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1999 honda over heating i changed radiator, termostat,hoses,de sensor in the termostat , i changed the relay for the fan i checked the fan by the radiator and start work like 20 secunds an then go off, i dont see any water leaks any one has other idea thank so much

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1999 honda over heating i changed radiator, termostat,hoses,de sensor in the termostat , i changed the relay for the fan i checked the fan by the radiator and start work like 20 secunds an then go off, i dont see any water leaks any one has other idea thank so much

... 1999 Honda Civic

My heat fan only blows cold air. I m experiencing a problem with my car. I resently had to change my exhaust system, and hav done so successfully. I discovered a leak in my cooling system ( in the radiator), and hav now fixed the leak with some radiator fixing fluid. I thought I had fixed the problem, filled it up with only water, no coolant. Just to see if the leak got fixed. After it stop leaking, Ive filled on coolant aswell. Ive also tried to air out the system by opening the the valve at

Try ur thermisthat or ur heater cord ... 1993 Peugeot 306 D-Turbo

I have a 2005 nissan altima 2.5 vtech engine. I have it for 3 years always changed the oil at the 3,000 mile mark but lately it has been making a loud noise when i turn it on but then it goes away..but the problem is that the water from the radiator is always low. I have to put in water maybe twice a week. The radiator is brand new so I dont know if its the water pump or leak I need to find out... also the thing is this the fan that keeps the engine from overheating sometimes it does not want t

You may have a head gasket in the throes of failing.\012\012Some of the symptoms are coolant loss, rough running when cold (a small amount of water is sucked into a cylinder when it cools down), above average coolant temperature (causing the fa ... 1995 Nissan Altima

My 2002 Olds minivan is overheating. I changed thermostat and flushed radiator, bled the air from the air valves and changed the temp sending unit. It does not leak fluid and waterpump and belt are on correctly. Is there any thing else I can do to fix the over heating problem? The fans are also working. Don't see ant water in oil. Help James

My 02 silhouette just started having the same problem and I was told it was the head gasket. I was told mini vans with the 3.4 engine have this problem after a certain amount of miles. My brother has had this happen in 2 different vans with same engi ... 2002 Oldsmobile Silhouette

My kia was driven about 5 km without water in radiator. The engine light did not come on. I found that the fan had vibrated a caused a leak in the radiator itself -- water leaked under pressure. Now engine wont turn over . It does have a 3rd cylinder compression problem . Shoud we replace Long or short ( dont know which it is ) or just repace rings? Ta owned for 6 months.runs a bit rough because of compression. was using water + fan was in front of radiator ie attached with external switch.

Sounds like you may have ruined the engine. It would be cheapest to put in a good used engine. ... 1999 Kia Sportage

Ok on my 95 bmw 525i I had a hole in radiator hose and repaired it but my bmw still overheated. Replaced thermostat and it still overheats. Fan comes on but top of hose is hot. After a few mins. of driving it gets really hot. I dont see any leaking so im not sure if its my water pump. Any ideas before I go ahead an replace my pump?

You should make sure there is no air in the cooling system. With the engine COLD open the bleeder screw, take the cooling cap off, make sure it is full, put your mouth on the neck and blow until a clear stream of antifreeze comes out the bleeder. T ... 1995 BMW 5 Series

I have 2001 awm passat 1.8 t replaced just the radiator support. after i had it all hooked up it overheated.Both fans run i dont see what is the problem.Dont see no leaks recovery tank level is good i let it idel and it tells me to shut it off when warmed up.The radiator dont feel hot at all. after running.Could be thermostat because i had the car sitting for about 5 mon? I checked all kinds of stuff but no fix.Water pump aint leaking this the second one put in blades are steel.

All vw cars need to have the water system bled after filling with antifreeze,just undo the top heater hose clip to vent any trapped air in system......wear rubber gloves,its hot. ... 2001 Volkswagen Passat

I have to replace my radiator water every couple days and it still overheats and i changed the thermostat and the problem is still there. and there is no apparent leaks that u can see. i dont know what to do? Any answers?

