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1999 jeep cherokee does not start up occasionally; and entire electrical out. However, once I ope up the fuse box and randomly press on the fuses I notice the electrical system resumes and the jeep starts up.

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1999 jeep cherokee does not start up occasionally; and entire electrical out. However, once I ope up the fuse box and randomly press on the fuses I notice the electrical system resumes and the jeep starts up.

... 1999 Jeep Cherokee

Electricla I had a situation where both battery terminals came in contact with the hood causing smoke to fill the cab. The main fuse box is ok as I can randomly get the truck started but at times it will not start or have no power at all. I noticed a large electrical box behind the dashboard that has a large plug. Is this a distribution box for the electrical system and could this be the problem. Thank you

When the hood made contact with the battery terminals a discharge occurred then probably the battery is dying, take it to AutoZone, OReilly or any autocare shop they will check it for free and they will diagnostic if you need to replace it. ... 1985 Ford F 250

I have a 2003 Dodge Caravan with a 3.3L it wont start or even turn over. Run test on electrical system found ignition signal to relay found power supply to the relay and ground to the relay. When I jumped the power to the starter circuit on relay starter would not engage. tested underneath the hood fuse box found no power coming out of the fuse box to starter unplugged the connecter from under the fuse box applied power to the yellow and gray starter wire starter engaged I replaced the under the

Yes they do but I would rather think you have a bad battery cabe connection to the system, sometimes the battery cable corrudes and you can't see it try replacing the cable ends and the connector ends espically if they are by the battery. ... 2003 Dodge Caravan

What could be the problem in a 1993 Saturn SL1 car that does not start. It sounds like electrical. When the ignition switch is swung, the engine sounds like it is out of fuel but its not. The relays and fuses in the fuse box, battery, alternator, computer, spark plugs, coils, spark plug cables are all working fine. The only thing we have noticed is that the coil is not getting any electrical current hence, the reason why the spark plugs are not firing. We have traced all the wiring but stil

Well it is 17 years old, many things could be bad. There is a hook up under the dash to connect an analyzer, that would be a place to start. There are two coils, under the coils is an ignition module, that could be bad. ... 1993 Saturn SL1

I have a 1991 Nissan 300zx that is having some electrical issues. It all started when I blew a 10A fuse. I replaced the fuse and everything was fine for awhile. Now it keeps blowing the 10A Illumination fuse, thinking it was the dimmer switch, I ordered a new one. The replacement on does the same thing. The headlights come on, but are very dim on one side, and I have no marker lights. I did notice my red "bulb out" light was coming on when I pressed the brakes. Any idea what the problem could be

Hello! I am working on your problem........Guru.......saailer ... Nissan 300ZX

My central locking has stopped working on my vw t5 transporter before it stopped working i could hear a noise comming from around where my fuse box is situated in the dashboard to the left of my gear stick also at times i would press button on remote to lock vehicle and my hazard lights would start flashing and recently my electric windows have stopped working.ive checked appropriate fuses and all are ok, i feel that the noise i could hear comming from behind the dashbord before central locking

... Volkswagen CC

I have shorted out the electrical system in a 1998 mercury mystique. I still have somethings like the horn, headlights and dashlights but not the power locks, windows, brake lights, signal lights etc. it also will not start anymore. It will turn over but will not fire up. There is power at the engine compartment relays for things that are not working but no power at the interior fuse box. This all start from trying to fix the heater fan that no longer worked.

... 1998 Mercury Mystique

I have a 2001 Jeep Grand Cherokee. The car not starting is a random problem. When I turn the key on the lights go on but nothing happens as far as starting. I do not hear any sound at all. After $1,00 fix, the dealership changed a module that the starter goes through,it happened again. They said everything checks out fine as far as the battery, starter and electrical system. HELP

Hmm..I am not a mechanic by any means but check out the answer to my problem, maybe it can help in some way. Best of luck to you!\015\012\015\012http://www.fixya.com/cars/t951969-starting_problem_key_lock_cylinder ... 2002 Jeep Grand Cherokee

I have a 96 chevy tahoe. my starter went out and kept blowing my ingnition a maxi fuse. Like a idiot i out another fuse with a higher amperage just so I could start the truck up. After i replaced the starter, i took it for a test drive and noticed it was driving in second gear, speedometer wasnt working and the abs system was acting funny. I was then told it was my "brain box" or ECM. replaced that and its still doing the same thing. is there anything else that it could be?

