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Which fuse cavity is designated for the fuel pump?

\015 Which fuse cavity is designated for the fuel pump on a 1999 jeep grand cherokee?\015 Posted / edited by AnonymousUser on : 22-01-2018

Answers :

\015\012\015\012\015\012\015\012Cavity\015\012Fuse\015\012Color\015\012Description\015\012\015\012F1\015\012--\015\012--\015\012Spare\015\012\015\012F2\015\012--\015\012--\015\012Spare\015\012\015\012F3\015\01210 Amp\015\012Red\015\012Headlight high beam left\015\012\015\012F4\015\01215 Amp\015\012Lt. Blue\015\012Flasher (see Junction Block diagram above for location of turn signal Flasher relay - p/n 4686094)\015\012\015\012F5\015\01225 Amp\015\012Natural\015\012Radio amplifier\015\012\015\012F6\015\01215 Amp\015\012Lt. Blue\015\012Park lamps\015\012\015\012F7\015\01210 Amp\015\012Red\015\012Interior lights\015\012\015\012F8\015\01215 Amp\015\012Lt. Blue\015\012Overhead console, rear wiper, IP lights, rear flipper glass solenoid, power locks\015\012\015\012F9\015\01220 Amp\015\012Yellow\015\012Power outlets\015\012\015\012F10\015\01220 Amp\015\012Yellow\015\012Adjustable pedals (2002-2004 only)\015\012\015\012F11\015\01210 Amp\015\012Red\015\012Rear window defrost indicator\015\012\015\012F12\015\01210 Amp\015\012Red\015\012Auto shutdown relay / "Fuel"\015\012\015\012F13\015\012--\015\012--\015\012Spare\015\012\015\012F14\015\01210 Amp\015\012Red\015\012Headlight low, left\015\012\015\012F15\015\01210 Amp\015\012Red\015\012Headlight low, right\015\012\015\012F16\015\01210 Amp\015\012Red\015\012Headlight high, right\015\012\015\012F17\015\01210 Amp\015\012Red\015\012Instrument cluster, diagnostic connector\015\012\015\012F18\015\01230 Amp\015\012?\015\012Trailer tow\015\012\015\012F19\015\01210 Amp\015\012Red\015\012Anti-lock brakes\015\012\015\012F20\015\01210 Amp\015\012Red\015\012Ignition Run / Heated seats\015\012\015\012F21\015\01210 Amp\015\012Red\015\012Ignition Run / Start - PDC (Power Distribution Center)\015\012\015\012F22\015\01210 Amp\015\012Red\015\012Ignition Run / Start\015\012\015\012F23\015\01215 Amp\015\012Lt. Blue\015\012Brake switch\015\012\015\012F24\015\01215 Amp\015\012Lt. Blue\015\012Foglamps\015\012\015\012F25\015\01220 Amp\015\012Yellow\015\012Accessory delay relay (sunroof)\015\012\015\012F26\015\01215 Amp\015\012Lt. Blue\015\012Cigar\015\012\015\012F27\015\01215 Amp\015\012Lt. Blue\015\012Rear fog (export)\015\012\015\012F28\015\01210 Amp\015\012Red\015\012Body Control Module, Acc/Run\015\012\015\012F29\015\01210 Amp\015\012Red\015\012Rear wiper switch. washer motors\015\012\015\012F30\015\01215 Amp\015\012Lt. Blue\015\012Radio\015\012\015\012F31\015\01210 Amp\015\012Red\015\012Ignition Start\015\012\015\012F32\015\01210 Amp\015\012Red\015\012Ignition Run / Start - Airbag\015\012\015\012F33\015\01210 Amp\015\012Red\015\012Ignition Run / Only - Airbag\015\012\015\012C1\015\01220 Amp\015\012Yellow\015\012Wiper (Circuit Breaker)\015\012\015\012C2\015\01220 Amp\015\012Yellow\015\012Seats (Circuit Breaker)\015\012
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Which fuse cavity is designated for the fuel pump?

