Having problems with your 1999 Isuzu Rodeo ?

My 99 isuzu rodeo all the sudden started to idle really rough it was running fine i went to the store came out started it and it started to idle rough and is sputtering its not too bad in neutral but it gets rough when in drive especially at low speeds anybody know what this might be

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Is your check engine light coming on? If so, please post what code it is sending. You can have it read for free at Autozone.
\012Generally when a vehicle suddenly has an issue, an electrical component has failed. A common component that fails instantly is one of the ignition coils mounted above the sparkplug. The check engine light code will indicate which cylinder is experiencing a misfire in this case.
\012Another component that goes out instantly is the MAP sensor. Usually the car won't even start when this unit goes out.
\012There are several components that feed signals to the Powertrain Control Module, and any given one of them will cause that unit to alter the performance of the car. Your quickest and least expensive method of finding out what component is defective is to pay for a diagnostic analysis at a reputable garage. Let them identify the problem and then you can gage whether to fix it yourself or not.
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My 99 isuzu rodeo all the sudden started to idle really rough it was running fine i went to the store came out started it and it started to idle rough and is sputtering its not too bad in neutral but it gets rough when in drive especially at low speeds anybody know what this might be

Is your check engine light coming on? If so, please post what code it is sending. You can have it read for free at Autozone.\012\012Generally when a vehicle suddenly has an issue, an electrical component has failed. A common component tha ... 1999 Isuzu Rodeo

I have a 83' lincoln Mark 6 with a 302 V8 and a 2 Barrel thottlebody. My condion is When I start the engine idles high and then drops to a low idle when it warms up and then it runs rough surging high and low until I place it Drive and then it smoothes out and sometimes stalls in Drive. This surging rough ilde only happens in Park and Neutral. What is my cause and correction?

Put a throttle position sensor on the throttle boby this should fix the problem! ... 1983 Lincoln Mark VI

96 Chrysler concorde 3.5L, I have consistantly pull the gas after start or it won't stay started. As is the pcm forgot the idle. Once its warmed up it will have a rough idle and eventualy die. What could this be? And yes it started after the battery died and car sat for 3 weeks. Now has a new battery and still not idle right. Do I have to reteach the pcm the idle on a long drive? Also being that the idle is low the lights are dim aswell. I thought maybe the altenator was bad but the test shows

I have a 1996 LHS, same 3.5L engine, loved the riding and smoothness when i bought it 2 years ago..... [email protected]#$%ng money pit, a POS scam artist of a mechanic charged me 4200 for new front end suspension a year ago which is already shot again, after that ... 1996 Chrysler Concorde

Missfire This car has a bad miss when first started when cold. It idles rough and sometimes dies, surging up and down. After it runs a while it clears out and idles up at a normal rate. Then I will start to feel a little miss, and the idle gets low going down the road and it loses power. It always starts back up and goes on. It has 188000 miles, new plugs, air filter, fuel filter and fuel injection cleaner run through. The check Engine light has flashed on and off for a year or more. Do you have

Locate you computer (right front kick panel) and tap on it with a pen while the car idles... Also flex it back and forth with your hands to see if the car runs rough or quits... You may need a new one. ... 1988 Oldsmobile Delta 88

1994 chevy c3500 7.4L dully pu truck heads and short block totally redone by grays auto and timing gears and timing chain and fuel pump and filter less then a year and about a week ago truck started idling rough and misses out during driving really bad and last night we changed plugs and wires and rotor and cap and checked timing and it was off 1 to 2 degrees and jumping from 5 to 7degrees btdc did get it to 4 btdc which is what its suppose to be and still running rough at idle and misses out wh

The age of your vehicle also guarantee's a vacuum leak. It may sound silly but the truth is rubber grommets, and hose's shrink and dry out over time and the harsh environment under the hood makes it worse. Check all vacuum lines and fittings at ... 1994 Chevrolet C3500

To quoat "smileyjr1 year ago" my 1996 chevy tahoe has rougha rough idle and low r.p.m's in drive what can i do to solve this problem it idle's good in park but when i come to a stop light the r.p.m's drop down to about 500 r.p.m's and the truck starts shaking and will Quit running, but if i shift it up in neutral it Kinda smoothes out or i can place my foot on the gas to bring the idle up and it will smooth out, high speed is no problem lets say anything above 700 rpm it acts as if it

TRY Cleaning your throttle body. if it gets gummed up the minimum airflow rate is affected and will idle low. also might wanna try cleaning the iac valve. ... 1996 Chevrolet Tahoe

