Having problems with your 1999 GMC Suburban ?

Replaced fuel pump,fuel filter checked relay has good fuel pressure.Every once in while truck will not start.

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Answers :

Two possibilities that stand out here are the throttle position switch or the crankshaft position sensor. Especially if this doesn't affect the running of the engine at highway speeds.
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Truck will not start.2003 3500 dodge. i put a new fuel filter in . drive 300km shut truck off.go into store . will not start . take filter out drive 300km shut truck off.go into store come back 15 min truck starts .put new fuel filter in start truck 3,4 times.then will not start.take filter out .runs great start all the time

Do a fuel pressure check. Sounds like your fuel pump is weak or your putting the filter in the wrong way or incorrect filter. ... 2004 Dodge Ram 2500

My truck starts then stalls looking at the fuel injectors its like its getting to much gas then it stalls out i took out a spark plug after it stalled and its black and white smoke came out its burning to rich or something any ideas ? New fuel lines fuel filter fuel pumpfuel tank new spark plugs and pvc valve checked for all vacuum leaks its all set. i also replaced that catylitic converter and ideas

The white smoke bothers me the most. I see you did alot of fuel stuff. Did you do a fuel sample? Does the exhaust smell sweet like you are burning antifreeze?\015\012\015\012If you try a TPS (throttle position sensor) it controls the s ... Cars & Trucks

Diesel Truck. I Have a 2004 Diesel f-350 super duty truck. Plain and simple, it wont start. I have taken apart the top fuel filter(close to the turbo hose) and found no problems, and the fuel pump works fine and pumps fuel into that second fuel filter. I found a blockage in the fuel filter and cleaned it up but it still wont start. *By the way it has air compression and the glow plugs work fine, it hits off of ether* Any tips?

Possible solution. I have an Edge Juice Programmer for my '04 6.0. While making the harness connections, I misjudged one connection and it wasn't completely in, causing truck to turn over but not start. Check on the driver's side front wheel well ... 2004 Ford F350

Filled up with fuel drove about 10 miles and it quit. It would start back but wouldn't stay started finally it would start ran another 10 miles done it again. Let the truck set for 2 days changed fuel filter ran like a top. So I thought I had a tank full of water, I put 911 in it drove for 2 days started the same thing again. I opened the lever under the fuel filter and air came out and then fuel. Drove it aboult 35 miles and it started it again. I opened the fuel filter up put sea foam and dies

Draw a small amount of fuel about 1 quart in sutable container and let sit then check for water.It will seperate in the sutable container ... 2004 Dodge Ram 2500

I have a 1990 Chevrolet, 4X4, 1 ton, 454, 4 speed truck. It will not start with starter. Engine turns over good with starter but will not start. However, if I pull the truck and pop the clutch it will start and run great. Fuel pump is new, all new plugs, wires, cap, rotor, fuel filter, air filter. Fuel pump runs properly when switch is turned on. Getting fuel into throttle body. Have had to various mechanics.

... Chevrolet 3500

I have a 1984 Nissan 720 Kingcab pickup with a 2.5L diesel engine, my problem is the truck sat from 1995 until 2010 with a full tank of fuel, I have drained the fuel tank and changed all fuel filters, the truck will not start on it's own (meaning) if I use starting fluid I can get it started and it runs ruff but drives very good, I purged the fuel system of air, but it seems the new spin on filter with water sensor leaks air around the sensor, can that be the only problem keeping it from startin

Clymer repair manual go to local library check out repair manuals dont pay for one ... 1984 Nissan Pickup

Won't start started truck, warmed it up, turned key to off, put timing light on #1 plug wire and battery +/- ,unpluged wire to computer under glove box, started truck checked timing, timing at 10 degrees of TDC (where it should be), turned key to off, went to start truck won't start, used coffee cup and put little fuel in TBI carb fires on fuel but won't start by itself.... did i do something to the computer or fuses, pump gone, New fuel filter pluged, something happened to the injector

Start with what is missing to start the engineDo you have fuel pressure?Do you have spark? Is the valve timing ok? ... 1987 Chevrolet S-10 Pickup

I have a 1993 F-250 non turbo diesel,The fuel filter light came on and stayed on.I replaced the fuel filter and the light stayed on.The truck started to stall out but would start back up,I would remove fuel filter and top off with fuel,it would be down about an inch from top.then start and run.It started stalling out every 5 minutes so I changedfuel to rear tank and light went out and did not atall but if you go over a hill or get into the throttle hard the light will come back untill u let off

Possibly sediment on the fuel tank or a blocked fuel line. Don't take that as gospel since it will involve you in a lot of mess and work, because it's only a guess, but if ... Ford F-250

