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My fan belt has snapped and cant work out how the new one fits on a mercedes e280

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My fan belt has snapped and cant work out how the new one fits on a mercedes e280

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Renault Megane Scenic 1.9 DTI Year 2000 model (not common rail) with air con. Auxilary belt snapped, new one fitted but the glow plug warning/ engine management comes after half a mile driving, at the same time the turbo seems to stop working and the car will not rev over 3000 rpm even in first or second gear. If you switch the ignition off, the fault clears but then comes back again after half a mile driving. Any ideas what the proble is?

... Renault Sport

Hi got a 96 850 diesel estate the fuel pump timing belt snapped had new one fitted plus new cam belt all timing reset but mecanic can only get it running ticking over wont rev and smokes checked timing no joy any ideas thanks

Sounds like the mechanic has to go back and figure it out. For all we know the valves are bent now and you may have a hole in a piston. We have no idea since we have no diagnostic data to go off of. \015\012Maybe the belt was put on wrong. ... 1996 Volvo 850

My 1994 Geo Tracker was running fine for a while, but then it up and died on me. So we went and put a new belt on it, and that didn't work. We got a another belt cuz the one snapped, and we also replaced the alternator and the battery. Then when we tried to start it up it still doesn't charge the battery. Recently we tried again and it blew a fuse. When we replaced the fuse it popped again. I don't know what to do cuz I'm car stupid. Please help.

You have a short in your wiring. Which fuse is popping? ... 1994 Geo Tracker

Hello. I am having constant problems with my 1997 chevy cavalier serpentine belt. My old wrecked belt was working fine but when it started wearing too thin i got a new one. As soon as the new one was put in it starting squealing very loudly when i accelerated. My mechanic used sandpaper to wear down the edges of the belt a bit and that worked at first but the loud squealing returned. This time i used sandpaper to eliminate the noise but i guess i used it too much because the belt soon shredded

Has anyone checked the tensioner and pulley.th etensioner should operate smooth and without any side play. if the belt is too long, the tensioner will not be able to pull out the "slack" in the belt. the tensioner will have a mark of where it should ... Chevrolet Cavalier

Belt issues. I have a 97 pontiac grand prix gtp. I recently had a tensioner pully break off for the supecharger. It was one of the old plastic pully's I replaced it with a new metal one and a new belt we got it on and its running fine. But... I noticed that the accessory belt was not spining. I noticed that the crank was moving ok but for some reason the belt was not. I live in northern new york and theres tons of snow and im thinkn maybe one of the days I worked on the car maybe some snow got i

Hi, I can only think of one thing that can be causing your problem. Inspect the harmonic balancer's outer inertia ring and the rubber bonding material that holds it to the balancer. If the rubber bond is broken or severely cracked and deteriorated, t ... 1997 Pontiac Grand Prix

I have a 1985 mercedes 380sl. (100,000 miles) I just replaced the fuel filter and now it ehausts heavy white smoke. it does not smell like antifreeze! it was immediate..the old and new filters are OEM mercedes parts, however the new one seemed to install opposite of the old one ( no arrow to show the flow on the new one) note: the hose fitting seemed to be installed on the opposite end compared to the old one, but again, no arrow to indicate the flow...any help on this one?? thanks

Due to the design of the fuel the filter can't be installed backwards, this is true of all MB fuel filters. Ok that said. a fuel filter will never cause white smoke, that has to be from oil or coolant entering the engines combustion chambers, if it i ... Mercedes-Benz SL-Class

Charade g100rs how to set up camshaft and crankshaft to fit new timing belt as old one snapped when undoing crankshaft bolt.

... Cars & Trucks

Fit alternator Alternater belt snapped so i need to no the correct configeration round the pulleys to refitt the new one

... Cars & Trucks

I have a for ford transit 350 van x reg year 2000 my fan belt has snapped i have a new 1 but need a diagram to fit if please if any one can help

... 2000 Ford Expedition

I have C 230 mercedes-benz 2007.About 2 months ago it stopped working suddenly, engine didn't start up. they said in mercedes service center, that it was caused by engine processor (computer) and replaced it with new one. After that my car worked properly for approximately 3 weeks and than it stopped working again in a same way as the first time. Would you be so kind to answer me on the following questions: 1. is it possible that new engine-processor was faulty? 2. how do you think may this

... 2007 Mercedes-Benz C230 Sedan

Gas cap locked on 1999 mercedes e320, I got it off with pliers, but it will not fit on again. I bought new cap from Mercedes and it went on perfectly. When I went to get gas again, the new cap would not come off just as the old one did. Had to use pliers again and now cannot get the new one back on.

You need a dealer or shop to look at this. Not sure what you are doing here. ... Cars & Trucks

Belt snapped looking for a picture where the pulleys are so i can see how to put this belt on. Its the one for the alternator.The other belt is still there and operational. I need to see how to take the other belt off to put the new one on. Also is there a tension pully there? If there is;is it supposed to be in a fixed position when there is no belt there? That's why i need to see a picture of it. Unless you can tell me.