1998, gmc,K2500, 5.7l, 250,000km, starts good but idle is very rough and lots of black smoke, lots of power, runs good, but again, lots of black smoke. After you run the truck for awhile, idle is good, but still lots of black smoke. When fuel in tank gets low/ truck will stall when idling. I had the fuel injectors cleaned and a new fuel pressure regulator installed. this is driving me nuts

A bad coolant temp sensor for the ECM will cause that problem ... they are cheap and easy to replace. One other possibility is a piece of carbon stuck in the EGR causing an internal vacuum leak ..Good luck. ... 1998 GMC Sierra

I have a 2000 mercury sable and after a fill up one day the car started idling rough especially when I was stopped at a stoplight, etc.. thought I had bad gas...added water remover....well apparently that is not it. I also added fuel injector cleaner. The car exhilarates by itself, my rpm tack races up and down, eating gas like crazy, cant idle in drive without dying, when I approach a stop I put car in neutral so it wont die. Now as of last nite it is making noises...never seen a car exhilar

Cpould be IAC sensor maybe TPS sensor[RPM]. ... 2000 Mercury Sable

I shut my car off at 430 in the morn ran fine but let the gas get real low tried to start it at 100 in the afternoon nothing then it started up after i put in gas but check e light has been on and idles real rough stinky gas out the muffler its at the dealer now they say bad coiler i dont think so always fires up just runs crappy now

If the gas got really low to the point of almost running out it could have sucked some dirt off of the bottom of the tank an clogged the fuel filter,or could have caused a cavitation in the pump do damage to it, I think I would start there if you ha ... 2003 Chevrolet TrailBlazer

When first starting after sitting for awhile, it runs very rough in all gears except neutral. It is especially bad when sitting still with brakes pressed while in drive. Can't get diagnosis because it shows no codes. This is a 2003 Chevrolet Trailblazer Ext w/4WD. Have had this problem for about 6 months and getting worse. Lou in VA

The coil towers are arching out you need to isolate which ones and replace them ... 2003 Chevrolet Trailblazer Ext

92 Dodge Dakota Sport 3.9L manual transmission starts and idles, although rough, in neutral, drives great with lots of power, but when getting ready to come o a stop and foot come off the accelerator

Clean or replace idle control valve on throttle body. ... Cars & Trucks

2001 Monte Carlo starts rough, runs rough, idles bad then dies while driving

... 2001 Chevrolet Monte Carlo

Car would start idle really bad. Take off really bad spitting and sputtering then smooth out and be ok to drive. @ stop and start again did fine. It was hit and miss. Changed plugs and wires, still runs bad. Now it won't even idle. It'll idle when you spray carb cleaner into it but when you stop spraying it stops running as if its not getting gas. I hear the fuel hum when I turn the key. Could the fuel pump be bad?

Fuel pump may not supply enough pressure to run engine, but it could be a pluged fuel filter as well. you should get the code pulled out of the computer this will tell you exactly what is wrong or at least narrow down what is causing the problem. It ... 1996 Honda Accord

I have a 1990 K-2500 5.7L Chevy, I am experiencing a rough and low idle after the engine has been warmed to normal operating temperature and it feels like the engine is going to stall when stopped and in drive, also idle speed is not changing when at a stop if it is moved to neutral or park, it remains the same as when in drive, very low and rough. There are no problems when 1st staring the engine and it runs fine after strting and will not have this problem when coming to a stop, only after it

Have you cleaned your throttle body? You can use a carb cleaner but tb cleaner is best. It doesn't take long and will improve the performance if it hasn't been cleaned. Should be cleaned about once a year depending on how many miles you drive. ... 1990 Chevrolet K2500

I have a bad miss at idle... smell gas... put new iridium plugs in and still the same...i have nology wires... i cannot figure this out...check engine light is on and had checked... said plugs or wires possible cause...i checked wires i have 3 ohms. means? very low resistance? HELP 2001 sierra 4.8 seems to drive ok at speed, and sometimes hard to start, hit or miss... normal or crank alot... getting on the highway once i gunned the motor and a great burst of smoke came out and pinged alot... it

Pull out the distributor and see if the gears are worn to a razor blade sized point,if so you need a distributor and a cam shaft replacement. ... 2001 GMC Sierra Crew Cab

I have a 2009 Nissan Altima. It just started to idle very rough when it's in drive-at low rpm, like when stopped in traffic or at a light. It does not do it when it's in Park, Neutral or Rever

May b speed up tick over make sure u have parking on when u do this the reason it slows is because a gear is ingauged when in park or netural its not so free to tick over , hope this helps ... 2009 Nissan Altima

I got a 1988 cutlass supreme classic original v8 engine in it. Problem is in the morning if i dont let it warm up right when i start driveing after a couple of minutes it start to boggle down and black smoke come out the tail pipe???? 2nd problem i start car idles low then raises as car gets warmer but it wont idle back down to a low steady idle. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

