Having problems with your 1999 Jaguar XJ ?

Air bag drivers side light comes on intermitantly, gos out normaly on start up but will then flash on and of or stay on , some times after up to one hour of driving

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Air bag drivers side light comes on intermitantly, gos out normaly on start up but will then flash on and of or stay on , some times after up to one hour of driving

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I recently purchased a used 95 Chrysler Lebaron Convertible. I believe there is 2 separate problems. The alarm has gone off twice for no reason and one time the parking lights were flashing for no reason. Is there a way to disconnect this factory installed alarm? Recently car would not start, would turn over but wouldn't start...after it sat a few hours I went out and it started. I started to drive a few blocks and the car shut off while driving down the road. I scanned the engine and found co

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This type of problem is very difficult to give advise online without \012actually checking the car out? The problem you are describing sounds \012like you are having an issue with the electronic throttle module. For \012the throttle to work properly ... 1999 Volvo S80

My headlights don't work on my 98 mustang but my brights kind of work. why is that? i can flash my brights but when i try to keep them on it doesnt work. if i hold down the flash button they stay on but in order for me to drive at night my left hand has to stay on the flash button. so i only have one hand while driving.

Means the low beam on your bulbs are either bad or the circuit is bad itself for the dim/low-beam. First, check the fuse if it has a separate line or remove the bulb for inspection and replacement.Hope this helps and give you ... 1998 Ford Mustang

Speedometer doesnt work, o/d(overdrive) off light blinks and cruise control doesn't work. Plus dome light stays on while driving the whole time but shuts off after 20 minutes after driving. are all these related to one problem? all this happened at one time

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94 explorer, manual trans. last night while driving, 4x4 and low range lights flash on then off. when I shifted into 5th getting on freeway, lose all drive power as if clutch suddenly went out. 4x4 light flashed again, went back to 4th gear and it engaged. then was able to shift back to 5th. 4x4 and low range lights flashed a few more times on the way home, but stayed in gear without other incidents. am I developing a problem with clutch? electrical? can I or do I need to disconnect transfer cas

It sounds like the bearings inside the transfer case are going out, with pressure on it while accelerating its fine, then when you push in the clutch the transfer case gets slack allowing the internal parts to move, causing the lights to flash as gea ... 1994 Ford Explorer Limited

OBD11 codes Ok have the 171/174 code showing lean problem I have changed Mass ariflow/EGR valve/EGR flow senor and can clear codes and as long as I dont turn the engine off i can drive anywhere and let it idle forever BUT once I shut engine off the next time I drive it and go one mile the codes reappear // Now why would these lean codes not show if I was driving it around for hours and idling for hours ?

Lean codes are codes created when the air/fuel mixture is too much air not enought fuel. With that being said you lean codes are caused be either unmetered air entering the intake such as oiled down intake gaskets or a too little fuel like a weak fue ... 2002 Ford F150 Regular Cab

Abs light stays on until driven a few km hour. wheel spin light flashes one long flash then two short flashes until driven were it stays on steady

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Transmission stops working when truck warms up When truck is driving for roughly 20 minutes to an hour and is warmed up, it downshifts itself into second gear and must be shut off for a period of time before it is able to resume driving at regular speed. Had it at the shop three times, each time the truck is put on machine for electrical reading the speed sensor code comes up as the problem, this is not the problem though because it was changed in one of the trips at the shop. Mechanic calls it

Are you sure this is a 1991. Gm didn't put electronic controlled shift solenoids on the 700r4 until 1993. This sounds like a shift solenoid but if it is a 1991 it could be a governor valve. ... 1991 GMC K3500

Hi,i have peugeot 407 2005,some time car start jerking while driving and start smoking if i stop car some where rpm meter continucly up and down and car realease black smoke but after switch it off and then on problem solve but after 2/3 mnts it star doing again after a day or some time few hours it goes automatically it happens roughly 2 or three time in a monh i drive this car locally in london city.plz email me if some one have a solution i will b thanks full, [email protected]

Hi I think you need to take car on a 20min long drive over 2000rpm try and keep revs high to clear filter. If that don't work you may need the fap filter changed hope this helps. Peter, ... 2005 Peugeot 407 2.0