U dont need no diagram or picture to change the belt just look how your old one is on there and change the belt by unscrewing the alternator bolts and push the alternator down and take the belt off. ... 2004 Nissan Sentra

The starter on my 3.3 V6 will only grunt if you hit it with a hammer. The battery is brand new and the front belt is off. I am out of work right now but also do not want to buy a starter that will not turn the motor over close to a new one. I can buy a remanufactured for $72 or a cheaper one at $60 at Auto Zone. Napa has one at $73. Another local parts store has one that they claim is rebuilt for Only $40 with a one year warranty, from USA parts. Does anyone have any experience with these starte

When i was younger i did the same as you, a few time,, answer is you need a new starter,, brushes are shot, many miles on that starter, i bet,, there all good, go with new , but cheap, the more you spend you uselly get a longer warrenty, thats it for ... Oldsmobile Cutlass Ciera

My son has a 95 cadillac eldorado. We took it up to Autozone and they notice the serpentine belt was not working so we had it changed it worked for five secoonds and stop so the auto zone worker said it might be the tensioner so we bought a new one and he installed it , worked for five seconds again and starting smoking and stop. What are we doing wrong that the belt is not staying tight and working

Your a/c compressor bearing is locked up,remove the belt and try to turn the compressor and look at it and see if it looks like it has been hot,I hope this helps you ... Cadillac Eldorado

Reversing light i have a ford escort p reg hatchback. the reversing light switch does not work. i have a new one but the on the car is a spade fitting and the new one is pin.this is the only one listed what do i do.. ****?

You can try to get another type of replacement, or you can cut the spade fitting off of the car harness and put on a pin connector and hook up the one you have, make sure you have the right pin connector, can be found on help isle at autozone ... 1996 Ford Escort 4 Door

My 97 miata has been having terrible squeaking noises coming from alternator belt area. put new belt on and still squealed then snapped off!!! Put another new one on less tight and the pulley for the alternator got really hot in seconds but other pulleys are cool to touch! The pulley spins but not quite as fast as the belt so it slips. alternator charges just fine! Help!

The alternator is loading up too much for some reason. \015\012Had the same issue on my friend's 2001 Mazda Protege. Turned out the voltage regulator in the alternator was faulty. Had the alternator rebuilt. A week later, it acted up again! The ... 1997 Mazda MX-5 Miata

I have a citeron berlingo , a new fan belt has been fitted 3 weeks ago and has disintigrated and has wrapped its self around all the pully systems , the cam belt has broken and camshaft has snapped writing off the engine . the dealer has said that the fan belt snapping has not caused the other damage , I need to know if it is possable for it to have caused the extra damage and possabely what to do next , if he keeps denying it

... Cadillac XTS

My ford telstar gd model f8 engine. i have replaced in new slave sylinder after the old one was damaged.i bought new one and fitted it on but can not have pressor on my clutch its still on the floor. no matter how much i have tried to bleed it but still can not work. can some one give me help

... 1986 Ford F 250

I replaced the right front cv axle on my 2000 Chevy Tracker with a new axle. The axle keeps pulling away from the wheel hub pushing the snap ring on the outer portion of the shaft out of its groove. I've tried 2 new axles and they both did the same thing. The snap rings are replaced with new ones each time. What could be causing this problem? Is the auto parts store giving me the wrong axle? I am contemplating getting a remanufactured axle instead, at least I would know for sure it had fit and r

Reason u replaced the cv the first time ?? problem could be the hub has play or trans/engine mount went bad causing the motor and trans unit to flex under acceleration and braking-- check ur axle lengths by measuring old original to the new ones befo ... 2000 Chevrolet Tracker

I'm trying to switch the belt that is on the alternator. The previous belt was loose enough to pull right off. Now i'm stuck because I haven't the slightest idea of how to slide the alternator to get the new belt on and fitting properly. There is one side bolt and one top bolt attached to the alternator and when taken off the alternator remains solid and will not slide down. I believe i'm missing something in the process.

HI, this video will show you how to remove the alternator in your Camry.\012 ... 1993 Toyota Camry V6

Peugeot 206 (manual, 2002) - fitting a new fan belt I have removed the old belt and want to know how to thread the new one. Is there an online diagram I can reference? Also, I need to locate the manual belt tensioner - do I need a specific tool for tis? many thanks ... handyman

For your car, you need a repair manual for the diagram if it's not under your hood on a decal. And yes, you may need a special tool for the tensioner. see if Chilton has a repair manual for your specific car. ... Peugeot Liberte

I have a 1992 Lincoln Town-Car. My serpentine belt popped. I than replaced the belt with another one. The belt popped once again. Next I replaced the whole belt tensioner unit, and installed a new belt. Once again the belt was still receiving to much tension causing the engine to stall and the belt once again to pop. My Lincoln Town-Car's manufacture date is august 1991. Please help!! I am in a state outside of my own, and I will have to be working outside in the snow. I am basically stranded a

Check all pulleys buy hand to see if they are in line and ok. also if the belt keeps coming off. are you sure you are routing the belt right!! ... 1992 Lincoln Town Car

I was trying to replace the old seat belt with a new one because the old one is tore up a little but now both the belts locked up on me and i cant get it to pull or unwind off the reel..is there an easy fix to get the seatbelt working again and how?

Remove the "loose" end(not connected to the mechanism) of the belt from its mounting point. Let the belt retract a little and then try pulling it again, this time slowly. Unroll the belt completely and make sure it has not twisted in the reel. If the ... Nissan Sentra

My third brake light is not working i need a new fuse the one i bought does not fit help? The fuse that the auto parts store told me was the one was not? I do not know what else to try will it work without a fuse or no? I have replaced the entire light fixture and figured out there was no fuse whatsoever so please help me

Need a fuse there are usually extra ones in the fuse box or just go and get correct sized fuse ... 1999 Chevrolet Blazer
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