Having problems with your 1999 Mercedes-Benz SLK ?

When i am driving my slk i hear a noise from the roof as if it is moving;what can i do?

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When i am driving my slk i hear a noise from the roof as if it is moving;what can i do?

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Headliner removal I am trying to find information on how to remove my headliner because of a strange knocking noise i am hearing on my roof when i encounter bumps or am driving on a rough road. I already checked the roof rack and it is secure. Is there any special instructions for removal I should be aware of before I start and will I be able to place the same headliner back up when done as long as i do not damage it?

This is not an easy repair w/o damaging the headliner. There is nothing up there except maybe a roof brace. Check the luggae rack again by trying to move all the peices. One must be loose.\015\012there are 27 steps!\015\012If equipped, re ... 2002 Ford Explorer

I have a '91 Jimmy and when I am in 2 wheel drive I hear a rattling and slight grinding noise. I believe its from the transfer case. I used to hear this noise after coming out of 4 wheel drive, but then it went away. Now the noise is back, but isn't there if I am in 4 wheel drive. Is there a gear that's rubbing inside the case when I am in 2 wheel drive? Could the gear be slipping into 4 wheel drive? Whats keeping it from slipping into 4 wheel drive? Will adjusting the 2-4 wheel drive lever fix

... GMC Jimmy

I have a 2008 mustang gt. Due to many advances to the engine I changed the gears to 4:10s and added a 3000 stall converter. I drive the car every once in a while. Recently the car has been acting funny. I believe that it is a converter issue. When I put it in drive or reverse I can hear a noise that sounds like something is loose under the car. When I return to neutral or park the noise goes away. When I drive the car I can hear the noise at idle speed however it goes away when I speed up or am

It looks like some worn needle bearings in the torque converter are making noise when the transmission is in gear. The fact that the noise will go away when the transmission is shiftedconfirm that is the torque converter (stall converter in your case ... Ford Mustang

The vehicle dont make any noise till you start picking up speed, hear a little vibration but dont feel any, looked under vehicle and where the drive shaft connects to the transmission in the back seems to have a fluid leak but when i check tranny fluid it looks full, the noise just started happening this last week when i was driving down the road, dont feel anything when you drive it just hear the noise.

Sounds like a wheel bearing issue. You need to take it to your local friendly mechanic so they can put it on the lift and find out which one it is. Good luck ... Jeep Cherokee

While driving around 40 mph I hear a banging type sound. Just started yesterday. I have a 2003 two wheel drive Z66 Avalanche with 103,000 miles. The sound is similar to running over a pop can.Kind of a crunch,pop,slap noise. The noise happens very fast.I have had it happen at anywhere between 10-60 mph, but I mostly hear it between 40-50 mph. It can either happen one time or occaisionally I will get a pop,pop right in a row. In driving home today the noise occurred about 3 times per mile. I thin

Jack the vehicle up and check your u-joints and make sure they are not loose or sometimes they will bind.You need to remove the drive shaft to check them.Make sure and mark the drive shaft before you remove it.Once you have it out work the front and ... Chevrolet Avalanche

On my 2000 Dodge stratus SE I hear a Loud Growling/vibration noise on my car when speeding up or stay at a speed. when I turn Right I dont hear it its when I drive straight that i hear it. I took it to a pro mechanic shop they said it was the lower driver control arm that needed to be replaced and that the CV joints and the Bearings were fine. so i get the lower control arm fixed and i still hear this growling/vibration noise when im driving. wha do u all think is the issue

Have you checked the REAR whell bearings? Sometimes even when the noise appears to come from the front, the rear bearing can be the ones. Happende to me in my older Spirit R/T. By spinning the rear Wheel with an old impulsor motor in a Wheel balanci ... 2000 Dodge Stratus

After driving for about 30 mins. i begin to hear a sreeching grinding noise from the front and it goes away once you stop and starts back as you drive. once the car cools down a bit and you drive it you hear nothing for about another 30 mins and it starts all over again. i thought it was the brake pads and had them changed but that did nothing to stop the noise.

