Having problems with your 1999 GMC Envoy ?

I was driving my 1999 GMC Envoy and the brakes just went out. There was no warning and no warning lights came on. What would cause that?

Posted / edited by AnonymousUser on : 22-01-2018

Answers :

Blown brake line or hose, leaking caliper, many possibilities
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I was driving my 1999 GMC Envoy and the brakes just went out. There was no warning and no warning lights came on. What would cause that?

Blown brake line or hose, leaking caliper, many possibilities ... 1999 GMC Envoy

Oil warning light came on while driving home, then started flickering on / off for rest of journey 2mls. changed oil filter and oil used recomended Mobil 0 / 30. oil light went out on starting but would come on during gear change, added wynns oil treatment and light has gone out, work colleague advised that there is a sludge prob with these cars and that i should not drive ??

Oil light at idle is a sign of wear. If it only happens at low revs and this is an old car, I wouldn't fix it unless it got worse. If it's a newer car, get a new oil pump. ... Saab 9 3

1999 S70 Turbo - radio went out then five warning lights came on. Radio went off and I continued to drive without issues other than warning lights. 60 mi later radio went off and speedometer dropped from 70 to 0 but car continued to run. Pulled over to side of road and was towed. What can I expect?

... 1999 Volvo S70

I have a 2006 dodge magnum 5.7L HEMI AWD. I was drving and all the sudden the car shut off without warning (the oil light came on as it died) and i had no power or steering etc. The car would not start again and had to get it towed. When at the shop the engine light came on as well as the oil light and still does not start. Plugged into the computer and came up with 17 codes. the mechanic fixed the 17 codes, the engine light went off but still does not start. he thinks that is a crank sensor whi

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Hi I have a 98 gmc sierra 1500 with 5.7 vortec, recently replaced gas tank and fuel pump engine light came on had obd code po442 change gas line to evap canister to high pressure fuel line light went off, After driving about 140 miles light came on again with same code. Any idea what could be the issue would be greatly apprieciated. Thanks

It's hard to find these small leaks. If you have a vacuum pump, there are a few tests you can run on the components of the system. See below.\015\012\015\012\015\012TESTING\015\012Vapor Canister\015\012 ... GMC Sierra 1500

'95 cadillac eldorado driving and went to pass a car. The engine would rev up to 4000 rpm and car would slowly go. check engine light came on. I parked the car and turned it off. when i restarted the car the system check was ok and check engine light turned off. - what would cause this?

Well sounds like the trany is slipping, make sure trany fluid is full and clean, also check engine light will reset when ignition is turned off but if you scan computer a code can be pulled to help in diagnosing this problem. start with checking the ... 1995 Cadillac Eldorado

On my 1998 Honda Accord, my ABS warning light came on, what would cause this?

Have to retrieve the codes as with any other vehicle problem or check light on your dashIt maybe a bad Wheel Speed Sensor -- part of the ABSBraking SystemCan not guess,have to test things using the codes& diagnostic ch ... Honda Accord

What would cause my brake lights, tail lights and my rear turn signals to stop working on my 1998 Ford F150 XL pick up truck. Also my ABS light came on and my gas guage went from 1/4 tank to Full tank

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I have a 1975 chevyvan 30 motorhome. The brake warning light came on on the dash. Checked fluid and it was low so added fluid. When stopped I can pump the brakes up firm but when motor running the pedal slowly goes down and the warning light comes back on. Seems to do it in reverse more than drive. What would cause this?

