Having problems with your 1999 Lexus ES 300 ?

I think I have a blown fuse in my 99 ES 900

\015 My outside rearview mirrors do not move, the clock is out and the cigarette lighter outlet have all stopped working on my 1999 Lexus ES 300. I have been told it's proably a fuse and wanted to know if that was the case? Also, which fuse would I need to replace and is it in the interior fuse box or the one in the engine?\015 Posted / edited by AnonymousUser on : 22-01-2018

Answers :

It would be in the interior fuse box some where near the drivers feet or door. there is a key on the cover that should say mirrors
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Hi i was changing the radio for another one and the fuse has blown due to which the alarm does not arm and disarm with remote and interior light dont work either so i think it is a fuse but i cant locate the blown fuse which i checked under the bonnet, is there another location for this fuse, thanks

Try looking under the left side of the dash. cheers ... Mazda 323

When I hook my travel trailer seven pin plug to my 2008 Nissan truck seven pin receptical, all lights work but the running lgts on my T.T; I think a fuse is blown, but I cannot find a blown fuse in the truck fuse box. Is there a in-line fuse in the tow package harness:

The fuse for the trailer tail lights is #36, a 10 amp fuse located in the IPDM/ER. That is the plastic box back of the battery. This will be the problem Tim ... Nissan Titan

30amp aux fuse blown 20 amp brake/hazz and 20amp turn blown 30amp brake blown i'm thinking bare spot in wireing someware what do you think?

That is a lot of blown fuses, start with grounds engine to batt and engine to body, then battery main to starter, i have a suspicion that when you crank the truck the voltage is being routed into the body and light circuits ... 1997 GMC Sierra

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2002 GMC Sonoma, 2200 4 cylinder: My heater worked fine last night, but this morning no go. Dials do nothing, so I check my fuses. My HVAC 30a fuse in the engine compartment fuse box is blown, so I replaced it with a spare. Of course, I didn't check to see if it was bad before trying the heater, and it blew as well. I either have something else wrong, or I replaced it with a bad fuse. While I hope it was a bad fuse the second time around, I don't think it was. It was in the "Spare Fuse" sect

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1995 honda accord. blows fuse when i put car in D4 and barely begin to accelerate. This fuse also cuts power to alternator so it stops charging. Car will not shift properly after fuse blows. I can manually put shift selector lever in 1st or 2nd but I believe it only shifts into second gear in either position. In D3 or D4 when fuse is blown it will not shift. It remains in 3rd gear or maybe 4th. Hard to tell which gear. This is my friends car, no diagram for interior fuse box, but I think i

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Subaru Fuse Hi...I have a Subaru Legacy GT 2002...I think I've blown a fuse when the cigarette lighter got stuck in the 'on' position and now my - Air-Con,Wing Mirrors, and Cigarette lighters dont work. How do I check for the fuse and what tell tail signs would there be of a fuse that needs replacing and what kind of fuse would that be?

Use your car manual and locate the fuse box then use the diagram on the fuse box to show you which fuse is for the lighter and remove it and fit a new one and you should be good to go ... 2002 Subaru Legacy

The automatic door locks, clock, radio, and interior lights in my car all went out at the same time. I think it might be a blown fuse or fuses, but When I look in the fuse box I cannot tell which fuse is for what because I cannot tell what the different abbreviations mean. The car manual does not give this information in it.

Hope this helps ... 1991 Buick Century

To whom it may concern : where can i get a fuse diagram for my 1999 dodge caravan ? The fuse panel cover is missing on the inside fuse block. And the rear wings on the van won't open or close and i tend to think that it might be a blown fuse could you please help

Best place to find the diagram you need, plus a lot of additional useful information is by registering for free at autozone.com The registration gives you access to dozens of free ... 1999 Plymouth Grand Voyager

I had my car stored for 6 months, battery disconnected and when I reattached it inside lights etc. came on but not enough juice to turn it over. Attached a battery charger which charged the battery to 80% then all went dead. I checked the small fuses in the fuse box and all ok. There are two large silver fuses on the left of the box. I think they're 20 amp fuses. Is there a way to tell if they have blown? Any other ideas what might have happened? Thanks

Yeah your battery is crossed time for a new one as for those fuses they should have a little window on them top part for you to see if they are blown ... 2007 Chevrolet Blazer

I have a problem with the anti lock brakes and think the fuse is blown. Not sure which fuse it is or where the fuse is located. Can I drive the truck safely without the fuse being in it?

