Having problems with your 1999 GMC Suburban ?

Suburban will not start it turns over the injector shut down when it start

\015 Suburban will not start if it does the injectors shuts down if it sart it runs for a second the fuel pump works\015 Posted / edited by AnonymousUser on : 15-01-2018

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Suburban will not start it turns over the injector shut down when it start

... 1999 GMC Suburban

I have a 1989 chevrolet suburban 1500, I have reoccuring problem... my mechanics can't solve. The suburban turns off and won't start, I have replaced the fuel pump, a sensor, and it works fine for about a week or so, then it wants to shut off.... the major clue, that everyone,the mechanics want to ignore, is that when I turn on my headlamps, the suburban completly shuts off, and I can't restart it.... before I would turn on the headlamps, the engine would almost die, but it would recover, now it

Electrical problems can be very hard to diognose. It could the something in the iggnition system or it could be the electronic control mudule (ecm) aka computer. I would take it to a different shop.. ... 1990 Chevrolet Corvette

I have a 94 GMC Jimmy 4.3 Vortec and when I crank it it runs for about 5 seconds then turns shuts off. I've changed the fuel filter, the fuel pump , spark plugs and coil. The problem was that it would'nt turn over as if it was out of gas at first. Once I changed the fuel pump it would turn over but would not start. Did the plugs and it started but died after about 5 seconds. But when I changed the plugs I noticed one was soaked with gas so I cranked it with the plugs out and all the injectors we

U have not done the most basic test here, just replaced parts, u need to do a electronic engine control system fault code test, go to the link below and do the test and then post the results back on this thread. also perform a fuel press ... 1994 GMC Jimmy

94 gmc 350 runs find when drivng but turn it off and you have to put gas or starting fluid in thottle body to start, then very high idle but runs find till you shut off and try to restart. pump runs when the key is turned on but can't see any fuel go out of the injectors need help

The fuel pressure regulator does not seem to be working. It should hold fuel pressure in the injector lines. Your fuel pressure may also be to low.\015\012Lee\015\012\015\012please vote if this was helpful or not. ... GMC Sierra 1500

My 1997 Suburban K1500 died while driving. Thought it may be a fuel problem, So I sprayed Quick Start in the injectors. It backfired and blew fire out of the top of the injector. Wont start now but does turn over while having periodic backfires. I replaced the distributor cap plugs and wires. Still nothing

Pick up coil is bad in the distributor. ... Chevrolet Suburban 1500

I have a 1987 chevrolet scottdaLe suburban when i turn the ignition on you could hear the starter trying to start but my fuel injectors do not squirt fuel i have to try 3 to 4 times turning my truck off and on while i pump the gas pedal. before it use to start right away but now i have a 1 weekwith this problem what can i du before i have to go take it to one of those mechanics that cheet people out with lies just to take ourmoney please help?

R&r fuel pump ... Chevrolet Suburban

I have not started my car in two months and it has been very cold. I only have a 1/4 tank of gas or less in my car. I just got home went to start it and it turns over started for a couple minutes then shut off. Then when I go to restart it it starts for a second and powers off or if I hit the gas it powers off. I have a 2006 chevy malibu is it possible that the gas line or fuel injector is frozen? Is there a way to fix this?

Sounds to me you may be out of gas \015\012\015\012alot of vehicles start to mis read at 1/4 tank\015\012\015\012i would just through some gas in it and try it again\015\012\015\012cycle the key on and off a couple ... 1998 Dodge Neon

I Have 1996 GMC Suburban. Problem: hard to start. Recent happening--after not used for several days is hard to start, finally starts and runs ok; turn off engine and starts immediately. Battery ok, starter ok. Acts like fuel rail might be leaking but no such evidence; fuel pump ok. Engine smooth when running, lots of power. Injectors seem ok.