1995 Volvo 850 112000miles running perfectly then one week ago dash board lights go off when engine is running and then flashing arrow comes on dashboard plus car can only drive at about 10mph also winter mode switch light also flashes. By lifting off ECU lid and relacing and disconnecting battery to posssibly reboot the computer the flashing lights stop and car can drive again but fault has recurred twice more Then car goes into i will not fire up mode for half an hour and then starts ok HELP P

This sounds like a gearbox issue. Take it to a garage with diagnostic equipment and get the fault codes read. Rob ... 1994 Volvo 850

Fuel gauge dropped suddenly during driving, dropped all the way to empty low fuel warning lite came on, no idea why this happened. we usually drive around town but today went on a 3 hour drive we filled up and when gauge dropped we had 3/4 tank of fuel at the time, also chek engine lite came on after 30 minutes and stayed on it went out after we shut car off 2 to 3 times during stops during trip, can u give me any idea what could b causing this problem

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Hi, I have a BMW 525D '06 My problem is that the navigator suddenly stop working - "Reading error. Please insert DVD" and I can not use the navigator. Often it occur after aprox one hour drive. Sometimes (this weekend), mayby four times a year the whole computer stop and must be restarted. The BMW shop has never heard anything like this before. One guess is that after one hour the system is simply to hot and course the trouble. We cannot find out wether the fan works or not. Is there a w

This SIB may apply to this issue:\012\012 SI B 65 24 07\012Audio, Navigation, Monitors, Alarms, SRS August 2007\012Technical Service \012 \012SUBJECT\012CCC Navigation Map DVD not Detected\012\012 ... 2007 BMW M6 Convertible

Radiator warning light flashed on and off several times on the way to work today. Tonight, did the same thing and then stayed on. I drove to an appointment several miles away. When I came back out several hours late light came back on, I headed to auto place several miles away, car temperature gage was going up. Car place was closing, they suggested autozone who sold me antifreeze. I drove several miles to my brothers and by the time I got there, it was hot. Let car sit for an hour. I a

If there is no noticable leaks might be head gasket. Check to see if a lot of vapour comming from exaust. You may have to get a pressure test on cooling system. ... 1999 Chevrolet Cavalier

My locks are electric and they no longer automaticaly lock when you put the care in drive. Also the lights on the inside are supposed to dim when you put the car in drive. They stay on unless the car is moving and every time I put the brake on they come back on. Also I can no longer lock the car from the inside. I have to use my key button to get the car to lock. The horn is also supposed to honk one time when I lock the car with the key clicker and it doesn't do that anymore. This all started h

What year and model of car? ... 2001 Oldsmobile Alero

I have a 2004 pacifica...it's been driving rough now for several months and no one has been able to determine whats wrong with it. it 'bogs' when I put the car into drive and/or accelerate.... and will die once in a while....the 'bogging' is sometimes worse than other times. this last mechanic is telling me that it is a complicated electrical issue...having something to do with the harness...?? i've already spent $700 trying to fix it and they are saying it could take hours and hours at $100 per

If no check engine light it has to be fuel related, try filter first, also check for loose vacuum line from intake, fuel pump going bad. bad injector, ... 2004 Chrysler Pacifica

I have a 93 Isuzu trooper 3.2 V6, when I try to accelerate it lurches or bucks until I slightly let off the throttle. When I warm it up the rpm will not stay in one place, it moves from 500 to 2000 rpm for a time and then it will die out or stay below 1000 rpm. But after 10 minutes or so of warming up it levels off for a time and it will drive fine for a while. It does not lurch at cruising speed or 65 mph. It only seems to have a problem at lower speeds. I have had the fuel filter and ignition

Hi!!\015\012\015\012I am assuming that you already have done a complete engine tune up. The book shows your vehicle has fuel injection system, let's start by doing the following:\015\012\015\012Check all vacuum system for loose, disconne ... 1993 Isuzu Trooper

1999 Explorer XLT 4.0L SOHC V6 Automatic overdrive, 91000 miles. New plugs, wires and fuel filter at 86000. Starts and runs very good. Problem when driving long distances on expressways. Engine will loose power for a period of time under one min. Problem clears up and it runs fine. No warning lights or flashing OD light. No problem codes found in computer. Repair shop drove 50 miles and could not duplicate. Happens most of the time after long highway speed driving. ???

