Having problems with your 1999 GMC Yukon Denali ?

99 Yukon 5.7 won't start, ONLY when it rains

\015 Problem for several years, multiple dealers, still no luck.\015\012We thought we had it when we replaced the MAP sensor in Jan 08, but doing it again. I still think it has something to do with the lower air pressure when it rains. The problem has NEVER occured by washing the truck, and one shop dowsed it in water repeatedly to try to get it to induce problem. It only does this when it rains. No code is ever indicated during or after the problem.\015\012Vehicle will turn over a couple revs when key is reset (and fuel pump recycles). It turns over a few revs then quits. If you do not reset the key, and try to push the key to start from the ON position, it does not catch any revs (no fuel, because no reset) thereafter.\015\012Crank sensor, dist have also been replaced with various tries by dealers, they did nothing, no difference. MAP sensor replace seemed to solve the problem for a couple rains, until now (Live in AZ.)\015 Posted / edited by AnonymousUser on : 15-01-2018

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One of my problems was with a 99 Yukon SLE and it wouldn't start when the air temp was below freezing. It would crank, but for whatever reason the fuel pump would disengage, I used to have to prime the throttle body with gas to keep it running and as soon as the engine got warm, voila! I know it doesn't sound like the same issue, but hear me out. I bought the SUV secondhand. It had an aftermarket security system installed, and according to the dealer who fixed the problem, the original installer tapped into the main wiring harness and made a mess. After replacing the wiring harness, this and a other problems miraculously disappeared. If you have anything tapping into your main wiring harness you may be getting moistur and causing a short. Hope this helps, and if not ... sorry for wasting your time.
When the dist. was replaced, did that include the cap, rotor and ignition module? what about fuel filter? coil?
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My chevy 1500 cargo van wont star when it rains but will when it doesent rain , but now it wont, i can hear fuel pump working but still wont start?is there a in line gas filter an could that be the proublem?this just started all at once an i smell no gas so i dont think it floods out.even when i get mad an pump the gas pedel to death still no gas smell this van had yearly service done on it.

It should have an in line fuel filter, it will be located on the inside of the frame rail same side as the tank. Also it might have a hairline crack in the distributor cap witch lets moister get inside it and that will make it hard to start when its ... 1999 Chevrolet K1500

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Change the plugs and wires but also replace the distributor cap and rotor if you look at the points on the cap they will most likely be corroded and if you look at the wire that goes from the coil to to the cap it will probably will have white marks ... 2001 GMC Sonoma Extended Cab

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This may be a little to much info all at once but you have to start some where. Are you getting a strong blue arc at coil during cranking or while at idle if so coil is good and if it is orange in color then its a week coil. Get a volt/OHm meter and ... 1998 GMC Safari

My 2001 yukon denali cut out on me the other day towed it home changed the fuel filter still started for 15 secs then cut out now it wont start checked the relay started for 2 secs and cut out and wont start again I'm pretty sure its the fuel pump now but before I change it is there a way to check it or could it be something else? It trys to start every time just sounds like it isnt getting fuel.

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Pull the CPS Plug apart and clean that.\015\012It's the grey one near the cambelt end and leads down to the crankshaft pully. ... 1996 Ford Probe

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Your battery needs replacing.Your Alternator should be fine, as you would not have been able to drive 28 miles with just battery power, the alternator was what kept power to the vehicle.When the engine turns off, the current f ... 1998 Toyota Camry

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Wont start my truck wont start. no spark and the plugs are dry. i have replaced the coil, crank sensor , cap, rotor, cam sensor, ignition module, and plugs. i found that the crank sensor wires were broken. i fixed those and nothing. it stopped running one other time before when i went through the car wash. but it started after i let it sit for the day. this time there was no water or rain or anything like that involved. it hasnt ran in about a month now. i need help.

Alternator wires ... 1996 Chevrolet K1500

Car wont start it turns over but wont actually start. tried to clutch start it and with jumper leads but no luck, its been raining a lo lately could this have someting to do with it?

Not unless you have driven through high water and soaked the under hood electronics. Check to see if there is voltage at the spark plugs. Then check to see if it's getting fuel. If you have any trouble checking these two things, get back ... Hyundai Excel

I have a 2001 gmc yukon. it wont start. it will act like it wants to start but wont. ive replaced the battery, starter relay, year old fuel pump. whats my problem

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1998 Gmc Yukon wont start due to Anti Theft alarm system how do I get Yukon to start again

Maybe by disconnectting your battery and reconnectting, you might be able to reset system. ... 1998 GMC Yukon

I have a 1999 gmc Yukon it is getting fuel and spark i even sprayed starter fluid in the intake but it still wont start it turns over good but wont start

Ok make sure you have good fuel pressure \015\012you must have good spark must fire a spark tester\015\012if all that is good then check compression\015\012and don't use STARTER FLUID on a GAS ENGINE it can blow a hole through the p ... 1999 GMC Yukon

Why wont my 2000 yukon start with my remote start.crank but wont start.

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My 2004 gmc yukon xl wont start fuel pump is pumping gas but truck wont start

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02 yukon denali xl wont start, i replaced battery, alternaor and starter are both good truck still wont start

Did you try to replace the starter cable? is the Truck turning over or just clicking.? If it's turning over and not starting. Best guess would be one of two things. Knock sensors Located under intake manifold. they get wet and deteriorate or the fuel ... 2002 GMC Yukon XL

My 2000 GMC Jimmy wont start in the rain, when it stops raining and everything dries up it will then start do you know what the problem could be, thank you

If your vehicle has a distributor cap on it, this is where i would check for a cracked cap, this will allow moisture to get into, normally when it rains. ... 2000 GMC Jimmy

My 99 yukon wont start when its cold, I can spray carb cleaner in the throttle body and it will fire,but other wise it wont start unless its warm.

When is the last time you had a tune-up on your truck? During the cold winter months, if the battery does not have a proper level of cranking amps it is sometimes hard for the engine to turnover in the cold. You may need a tune-up or battery replaced ... 1999 GMC Yukon

Why wont my car start when it rains? the car wont get any spark when it rains out

The most common things that will cause this are ignition control module (ICM) the distributor cap and the rotor, also u don't say if u had the electronic engine control system tested for electronic fault codes related to thi ... 1992 Nissan 240SX Fastback

My jimmy wont start when it rains as soon as it stops raining and dries out it starts ireplaced cap and roter 3 times and keep getting the same out come

Happened to me too. try replacing the ignition coil ... 2000 GMC Jimmy

I ran out of Gas and my yukon XL 03 wont start now i put 3 gallons in it and it still wont start and now my battery went dead

... 2002 GMC Yukon XL

4.3 v6 4.3 wont start when left in rain overnite. runs great in the rain once started.i take battery cables off and on and it starts.

You are resetting the pcm module or a faulty sensor. take it to auto zone and use a tester to see what codes it sends ... 1999 GMC Sierra

My 94 yota pickup ran perfect yesterday it rained all night and when i went to start it it turns over but wont fire. when i first started it it ran 4 a few secs then shut off and now it wont even do that

I think water got into the spark plugs. that's what happens check the spark plugs wires for cracks or access of water. Good luck ... 1994 Toyota Pickup
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