2001 chevy blazer extreme 4.3 L has ran fine, than last night truck acted like it was running out of fuel, died than I stopped put gas in and it started up but was making weird sound. Drove for less than a quarter of a mile and the truck acted like i was fouling a plug. Pulled over got it started and drove for about 15miles and truck died again could not get it started. Sounds like it wants to turn but does not have enough fuel to turn it over. Changed plugs, wires, cap&rotor,fuel filter, fuel p

Check for voltage at fuel pump connecter when key turned to run position should have 12 volts for 10 seconds and 12 volts when cranking ... 1993 Chevrolet S-10 Blazer


The truck starts but stalls as soon as the key goes from the start back to the run position?Have you tried keeping your foot on the gas as soon as it starts to see if it will stay running?If it does and then stalls as soon as ... Ford Explorer Sport

1999 chevy silverado 5.7L 2wd truck would not start, could not hear the fuel pump, lifted truck bed and cked pump, i have power to pump, it appears that the fuel pump relay is working like it should, power cycles when ke is turned on and when it cranks, i also found what appears to be a plugged fuel filter, i changed the filter also now engine want to start just cant seem to get going it will pu and run if i pour gas down the intake. is there a pressure regulator that may be the problem or what

Did you check the fuel pressure? there is a sharder valve on the fuel rail to do this. i know you have to have a certain amount of pressure in order for it to run.i think on fuel injection its around 60 to 70 psi.and on throtle body is around 30 to50 ... 1999 Chevrolet Silverado 1500

2005 CHEVY SILVERADO 2500 HD DEISEL TRUCK WONT START AFTER CHANGING FUEL FILTER. Have primed & Pumped fuel filter. fuel comes out., Truck tried to start twice but wont stay running. first time very short and week. A couple hours later second time a little stronger but not alot and also didn't stay running. We cranked it for five days while re charging batteries in between primeing, cranking and Batteries running down.

... 2005 Chevrolet Silverado 2500HD 2WD

Fuel pressure(TBI) First the truck ran out of gas then when we put gas battery died trying to start it. recently we just got the timing chain replaced about 2 or 3 weeks ago. Truck starts and dies out we listened for the fuel pump i the gas tank ,we can here it. we replaced the fuel filter,you can see fuel shooting out when the truck is on but just doesn't seem to be getting all thepressur so it dies out and when it does it blows out white smoke from where the fuel comes out.we've replaced almos

Listen, you may think I'm nuts but my '92 gmc stepside with a 5.7 TBI did the same thing....it wasn't the fuel pressure, lines, pump, regulator...none of that. All I had to do was have someone trickle fuel down the TBI while it was turning over and p ... 1990 Chevrolet Suburban

I have a 2001 dodge 2500 ram. The other day my truck worked fine. Later I started it up and it fired up and when I put it in gear it died. After many attempts to start my truck if started up twice and as soon as you put it in gear it dies. Now it will turn over but won't start. any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. I'm know that it is some sort of fuel problem. I replaced the fuel filter. I open up all of the injector lines and out of the six lines only two of them had fuel comin

Your lift pump is shot. its on the back side of the motor behind the fuel filter housing ... 2001 Dodge Ram 2500 Truck

Water in fuel light just started to come on intermittently. Changed the fuel filters 3 weeks ago or 7500 miles back. Had never changed the filters on fuel or transmission since the first 80,000 miles. Truck runs smoothly, just that pesky warning light. How do you reset it? My truck has 215,000 plus miles on it. We did take it from Las Vegas area to Kodiak Alaska and back right after the fuel filter change.

The change in temperature from Las Vegas to Alaska could have resulted in condensation building up in your fuel tank. Also you could have gotten some diesel fuel contaminated with water. The transmission oil should be changed as per manufactures sugg ... 2001 GMC Sierra 2500HD

I just bought a 1988 f250 5.8l v-8. When I got it today they said it had been sitting a few months. I drove the truck it was ok for about a mile then sputtered and died. truck would start and sounded like it was starved for fuel then die again so we changed plugs wires rotor distributor coil pack and fuel filter truck is still doing same thing I know it has gas I filled both tanks up. If i let truck sit for a mnute then start let idle a minute then go I can drive maybe a mile before it starts do

Is fuel filter on backwards? This is common in fords cuz ppl run tank dry then switch tanks so all rust sticks to bottom of strainer some gets through. Start there look for arrow on side o filter point toward front ... 1988 Ford F 250

My Suburban will not start, it cranks, but will not start. I recently had my fuel pump replaced, but the person who fixed it put the fuel filter on backwards and didn't connect my hoses back. so we end up driving it, not knowing the situation and the truck starts to choke and eventually wouldn't cut back on. I was told that the fuel pump shorted out because of this and got another one. it gets put on correctly this time, but it isn't getting any power to it. the truck will only start when they p

Did you test for spark? ... 1996 GMC Suburban

When starting truck it spins over like it out of fuel and when it starts it skips for about 1 to 2 min. then it runs great it just when starting. fuel pump,oil sensor and fuel filter has been replaced. A mechanic had it fixed one time before and it was the oil pressure switch and it said that it was an electrical problem but he has since sold out and moved. The truck has 2.2 litter engine and is flex fuel.