\015\012\015\012\015\012\015\012Cavity\015\012Fuse\015\012Color\015\012Description\015\012\015\012F1\015\012--\015\012--\015\012Spare\015\012\015\012F2\015\012--\015\012--\015\012Spare\015\012\015\012F3\015\012 ... 1999 Jeep Grand Cherokee

90' Ford F150 Lariat 4.9 inline 6 cyl w/ EFI and 2 fuel tanks. I'm stumped! Where is the fuel pump fuse?! There has to be one , right? I know there's a relay (under hood), but there is no designation for fuel pump fuse under the dash on drivers side, just the tank selector switch fuse. Is there an inline fuse somewhere? Where should i look to find the fuel pump fuse? H-E-L-P. Thanks in advance.

The fuse for the fuel pump is pretty much the toggle switch between tanks, if that goes out, you will not have either tank.. IF you had an accident, there is a kill switch somewhere behind the dash on that truck that disables the fuel pump and must ... 1990 Ford F150

Fuel pump runs constantly with key on engine off. pulled fuel pump relay and fp fuse on firewall and pump still runs and engine will run. pulled guage fuse in dash and pump quits. reconnect fuel pump fuse and relay with gauge fuse out and pump turns on for 5-7 seconds with key on and starts and runs. turn key off and fuel pump runs for 10-15 seconds. any thoughts on a back feed through guage fuse?

Gauge fuse runs a fuel module that is installed to correct vapor lock. This module is what is running the pump. This module, called the hot fuel module is mounted on the passenger side behind the dash above the blower motor. ... 1989 Chevrolet K3500

I can't find the fuel pump fuse for my 95 SC2. I want to replace the fuel filter, and I'd like to release the pressure on the fuel line by pulling the fuel pump fuse and then running the engine until it's out of gas. The under hood fuse box on the 95 SC2 shows all kinds of fuse labels, but nothing really looks like "fuel pump". I thought I'd be able to find a diagram on the web but not such luck. Any one know where the fuel pump fuse is?

... 1995 Saturn Sl

1993 Buick Roadmaster keeps on blowing fuel pump/ecm in-line 20 amp fuse. Car stalled out in a parking lot, would not start, no fuel. Changed fuel pump, fuel filter, fuel pump relay. Found fuel pump/ecm in-line 20A fuse keeps on blowing when I turn key on. Looked all over for shorts, disconnected oil pressure/ fuel pump cutoff switch, changed fuel pump relay, fuel pump is disconnected at tank at present, still blows fuse. Please help as I cannot afford to take car to shop and presently working

You said the fuel pump is disconnected at present and the fuse still blows so I am thinking you have a dead ground in the fuel circuit maybe a wire is pinched after the fuse and before the pump. Check along the frame for this and make sure all of you ... Cars & Trucks

2000 S10 4.3L Fuel pump stopped working out of the blue. We Put a new Fuel Pump in, new harnes to fuel pump, new fuel filter, new relay, new fuses in IGN C and ECM B fuses. Still the pump will not turn on. We traced the wires and found that the gray wire to the pump is not getting power. Float on pump is working but not the pump itself. We traced it to the fuse box under the hood and tested it the and still no power. Double checked the fuses, Can feel the Relay clicking when key is turned on. Pl

Did you verify that the relay terminals have the appropriate signals to them? \015\012\015\012\015\012\015\012ECM fuse B (20-amp) should provide power at all times to the orange wire of th ... 1999 GMC Safari

2000 S10 4.3L Fuel pump stopped working out of the blue. We Put a new Fuel Pump in, new harnes to fuel pump, new fuel filter, new relay, new fuses in IGN C and ECM B fuses. Still the pump will not turn on. We traced the wires and found that the gray wire to the pump is not getting power. Float on pump is working but not the pump itself. We traced it to the fuse box under the hood and tested it the and still no power. Double checked the fuses, Can feel the Relay clicking when key is turned on. Pl

At the fuel pump relay you should have 1 full time hot wire. 1 hot wire when you turn on the switch. 1 ground, and the other wire goes to the pump. Test the ground to be sure it is good. If so then jump a hot to the one that goes to the pump and see ... 2000 Chevrolet S-10

How do you fix a fuel pump on 2000 Pontiac Sunfire? Well, I think that is what the problem is...the car turns over but won't start. (battery is new and the starter is fine) It seems like it's not getting fuel...would the fuel pump be the problem? I've checked all the fuses...the 15 amp fuse on the instrument fuse panel labeled FUEL PUMP is fine. There is one more rectangular relay or fuse? (not sure what it's called) in the engine compartment fuse block, labeled FUEL PUMP but I don't know how to

