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I have a 1999 xj with a broken cassette player I bought another unit with a code no ,do I just disconnect old unit & connect new one & punch in code or is there something else I must do Thanks Les

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Answers :

Take off the console surround by carefully lifting the sides with a thin pick or similar, take out the existing unit, fit your replacement and then when switching on you will be asked for the code. As simple as that
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I have a 1999 xj with a broken cassette player I bought another unit with a code no ,do I just disconnect old unit & connect new one & punch in code or is there something else I must do Thanks Les

Take off the console surround by carefully lifting the sides with a thin pick or similar, take out the existing unit, fit your replacement and then when switching on you will be asked for the code. As simple as that ... 1999 Jeep Cherokee

P0430 code 2001 nissan senrea 1.8 gxe. i replace big main cat. all 4 o2 sensors, plugs, cleaned egr valve, checked and checked for exhaust leaks, and there are none. code p0430, ensufficant cat, bank 2, still comes up. i know ellegal but reamed out pre cat for giggles cuz old one was all jacked up and it still bring up that code. before i spend 500 buck for a new pre cat is there something else i should be lookn at, and is there any garrenty it will fix the problem. thanks for any and all help i

Your pre-cat is designed to scrub the exhaust before it reaches the larger catalytic converters, and until you replace that your problem will still come back. Try buying one in good shape from a salvage yard before blowing $500 on a new one. ... 2001 Nissan Sentra

So this is my problem....i own a 2004 crown victoria unmarked police unit. it all started when the check engine light came on. i got the code, it said something about the spark plugs. i changed all 8 with ford motorcraft sparlplugs. cylinders 3 and 4 both have oil on them. after cleaning them the oil always ends up back in them turning the check engine light back on. do i need a new head gasket or valve cover gasket...pcv i mean what??? some one help!!! engine misfires obviously

Are you sure its oil? Ford claims to have had the intake manifold problem fixed in '02, but that is pure garbage. Leaking (cracked) intake manifold or a bad intake gasket allow coolant to meander its way into the spark plug holes and snuffs out the s ... 2003 Ford Crown Victoria

I have a 2000 gmc envoy which the gas guage wasn't working so i replaced the gas tank unit with a new one,it worked for a couple of minutes then stopped working,is there something else i should try doing,thanks

Yes, try replacing the tiny stepper motor on the back of the gauge itself, common problem. Can find them on e-bay for cheap. ... 2006 GMC Envoy

My 04 dodge stratus heater/defrost doesn't work very good. You can take the dash control unit out and mess with the wires on the back of it and it will blow hot air for a little while. I use to do this to get the ac to work and now the heater. but nothing works on it now. it just blows cold air. Even if you select something else on the hot or cold selection or the one that moves it from defrost to florr to whatever, it doesn't work. may it's the dash control unit or something else? I don't

... 2004 Dodge Stratus

My 2000 Sentra has had the check engine light on and off for the past few months. First code told us it was the Mass air flow sensor, so got a new one installed ($60 online). Cleared codes and did not see much of a change. Car runs great when cold, but after a while starts bucking and will stall on full stops and slowing down. Feels like something is sucking the life out of it, and I see it's sucking gas as well. New code said catalylitic converter, but after getting a new battery the car ran p

... 2000 Nissan Sentra

I have a 1999 lexus rx 300 the car came in with a code of p 1356, we replaced the ocv with a used one, and a month later the same car came back with the same code,can it be that the used ocv was faulty?? and if we do replaced the ocv with new ones and the code does come back , what else should done??? please help me find a solution to fix this problem.... thank you,

Hello! The OCV is located on the cylinder head and controls the camshaft\015\012 timing by advancing and retarding it with oil pressure... First step would be to remove the Oil Control Valve and \015\012check it for normal operation. You can pull i ... Lexus RX 300

P0350 code Check engine light on got this code. Car is running fine does not seem to be missing. The rep said to replace the coil but could not tell me which one may be bad and they are $80 a piece. Any one know how to test them or if it may be something else. Has 100K miles and just replaced the plugs 2 months ago.

