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I have a 99 Chevrolet Trooper wont take any gears on the automatic transmission. when its cold it will take drive but very slow and when driving it would jump to neutral. I changed the transmission fluid but still I have the same problem. It started doing this overnight. Before all this started it was working fine, even the 4x4 was fine. But I did notice when we took out the old fluid on the transmission it had water mixed in with it. but this is a closed transmission box. what could cause t

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Answers :

Put in a new radiator. Flush the trans a couple more times and hope for the best. The Trans cooler on the radiator corroded through ,and you may end up having to rebuild the trans.
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I have a 99 Chevrolet Trooper wont take any gears on the automatic transmission. when its cold it will take drive but very slow and when driving it would jump to neutral. I changed the transmission fluid but still I have the same problem. It started doing this overnight. Before all this started it was working fine, even the 4x4 was fine. But I did notice when we took out the old fluid on the transmission it had water mixed in with it. but this is a closed transmission box. what could cause t

Put in a new radiator. Flush the trans a couple more times and hope for the best. The Trans cooler on the radiator corroded through ,and you may end up having to rebuild the trans. ... 1999 Isuzu Trooper

1998 1500 4x4 with 350 vortec. any ideas would be great. i had this problem last winter if truck sat for a day it would not start. i could get it to start if i heated engine with heat gun but this takes hours for it would work. truck worked fine all summer and now its getting cold problems is back. have done full tuneup on truck plugs,cap,rotor and pvc seems like there is no spark at all when this happens, even shot starting fluid in it doesnt even sputter without heating it up. any

Check the disturbuter. think thats how you spell it ... 1999 Chevrolet Silverado 1500

Accelerating Problem My 02 Alero is having issues when entering the highway and trying to excellerate. The RPMs rev to nearly 5 and it take a bit to kick in gear. When driving on the highway the temp gage starts rising. In town she does fine...no overheating or gear/RPM issues at all. Just had the rear oxygen sensor replaced since it was bad. I've have not had a chance to check the trans fluid...can't get to that till after work. Why would the transmission work fine in town driving (around 30-45

If the hydraylic torque converter or trans is low on fluld then the bands and servos will not accuate the gears properly ... 2002 Oldsmobile Alero

I have a 2000 chevrolet blazer that has a very odd shifting problem. When I start the vehicle up it appears as if drive and third are burnt out. But when I start moving I manually shift into third or drive and it works fine, even after coming to complete stops. But when I take it out of drive or third it refuses to work again unless i move up from second. Can a solenoid cause this? Im not sure but I always thought if a solenoid was gone it would affect the whole transmission? and also wouldnt al

There are 3 solenoids and yes you can shift it manually ... Chevrolet Blazer

Transmission my transmission stopped pulling. I changed the filter and fluid and it started working fine again. after about three days of driving it stopped pulling again. i changed the filter and fluid once again and it started working fine. after about five days this time it has stopped again. any idea what is going on. could it be that i am not getting all of the old fluid out and it keeps clogging up the filter or do you think its something else.

Most likely you have a control issue, have a trouble code test run on the system and see if any transmission codes are present, this is an electronically controlled trans, it has it's own computer, that takes info from driving conditions and makes ge ... 1998 Mitsubishi Galant

When the car is started and then shifted into drive you can feel it engage. It will move forward and even seems to shift properly until the transmission warms up. Once it warms up and you stop it will not move forward after it is put into drive. If you do get it to move forward it will not shift out of first gear no matter how fast you go or how slow. I changed the transmission fluid and filter and it seemed to work fine and shift properly for probably less then 20 miles then it reverted back to

What year and model is your automobile? if it's an older fullsize dodge, they didn't have vacume modulators.they used a solid metal rod to move a throttle valve located on left frount corner of transmission throttle body with usually combined wi ... Dodge Avenger

AN ISUZU RODEO 95 4WHEEL. the A/T OIL TEMP red light flashed in the morning on my wayto work and on my way back it stopped moving like it was in neutral. i came down from the vehicle and found out that hot transmission fluid had leaked, didnt know the exact point it was leaking from, but it was around the inlet of the fluid. after a few munites, it started and i was able to take it to a workshop where more oil was added and i was on my way home cus it was already late in the evening and they cou

... 2002 Isuzu Rodeo

Hello I am having a problem with my transmission. It started by not shifting after you take off. So I replaced the speed sensor and changed the transmission filter and fluid. It worked fine for about 4 days now its not wanting to shift again and it down shifts when you slow down (not coming to complete stop). What could possibly be the problem now?

