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How do I put the oil dipstick back in after checking oil levels

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Get your dog to help you get it back in,LOL:
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How do I put the oil dipstick back in after checking oil levels

Get your dog to help you get it back in,LOL: ... 1999 Honda CR-V

This is for a 1999 automatic jeep cherokee...my engine oil dipstick was at the add level, so i added a quart. turned engine on put it in drive , checked the transmission fluid. left it running and went to get fluid came back and there was a small coolant leak... drove it around the block and nothing was wrong and leak has stopped...ALSO i filled my anti freeze to the maximum a day before.. why did it leak? is it a problem?

Yes it is a problem, you can have a waterpump that leaks as the engine runs, when the vehicle warms up coolant expands and goes to the resovoir,as you turn the engine off and the engine cools off the fluid in the resovoir reutns to the engine but her ... 1999 Jeep Grand Cherokee

I own the 2011 Sportage CRDI vehicle. With the first 20000km service, I was told that the oil dip stick has to be changed because of the full and empty markes on the dipstick that are in the wrong place. When I got the vehicle a year ago, I checked the oil level on a regular basis and at that time the oil level was on the full mark. After I got the car back from Kia South Africa, the level of the oil in the engine was between the empty and full mark. when I confronted the forman of the Kia servi

... 2011 Kia Sportage

My oil light came on in my 1996 Honda accord 5 speed and I checked the level. It was low so I put about a quart in to get it to the right level. I drove for a little while and it flickered back on. Once I gave it gas it started flashing on and off.. I think it bar something to do with my oil pump. Does that sound like something I should worry about?

Is your oil level good, did you check it again??\015\012Your oil pump circulates oil through out the engine while it's running. If it fails, your destroy the engine. This may only take minutes. You should get an external oil pressure gauge hook ... 1996 Honda Accord

I have a BMW X5 4.4i. The check oil level indicator appears almost always after driving 15-25kms. When checked on the dipstick, it is dry as if there is no oil at all! But when dipstick is replaced and check again, the oil level is at maximum. We did the following but still the problem persist: 1. Check oil pump & oil pump filter 2. Check sensor 3. Change oil and filter

... 2005 BMW X5

I checked my oil with the car running today and there was an instant vaccum problem that sounded like the car was going to die. I put the dipstick back in and it went away instantly. I was told this was the pvc valve, but all the parts stores Ive called say that this model doesnt require a pvc, or pcv valve. The car has been using close to a qt. of oil every 45 days and does need an oil change. Any other suggestions?

First of all, you cannot get an accurate oil check with the engine running.. Turn the car off, remove the oil dipstick, wipe all oil off the dipstick, then put it back in to check for proper level. Next, your car does not have a pcv valve but rathe ... Volkswagen Passat

1995 dodge avenger,put 3 qrts of oil in yesterday oil light came on this morning. checked oil level, reads nothing.oil leak under car above exhaust pipe half way back. near boot axle.

You need to check the Timing Belt cover and check to see if the Oil Pan has a crack or anything like that.Good Luck!If you have any more problems let me know.Thank you for using Fix Ya!Don't forget to rate the over ... 1996 Dodge Avenger

I have an 2001 mitsubishi galant 4 cylinder and the motor makes a ticking sound at random times it almost sounds like a fuel injector ticking loudly. car runs good, i check oil levels at times, i put 10w30 oil in it. Just not sure what the ticking sound is you can hear it ticking even with the hood closed. The sound starts at times and then goes away and will come back at no set time period, and then sometimes wont do it for a day or so. thanks for your help

It is a lifter ticking. They are called hydraulic lifters. They have a spring inside them, when the car is running it builds oil pressure. The oil pressure fills the lifter which gives the lifter a cushion so to speak. When a lifter is worn out it wi ... 2001 Mitsubishi Galant

Dipstick go having just checked oil level dipstick wont go back into tube , will go as far as tube but will not go any father into the moter its as tho something is blocking it