This is coil spoil replace coil frist ... 2002 Nissan Sentra

2001 Ford F150 V6, Truck started spitting and sputtering and check engine light turned on. Originally I thought that I had a fuel problem and maybe needed a tune up so I put new plugs and wires and all new filters, none of these fixed the problem. I hooked up a code scanner and it told me system lean Bank 2. I changed out the O2 sensor and still the same. Could the miss and the system lean code be coming from a faulty injector on bank 2 or could something else be causing this.

I know that the 5.4l are known too misfire if you wash them because the water runs down between the coil and the heads. pull all your coilpacks and check for rust on the spring in the boot and use compressed air to blow any exessive mosture out of th ... 2001 Ford F150 Styleside SuperCrew

We are replacing the fuel tank on our 1997 suburban have the new tank (orderedit online) the new tank does not have the two small holes punched out in the corners for some hoses that are one vent valves or something like that do we need to punch these out and then how do we get the valves to stay in the old tank had notches to lock them in

Here are some tanks,send yours back.http://www.autozone.com ... 1996 Chevrolet Suburban

Code P0113-P0183 I replaced whole new fuel pump, i clear is code, drove 50 miles after i toke my van for emission but it still failed still showing P0113-P0183, after replace fuel pump and FTS one thing is clear my van no have fuel pump or fuel temperature sensor problem at this time (because of new fuel pump) problem is still some thing else , what i can do next, any idea ?.

DTC P0113 - Intake Air Temperature Circuit High Input.The powertrain control module (PCM) monitors the temperature of the air entering the engine. The PCM supplies a 5 volt reference voltage to the Intake Air Temperature (IAT) sensor. The IAT i ... 2005 Nissan Quest 3.5

Overheating Honda Did a tune-up on a 93 honda civic. Changed oil filter, changed oil, new thermostat, changed hoses and belts. The car started to over heat and I took it in and they said it was a faulty thermostat even though the one i had was brand new. I changed it and the car was fine for about two days then started overheating again. It doesnt seem to be leaking,and they did a complete coolant system check so wouldnt they have caught something else besides the faulty thermostat? Why else wou

Hello, \012\012when the car overheats, is there still water in the radiator? \012If there is water in the radiator and the car overheats, then it means \012there might be some dirt or blockage in the radiator or condenser. \01 ... 1993 Honda Civic 4 Door

Start veh. idles ruff, eng lite on,then flashes. new sp plgs, new wires, new rotor & cap. codes; multiple misfires. recheck of firing order, o.k. runs the same @ MAFS plgd in or not. even tried new one, argh! engage auto. trans dr. or rev. really bogs. higher r.p.m. runs better in park, but must nurse it through when trans engaged. new fuel w/ sea foam added to tank.

Have a full diagnostic run on the engine for mechanical problems like a low compression or intake manifold leaks, also defective fuel injectors can cause this, to check for intake leaks spray carburetor spray ar ... 1997 Chevrolet Blazer

Engine code Hi I'm trying to purchase the correct diesel injection pump puller/remover tool for my Landrover Rangerover 2.5DT 1995 6 CYLINDER BMW engine without success. Have been advised if I know the engine code it would make the search easier., I have engine number but that does not help. My mechanic cant find code as some numbers etc are worn off. Can any one suggest a way of finding the code maybe using the reg M824HHS or something else thanks Sarah

Hi I have the engine NUMBER its the CODE I needed to locate. As it turns out that is still not much use as there are many pumps fitted to this engine as I have now discovered. All suggested pullers have been incorrect. The nearest solution has been a ... 1995 Land Rover Range Rover

Renault scenic 2001 2.0 auto. throttle potentiometer fault code coming upm no acceleration and revving high. replaced faulty unit with new one. o.k form 3 weeks. same problem started. erase the code o.k for 1 or 2 days and then starts again. also transmission when you stop completely after about 3 or 4 seconds it jolts. bit of a bang on gearchanges. code for transmission is speed turbine and cant erase it please can someone help me

... 2001 Renault Sportwagon

Air doesn't blow from the vents. i checked fuses seem ok. bought new blower motor installed and tested the old one and it worked. installed a new blower motor resistor that didnt work. got a new temperature control unit put that in and that wasnt it. is there a resistor that would control it or something?