Sounds more like a wheel bearing ... 2000 Nissan Altima

Have a 2006 R500 Mercedes and still hearing noise after replacing power steering pressure hose. Turn wheel back and forth 30 times as instructed with engine off. Once started and turning wheel no noise but once car off jacks and driving noise returns, Still hear air leaking from filler cap. Still appears foaming occurs after driving. Any suggestions??

The rack and pinion unit may have a pinhole leak ... 2007 Mercedes-Benz R500

GMC '91 Jimmy, Transfer case. When in two wheel drive I hear a slight grinding noise and rattling noise. When in 4 wheel no noise. 330,000 miles, could something be worn? What keeps the transfer case gear from slipping into 4 wheel drive? I know that I have to back up to change from 4 wheel to 2 wheel. Transfer case lever shifted all the way forward to 2 wheel drive. What ever keeps the transfer case in 2 wheel drive could be worn? Thanks.

Yeah your right about waer but you might be blaming the wrong part. With the truck up on jack stands ( all wheels off the ground) have a helper drive the truck at the speeds that make the most noise you'll find it in the front axel or fround U join ... 1991 GMC S-15 Jimmy

I have a 2002 Passat V6 Wagon and the brakes and rotors were replaced (aftermarket parts) about 3 months ago. The CV boots were replaced 2 weeks ago. When I apply the brakes, about 3/4 of the way down, I hear and feel a "clunk' noise. The CV boots were bad, so they were replaced, but the noise and feeling remain. Also, now I am hearing noises when I back up (squealing) and then just driving normally, I hear a low metal-on-metal type sound from the front passenger side. Mechanic hears noth

Check and see if the Brake Pads were re-installed with all the hardware, ie, Anti-Rattle Clips, shims etc. if your pads are not secure in the Calipers it will cause the pads to rattle when you are driving in effect causing your brakes to make weird ... 2003 Volkswagen Passat

I have a 2005 nissan Altima and I have been hearing noises coming from the front end of my car when I shift to Reverse and Drive. I also hear this same noise when while driving at low speeds.

Test ... Nissan Altima

My 2010 kia sedona is making a whinning noise... It has 63,000 miles on it... U can here the noise while driving and while its stop.. When I slow down or stop and start driving again it makes the noise louder..also when I driving down the road people can hear it... Any suggestions???

... Cars & Trucks

My 2006 X-Terra just started to make a mild screeching noise once I begin to drive it right after the initial start-up. The noise does not appear again until I let it sit for a bit (like overnight or sitting all day at work) then go to drive it again. The noise is not persistent and I cannot hear it anymore after the initial start of my drive.

It sounds like a belt may be beginning to slip. Open the hood, take a flashlight and check all of your belts for glazing on the inside of the belt. Also check for fraying on the outside of the belt. Try to remember when you last changed your belt. ... 2006 Nissan Xterra

I have 2003 4 cylinder 5 speed front wheel drive Vue. When I am driving it I hear a mooning noise. This noise get louder the faster I drive. When I push in the clutch the noise doesn't stop.

Hi, I'm not sure what you mean by mooning noise, but I'm thinking you have a bad wheel bearing. Does it quiet down when making turns in a certain direction? If yes, it is a front wheel bearing. See if you can listen to tell if it's the right or le ... 2003 Saturn VUE

High squeal noise coming from rt front end. only when i drive over 25 mph. only forward not when driving backward. changed brakes. sound stops below 20mph. seems to be coming from underneath car...not in engine area. cannot hear when hood is raised. does not make noise when car is in park and engine is reved up to same rpms. which are about 2.5. only makes noise when actually driving car.

It's the hanger bearing between the 2 driveshafts midway down the vehical had the same problem ... 2006 Chevrolet Equinox

I have a 1999 kia sportage four wheel drive and it will go into four wheel drive sometimes,you can hear it trying to kick in.the front drive shaft goes around all the time it is trying.it makes a faint grinding noise when it don't kick in but no noise after it goes into four wheel drive.i read somewhere on another post about a vacuum line that operates the four wheel drive on these cars can you give me some insight as to what might be wrong?.