Probably Speed Sensor is bad; you will need to prove all the powers and grounds to the control module. For the ABS System, I suggest scanned for any code there.Tell us news. ... Chevrolet Tahoe

Speedometer For a while it would randomly jump high or low. Over the weekend i drove it through 8-900 mile trip and the speedometer was jumping the majority of the time. I got in the engine and made sure all connected cords were tight and not lose. When I started the jeep again my yellow engine light came on. I took apart the dash to check out the connection behind the speedometer and it was in good condition. I followed the cords to the engine fuse box and the fuses were old but looked good. tw

... 2002 Jeep Liberty

I have a propane fueled schwams c7500 1997 gmc . wont start geting fuel no spark at coil power to coil ok. tested disc.modual is ok. cleaned. all grounds. I found a electrical harness tapped off the engine computer box harness . Some kind of concern with the propane fuel system harness with a in line fuse holder with a low amp fuse tested ok. the wires seem to have same color tapped on to as the distributer 4 wire plug . I may be jumping to conclusion on that I dont know 4 fact. I do know for a

... GMC C3500

Electrical I have 2003 chrysler town and country. I got abs light, brake light trac off light on all the time. Also overhead consol light is not led when car started, but manually press light is led. And Heated seat is not working. I just clean the fues box socket and rearrage the all the wire little bit, All the ights normal 2 days and then all of sudden went back to same problems. I don't know what wrong with this system. I was wondering I got problem with BCM or electrical short. Please t

This type of electrical fault is always hard to find, after you cleaned the fuse box everything worked for two days, sounds like a bad connection, because it is warrning lights AND heated seat two different circuits, check all connections again and c ... Lincoln Cars & Trucks

Blower motor won't turn on on all settings. I tested the switch and it works. I found there is no power to the two fuses in the fuse box inside the vehicle. The vehicle has an after market alarm with a remote start. When the remote start is turned on the blower motor works. Also the airconditioning switch does not work. It seems like the whole system does not have power from the fuse box. Checked all the fuses with the blower motor and AC system and they are good.

... 2000 Nissan Xterra

I have a 97 jeep wrangler, its a 2.5 liter 4cyl 5 speed. It has a starting issue now and again, it won't turn over lights and all electrical turns on but it just wont turn. When fuses are checked the start fuse is blown. I replaced the starter thinking that this may help the situation but unfortunately it hasn't, my jeep still seems to be burning up the start fuse. Could there possibly be something such as a short? that causes this to keep happening? please help i'm tired of pushing my jeep and

First thing you should do is check the starter draw. A simple way of doing that is to put a volt meter on the battery and crank the engine over. Volts should not drop below 9.5 while cranking.Since you replaced the starter, though some can be defecti ... 1997 Jeep Wrangler

I started my vehicle (2000 Honda Passport 4WD EX 3.2L V6) and started to drive when the engine cut off, but left all electrical on...when i tried to restart, it would turn and turn, but not crank...certainly didn't sound like anything mechanical, so the first thought was electrical; therefore, i checked fuses...i noticed the ECM fuse was blown...i knew there had to be a reason the fuse blew, so i replaced it and tried starting the vehicle again...started like a champ as usual, but soon cut off a

... 2000 Honda Passport

My 99 P38 4.0 has the rl7 relay area burned out of the fuse box. After milking it to long replacing relays to run the fans in the FL heat, I lost my climate control display and radio. Then it started killing good batteries quick. I bought a used fuse box in great shape but it is missing a fuse and small relay plugs in it for the engine management system and it will not start. Can anyone tell me if there is a way to use this good fuse box even though it is a little different?

The fan relays in P38 Fuse boxes burn up to to clogged air pollen/cabin filters (located below the lower front windscreen cowling, beneath an oval shaped cap, one on each side of the car). When these get clogged, the fans work too hard, and eventuall ... 1998 Land Rover Range Rover

Electrical problems: first the starter went out many times, then the alternator quit charging,then i lost all power to ignition including the whole fuse box/engine compartment/passenger side/so, i RAN A SECONDARY WIRE TO THE BIG WIRE ON THE ALT. FROM THE BATTERY.THEN IT STARTED CHARGING.NEXT WHEN THE IGN. & PAS. SIDE FRONT FUSE, BOX, i RAN A WIRE FROM DRIVERS SIDE FUSE BOX TO PASSENGER SIDE FUSE BOX-RESULTS? i COULD START AND DRIVE CAR.sO NOW I DISCONNECTED THE BIG WIRE FROM HARNESS AND LEFT MY