Yes - that relay could cause your problem. Remove relay and replace with a like numbered relay from the relay box if you have one - if not, buy replacement relay and test. If that doesn't work then the fuel pump is in the gas tank and you'll have to ... 2000 Pontiac Sunfire

My car just cranks, the fuel pump was not running, so i checked the fuse it was blown. so i bet on the bottom of tank then replaced fuse, turn key on still no pump running, so checked fuse blown again, did this one more time replaced fuse turned key on this time fuse did not blow but still fuel pump not running, replaced fuel pump and filter and checked fuel shut off switch turn key and car just cranks, fuse is not blown??

It should be at #5 of the power distribution box located under the dash on the passenger side near the AC dryer. You may also want to check the wires and ports while at it for any short circuit which may have caused your fuse to go out. ... Ford Expedition

On my 97 grand prix3.8 I have used a jumper wire in place of the fuel pump relay and the fuel pump comes on . But when I plug the relay back in and turn the igntion on the fuel pump does nothing the relay is new and it clicks when we turn the igntion key . So I pulled the fuel pump fuse and use a multimeter to see if there was power where the fuse plugs in and there's is no power getting to it . But when I use the jumper wire I have power to the fuse and the fuel pump runs am I missing somethi

There is a break in the wire that supplies power to the fuse box.You need to trace this power wire from the fuse box to find the break in this wire and fix this wire,.Ii would help you is you have a wiring diagram of your vehicle as the wires ... Cars & Trucks

1991 toyota mr2 2.2L n/a manual no power to fuel injectors, ignition fuse, or fuel pump MR2 will turn over but not start. No power to fuel injectors, ignition fuse, the mystery relay behind the glove box, or fuel pump. There is power to the EFI relay and fuse. All three fuse boxes check out(spare compartment, under dash, and engine compartment) except power to the ignition fuse. New distributor, external fuel pump, ignition control module, cap & rotor, head, spark plugs & wires. The car had been

... Cars & Trucks

Where is the fuel pump fuse located? I have no owners manual to designate any fuse positions

Try these websites to see if they have your car listed www.alladtadiy.com and the other one is www.edmunds.com ... 2002 Dodge Stratus

Passat b5 tdi fuel delivery problem I have a problem with my 98 Passat tdi 81kw AFN motor. Car won't start, no current on fuse 28-fuel pump. When i connetc 12 volt to the fuse, i can hear the pump running but no fuel comming out to the filter in engine compartment. Relay and fuse checked OK, next to the steering whee. / left hand drive/ . It happened just after i let engine idle for 15 minutes when low fuel level in gas tank, maybe fuel pump runned without diesel in it. Than i kill the engine, a

How long are you cranking for,if you have allowed to run out of fuel, it needs to be primed, try pouring diesel into the fuelfilter, but I used tohave the 110bhp AFN passat and it would start after cranking for a while and then cut out, then start bu ... 1998 Volkswagen Passat

I believe my fuel pump went bad, I was driving down the road and the truck seemed like it was losing fuel. After it died i couldn't ever get it to start again. I bought a "used" pump from someone for a deal, not sure if it works or not. After buying the "used" pump I found that my "prime" fuse was blown. I changed the fuse and pump and still nothing. What could cause the "prime" fuse to blow? The "used" fuel pump doesn't whine like I had been told it would. HELP!!!

A locked up fuel pump would blow the fuse. also check at the fuel rail to see if the pump is working. it may have been a clogged line that burned up the first pump which in-turn burned the fuse. \012\012and if there is/was a clog then it ... Chevrolet Silverado 1500

No power to fuel pump fuse 2000 beetle . car won't start,.changed fuel pump relay . No power to either leg of fuse 28, the fuel pump fuse. Can anyone tell me where fuse #2 a 50 amp fuse is located??

