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The heater motor quits blowing 1999 Suburban

\015 The blower would quit and when you restart it it would start working again.Now it doesn't work at all.\015 Posted / edited by AnonymousUser on : 22-01-2018

Answers :

Hi, the e class has a motor located under the passenger footwell if you reove the cover you will see a squre box remove the hex screws to gain access to the motor ***, there are two parts available, one is the motor unit the other is the speed control unit, 9 times out of ten it is the motor that is faulty, however the speed resistor can also produce the problem if like me you dont want to get a large billl from the merc dealer i would change the motor, again secured with hex head screws the speed resistor is secured to it by two hex heads, if you are in the uk i can let you know where to get a second hand motor from they are easy to fit and only two wires,i hope this is of help to you if you need any more info let me know.the hex head key size is T20.
Need to take test light to the blower motor to see if its getting any power if it is blower motor needs to be replaced if there is no power check fuses if they are good it is a relay switch
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The heater motor quits blowing 1999 Suburban

Hi, the e class has a motor located under the passenger footwell if you reove the cover you will see a squre box remove the hex screws to gain access to the motor ***, there are two parts available, one is the motor unit the other is the speed contro ... 1999 Mercedes-Benz E-Class

The steps please to remove the heater blower motor on a 1995 Park Ave. The check engine light comes on readily when driving or idling. The numerical external temperature/heater temperature setting somethime flash. The bower quits blowing but will randomily restart blowing heat on its own. Occasionally cool air will come out instead of heated air. Sometimes the heater will not come on and blow warm air at all. Sometimes the blower pulsates on strongly for a few minutes then backs off. The temp

Disconnect the negative battery cable. \012Disconnect the blower motor lead connector from the wiring harness connector. \012Remove the blower motor cooling tube from the blower motor. \012 ... 1995 Buick Park Avenue

I have a 2004 Subaru Forester and the vents just quit blowing, nothing from from the heater, defrost, or a/c. It didn't 'slowly' go out, it just stopped blowing. I called Subaru and the said it was 'probably' the blower motor and it would be and expensive fix due to the fact that the dash has to be removed. Can anyone confirm this for me? Is this something that I could do with the help of a manual?

Yes it most likely is the blower motor, and it can be expensive to change.\015\012I don't know your level of automotive work, but its not an easy or quick job...that job calls for 1.3hrs labor ask the shop how much labor they are charging if t ... 2004 Subaru Forester

Heater quit working. Blower motor works but not blowing warm air.

Hello. Begin by replacing the thermostat. If you don't know how or where it is located, just ask at the auto parts store where you purchase it. Joe\012\0124 thumbs up please. ty ... 1999 Plymouth Grand Voyager

99 GMC Suburban K1500/4wd. Heat doesn;t work. Has coolant and I think it's a vacuum problem. I traced from the vaccuum canister to the what I THINK is the blend door actuator on FW, good pressure(vaccum) going in, but very little going into "head valve" that connects to heater hoses. Can quite tell if this controls door on inside of car as well - (there is an electrical wire connected to it). BUT the car has plenty of coolant, gets nice and hot, but cannot get heat to blow (in either front OR re

... 1999 GMC Suburban

My a/c blower has quit blowing. I have removed the blower motor and checked it out and it works. Could this be a relay issue? My a/c blower has quit blowing. I have removed the blower motor and checked it out and it works. My relay is new. Im not getting a ground to my blower motor. Where is the blower motor switch

... 2004 Mitsubishi Endeavor

Heater motor I have a 2001 F250 Superduty 7.3l diesel truck. In the mornings lately, it has been cold and i let the truck run to warm up but the motor doesn't blow and air out. Once the truck reaches a certain temperature, the heater motor starts working. Is that normal, do you have any suggestions if it is a problem. Blows air fine on hot days for A/C.

Test the circuit cold. (when the motor is not working) If power and grounds are good, replace the motor. When you have the blower motor out,check for any debri that has accumulated in the case. ... 2002 Ford F250 Super Duty SuperCab

I just replaced my 3.4 liter motor in my 2004 monte carlo and I need to figure out why the other motor over heated and blew a head gasket. Before I replaced the motor the heater was blowing cold air and now its blowing warm air out the passengers side and cold air out the drivers side. At normal running temps 1 hose to the heater core is hot and 1 is cold. I've backflushed the core and put a hose to it to make sure there was no blockage. The coolant sensor is working fine and I've got adaquate c

A little tip is to "vent" the topmost hot hose whith the engine running to clear any trapped air in system.....loosen the clip,whilst under pressure,wear rubber bloves cos it bloody hot....... ... 2004 Chevrolet Monte Carlo

05 Chevy truck, heater quit blowing hot on driver side only. Air conditioner works, but does sometimes quits on Driver side. I can turn off truck and air conditioner will start blowing cold again, but that does not work for the heater. Help, its getting cold, and I need the heater and defrost.

It is a common problem, the cause is a Temperature Control Actuator.In other cases, the dealer could said Module was bad... estimated 450-500 to fix. Try with this homework solution:1) Start truck2) A/C comes out defrost ... 2005 Chevrolet Silverado

I have a 2000 Saturn LW2 V6 3.0. My heater quit working 2 years ago so I did my hw and found it to be the blower motor resistor. Well, the heater quit again with the same symptoms as before...intermittance...sometimes it would work on all settings, sometimes not at all and would come on or tirn off as I was driving down the road. I replaces the resistor yesturday...today..NO HEAT! Could someone please give me a clue as to what could be causing this to happen? I say a short or the blower motor is

With the vehicle running and the blower switch set to high and the blower motor not working tap the bottom of the blower motor with the handle end of a screwdriver. If the blower starts to work it is bad. Usually the brushes are worn out and tapping ... 2000 Saturn L-Series

Blowing fuses for interior fan heater motor what is must likely problem / replace fuse for heater motor it works for a while and blowes again

Sounds like your blower motor is going bad,but also you need to for shorts in this wiring . ... 2001 Ferrari 550

A/c / heater isn't blowing very hard with new blower motor.