Make sure,to start,you didn't put the wrong dipstick (transmission or oil)in. Try,if the correct dipstick,removing the stick all the way out then twist so it faces the other way then ease it into its fullest making sure the end where you hold it from ... Toyota Caldina

[2007 ford f550 72000mls. v10 automatic. motor ceased oil level good.] pulling 40ft. pipe trailer. had tow button on. oil level gauge wasnt marking. turned truck off, checked oil under the hood. level good, a hair below full mark. turned truck back on and gauge worked. turned tow button back on and 2 miles down the road oil gauge dropped to low. sounds from truck like exhaust has hole in it was made. squeeking then breathing exhuast sounds. then motor ceased. will not turn on. will barely turn o

Sounds like u had a oil pump go bad \015\012\015\012if motor ceased it junk now but with this truck only having 72000 miles on it i would put a new motor in it if you do decide to put new motor in it and plan on doing that kind of towin ... 2007 Ford Super Duty King Ranch

2005 land rover freelander Pulled out auto trans dipstick to check level, Can Not find Damn hole to put it back in! ???? No info at all in manual ?

... 2005 Land Rover Freelander

Im always having to put antifreeze in once a week. The way i know it needs it is when temp. gauge surges all the way up then it comes back down. No visible sign on any leaks any where. When i drive to work which is 15 minutes away i always smell antifreeze when i get out but engine and acc. are completly dry. Ive checked dipstick to oil too. i guess my question is What do i do to fix this problem

Take a close inspection to your waterpump. Pump has a "weep" hole in bottom side of casting. It's an early warning system to detect seal leak before waterpump seizes up and does major damage. It could be so slight that coolant is blowing back along o ... 1996 GMC Jimmy

Transmission fluid i was changing the oil on my wifes car and took out the wrong plug draining about 1-2 quarts of transmission fluid before i could get the plug back in. i cant figure out where i would add transmission fluid nor is there a dipstick to check the level of fluid. is it ok to drive to the dealership? will driving the car with less transmission fluid damage it? where do i add fluid at? new car with only 5,500 miles.

... 2009 Kia Borrego

I pulled out dipstick to check oil levels, how do I get it back in

Simply put dipstick bak into hole it came out of. You may have to rotate dipstick till it slides in. ... 1999 Honda CR-V

I have a 2007 PT cruiser. My check engine light came on while I was driving on the highway. I pulled over, and realized that I was very low on oil. I had a my dad bring me oil to put into the car, before driving it back to town. Once in town I had an oil change completed. The check engine light was off for 2 days, now it is back on again. The quick lube place stated they did not reset check engine light. Should I have any concerns? The car drives fine and sounds fine...

You can take it to auto zone or advanced auto parts house and they will check the codes for you for free.then you can look up the code on internet and see whats going on hope this helps ... 2007 Chrysler PT Cruiser Touring Hatchback

Oil filter is tight and seated properly, drain plug is secure and no leakage- have had some oil smell while driving the past week or so- pulled into home and oil smoke pouring out of engine compartment and lots of oil splattered covering undercarriage, oil level below dipstick check ( was proper level when checked one week ago)

It sound like to me, you fergot to take the old oil filter seal off. just take the new one off and pull the filter out and take the old seal off before that seal blows off and you really have a problem...but drain your oil first... ... 2001 Honda Accord

We left my PT Cruiser ( yr 2000 touring 2L) standing for over 3 months over the winter, and the battery went flat. We charged up the battery & topped up the oil then started using it again. On the 2nd outing after approx 36 miles the engine management light came on. We checked under the bonnet to find we hadn't put the oil filler cap back on! We have put this back on but the engine management light is still on. I am assuming that the light came on because the oil filler cap was not replaced beca

The oil cap will not set a check engine lite. Just disconnect your battery for a minute and reconnect it that will clear the code. Do this with the negative battery cable. If the lite comes back on there is a problem that the computer is seeing and y ... 2004 Chrysler Concorde


Internal engine cleaner? Before or after the oil problem? That stuff should only be used if you plan on dropping the pan. So, moving on, chk the engine to body ground . topside of engine at the rear fstened to engine and firewall. Thsat engine ... Jeep Cherokee

Transmission i just took my car out for a run to check on the transmission level. i took it out and came back home. i tried to check the transmission oil level but it came back saying that there wasn't any. i know this sounds rediculous but it was so clear that i think it says none. when the engine cooled off i checked it again and said it has more than enough. some one help...