Most fuel injected cars have an "impact' switch that cuts power to the uel pump in the event of an accendt. It can trigger if the car has had some sort of impact. It is usally in the rear under a panel and it should be mentioned in your owners manual ... 2000 Volkswagen Beetle

2001 Lincoln LS V6. Had the fuel pumps replaced about 3 months ago. Now the power to fuel pump "comes and goes" (I have the back seat out and pump covers off so I can hear). The fuse in the trunk distribution box (fuel pump 15 amp) has blown twice but hasn't happened since. The vehicle will start fine when cold, when it is warmed up, seems like the pumps don't get power. When it won't start, I checked and there is no power to the fuel pump (all fuses and relays are good). Any suggestions would b

... 2001 Lincoln LS

I have a 1999 Kia Sportage and the engine is not getting fuel. I have check all fuses in the driver compartment as well as the fuses under the hood. All fuses check out fine. I also replaced both the main relay and the fuel pump relay; however, the engine still won't start. There is plenty of voltage, but there is no fuel coming to the inline filter. When you turn the key to the on position, I don't hear the fuel pump energize. What else, besides the pump itself, would be the source of the

... Kia Sportage

Just brought 2000 chevrolet venture van have fuel pump isseu but not pump i checked fuse box someone have a small black wire connected to fuel pump fuse and fuel pump relay that blow so i replace both fuses took black wire off car wounld'nt start put black wire back car started but now battery goes dead while sitting overnight have to jump start it what can be problem?

... Cars & Trucks

I have a 1999 Mercury Tracer that died on the way to work. It has no spark, fuel injector pulse and no fuel pump. I have checked the timing belt and it is good. The cam and crank sensors have been replaced as well as the computer. Still no luck.The emergency fuel pump switch is down. All the fuses are good with the exception of the 10 amp fuse for the fuel injection. The fuse is good but there is no power to that particular fuse. The other fuses in that seperate block all have power to them. If

Sounds like possibly the constant control relay module (CCRM) has a problem,you will find it under the plastic air filter housing , takes a 13mm\015\012socket to remove the three bolts holding on the housing and there it is. It is like what ford cal ... 1999 Mercury Tracer

1994 740 IL no power to fuel pump fuse. I have changed the fuel pump relay, and the fuel injection relay located on the passenger side of the engine compartment under the computers. Still no power to the fuse for the fuel pump. I ran a lead to test the fuel pump it works fine. I have also checked the fusible links near the battery they appear to be ok as well.

Most vehicle route the fuel pump wire through the ignition switch the switch could be bad ... 1994 BMW 7 Series

Going down the hiway way and my 1994 olds delta 88 royale just died. Car cranks but does not start. I check the fuel pump fuse and relay both seem to be fine. I have power to the fuse and power to the relay. I took the fuel line apart at the fuel filter and turn on the key and no fuel comes out of the line I cranked the engine and still no fuel. So I took the gas tank off the car and took the fuel pump out I hooked the fuel pump up to a battery directly and it works really well one direction and

... 1994 Oldsmobile Eighty Eight

1997 GMC Sierra, I keep blowing the ECM 1 fuse, I replaced Fuel Pump relay and Fuel Filter. Does the ECM 1 Fuse Pump the Fuel Pump, also disconnected the Fiter turned on the key and no fuel.

... 1995 GMC Sierra C1500

1997 GMC Sierra, I keep blowing the ECM 1 fuse, I replaced Fuel Pump relay and Fuel Filter. Does the ECM 1 Fuse Pump the Fuel Pump, also disconnected the Fiter turned on the key and no fuel.

... 1995 GMC Sierra C1500

My front fuel fuel pump does not work in 1994 F 150 . However the rear tank and fuel pump worked for years. Recently I ran out of gas and noticed that my front tank was totally full and after putting fuel in rear tank the truck would not start. I cut the bed out on top of front fuel tank and replaced the front fuel pump and still won't start . I checked fuse under hood and could not find a fuse under dash . Anybody ever have this problem? Please help!

It sounds like the front pump hasn't been used for so long that it has seized up. You may want to turn the front system on and hit the tank several times with a rubber mallet (or something suitable) to see if you can jar it loose. ... Cars & Trucks

I have an 1986 subaru gl 10 1.8 multiport injected. the fuel pump is not runnig when I turn the key on. I have checked the pump by applying power to it at the pump and the pump than runs. when I check for 12 volts at the pump with the when the key is turned on I get a -.1 reading so I than reverse the wires of my multi meter and I get .1 when I shut the key off it is zero. I checked the fuse in the fuse box for it. that was good is there a fuse link after or the fuel pump relay. also where is th

... 1986 Subaru Gl 2 Door
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