... 1996 GMC Suburban

I have a 88 suburban 350 it runs great i shut it off after work tryed to start it the next morning it would not start just turned over with plenty of power but would not start i found out that it was a ignition module it ran fo a day then broke down again i put a brand new ignition module still wont start so i changed all the plugs and wires cap and rotor and also a coil and nothing some people told me that it could be a pick up coil or the distributer.....any advice would help

Did you change the plug ins in the the rotor and yes try replacing the pick up coil ... 1988 Chevrolet Suburban

My suburban will start up fine, then after about 15 minutes of idling it will sputter and then die. Then the injectors will start to tick really bad. If I turn the ignition off for about 10 minutes and go to try to start it again, it will fire right up. I have replace the MAP sensor, ignition module, fuel pump, and some vacuum lines. i am getting really frustrated with it. Could it be the TPS sensor?

Hi, your sputtering and stalling problem may be cause by the fuel pump. Replacing it and the fuel filter should fix your problem.\015\012\015\012Concerning the ticking injector, Injectors tend to tick as they get old, and high mileage ve ... 1989 Chevrolet Suburban

I have a 1999 Chevy Suburban that is sometimes hard to start. Most of the time it starts just fine. Then sometimes it acts like it is flooded. After waiting for an hour, it starts right up. Installed new plugs, cap, rotor, checked timing, and it has a good spark. Fuel pressure is approximately 60psi but drops off quickly after key is shut off. How long should it hold pressure. Could this be an injector problem?

Hi there,\015\012One of two things can go wrong here. The fuel pressure is supposed to stay after you shut off the eng or key. The reason for this is so the eng does not have to keep cranking while the pump builds up pressure. The fuel pump ... 1999 Chevrolet Silverado 1500

1992 camry usa 4 cyl. has 2 problems. 1. It's hard starting when eng. is cold. It turns over fine. After it starts, I can shut it off and it will start right up. Has new rotor, cap, wires and plugs. Could this be a leaky injector? How do I check that? 2. The steering is hard and it won't rebound. The fluid is full and the pump makes no noise. The belt is tight. Sometimes it will kinda free up like it's trying to work. By sight , everything looks good. Could this be an internal collapsed pres

Hello, welcome to FixYa. Please allow me to assist you.\015\012\015\012Regarding the starting, it sounds to me like you havea leaking 'fuel return check valve'. This device is in the fuel pump, and it is there to prevent fuel from drainin ... Toyota Camry

1999 suburban fuse ECM-1 injector keeps blowing. Engine seems like gas not getting to throttle body. Turns but doesn't turn over when ignition is turned? thoughts? Tried starting fluid, no go. No smell of gas when pump the pedal.

... 1999 Chevrolet Suburban

Won't start I changed fuel pump checked the sparke plugs,an checked the injectors with a noid light.. All works !! Now the deal is it turns over it started for about 3 sec an shut off...it's got me lost

They have a relay marked asd in the under hood fuse box... try swapping it with another. ... 2000 Dodge Durango

I have a 87 nissan maxiam that will not start it cranks but has no spark and no injector pulse. The ECM doesn't flash a trouble code, but the anti-theft warning light flashes when the door is open but shuts off when the key is turned on until you start cranking the engine then it flashes again. I've replaced the crank sensor in the distributor thinking this was the problem. I don't know if the system is operating correctly or not.

... 1987 Nissan Maxima

I drove my 2004 suburban for more than six hours and it starts to shut off at high speed on the free way. Then I wait 5 to 7 minutes to turn it back on. This happened 7 times then it just would not turned on..

The\012following are the general instructions on the start of diagnosing any\012electronically controlled engine or transmission problem.\012The\012engine and the automatic transmission (transmission control is\012only for ... 1986 Chevrolet Suburban

I have an 89 half ton suburban, 4wd,350. it wont start, getting spark to the plugs, seems to be getting fuel from the two throttle body injectors, turns over fine, replaced plugs, made sure firing order was hooked up right to a new dist. cap, had blown ecmb fuse, replaced it, still nothing, not even a burbp, turns over smooth. any ideas?