Your ford will have an electric cooling fan, make shure the fan is coming on , also consider having the rad flushed, this will remove any build op in the rad it's self ... 1999 Ford Escort

97 Buick skylark w/3100 v6 engine has a water leak from the back right side of the engine after it warms up. The hoses from the engine to the heater core that I thought were the problem are fine. Water looks like it is following the frame and drips out of the frame near the end of the tranny. The water pump and radiator were changed during the summer. All radiator hoses are dry and tight. I can not see where the water is coming from. When I feel the back of the engine it seems dry. The leak seem

Is it water or coolant, and do you have water in the radiator or antifreeze, i asume you have coolant so the leak is water then it coming from the heater box which is normal, the water is condensation from a/c so if the a/c is on or defrost you will ... 1997 Buick Skylark

Over heating hello,,i have nissan maxima 2001 in saudi arabia.It never get heated inside city with even airconditioner,probably the reason is we dont go continous travelling inside city.. but when i go long route,it gets heated after i travel about 100 miles or if it faces some climb(when the engine has to provide much force).I changed the radiator with new .I changed one thermostat.There is no water leak from radiator and there is no water boiling and water pressure when i check at heating time

Obviously in saudi it is really hot (been there for 14 years) are you in riyadh or jeddah?\015\012\015\012there is a problem with your timing engine if the timing is out of adjustment it will generate more heat while running at a faster p ... 2000 Nissan Maxima

1991 ford explorer 4.0L push rod type engine Im leaking water from underneath, but not all the time usually once or twice a week. But when it decides to leak it just pours out, so i let it cool then when I add water it starts pouring out again. (after it cools?) weird Anyway if its not the water pump is there anything else it could be? I changed the thermostat already. It looks the the water is comming from behind the water pump. Is that possible? I dont see any water from the weep hole, b

Very difficult because from your description of the area i would say waterpump ,but it could be a core plug or even a hose split and it moves causing the leak ,who knows its impossible to say without getting my oily fingers under the bonnet ,please ... Ford Explorer

2003 hyundai elentra overheating and already did alot of standard procedures to fix the problem and still overheats. Car vurrently has 64k on it. Here is the history. Last year it overheated and changed the thermostat, radiator and fans. Work fine and now this year again. The radiator had a very muddy cap. As if mud was in the radiator. We flushed the radiator checked all hoses for leaks filled with new coolant. Ran okay for about 30 miles and problem started again. Changed water pump, timing b

The only other thing I can think of is maybe you put in the wrong kind of coolant? Not every type of coolant works in every car. Other than that, try head gasket sealer because if your head gasket is leaking, it can't be a big leak, otherwise you'd h ... Cars & Trucks

Engine coolant hot message keeps popping up on my 2004 GMC Sierra pickup, radiator has been flushed and filled with Dexcool, thermostat has been changed, temp sensor has been changed, radiator cap has been changed, fan clutch has been replaced, and water pump is 10 mos old and there are no visible leaks

... 2004 GMC Sierra

1998 Isuzu rodeo running hot. filled radiator & reservoir with water & coolant. There is a oily substance dripping from small hose at the bottom of radiator, dont see any water leaking. Just had water pump replaced 3 weeks ago.

Running hot.do post all sighs of that. there are many, is Rad full dead cold, with rad cap off? look there?1: guage reads too high.2: steam?3: water blasting to side plastic side expansion tank.4: engine pings.5: loss o ... 1998 Isuzu Rodeo

My 98 CRV has a overheating problem reaching the High levels when driving, esp. climbing hills. I repaired the engine fan and its now working, but still overheating at same level, but water is not boiling in reserve tank like last time, though water is still hot when changed after driving for 30mins...after cooling vehicle down.the garage i took it to, said they need to check the engine to see if its buckled, than i will have to change the head... Also I need to change my radiator cap, but the o

If this vehicle has been run with no antifreeze ?? and its a 98?? then i have no doubt its cooked and the water ports in the head had corroded larger ,expensive job or an exchange engine ,look on uk web sites because these vehicles rot away before th ... 1998 Honda CR-V

Vehicle overheating quickly. changed thermostat it ran fine for about 2 weeks, now it is overheating quickly again. no leaks are coming from water pump. Do not see any water leaking anywhere, but when it over heats the radiator will not have much water left in it.