You should have 2 places for fuses. One is inside on the drivers side on the side of the dash. It should include a diagram. The other is a black box under the hood also on drivers side and this too should have a diagram inside lid. Good luck! ... 1998 Chevrolet K1500

Blinker stopped working, but the hazard lights still work - I think it's a blown fuse but how and where do I fix the fuse

There is 2 different flashers. One flasher for the turn signals and one flasher for the hazards. If you turn on the turn signals and the turn indicator on the dash lights up but doesn't blink, then most likely it is the turn signal flasher that is ba ... 1998 Chrysler Sebring

I think I have blown a fuse however I do not know which fuse to replace. My trunk no longer pops open when I click my handheld clicker or the emergency trunk release button near the steering wheel. In addition, I have some interior lights that are out (the lights on the gear shift panel, the light for my dashboard clock, and the lights for my heating console. The lighting issue and the trunk popping issue both occurred at the same time. Can you please advise me which fuse number in which fus

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I have a 2004 ford eddie bauier expedition and I think the fuse to my headlights and high beam light has blown. We bought it used and we do not have the owners manuel. I need to kow which # is the fuse is the headlight fuse. Thank you

Hi, you can get a free manual here: http://www.motorcraftservice.com/pubs/content/~WO4EXD/~MUS~LEN/41/04exdog3e.pdf\0 ... 2004 Ford Expedition

Hi, I have a 1996 Ford EF Falcon, and just recently, the 30amp fuse which controls the Park lights/Hazards/Dashboard blew. Each time i replace and put a new 30 amp fuse, it keeps blowing. The head lights work, but park lights/tail light dont work since the fuse is blown. i have checked the globes for the park lights and tail lights, and are fine. Can you point me in the right direction please, as to what you may think is the problem? Regards, Tg101

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I have a matrix xr 2005, we blew the fuse to the radio and dash clock,the manual we received has a different setup to the under dash fuse box, ours doesn't have a piece that you drop down to get at the fusebox, and i'm not sure how to get at it to get to the #31 fuse which i think is blown, already tried #8,#10 in box by motor but no success, thanks for your help thanks larry

Use the covers in the fuse boxes and replace the dome light fuse, there is a rule all the components inside the car are powered by the fuses inside the car. All the systems in the engine are powered by the engine fuse box. ... 2005 Toyota Matrix

I have a 97 jeep wrangler, its a 2.5 liter 4cyl 5 speed. It has a starting issue now and again, it won't turn over lights and all electrical turns on but it just wont turn. When fuses are checked the start fuse is blown. I replaced the starter thinking that this may help the situation but unfortunately it hasn't, my jeep still seems to be burning up the start fuse. Could there possibly be something such as a short? that causes this to keep happening? please help i'm tired of pushing my jeep and

First thing you should do is check the starter draw. A simple way of doing that is to put a volt meter on the battery and crank the engine over. Volts should not drop below 9.5 while cranking.Since you replaced the starter, though some can be defecti ... 1997 Jeep Wrangler

Fuses The radiio and dome light in my 1995 ford contour do not work. I think it is a blown fuse, but there is no diagram showing which fuse goes to what and there is no owners manual.

I just had the same problem. Instrument panel fusebox, below the dash, drivers side, 5th fuse from the right, bottom row, 7.5amp. ... 1995 Ford Contour

I just want to plug in my cell fone adapter into my Corolla Toyota to charge the cell fone when all of a sudden the CD/Radio and clock kaput, stopped working. Now my CE/AM/FM + clock watch + car charger NO LONGER work. thinking it might be a fuse blow out, i then check 1 by 1 all the fuses in the fusebox under the hood but they ALL look good though!! None of the fuses are burnt out, or blown... What could be the problem?? thank you very much for your help..

It is a fuse that has blown. The fusebox containing the fuse is inside the vehicle... not under the hood.Check under the driver's side dash - or consult your owner's manual.It will be a red 10A fuse.Thanks f ... Toyota Corolla

The headlights for my 1995 buick riviera and dash lights no longer i think its tha fuse because breaklights still work and so d the high beams does it mean the fuse is blown if so where do i find the fuse in my car?

... 1995 Buick Riviera

I think I blew the fuse for my stereo, but i dont know where the blown fuse is at. I looked in the normak fuse panel under the dash on the left, but couldn't find it.

Pull the receiver out of the dash. there is a fuse in the stereo itself. ... 2003 Ford Focus

Cigarette lighter and door mirror adjustment won't work - reason to believe a blown fuse. Checked the fuses under the hood, and they all read 0 ohms. Where could other fuses be, or could there be a different problem?

Check under the dash to the left of the steering column. (You may have to remove a plastic cover.) Using a test light (grounded) with a sharp point touch the metal contacts on each side of the fuse. Both sides should light the test light on a live ... 1997 Toyota Camry

Autozone said the OBD2 connector.. or DLC.. whatever it's called, is not getting power to it when he tried plugging the tool in to see why my check engine light is on. He had asked if I hooked up a stereo or anything recently, which makes me think it may be a blown fuse? I haven't hooked up a stereo recently, but when he said that, I thought about how my cigarette lighter doesn't work any more for some reason. If it's possible that it is a fuse, which fuse is it? I cannot find my manual and the

Used a test light with key on, if no light at test light on both proms on fuse, remove and check blown fuse, also some may not have voltage, turn head light's on, could be head light fuse, should come on with light's on, but it's best to just pull fu ... 1996 Chevrolet Cavalier

I accidentally closed the electrical cord for my trailer hitch in the door and it caused my break lights and turn signals to go out. We think it grounded and blew a fuse, so we replaced the only fuse we saw that was blown. This fixed the turn signals, but not the break lights. Is it a relay issue? Is there another fuse box located someplace other than under the hood?

There is a fuse box behind your glove box that has a fuse for your break lights ... 2003 Jeep Wrangler
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