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1999 cherokee replace injector on 3 cyl clear codes still bucking not stalling could this be a bad rotor and cap or crank sensor thanks

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1999 cherokee replace injector on 3 cyl clear codes still bucking not stalling could this be a bad rotor and cap or crank sensor thanks

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My 2001 honda civic will turn over but not start. What is wrong and what can/should i do about it? I heard that it could be many things: - Problems with fuel delivery system (e.g bad fuel pump, fuel pump relay, clogged fuel screen, etc.) - Problem with engine electronics (e.g crank sensor, cam sensor, air flow sensor, power relay, engine computer, etc.) - Ignition system problems, especially on older vehicles with the distributor (e.g bad ignition coil, commutator, rotor, distributor cap, e

Most common problem with these civics are the rotor and ignitor. i would reccommend starting with a new dist cap, rotor, and ignitor. ... 2001 Honda Civic

My suburban stalls and sputters out after running for about 15 minutes. I have replaced all the O2 sensors plugs wires crank sensor oil change fuel filter cap and rotor. What else could be the problem? I can hear my fuel pump come on at start up.

... 1999 Chevrolet Suburban

I currently own a 99 Blazer, 6cyl 4.3L, 4 door, auto trans. My check engine light is on, and the local shops cant pinpoint the problem, except that cyl 2, 4 and 6 are randomly misfiring. I have changed just about everything: the distributor, cap, and rotors, O2 sensors, crank shaft sensor, coil, spark plugs, plemon gasket, spider fuel injector, and recently had my fuel pump evaluated. Is there something else that could be making the whole left side misfire? The misfiring is making the truck shak

If you not running the OEM cap and rotor that's where your problem may be. The after market cap and rotor is not as heavy as the OEM and when the two screws that hold down the cap to the distributor is tor ... 1999 Chevrolet Blazer

My suburban stalls and sputters out after running for about 15 minutes. I have replaced all the O2 sensors, plugs, wires, crank sensor, oil change, fuel filter, cap and rotor. What else could be the problem? I can hear my fuel pump come on at start up.

Need to check the fuel pressure.and if its blowing black smoke,the fuel pressure regulator is bad.the fuel pressure should be around 65 pounds. ... 1999 GMC Suburban

97 dodge dakota. 2.5 , 5 speed, 2wd, 110k . I have replaced - dist. cap, rotor,wires, plugs, fuel pump, fuel filter, # 4 injector, tps, crank pos sensor, air filter. Truck will start and run fine until warm, then occasionaly when driving at midrange rpm, the truck will buck and miss and backfire, then clear up and drive fine for a while. the ais is making normal steps. no apparent vacum leak. checked harness and connectors they appear fine, then replaced pcm. Truck ran fine for two weeks, now

How about the pick up coil in the distributor? A trick we used to use back in the day was to tap the distributor housing with a hammer, key word tap. If the engine missed or stalled than the pick-up coil was replaced. ... 1997 Dodge Dakota

My 1999 jeep cherokee stalled out the other day, didnt make any noise, and now wont start back up. I tried the ASD relay, crankshaft sensor, plugs, distributor cap and rotor. Im getting spark, compression, and gas, so i have no idea what could be wrong...It cranks but wont run, tried starting fluid in the throttle body.

Did you change both the ASD fuse(F6 on my 97 wrangler I'm guessing it's the same in your cherokee) and the ASD relay? ... 1998 Jeep Cherokee

Have a 1997 Dodge ram Laramie SLT quad cab 2500 4x4. Once truck is hot and is parked and I come back to it. It cranks for about 30seconds then takes off. black smoke coming out of pipes once started then goes away. I have replaced the cam sensor, crank sensor, fuel pump, plugs and wires, cap and rotor, set timing, replaced o rings on injectors and new fuel cap. Any ideas?

