2001 Volkswagen Passat

I have a 2003 Aurora, my headlamps on low and high beam have become so dim. They have not always been this way. Very hard to drive at night! Does anyone know why my headlamps are not functioning properly? It's weird because all headlamps are dim, it's not like one is bad, and the other good. Could it be a fuse problem? I don't want to buy all new bulbs and they not be getting proper voltage. Is there someway you can check and see if the fuses are working correctly?

Fuzes work or they don't u need to replace the bulbs start with the low beams and go from there ... 2003 Oldsmobile Aurora

There is no heat or a/c. The fan does not blow. I have checked the fuse (it was good). I checked for power at the fan motor. There is no poser at the fan motor plug, no power at the fan switch (at plug) in the console. I replaced a relay which was located on the drivers side (under hood on wheel well) which looked like it had over heated, but there was no change. I do not get any voltage at the a/c compressor. I do get a small amount of voltage (maybe 2 or 3 volts) at the pressure switch

You did correct trouble shooting, heads up for you!you have to start tracing back systematically, disconnect each connector applicable to the system and clean and ensure no pins are bend or pushed back at the male and female connectors.. ... Ford Crown Victoria

1996 saturn 1.9 Liter. No start, no voltage to starter, check ign. switch, ok, power coming in ( red wire ) Power going to starter in start position.( orange wire) . Check at wire harnest. When I by past ign. switch to see if car will start, car starts. BUT I DONOT Have to put voltage to starter for it to start. I just touch sold. with peice of metal and car starts ( NO VOLTAGE). Switch is good, Starter good, BUT CAR WONT TURN OVER. What the problem.

Hi, I'm sorry but I don't understand what you are saying. \015\012You have power on the big red wire, right? \015\012And you also have power to the orange wire when the switch is turned to start?\015\012Does the starter turn when ... Saturn SL

The heater fan won't stop, even if i turn off the key the fan still turn, unable to control it, it only turn at one speed (not the fastest one), i check the resistor it look like there's a short in it, the voltage past true the batt to the motor without any signal. I change it, the second one work for at least 1h30, now the problem still the same the only difference it's the speed of the fan with the second one it's turn slower, but i can't control it. Thank's for your help Impala 2005

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2003 ford f 150 heavy half 4x4 put truck on jack stands and put it in four wheel drive. the accuator on the front axle did not move, we checked fuses and all checked good. checked voltage at the vacumn valves on fire wall on passenger side we had power to one and not to the other one we then pulled off the vac lines from those valves the one that has power is the one that sucks the arm into the accuator on the axle. so we put a vac pump on the other on and it extended the arm the 4 wheel d

The problem I believe is the shift fork is either bent or misaligned. Ford has acknowledged a problem with the shift fork and has issued a revised design, which is available at the dealerships. The part number for the revised shift fork ... Ford F-150

One day my Honda civic didn't start so i checked the fuel pressure there was none The fuel pump made no sound so i replaced It but still no pressure or sound so i checked The main relay it checked out ok Then i tried jumping term5&7To see if voltage Was reaching pump it was but when i installed the relay no voltage so replaced relay and still no voltage

Did you tried to instal a new difernt power line to chek the fuel pump work? or do you chek if have pulses on the inyector rail or sparks in the spark plugs wires? maybe a fuse blow in fusebox or main fuse.i hope be helpfull ... 1994 Honda Civic

Im not getting fire on my 2001 jeep cherokee. coil rail is good and the cam position sensor is new and still no fire. im getting fuel but i think there is no fire. any idea as to what im overlooking? jeep has 148,389miles and was parked one night . when we came out to start it the next day all it does is crank over but no start. have checked for fire , fuel , and all connections. they all seem good! have put new cam position sensor, and checked the coil rail (seems good), and also checked to see

... 2001 Jeep Cherokee

2003 malibu cooling fans don't work. I have replace the relay and the temp sensor and still nothing. When ever I disconnect the temp sensor the fans come on and work normally, but later in the day I see the temp in the instrument panel start to go up and I check the fans and they are not turning. I have check all fuses and they seem to be good. What can this be or what do I check? Thanks, Paul

Okay pull the temp sensor connector ( disconnect it) and turn car on if the fans run then its the temp sensor.... part # wt3000. Theres also 3 relays that turn the fans on in the fuse box cooling mode fan relay @15 which is part number 7234. and ... 2003 Chevrolet Malibu

I have a 2008 Town and Country and the temp gage gets to dead center and I smell antifreeze. Never remember the gage ever reaching the center before either. So I Checked to see if the radiator cooling fan comes on. I ran the engine and watched the fan it did not come on. So I turned on the AC and eventually the fan came on. I check the fan, fan relay behind the left headlight, and the Lo radiator relay in the fuse box. The all chek good. The relay behind the light had power and the wire from the

Ok this might sound crazy but you say you smell coolant but never said if you checked to see if it was full posible bad coolant temp sensor or no coolant passing the sensor please more info on coolant usually if low coolant fan will stay on however y ... 2008 Chrysler Town & Country

Cooling fans? I have a 2005 pontiac G6 GT,if im somewhere at a stand still for to long its starts to over heat and after it gets to a little over the half way marker, one of the fans turns on and then the tempature starts to drop back to normal. Now there are two fans and one only appears to be turning on, is there a certain temp for both fans to run? Is there a relay that i can check? how do i test the fan to see if everything is working properly?