I don't know what type of vehicle, model or year, but it sounds like a blown fusible link. This is not a fuse, but acts like one. They are generally wired in at the starter after the positive cable connection (again I don't know what veh ... Chevrolet Monte Carlo

I have a 1996 Toyota Tercel with an aftermarket alarm system that I'm uninstalling. There are two large gauge wires from the ignition bundle, black/yellow & white/red that have taps on them. A third smaller gauge wire, white/black that was cut & installed on the alarm bundle. I removed all taps (including two power taps on the fuse box) and reconnected the black /white wire. Everything else was removed. The problem is the car wont start. I get acc. power & everything electrical works.

Check the motor starter wire, may be it was disconnected while the alarm unit installed. ... 1996 Toyota Tercel

I have a 1998 chrysler sebring jxi an have owned it for about 3 years. I just drove it to the store an back an when i was pulling in i noticed an burning smell of plasic or some sort of wire coming from under the hood around the fuel injection system an the head an heard a buzz or electrical nose coming from around fuse box under the hood. need help any ideas what it could be?

... 1998 Chrysler Sebring

The ABS light and traction light both keep coming on in my 2005 Jeep Grand Cherokee. I also get a message alert in the panel saying service electrical brake system. When I'm in the car and I start to press on the brake the brake petal kicks back up and makes kind of a grinding sound. What seems to be the problem and what do I do to fix it??

Your brake system needs to be serviced. Could be a sensor, I wouldnt drive it until fixed. ... Cars & Trucks

Battery issues I Recently noticed that my windows would go down slow, and then shut off like it blew a fuse and wouldn't work but if i kept messing with them they would go up about an Inch.. then shut off again... Also.. I have a Relay clicking in my Glove box. that when i press the breaks it BUZZES really loud and sometimes lasts a long time but then dont.. I've had the Battery tested.. they said it has low CC Amps but was fine on voltage.. they charged it up.. i took it home put it in.. jeep s

Have you checked to see if the alternator is charging the battery when the engine is running ? ... 1995 Jeep Grand Cherokee

I left the dome light on over the weekend in my 1998 Jeep Cherokee limited, so I had to charge the battery, but now it wont start, seems like its not getting any gas, then I noticed the fuel gauge wasnt working, I checked fues and someone mentioned to me I may have to reset the fuel pump relay. I looked at the fuse box on the firewall and didnt see any switch to reset, does anyone have any suggestions to what the problem might be? Thank you.

There is no relay reset. You can try locking and unlocking the drivers door using the key. usually that will re-set the security system. ... Jeep Cherokee

Out of nowhere my 93 jeep grand cherokee started making this very noticable whining and weeping sound. i thought maybe its my power steering pump but someone said if it whines it would then fail and have no power steering so guess thats it , then someonelse said maybe its the abs system failing so took out that fuse and thats not it. anyone have any ideas, also it hesitates alot when it does this and only does it once its warmed up and driving for a few minutes, would apreciate some help thanks

It could be the torque converter on the gearbox if its an auto?? this would cause and do all of the forementioned things! ... 1993 Jeep Grand Cherokee

I just replaced a battery in my 95 toyota pickup truck and still no start nothing is working and i have tryed to jump start it as well. i check a fuse box under the hood behind the battery and noticed a Box type fuse with the reading on the top of the box stats that it is alt 80a... now i'm not sure if that means its my alternator fuse blown.. if you can help or have any ideas please help me out.. thank you =)

This means you most probably got your vehicle boosted backwards! Replace fuse and try to restart vehicle. Shouldn't have a problem! Seen this many times! ... 1995 Toyota Pickup

I have a 1997 Jeep Wrangler with a 2.5L engine. It was running great but recently would not start. The engine turns over but acted as if not getting fuel. When I cleaned and pressed down on the fuel pump fuse, the engine caught and was able to drive it. Now when I try to start even while applying downward pressure on the fuel pump fuse, the engine starts and immediately dies. The engine will only catch if pressing down on the fuse and if NOT depressing the gas pedal. As soon as I try to give it

The connector under fuse panel that goes on the fuse is heat damaged from overload or loose tension [usually is loose tension] obvios signs are heat damaged plastic around the offending connector.could be the wire is broken right at the fuse. you wil ... 1995 Jeep Wrangler
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