Hi,The problem sounds like it could very well be a bad governor pressure solenoid or transducer. These are actually next to the filter when you take off the pan and fairly easy to change. You may want to drop the pan and change the ... 2002 Jeep Grand Cherokee

Transmission slips when i start up my car, it runs for a short while about 30 feet then the transmission slips, i did put a can of lucas transmission repair fluid, it doint work, what could it be? Please help me, is a 1996 Jeep Cherokee sport 4x4 Transmission slips after a couple of feet and the o/d light starts blinking when it slips. I poured som transmission oil, and just then it started slipping. i took out almost the same amount of the tranny fluid and it still slips. any advice??

Reading what your saying, the problem started when you topped up with fluid; from experience what you have done is over filled the system which can build up high pressure and burst the oil seals and contamanate the drive plate.if your happy with what ... 1993 Toyota Corolla

I have a 1992 GMC Sierra 4X4 1/2 ton. 280,000 km. it runs great and is in extremety good condition and the transmission works fine, except it has started blowing fluid through the overflow tube. When hot the dipstick is showing over filled and frothy. Does it need to be flushed and changed or is this someting more severe. I would apperciate your input Thanks, Karl

Hi \015\012\015\012Anytime you have your oil that becomes frothy and grey in colour your looking at a coolant leak more than likely your heads are leaking into your oil, One test is that your exhaust will be a about the same colour as you ... GMC Sierra 1500

99 Chevy blazer ls 4x4, when you first start the truck it always starts perfect, idles good with minor shakes I think due to low idle....when you go to take off it hesitates a bit and won't speed up for a few seconds then seems to clear itself up and pick up speed at a regular pace and drive fine. But then if you shut it off again even for a couple minutes say to pump gas it starts right back up fine but has that slight hesitation.....or in other words it bogs down even at full throttle but then

... Cars & Trucks

My 98 grand voyager was driving and my speedometer died. When i pulled in my driveway and turned the car off it wouldn't start. Nothing completely black. Checked the battery tightened it and it started again. The problem now is my speedometer works intermittently and when it does the transmission runs fine but when it doesn't the transmission is sluggish and sometimes doesn't shift at higher speeds. Transmission fluid is fine and clean. Someone told me it may be the fuses do you have any ideas?

... 1998 Plymouth Grand Voyager

Transmission promblem hi i have a promblem with my transmission in a 1996 k-1500 silverado. all the gears work just fine except from 1st to 2nd it sticks and takes time to shift. then there is no real power when you get on the gas, it just kicks the engine into neutral. there were no signs of anything happening, it worked fine one day and the next time this started.

Assuming you have an automatic transmission, I would check the transmission fluid level. If low, you need to identify where the fluid is leaking. Probable locations are transmission pan, or the cooler lines to the radiator.\012\012If this has o ... 1996 Chevrolet K1500

I have a 1998 Caravan. Fluid level is fine. It hesitates to take off until the rpm's come up a little. Once it engages there is no trouble until I stop and start off again. I was about to pull it to have it rebuilt when it suddenly started working fine. Forward and reverse. Worked perfectly for a day and a half then returned to the same ol stuff. That makes me think that it is something in all the electrical garbage causing it and that it doesn't really need rebuilding. Any thoughts?

This sounds like a weak pump, this all depends on how the pump is working it may have had that little extra power for a while and then back to bad. these caravan tranys are junk, the problems with these trany date way back, the trany will soon blow u ... 1998 Dodge Caravan

I have a 1994 concours ,and the speedometer sometimes when I'm in a red light, then it turns green and the speedometer won't work, it stays in zero even though the car is moving, it takes time for it to kick in and starts to work fine, but here is my concern! when it doesn't work and the speedometer stays at zero, it won't shift gears, until some how when I go over a bump speedometer works again causing the gears to also work fine, please don't tell me is the input speed sensor, is there another

... 1994 Cadillac DeVille

97 dodge ram 1500 5.9l wont start,took it to a local shop to have the transmission changed(had a spare) after many weeks of being in the shop for the trans swap the mechanics said it wont start it tries to start with starter fluid, it it fires but will not run, mechanic is stating the transmission is whats causing it to not run because its not the trans that cam with the truck even though it came off the exact same year,make,model,and engine size truck as mine. My truck started and ran fine with