Vacume line is leaking and do not engaga fully. Vacume pipe an front wheels. 2 pipes 1 for brakes 1 for vacume. Pipe (rubber) connect by means of pushing it over the steel pipe. Easy to replace. Willem SA ... 2002 Kia Sedona

When I step on the gas there is a clicking noise coming from the rear of the vehicle. I don't have 4W drive. The clicking noise stops as long as I do not accellerate. If I am driving for a while you can't hear the noise but if I have to stop and accellerate again it makes the noise again. what is causing this

In this case i would suspect a rear exhaust box or middle box,and the main cause is non kia part ,but its not a problem keep driving and enjoy unless you want to replace with a kia system.adrian,,,,,,,,,,, ... 2003 Kia Sorento

Noise When driving on the highway, there is a loud noise. It is consistent and has the same rhythm as the wheels turning. It is not a clatetering sound, but a smooth noise. I recently had some work done, as the frame was pressing down on the tires and preventing movement(after an accident). But I don't hear the noise when driving under 80kmh.

Might be wheel bearing ... 1999 Pontiac Sunfire

Bearing noise I sometime hear a kind of a bearing noise when i am accelerating on the road. Then I stop the van on the side of the road ,put it on park and shut of the engine. After restarting the engine if I still hear that noise and want to drive again then the transmission switch rufly at all the 4 speed. If instead the noise dissapeared , everything after is ok. It is in intermitent problem. Would you now what defective part could affect the transmission shifting ????? would it be the altern

Thanks for trying Ajkill, it is not a wheel bearing problem. I still hearing the noise aven when I am on Park and rising the engine.\015\012I am quite shure that it is an electronic problem. Please somebidy help me !!!! ... 2000 Pontiac Montana

03 Toyota mr2, clutch noise. clutch replaced a year prior. 2 weeks before i heard some noise when shifting. 1 week before it was hard to shift a few times. then one night after driving home i parked and then tried to leave the car was in n. and tried to shift and it just grinded the gears. figured out that if i start the car in gear it would drive. in N. the car does not make any noise. with the clutch completely in the noise i hear is like a sander on a spinning disc. with the clutch in the gra

I hope its your release bearing, but I had this same issue with my Audi and it turned out to be I need a new transmission, the gears are not catching it sounds like. your synchros may also be off. Does it do this in every gear, and once it does move, ... 2002 Toyota MR2 Spyder

Hello, I purchased a 2003 Hyundai XG350 last month. When I start the car, put AC or defrost on, and then start driving there is a screeching noise that lasts for 10 seconds and then goes away. If I stop the car and then restart within roughly 30 minutes, I do not hear the screeching noise. If I leave the car off for about 30-45 minutes, the noise returns the next time I start the car and start driving. The dealer has replaced the serpentine belt, but still the screeching noise is there. Thank yo

See if it goes away when you turn the A/C off. The a/c comes on when you sre in the defrost so yo don't hit the windshield with hot air. The screaching is more than likely the A/C clutch trying to engage, that why it was overlooked or ignored by the ... Hyundai Motor 2003 XG350

My 1984 mustang only has 60,000 miles. When i put my car into drive I hear a loud noise coming from the engine. it has enough oil, its not the brakes, or driving belt. the car drives fine, like nothin

Not much we can do without knowing where the noise is coming from. It could be something rubbing because the engine is shifting. It could be moving around when in drive such as a weak motor mount. Or the crankshaft could be moving under load.Y ... Cars & Trucks

Problem I have isuzu trooper 2000 every time i start moving i hear noise coming from under my feet where is the brake padel and after driving for while and push pade brake I hear same noise again, i really don't know what is that noise so please help me with this problem. Thank

I have a 92 trooper with the same problem but i also feel it thru my pedal. after 3 master cylinders, abs brain and proportional valve i still have "soft" brake pedal and the truck sits in my driveway. doeas your brakes "give" or feel as if they will ... 2000 Isuzu Trooper

My 1998 ford explorer makes a loud noise (like an plane landing,when i take my foot of the accelerator, when i try to turn left or right it makes a loud grinding noise and won't move forward, it has only recently started to do this, it doesn't do it all the time maybe once or twice a day. When i stop the vehicle and change into neutral & select the 4 wheel drive selector by putting it into high or low 4x4 i hear a bang noise, then when i try to drive it is O K but then when i try to stop the noi

I would say your transfer case is on its way out. but it is hard to say that is a lot of info to take in but ya i say tranfer case is toste ... 1999 Ford Explorer
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