... 1989 Chevrolet Suburban


Fuel pump is my diagnosis, or filter. I am a Ford technician. ... 1992 Ford Mustang

My bronco has a short in that have not been able to find for a long time and now i have to jump start it just to get it started but after i shut it off it immediately has no power at all, not even enough to turn the gauges on or to prime the fuel injectors

It sounds more like a bad ground then a short Hears how you can tell You will need a mulity meter if you don;t have one you can get them at most parts store you don;t need to spend a lot 20 to 25 dollarsset it on 20 volts dc disconnect the negitive c ... 1989 Ford Bronco

2001 ford e250 5.4 v8...vehicle has not been running for 2+ yrs...I replaced plugs, coils, fogged cylinders, dropped fuel tank and cleaned perfectly, replaced fuel pump and sending unit, replaced fuel filter, removed and cleaned injectors and fuel rail, cleaned all fuel lines...basically cleaned and replaced everything from fuel tank forward to injectors....I went start vehicle and fuel pump only turns on for a couple seconds and then shuts off...i have no fuel pressure...could this be the fuel

It can easily be a relay. There is also a PCM relay which is suppose to trigger the fuelpump relay.\015\012Check the pressure before the Regulator and vent air out of the line at the Injector pressure spout.\015\012I have included an art ... 2001 Ford Econoline

Ran out of Gas. Put 4 gallons in. Still not starting. Sprayed some ether in the sytem. Started to turn on, but did not continue. It is not getting any prime. There is no pressure in the injectors. Is there a shut off switch or something that controls when you run out of gas.

If tank was empty. It will take a while to prime. From tank to fuel rail. Do you hear the pump run for a few seconds when turning key to ON position? ... 1999 Jeep Grand Cherokee

All of a sudden my 91 chevy s10 4.3 v6 wont start it turns over good and is getting gas i can see it spraying out of the injectors i'm try to get some hints on my problem because it didnt give any warning or anything i came home shut it of and that was it. and it hasn't started back up since

Check for spark at the plugs and check both ends of the coil wire for corrosion ... 1991 Chevrolet S-10

I have a 1997 Ford Thunderbird. Upon turning the ignition key the cooling fan turns on and the car will not start. There is nothing you can do to make the car start until the cooling fan turns off which takes about 5-7 minutes. Once the fan shuts off, the car will run and drive for as long and as far as you like. Once you shut it off and go turn it back on, the cooling fan turns back on and will take 1-2 minutes before the car will start, once the cooling fan again shuts off. It also seems

... 1997 Ford Thunderbird LX

2002 Ford Escort intermittently will not start. Drove to a store, shut it off, got back in and it wouldn't turn over. Got a jump and it still wouldn't start. Put water in the battery, spilled a bit of water on the terminals. Then it started. Drove again, turned it off, again it wouldn't start. Got a jump, wouldn't turn over. Cleaned the battery terminals, it started. Drove home, shut it off, it wouldn't start. Got a jump, it started right away, let it run for 45 mins. Turned it off, once again w

Sounds like your battery terminals or cables are bad. is there any corrosion on the terminals? if so clean them with a wire brush. check to make sure that both ends of both wires are tight and not rusted or corroded. ... 1992 Ford Escort 4 Door

I have a 1990 Olds Ciera, with 111,000 miles. I was driving, the car started to chug, I pulled over, then it shut-down, I tried to turn it on and it wouldn't kick over, I let it sit for a minute, turned it on, it started up, I continued to drive and it started to chugg again and then it shut off again, turned it on and it was driveable. Following day I warmed the car up to go to work, it started and was fine, about 5 mins into the drive it died, wouldn't start, had to have it towed, got it hom

Did you change the fuel filter? ... 1990 Oldsmobile Cutlass Ciera
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