Did you check the coolant sensor and see what it is reading ? ... Dodge Ram 2500

Miss fires when it's cold and when it get's hot. seems to be after the crank sensor was changed. I changed the coil,distributer,plugs,wires,cap,rotor,fuel pump,fuel filtre,checked the grounds,had it on the computer at the dealership 3 times and it just says miss fire in cylinders 2,4,6 but it doesn't say the cause. it all started happening after the crank sensor went and was replaced. anyone got a clue? I'm thinking on changing the crank sensor again to see if it was a bad one that was put in be

Your right to replace the sensor again. It's like a bulb, some bulbs working 20 years, some only 3 minutes. Make sure to install the new one in the right way and that is no mud, old oil or so on the rotor that supports the sensor. Keep all parts clea ... 1996 Jeep Grand Cherokee

I have a 1996 Toyota Corolla that has no spark. We have checked. Cap, rotor, coil, cam sensor, ignitor, all ok, tested crank sensor and it was bad so replaced it and still cranks with no spark. Checked wire that crank sensor plugs into and its got no power also. HELLPP! Were stumped now. Also checked all fuses, wires and relays. All look ok. Ugh!

In most cases the crank sensor generates AC voltage when the crankshaft is moving. You would check it with a volt meter.How did you test the crank sensor ? ... Cars & Trucks

My 94 toyota 4x4 truck was running horrible, stalling, no power, loss of power on hills, and gas mileage cut in half. Has been running like this for a few weeks, it started with it running bad when it was cold, then fine after it was warm, then the other day it got much worse and was running bad all the time. We changed out the forward O2 sensor, the EGR valve, the engine coolant temp. sensor, throttle postioning sensor, has new spark plugs and wires, cap and rotor, fuel filter, and have refil

... 1994 Toyota Pickup

1988 325i. new head, plugs, wires, water pump, rotor and cap, new injectors, new cranks shaft sensor(pulse sensor). car is very hard to start, and only fires on 2-4-6 cylinders. have spark at 1-3-5 but no fuel. checked pressure at rail and its 46lb, have continuity between ecu plug and injectors 1-3-5 but they are not opening. can hear 2-4-6 injectors tic but not 1-3-5. i figure its the ecu. what do you think

That's it. ... 1988 BMW 3 Series

Running ok then stalls, hard to restart, stalls again, fuel pump replaced, ignition coil replaced, cam sensor replaced, crank position sensor replaced, distributor cap and rotor replaced, still stalls. what can it be?

Has any one check the fuel pump relay ... 1997 Jeep Grand Cherokee

Stalls while idling and engine "pops" at 4000rpm or better... im told it could be throttle position sensor, idle speed control motor, power control module, bad vacuum line, bad EGR valve, air filter, fuel filter, oxygen sensors, catalytic converter, clogged injectors, dirty carb & little green gremlins living in the engine...jesus tap dancing christ can ANYONE narrow this down for me????

Actually I am hessitant to respond to this one. The problem you are having COULD be many things, however my take is different than the others you seem to have. I believe that you are having timing issues caused by a Crankshaft Positioning Sensor, and ... 2003 Mercury Sable

1987 Chevrolet S-10 Pickup1987 chevy s10 2.5l tbi will not start. changed bad fuel pump works well now strong pressure to throttle body. change fuel pressure switch, oil pressure switch, o2 sensor, map sensor, distrib cap, rotor, electric part on dustrib, check for 12v to fuel injector good, check ground good, fuses good, ecm swapped changed fuel injector engine runs now but runs high idle and will not wind down. when i step on gas engine bogs down

Check the trottle body postioning sensor... ... 1987 Chevrolet S-10 Pickup

2000 chevy C2500 wont start. No spark. Replaced distributor cap and rotor, ignition coil and module. First thing I did was try a new crank sensor. No difference. Found one bad plug wire. I will replace all of them but checked the other seven plus the coil wire and they were fine. Should I Should I put a different crank sensor in. I put the old one back in after I tried a new one.

Did you check for codes. It won't matter what you change if your computer failed. You should of payed the diag fee. You would of saved alot of money. ... Chevrolet C2500

My belt keeps shreding how could i find out which pulley is bad are loose and it stalls while starting could it be the MAP SENSOR i changed the fuel filter,fuel pump,EGR,spark plugs,coil packs,throttle postioner.but it stills stalls and sometimes backfires under the hood near the injectors

If the belt keeps shreading then either a pulley is misaligned or a pulley is bad. With the belt off spin and wiggle them. Its common for the tensioner to go bad . When spinning try to feel for roughness or th ... 1997 Cadillac DeVille

Checked the ecm fuses and all the wiring for problems. checked the timing chain. checked the fuel pump, replaced the cap rotor and coil, checked the map sensor, pulled the fuel line off at the throttle body and cranked it over and have lots of fuel but none to the injectors, still no spark and I'm wondering if it might be the crank sensor and if there is an easy way to check it. Any ideas?