Probably the throttle position sensor or the fuel filter... or fuel pump ... 1999 Ford Explorer

Hi, My GTO Twin Turbo 1992 Model has a fault with it I can't seem to fix. I can drive it for about 1/2 a mile and then it tries to die. A lamp on the dashboard looking like a catalytic converter shape with heat lines above it appears and then disappears. It will restart and then dies after a shorter period of time. This happens again and the times before stopping get shorter. Eventually it wont start. I wait for an hour and then i'm back to square one. 1/2 a miles driving. Pleeeese help Kind reg

The light is the over heat warning for the cat so faulty cat or cat sensor . If yo wish to in plug the sensor the plug is under the passenger front seat (right hand drive ) ... 1992 Mitsubishi 3000GT

Ive just bought my audi a4 S.E 1.8 petrol 1998.. with 164k...when i bought it the abs lightt was on and also the brake warning indicator light comes on and stays on flashing,and at the same time the abs light also stays on flashing... i was stood still today with the engine running.. also had a little mess around with swtiches etc on dash..... started up engine and the cr ran without any abs or brake warning light coming on, drove home which took me 5minutes parked up, an hour later went out and

As the mot only says the "brakes work"to a certain efficiency,(the tester does NOT check the depth/thickness of the pads),chances are your pads/discs are in need of replacement.the pads have sensors in them for wear depth, so when checking the pads,f ... Audi A4

I have a 1990 Plymouth van that when I try to start it is will some times run for a little then stops after trying it for about 1 hour to some time 2 hour it will stay running and drive great for the rest of the day. untell I try it the next day then the same thing over again.

Do a "Fuel Leak Down Test". It sounds like fuel is leaking past the fuel pressure regulator or a fuel injector when the van is off and sitting for a while. Remove the vacuum hose at the fuel pressure regulator, if you notice fuel inside the hose the ... Plymouth Voyager

I have two problems with my 98 Murcury Grand Marquis. The first one is that my overdrive light flashes and my car goes in and out of overdrive, but not at the same time as the light is flashing.... And the second problem is I can be driving down the road and all of the sudden my spedomeyter will jump around all over the place from like 75mph to 10mph to 140 mph. all while im still just driving at 65 mph..... Please Help :)

Believe it or not I had to replace an alternator in my Lincoln with a digital dash. It had a speedo giving crazy readings too.\015\012\015\012You can get a free scan at Autozone or Oreillys to check the Alternator and the rest of your ca ... 1998 Mercury Grand Marquis

2002 Madza Protege was checked by Mazda dealer and coded out po421 and p0300. Check Engine light is always on and flashing at times. Loses power at times when I am driving. Recently car will not start right away after driving it. Then it will start after sitting for several hours. HELP...we need your valuable input. Thanks

Any time the check engine light flash on and off you are causing damage to the cat. ... 1993 Mazda Protege

The temp gauge goes off the dial after driving for around five /ten mins then stays out of the dial, the car is showing no signs of leaking hose's but i did hear bubbling in the exspansion tank for the first time the other day afer i had driven the car for over an hour. heater works fine in fact its very hot indeed, all coolant levels were fine altho i did have to top up the exspansion tank for the first time yesterday. i am no longer driveing the car tho.i have arranged a preasure test for th

Hi, Please do not take offense if I ask the question," Is your engine cooling fan coming on "??? There was no mention of that check in your post. Best Wishes, Wayne ... Honda Civic

I have a 2001 vw beetle. The Epc light came on after I had a problem with it stalling a few times then it acted fine for a few days.. after that I started having problems with it starting up and staying started. I will go to start it and it will turn over then stale. I can get it to stay started if I unplug the terminals and wait a min or so. Hook then back up, and it will start right up, but once I drive and go below 1000 rpms it stalls, then will start right back up like normal only one time.

Are there any codes on it . this is my link https://www.facebook.com/TedsRepairs ... Cars & Trucks
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