... 1990 Toyota Camry

Heater blower motor speed control problem. I installed a new heater blower motor. When turning key on motor blows hard for about 3 seconds then stops then comes on again for 2 seconds. Then drops down to its lowest speed. At that point not affected by control settings

Sounds to me like you have a resistance switch problem. The old cars had springs, i. e. resistors to control the speed of the motor. newer vehicles have electronic controlers, they can be very sensitive to corosion. first check the plug the replace t ... 1999 Oldsmobile Intrigue

I have a 1999 Dodge Ram pickup truck. The heater is not functioning properly. The heater core appears to be intact (no leaks) and is actually quite hot. Luke-warm air does blow from the floor and defroster vents. However, the center vents do not blow air at all, even when set (via the dash control unit) to exclusively blow from those vents. Any suggestions?

Heat/air blend door is most likely stuck and will need to be inspected from under the dash. it may also be in default mode because it has no vacuum supply to it. make sure you are getting vacuum from the motor into the cab to the heater control unit. ... 1999 Dodge Ram

2000 suburban ls. the vent wont change from heater to air. If i'm running the air and turn it to heat the vent still blows cool. If i'm running the heater and turn it off it still blow hot However if the heater is turned off and you turn the truck off for a few hours it will change back to cool. I changed the 3 knob controller in tthe dash. That didn't fix it. what would be me next step? Thanks


2002 ford taurus station wagon heater is blowing hot air intermitently. When driving at 70 mph the heater starts to work great. Slowing to stop and go traffic causes the heater to blow luke warm air. Could this be a broken actuator door motor?

... 2002 Ford Taurus

Well first the front air conditioner quit blowing all together... thought it was the blower motor ordered it didn't drive it for a week went replace the motor and it was blowing just not cold... but the rear air was working fine... now neither will blow cold.. and I checked the freon pressure with the front apron and the clutch would cycle on n off the stay on and the pressure would read 15 to 20... between I turn that off and check Tue rear air it doesn't read anything...

Your best bet would be to go in and get an estimate from a shop for the fix. You can never go wrong with just getting an experts opinion, and they will usually be "dumb"/ nice enough to tell you what you need to fix it. However knowing this it is mor ... Dodge Durango

On my 2000 Jimmy when I'm at low speeds in the city it usually blows quite warm out of the heater (not always). But suddenly it will quit blowing any heat at all. On the highway it just blows cold. The engine temp is right at normal. Any ideas ?

With the key in the off position; remove the RDO BAT fuse for at least 10 seconds then replace the fuse; turn on or start the vehicle and try the A/C aga ... 2000 GMC Jimmy

The fan on my 2005 Silverado quit working while the heat was on. The "4" speed hasn't worked for ever. It also use to just start blowing hot air just randomly, even when the AC was on. The other day the heater was on and the fan just quit working. It doesn't blow at all, regardless of what you're running, ie. AC, Defrost, etc.??????????

Check the blower speed selector switch, if it started not working on speed 4 , that is probably the cause.Also test the fan motor by energizing and check fuses. ... 2004 Chevrolet Silverado 1500 Crew Cab

We have a 1988 GMC K-5 blazer that the heater only works part of the time. Some times it will blow out air and some times it will not. I am thinking it is probably the blower motor. Where about in heater assembly is the blower motor located?? Thanks.

The blower motor should be located on passenger side under hood, attached to firewall with little screws. ... 1988 GMC Jimmy

Heater quit blowing hot air?

Have you ever overheated this engine? and did you use a OEM replacement thermostat from dealer these are frisky the thermostat has a lock tab on it's seal if not seated properly this can be a problem !!! I have delt with this 50 times or more!!!! ho ... 1999 Plymouth Breeze

I have a 91 Blazer that keeps blowing fuses for the heater blower motor. When I replace the fuse and turn the fan on it will work for about 4 or 5 minutes and then blow a fuse. does this sound like I need to replace the blower motor? If so how do i get it out and replaced?

Hello. Yes it sounds like the motor is shot. These are difficult to replace. I recommend going to an autobody shop to have the motor replaced. See what the price is on a rebuilt motor at an auto parts store and then see what the auto body shop w ... Chevrolet Blazer

Car overheats new radiator 2 t stats diffrent eng new water pump, had same problem with first motor cust cooked first motor filled cooling system with radicat plus overheats sitting in shop heats up real fast upper and lower hose stays cold also radiator is cold heater blows good and hot and both heater tubes are hot any ideas

Okay sounds like you have a clog within the system, first of all, drain the whole cooling system, run clean water thought the top of the radiator, look to see when the water comes out nice clear, replace the lower hose if you have a petcock close tha ... 2001 Chevrolet Cavalier

Heater quit My heater quit blowing. Do I have to have the whole blower unit replaced?

The motor goes bad because leaves and such make their way down and clog \015\012it's air intake. Pick up a new one at your local auto parts store.\015\012\015\012It's four screws on the motor housing, located under the glove box (2 screws ... 2000 Isuzu Rodeo

Heater blower motor quit. Replaced relay, motor, resister, worked then quit when cruise control turned on.

Check blower motor fuse. ... 1997 Chevrolet S-10 Pickup
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