... 1988 Oldsmobile Cutlass Supreme

I have a 1998 Eagle Talon ESi, 2-wheel drive that I bought one week ago with only 43K miles on it. It is throwing a P0302 OBD code for misfiring in cylinder 2. It was running great when I bought it, but it started to idle a little rough after having it about 4 days. Now, it starts a little rough, idles a little rough, and really starts missing when accelerating from a stop. It does seem to straighten up and run normally once you get over about 25-30 miles per hour. Everything I can see about the

... Eagle Talon

Hi I drive a 2006 corrolla with 70,000 miles. I noticed the idle slowly but surely gettin a litttle rough and lower. This only starts to happen after I have been driving for about 5 min. It usually happens when I am at a red light in drive. the idle will fluctuate in a low range about 400-500 rpm also accompanied by a slight vibration caused by the low idle. nothing serious though. I have already got the throttle body and fule systems cean by the Dealership. is there anything else i can do? do i

It's been almost 2 years since you posted the question so it's likely you will not see my answer to your question.First, do NOT make any adjustments to your throttle body idle setting. The screw most likely never budged since 2006 so you sho ... Toyota Corolla

Idling shakes my 2005 Equinox has started shaking on idle when in gear. Runs fine. Shakes only a little in neutral but shakes a lot in drive while stopped. Thought maybe we had some bad BP gas but no trouble with starting or driving, just idle. Just got an error code of P0171. Can the CO2 sensor cause idling problems?

COULD BE CO2 SENSOR, MAF SENSOR BAD GASKET SEAL ON IN TAKE MANIFOLD Older systems used an Idle Air control sloenoid, to control slight changes in air flow for idle and loads......also the ... 2005 Chevrolet Equinox

My 2007 Nissan sentra starts making a whining noise after driving for roughly 10min. When I accelerate harder the noise gets louder and has a higher pitch. When i let off of the accelerator the noise fades. When I drive around town and not on the interstate it takes longer for the noise to start. If I leave my house and immediately get on the interstate the noise starts to happen much sooner. I went on a road trip and it got really bad after an hour or so and then I started smelling something

I would first check your surpentine belt to see if it is getting burnt up, most whining sounds are an indication of a bad pully either from the alternator,compressor, pwr steering pump, tensioner, idler pully,ect.ect., i would take the belt off and s ... 2007 Nissan Sentra 2.0 SL Sedan

Problem with the 2003 GMC Envoy Rough idle when cold. once I have driven it...Ads by GoogleCar Brake Repair www.ServiceMagic.comJoin Our Network Of Top Rated Auto Pros & Get Targeted Leads Today! rough idle when cold. once I have driven it for about 20 miles or so it will idle when in drive like it should. I t will idle in neutral fine , just not in drive. I have used fuel additives, carbon vacuum, changed plugs. Nothing seems to work and mechanic can't find the problem.

... 2003 GMC Envoy

Today I was driving around and the car started to idle rough and then it just shut off. Started it back up and it was still idling funny. I got a code pulled. MASS AIR FLOW LOW CIRCUIT VOLTAGE. I changed the MAF and it still idles rough. any thoughts.

You may have got a faulty mass air flow sensor or the is an issue with the wiring to and from the mass air flow sensor to the computer. ... 2000 Pontiac Grand Am GT

My service engine like goes off and on. The code are 21 and 32 Low voltage tps and ground neutral start ciruit. When driving engine rpm goes up over 2 grand and stays there. If you turn off key and restart it drops rpm down. Before I was getting low voltage and high voltage tps, and o2 sensor. Replaced o2 sensor. Now I just get low voltage tps And ground neutral safty switch.

Hi, measure the voltage at grey(or white) wire at the TPS. It should be 5 volts with TPS connected or not. This is a reference voltage from ECM.\015\012\015\012Dark blue wire should change approx. from 0.5V to 4.5V when changing throttle from f ... 1993 Oldsmobile Silhouette

When I first start up and drive my V-6 95 mustang, its drives smooth for till it gets a little warm,, then when I come to a stop light, it begins to Idel real rough, LIKE a spark plug is bad, it does not do this when I first start it to drive it,, its like about 5 or 10 minutes THEN,,only when I come to a stop light it stars to Idel rough ,, just like a spark plug is only firing on 7 silanders. Help, , couse its not the plugs.

Hi, this is a common problem and the main problem is going to be with the oxygen sensor ( also called lambda sensor) replacing this should solve your problem.When you first start your car you will find that it will run ok as the oxygen se ... 1995 Ford Mustang
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