The second fan helps cool down the system with the a/c on. I would start the car get it to operating tempature then turn on the a/c. With in a few minutes the second fan should come on. ... 2007 Pontiac G6 GT Convertible

Heater/ac fan quit blowing. Notice line of smoke (very small and only a second or two) coming from fan speed switch. Turned back to high, continued to work. Parked truck and went to work, about 5 hours later got in and fan would no longer do anything. Checked fuse, it's good. Checked fan switch, interior scortched/melted, replaced with new one. Still no fan. Do not have a voltmeter to test anything currently.

Need test light to ck power..going in & out of switch, ... 1994 Chevrolet S-10

The power locks on my 1991 chevrolet s10/blazer stopped working, so i want to check the power door lock fuse to see if i can fix it by replacing the fuse but I don't know which one it is on the fuse box. Which is the fuse for the power door locks in the fuse box of my car ? - see picture I took.

... Cars & Trucks

I have a 2005 cummins 3500 one day the power seat did'nt work anymore i have checked the fuse and it is still good i have also checked power out of the fuse box it is good then i checked to see if

... 2005 Dodge Ram 3500

I have a 2004 Volkswagon Passat with the 1.8T engine. The air conditioner is not working. I have checked the line pressure(s) and have around 75 psig on both the suction and discharge lines (appears the pressure has equalized across the compressor). I have checked voltage at the compressor connection and there is voltage going to the compressor. I have also checked continuity and the ground is good as well. I cannot locate a suction pressure switch to see if it is bad or not. Also, I have found

HI! Please check the fuse under the hood inline on the fender of the driver's side. Try to pull it out and check if its broken. Almost every car's compressor is located on this side. HOpe this helps and have a good one! ... 2004 Volkswagen Passat

1995 jeep grand cherokee electrical problem. checked wires to starter. theyre good. the battery is grounded good. have voltage to fuse panel. i was checking continuity by hooking a wire to the negative terminal and checking the switch plug on the back of the heater control panel. had continuity. then i switched to positive terminal. i had continuity. this' to me means there is a short somewhere, but it is affecting the window and lock controls also. is there an easy way to trace a short. thanks,

It depends on how you were checking continuity.\015\012If you are using an ohmmeter (which is only $3 at Harbor Freight), then the question is what resistance reading do you get?\015\012The positive is continuous with the ground, through ... Jeep Grand Cherokee

1997 Lexus LS 400 --Fan blower not getting voltage or signal from heater relay. (actually module and fan not seeing voltage). Without a scan tool, I cant read the computers' would be sine wave. Ive removed fan and checked its operation by simply putting 12 volts to it. It runs great. Last link in the chain is supposed to be the heater relay. Any ideas, or experience w/same...Please advise....Theroad

Change the fan resistor it should be located under dash near the glove box ther's a rectangular electrical plug going to it it should be located somewhere on the heater box. These usually go bad because of the constant condensation and temp. changes ... 1997 Lexus LS 400

P1682 P0743 PO753 P1765 was seeing some flucation in the battery volts, then it would go back to normal, then it did it more then the check gauge lit up. then battery went all the way dead, took out the alternator had kragen check it, and the battery they said it was the battery. got a new one then it drove really good for a day then it did the same thing, had a pretty big stero hooked up, got another alternator ( not sure if its the right one) put it in and someone did some checking of wires n

... Dodge Durango

My 98 Chevy Astro surges, sputters and dies after warming up. It may run fine for a while, then starts acting up again. I replace Egr and Map with ones from my other Astrovan, no good. Had a mechanic replace distributor cap after I gave up, no good. Check engine lights comes on occasionally. Codes are different at different times. 2nd mechanic didn't see it occur (of course) but did see code that said distributor wiring or something to that effect. Going crazy HELP!

... 1997 Chevrolet Astro

My 1993 honda accord is overheating. new thermostat, new water pump, there is a bottom hose that is leaking, and the fans do not come on. the fan motor is good. thinking it might be the coolant temp sending unit. not to sure on how to check those switches. i know one is the coolant temp sensor for the ECM, can i check them in a cheap old school kinda way? -tool less and desperate

Honda accord 1993 dx water leak problem ... 1993 Honda Accord

Voltage light comes on after the van warms up. Battery checks out ok.They did 3 checks on the alternator. Two of them were good and one dropped alittle then came back as good.

Welcome to fixya\012\012Hello\012\012 \012\012I have a solution for\012this ... 1997 Dodge Grand Caravan
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