Truck bogs down as if she is getting no fuel when you are starting away and after afew miniutes will start to pick up speed but will do this if you go up hill. Ihave changed plugs,wires and fuel filter, witch were real bad but no help .I never seen so much black **** come out of a filter before.It is a 93 mazda 2600 truck

Check your fuel pressure it should be 38-46 with key on engine off. If not within these specs replace pump. ... Mazda B2600

I have an 06 f350 super duty with a 6.0 litre diesel. The truck starts fine. But when i start to drive it accelerates roughly like its sputtering this only goes on until truck is fully warmed up. I have replaced the fuel filters and air filter. The dealer ship said it was the fuel pressure regulator. Any suggestions would be awsome with winter comming, Brent [email protected]

Yes it sounds like the pressure regulator. the only way to be sure is have a scan machine put on the truck, then you can see the pressure when truck is cold.They are quite pricey so dont just change it without checking the pressure first. ... 2006 Ford F 350 Super Duty

My story starts when I bought a 97 ranger with a bad clutch. installed new clutch assy. Master and slave....All good. Started driving the truck and about every 5th drive cycle this truck will Huck and buck and miss. Only dtc was p0340. I have replaced fuel pump {and filler neck since I was there}, plugs wires, both coils, cam sensor air filter, fuel filter, and repaired a few vacuum leaks along the way. pcv as well. This is driving me nuts. when it drives well it is great, but when it goes a buc

It could be a map or maf sensor (don't know which you've got, but either can create that problem). before you say "it doesn't have those codes", I have seen many cars with bad map or maf sensors that didn't have codes associated with them, and ford i ... Ford Cars & Trucks

I was driving into town, stopped at the stop sign at the end of my street, and when I hit the gas off the stop sign, the truck died. After 10 minutes or so of trying to start the truck, it fired up. Every time I tried to start, the engine turned over freely, and would sputter just enough for a shake. I drove for 3 miles with no problems, until it died again as I stopped at a stoplight. I had suspected the fuel filter from the beginning, so I went and bought a new fuel filter and swapped it out.

It still could be the fuel pump. Sometimes they don't just quit outright. Go to the vehicle. Reach through the open driver's side window. Turn the key forward to the run position. Listen toward the rear of the vehicle for the fuel pump to prime. ... 2003 Ford Expedition

My suburban will start runs rough but dies when tring to accelerate found a cracked dist. cap 3 weeks ago replaced it truck ran desently. yesterday checked plug wires seem ok spark plugs cleaned and put back in checked fuel filter clear pulled gas tank it was free of debris and filter screen clear fuel pump is pumping truck when started acts like it is running out of gas

Have the fuel pump checked for fuel pressure. Sounds like you got residual pressure but not sufficient running pressure. ... 1997 GMC Suburban

My truck has the 5.7 litre TBI. I can start my truck when it is cold but it will run ruff and when it starts warming up you can't rev the engine at all and it will die and you can't start it agian without letting it sit for awhile. I have changed the fuel pump, the trottle boby, the fuel and air filter, the fuel relay the map sencer, the temp sencer, the distributor. Do you know what else might be the problem and I also changed the knock sencer and the EGR valve.

Mabye the ecm? in the distributer i had a 96 dodge van that quit once in a while but i would have to wait about half hour before it will start. ... 1994 Chevrolet K1500

My fuel pump seams to work when it wants to. I've rebuilt the throttle body and put it back on and the truck started back up and ran steady. I then saw a leak at the top of the throttle body and shut the truck off. Upon doing this I then removed the housing and found a bad o-ring. I put in another rebuild kit and after doing so tried to start the truck and it wouldn't start.I checked the fuel line and no fuel was pumping out. i checked the inline filter and there was a little gas in the line.

Turn key on wait 5 seconds turn key off do it again do this 3 or 4 times you should hear pump run for 5 seconds if it starts after that then your fuel pump is getting weak and needs to be changed ... Chevrolet 3500
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