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Won't start won't even click when key is turned on. light radio everything work when key is on. It did start and ran for a few seconds then went off. The security light flashes we tried another key that didnt work. then the keyless remote wouldn't work either. Just had anew starter 2 years ago. There was no warning it was driving just fine. do i need to take to a dealer or what

Sounds like your ign switch maybe faulty, and yes I would recommend a dealer for that job.. ... 1998 Pontiac Bonneville

I am taking a transmission rebuilding class and my group recently finished rebuilding our transmission and hooked it up to the dyno and it unfortunately failed. It smoked when in fourth gear. the transmission we are working on is a 700r4. My question is where should I start looking first for something we may have assembled improperly. everything shifted fine and the tranny worked great except for the smoking in fourth. the one thing we are hoping for is the during the rebuild we encountered

... 1983 Chevrolet Camaro

1990 ford bronco, 351W 4X4 usually runs fine. However recently I have experienced hard, and unusual transmition shifting on my drive home from work. Since that day it will not start without the presence of starting fluid. Once started it will usually run fine until the engine reaches standard operating temp, at which point it begins to idle very rough, and will not pull itsself with its own power unless in 4 low. I have not been able to retrieve any trouble codes, but have found some vacum lines

... 1990 Ford Bronco

Hello, 1986 Toyota 4X4 Truck 22R carb engine manual transmission. My son was driving it and the rear wheels locked up. Driving in 2 High mode. He got the truck pulled over to the side of the road using 4X4 high after locking in the front hubs then called me. I tested clutch, engine etc. Engine runs fine, clutch works. Engage transmission and start to release clutch and tranny binds up, (2 high) rear wheels slightly turn, maybe about 1/8 revolution do not turn fully. the engine bogs down and dies

I've seen a similar issue on other transmissions where the shifter slips out of the slots in the shift forks, either due to shifter bushing wear or just general wear on tte trans. It can usually be remedied at least temporarily by popping the shifte ... 1986 Toyota Pickup 4WD

Car wont even turn over i turn key on and all lights come on and i try to start by jumping starter but only turns on for a second then shus right off again my key is broken but i was starting it with a scewdriver and it was working fine why all of a sudden it wont work now i missed a very inportant intervievw today because of all this please please help me i also need to take my family shoping for food please help

Take off the alternator and have it checked at a parts store.When the alternator stops working,your car runs off battery power,which it will quickly drain.Your cars starts from the battery and then continues to run off of the alternator,charging the ... 1995 Buick Park Avenue

2001 ford F-350 diesel eng. My wife was driving it . She heard a popping sound. Transmission was in Drive and no longer engaged. Put it in first gear---no problem. All gears work fine except DRIVE. Fluid level is fine. Haven't started work on it yet.


1997 Dodge 1500 Club Cab 4X4, automatic transmission with 125K miles with TRANSMISSION Problem. Driving on the highway in 2WD and all of a sudden the vehicle stalls. I coast to a stop, put in park and attempt to start. Vehicle acts like the battery is dead (slow turn over). Open hood to inspect Alt belt, battery, fluids, etc. No noticeable issues. Got back in truck (5 minutes) and the truck started up just fine. Put in gear and the vehicle would not move IN ANY GEAR. Tried OD on/off with

Ok when the tranny was over filled that meens there is more presure that builds up so what happened it blew out your tranny so what is hapening is it goes in gear so it wont move but it wont drive because the inside is like a maze that directs pressu ... 1997 Dodge Ram 1500 Club Cab

Brake problem I have a 2000 Hyundai Accent and since the start of the year I am having problems with my brakes. Two years ago, a friend accidentally put transmission fluid instead of brakes fluid in my car. The car worked fine since then. At the start of 2006, I changed my brake pads and shoes and from then, my brakes have been binding (the brakes peddle gets stiff, I smell the brakes, the tire gets hot and the car can???t move). This problem sometimes happens when I???m in traffic and have to u

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Hi- I guess it started with the tranny not shifting as it should...changed fluid/filter shifting improved for a day or two but isn't downshifting as it should when trying to pull even a not so very dam hard a grade. I've almost got to stand on the brake pedal before it even begins to slow down. As long as I'm going down and not pulling a grade brakes work fine. Still isn't shifting as it should. Changed the tranny fluid and filter already. Iwasn't until a day later that the tra started aga

Check the transmission switch that operates the shiftdown on transmission, either the switch or the wiring are cause of the problem. ... 1988 Ford F 250
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