Did you replace the 4 position switch on the panel? That or the resistor is usually the culprit when the air flow stops. ... Jeep Grand Cherokee

I have 2 problems, one is my fuel gauge isn't working properly, wondered if it's the fuel sending unit or something else, and 2, if someone could tell me why i have a 3rd brake light, but the other br

It could be a couple of things it could be your sending unit. a bad wire. or possibly the gauge its self. but the bad thing is you have to take your gas tank down to check the wires and sending unit. if you take the tank off you can pull out the ... 1997 Chevrolet Lumina

Replace the battery with a new one, car won't start. Have lights on dashboard and they are not dimmed. No firing/ignition from the engine. Don't know if its the starter motor or something else. Also, the alternator was checked when new battery was replaced. I believe its not blockage from the fuel. Check the fuel filter and not dirty and no signs while driving.

Hi, I'll try to help. Why was the battery replaced?? Was the vehicle starting fine before the battery replacement??? How many miles are on the vehicle??? Was any work done before this problem occured? ... 2002 Kia Sportage

My battery went out on my car and i got a new one then i tried to play my radio but it said " CODE" i punched a bunch of stuff in and i didnt know that it had to be a certain code now it says "OFF" What do i do because i am not going to pay 50.00$ to get it fixed

No the code came in your owner manual, you will need your vin number as well as the serial number off the radio if you do not have the code. Turn your car in the on position for an hour let it go back to code then enter the code you get for FREE from ... Mitsubishi Galant

I have a 1987 buick century 3.8. The car gives me a code 34 and cannot figure out why. I have replace the MAF sensor with a new one but still gives the code. I take the whole air assembly off of the car and the car runs better. With the air assembly and the sensor plugged in it runs bad and it is burning fuel like crazy. I was wondering if it could possibly be a bad fuel pump not delivering causing the computer to adjust while throwing everything else off being the car is in safety mode right no

I would replace your fuel filter, get cold air intake or just a k&N filter which gives you better gas mileage and more power and keeps engie a tick cooler. \015\012Double check any vacuum leaks. Test the wires to the MAF with an ohmmeter. W ... 1987 Buick Century

I need to know where the throttle positioning sensor is located in a 1995 pontiac transport minivan 3.8L so I can replace it. The code read low voltage. I replaced the alternator with a brand new one, not a rebuilt one, and it doesn't charge at all. All the gauges are not giving accurate readings also. I replaced the oil and the oil pressure sending unit and it still does not read accurate (10 - 20 lbs.).

All that sounds like your missing ground to engine.how dose it tern over ? have some one tap on the gas pedal look for the throttle body top of engine near that movement sho ... 1995 Pontiac Trans Sport

1991 international 4900 turn signal wiring schematic New switch is color coded and truck harness is all one color and numbered, New unit is a splice in to harness operation

... 1991 GMC C3500

Front bumper I was recently in a wreck. and my bumper on the front of my s10 was detached. looking online for new ones what i come up with does not match what my bumper looks like. it is a normal black plastic bumper on the front that is hanging down right now. is it called something else? i cant seem to find one

Bumper cover ... 2001 Chevrolet S-10

Hi, I have a 2000 Saab 93. The engine light is on. I took it to have the codes read and they came up with two,p1334 and p1312. They said they were dealer codes so they could not tell me the problem . They said one of them said something about the ignition miss firing. I changed the spark plugs and the light went out for a day. And now it is back on.I also change the direct ignition unit. That I purchased used so know I don't know if it was any good. Can you help? Please.

P1312 is ignition coil knock detection cyl 1 and 2 and the cause is quoted as wiring open circuit/short to positive, ignition coil assy, ECM.P1334 is as 1312, but cylinders 3 and 4.\015\012\01 ... 2000 Saab 9-3 Viggen

Ok. my car 97 pontiac sunfire needed a new alternator output cable. guy put a new one on but apparently messed with something else and now its not starting. said the theft light came on and that it isnt getting a spark. he has had it for a week and it still isn't starting what do i do?

I have a 97 sunfire, took off the battery posts to clean them, put back on and now my car wont start with after market anti theft device...no model and manufactue on bacl box? ... 1997 Pontiac Sunfire
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