Hi, check you have heat coming out the heater in the car put it on hottest setting and see what happens if it comes out cold then the chances are the head gasket has gone and is pushing gasses into the coolant system causing an air lock and then over ... 2001 Pontiac Montana

2000 Dodge Intrepid overheating. Can't see where it's leaking from. The water disapears. Changed upper radiator hose, radiator cap, pulled thermostat, replaced radiator... Help

... 2000 Dodge Intrepid

I have a 1988 isuzu trooper , 4 cyl. Itec engine. Water/antifeeze leaks from the engine, but not until it warms up. The higher the engine revs, the more the leaking. a bottle of radiator stop leak will work but when the engine is revved, the leak starts again, slowly at first. I know water is leaking from somewhere beneath the injector body assembly where I cannot directly see it leaking. It makes a fine spray, stream or mist at first, then as it leaks a larger volume this changes to a low

... 1989 Isuzu Trooper

I have a 98 gmc jimmy and its overheating. I have already changed the thermostat, temperature sensor. My water pump is less than 6mos old and I changed my fan clutch same time as water pump. I see lots of build up in my radiator, what the best cheapest fix? How can I prevent this from re-occurring?

You can try one of the industrial strength radiator cleaners like Radiator Cleaner. According to the manufacturer: "Radiator cleaner removes the dirt, grease, scale, grime & solder from the engine cooling system. Radiator cleaner is a powerful cl ... 1998 GMC Jimmy

The rpms run high i changed the therma and new radiater and it still runs hot then i need a front motormount speed ometer dont work untill it startes acting up im not sure if the battery is the right one.the radiater wasint and if water can leak from the lid for the resavoir that means air and airs not good right or maybe my water pump

Sounds like a blown head gasket ... 1997 Honda Accord

Strange overheating my bmw is over heating so i removed the amp,changed the fans clutch including the fan and also the radiator is in its perfect condition but still when the engine is runing in a trafic for 15 min the water in radiator deposit begin increasing then it flows out of the cover so it is stil overheating i dont know what to do with it

Change the thermostat put in a lower degree one like if it has a 195 put in a 180 if it has a 180 go to like 160-170 ... 1994 BMW 3 Series

My Granddaughter has a 2003 Honda Civic which has started overheating and the coolant will be low. Can see no leaks. Happens after 2-3 weeks of driving. A mechanic pressure tested the system and it holds pressure well. He did find a small leak by a hose and fixed it. Put new radiator cap on. The fan comes on. No apparent water in the oil. Does not smoke. I took the oil filler cap off with the engine running and noticed some air blowing out. Took the radiator cap off and ran the engi

Hi, its not good news im afraid by you describing that with the coolant cap off and revving the car causes the pressure to build up and push the water back out it sounds to me like the head gasket is on its way out, what you need to do is take it to ... 2003 Honda Civic

Audi A4 1.9tdi Quattro 1997- Blower fan was only blowing cold air. Changed intercooler radiator as it was leaking, but fan still blowing cold air. engine temp went over half and then came back down. Only one side of front radiator warming up. Not sure what the problem could be, is it a thermost issue or water pump or neither? Your help would be appreciated. Many thanks


My 2004 Pacifica started leaking coolant rapidly the other day, when I parked it. I checked the overflow bottle and it was empty. To see if the water pump might have gone bad, I turned the vehicle on and started it. There were no horrible sounds, nor any warning lights flashing. I poured some new coolant into the overflow bottle and it immediately began to leak on to the ground. This seems like a bad radiator hose to me. Any ideas? If you think I am on track, how do I change the lower radiator h

Hi,The explained procedure would be :-\015\012\015\012\015\012\011\011\011\011\011\011\011\011\015\012Step 1\015\012\011\011\011\011\011\011\011\011\015\012\011\011\011\011\011\011\011\011Turn ... Chrysler Pacifica

My deville is overheating bad...250 up to 280 without any warning usually when i exit a high way then goes into limp mode and dies. ive replaced all hoses radiater themostat and water pump. no evident leaks but its always about a gallon short of coolant and that does get expensive. and ive been told the heater cor4e dont leak inside like they used to they drip on the exhaust and thats why i see no obvious leaks. any truth in this, thats the last thing it could be right?

A leaking head gasket can also burn the coolant out the exhaust with no evidence.Have you had anyone pressure test the cooling system and check for leaks ? ... 1998 Cadillac DeVille
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