Im thinking the timing belt or chain went south..there is a way to check pull the spark plugs and have someone crank the motor while you use a compression test guage. buy 1 at a parts store their fairly inexpensive.. good luck. ... 1992 GMC Sierra K1500

1993 jeep wrangler 4.0. Jeep stalls when accelerator is slightly engaged. sometimes hard to start after this. sometimes starts right up. already replaced crank position sensor. What else could be wrong? Auto shop at school cleaned plugs and dumped fuel injector cleaner in tank. Fuel pressure on gage reads 30 psi then increases to about 40 psi when vacuum line is removed from fuel pressure regulator. Could the problem be the TPS? or cam sensor?

The fuel pressure you listed is to low,The regulator should keep the pressure down to at least 45psi,removing the vacuum from the regulator it should spike to at least 55-60.Did it start and run better with the hose off?replace the ... 1993 Jeep Grand Cherokee

I have a 98 wrangler 6 cyl. automatic. When I start it, it revs high, hot or cold, and if I give it gas it pops through the exhaust. I just installed a new engine, cap rotor, plugs, wires, crank sensor, cam sensor, fuel pump. ahd this problem prior to engine replacement. could the IAC cause the mis fire? i am getting a p1390 and p0320 code. could it be a intake leak? not usre what is causing the popping...

P1390 Timing Belt Skipped One Tooth or More (Chrysler, Jeep, Mitsubishi)Easy way to clear codes is to just disconnect the battery for about half an hour. Chances are though for that code to show up it actually is out of sync. Clear the co ... 1998 Jeep Wrangler

I have a 1999 GMC Subburban 350/V8 engine surges and backfires from the air intake, trouble codes P0102 MAF low circut, P0131 HO2 sensor bank 1 sensor 1 low Circut. I have replace the Maf sensor, O2 sensors, Cap, Rotor, plugs, and wires but engine still stalls when press on gas, everytime i replace the O2 sensor or plugs the engine runs good for about 10mins then it starts to backfire and run bad.. will not go over 900RPM

You will need to check the voltage to them sensors to see if you have 5v and 12v to confirm them codes. you may have a broken wire in the harness or a faulty computer, test them and let me know what you get and i will help you on the next step. ... GMC Suburban

Mine has 217,000 miles. Has run great up until some time ago, when it started driving roughly only in wet weather. Now in dry weather, it starts fine, but drives roughly after warmed up (15-20 min) and then stalls. Will restart, but dies again shortly. Codes said oxygen sensor, knock sensor & cylinder 3 malfunction. Was told knock sensor code could mean it needs a tuneup. Changed spark plugs, wires, distributor cap, rotor, air filter, gas filter, oxygen sensor, PCV valve, cleaned EGR valve, repl

The knock sensor NEVER causes a drivability problem. DO NOT change it. Instead, clean the MAF, Mass Air Flow sesnor that's on the air intake tube near air cleaner. It is coated with varnish. Spray with carb cleaner several times and gently, gently b ... 2000 Mercury Villager

Hello I have a 1999 Chevy Blazer with a 4.3L I keep getting the code Multiple misfire or misfire cyl 5. I have replaced the crank sensor, cam sensor, ignition module, map sensor, injectors, fuel filter, fuel pump, plugs, wires, cap and rotor. The thing still idles rough, jumps and jerks while driving. Help Please

... 1999 Chevrolet Blazer

1995 Jeep Grand Cherokee Laredo 4.0, 276+ K, new crank sensor, new cam sensor, new throttle sensor, new plugs , new cap & Rotor, new wires, has electrical cut in / out of engine run, drop of tachometer 100/400 RPM, now the kicker, doesn't do it all the time, or at any particular engine temperature, uses best gas, injector cleaner every other tank. Higher engine RPM by turning off OD reduces the severe jerking at 40 - 60 MPH. New ground wires have been used to engine frame and body.

... Jeep Grand Cherokee

I have a 2003 dodge neon sxt and the engine was shaking pretty bad at a low rpm. i found that 3 injectors are working properly and 1 injector is streaming a lot of gas. plenty of parts have been replaced..spark plugs and wires,crank posotion sensor,injectors and the distributor cap.

... 2004 Dodge Neon
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