How far did u drive? your trans fluid was inside your transmission when u first checked it when it was hot once the car cooled down the fluid settled and gave an accurate reading on the dipstick. ... 2002 Dodge Neon

I am having trouble with my truck it is not leaking oil anywhere but it is using oil and it smokes a little but not alot. i filled it with oil and drove it around got it good and warmed up and didnt use any oil. drove it to nex town about 45 miles one way forgot to check it when i got there came back home and checked it after it set about 20 mins and barely any oil on dipstick. checked exaust pipe and inside is really black.


I am having trouble with my Ford F350 powerstroke it is not leaking oil anywhere but it is using oil and it smokes a little but not alot. i filled it with oil and drove it around got it good and warmed up and didnt use any oil. drove it to next town about 45 miles one way forgot 8 hrs later to check it when i got off jumped in it and came back home and checked it after it set about 20 mins and barely any oil on dipstick. checked exaust pipe and inside is really black. just rebuilt the engine so

Hi,\015\012 Well, it has to be going somewhere doesn't it ?\015\012\015\012Check first for leaks - particularly at the transmission end,\015\012After that, run it up from cold for a few minutes - but not too hot. - Then take t ... Ford F-350

I have a 2000 vw beetle.  this morning the check engine light came on and i drove it about 60 miles today.  when i got home, i checked the oil, and it is EXTREMELY low on the dipstick.  i looked underneath the car and there was a trail of oil on the garage floor.  question: can i put oil in it to drive it tomorrow and monday i'm taking it to get serviced. if i add oil, will it be ok to drive and not harm my engine even though the check engine light is on?

Yes you can add oil as you go. this will be fine. Just dont make a habit of it as you can never tell where your oil level is without looking at the dipstick. ... 2000 Volkswagen Beetle

2000 Neon with small amount of oil leaking when parked.No oil leaking when put up on rack. Drives car around town seems fine, Drive car for a longer trip and no oil shows up on dipstick. Oil is added and the same thing happens again except this time we didn't add oil right away and when we checked the oil it was full! Checked radiator and fluid looks normal. Can't tell if if the oil is normal may be a little thin. Is this a head gasket problem. Car runs fine has a burnt oil smell when driving bu

Dodge Neons have problem with the valve seals so when driving it will leak oil throughout the seal into the combustion chamber or cylinder, burning the oil, in very small amounts that you don't see , of course in a log ... 2005 Mazda RX-8

I have a 2003 stype jaguar with 80,000 miles , i bought the car 4 days ago and ive noticed a fluid leak on my driveway and i can see it dripping from the undercarriage, i took it to meineke and they said its the oilpan gasket and the valve cover gasket that needs replacing and it would cost 1100 dollars. i check the oil dipstick after all the fluid has been leaking for days and the oil dipstick is still at perfect level of max, i check it when the engine is off and cold . what do you think?

Check and record all fluid levels ,then figure out which one is really going down(it is hard to diagnose a leak if you don't have a lift to see underneath) ... 2004 Jaguar X-Type

I have an 04 cavalier and the car barely started possibly from the cold weather in kansas, but as it was running the check engine light came on and was continuiously blinking. So i checked the oil and antifreeze. oil was low and coolant was fine. As i put the car in reverse and drive the vibration was really bad and the exhaust was putting as if an exhaust leak but not leakage from the muffler. what could it be... i'm trying to find the transmission dipstick but no luck where is that at...

There may not be a dip stick . on the top of the transmission you will find a red cap that unscrews this is the fill hole for the trans it may or maynot have a dipstick on it. ... 2004 Chevrolet Cavalier
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