If I were you I would pull a rear wheel and check the rear brake adjustment,if the rear brakes are out of ajustment you will use an abnormal amount of brake fluid to actuate the brakes and eventually you will push the pistons out of your wheel cylind ... 1995 Chevrolet K2500

Trouble light a light came on on the dash board while driving this morning ... i do not have my manual in the van .... can you tell me what this light is warning me about ... the light looks similar to a windshield with a broken line down the middle and eye brows above it ... i would like to go have it repaired or take care of its needs before i go home today ... thanks .. i hope i am making sense ... i am just nervous and do not want to cause any problems ... i hope that it is simple ... it is

Your windshield washer fluid is low..... nothing wrong.. just refill the windshield washer resovoir under the hood... usually the cap on it will look like the indicator you described. ... 2003 Chrysler Town & Country

Evaporative system I had a mechanic scann my 2001 525i and the scanner said the the evaporative system has a problem. The mechanic reset the service engine light. It went off for a couple of days and is now back on again. The mechanic told me that the service engine light may have came on because I did not put on my gas cap on correctly. Im wondering what other reasons the evaporative system would cause the light to come on. Thank you !

The system consists of a charcoal cannister that collects gas vapors from the fuel tank. It stores these vapors until certain engine conditions are met, and then a purge valve/solenoid opens and the vapors are used in the combustion process. A faulty ... 2001 BMW 5 Series

The check light came on, so I checked my oil and it was very very very low. I added one quart and the light went off it ran fine. The next day the light came on and when I stopped the car would stall or miss before driving smooth again. So I checked the oil and it was still low so I added half a quart. The light went off for two days the car drove just fine. Then it came on again, I added a little more oil. The light went off it drove fine. Today the light came on the car started to st

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Lighting I was driving at night and both headlights went out. I put the emergency flashers on and headed back to my house, within a couple of miles the lights came back on. I had the connections and fuses checked and they seem to be OK! Has there been a problem with wiring that would cause this problem. Of course it is Sat. afternoon and the dealership is closed until Monday.

Replace the headlight relay... there may be more then one... the other issue may possibly be the daytime running light module... it's on the firewall ususally.\015\012\015\012\015\012Robert ... 2004 Chevrolet TrailBlazer

While driving my battery dropped down to about 10 volts. Then the temperature light came on. Then the gas gauge dropped from half tank to quarter tank within a couple minutes. Then when i turned a corner it died on me. Then it wouldn't start. It would try to turn over but it wouldn't. So I went to go get gas because by the time it died it was on empty. I put in less than two gallons and it started up fine and then it went up to half full. What could be causing all of this?

Does this car have a serpantine belt? If so check it. ... 1989 Audi 100

Warning light I have a 2002 chevy trailblazer, all the worning light came on and I lost all heat and ac controls, crusecontrol and abs system, I checked all fuses and relays ther all good. every thing went at one time. i cant seem to figure this out help would be great. thank you.

I had a 1996 s-10 Blazer that did that when the alternator went out...it overcharged the battery and boiled all the water out of it... i tried to make it home which turned out to be a big mistake.... battery then lost charge 5 miles from home... had ... 2002 Chevrolet TrailBlazer

I have a 2000 chevy 2wd chevy pick up that has been going through fuel pumps. I just had it replaced 2 days ago and while driving home, the check engine light came on and the code was for the throttle position sensor. Once we got the truck home, it would not restart just as it acted when the fuel pump went out. Would the throttle position sensor cause this and if so, how difficult and expensive is the fix?

I would just like to ask what brand of pump you are replacing it with, as all of the aftermarket pumps for those trucks (GM) have been producing alot of defects lately my suggestion pay a few more bucks and get a bosch pump, I manage a part store and ... 2000 Chevrolet Silverado

I have a 2003 GMC Envoy I had to replace the alternator as my battery light came on and it would not hold a charge. Took it into the mechanics and the alternator needed to be replaced. When I got it back it was idleing rough the RPM's would rev up and drop down almost stalling the vehicle. I thought maybe with the new part it had to settle in. The next day it was doing the same thing rev up drop down and is now cutting the engine out. went back to mechanic. it seems that when my temperature guag

... 2003 GMC Envoy

My transmission felt like it was slipping, then my truck, a 1995 GMC Sierra C1500,lost all power and dies, would not restart, all dash lights came on and sounded like flashers were on also with the key OUT of the ignition, checked battery, full charge, disconnected battery, all went off, reconnected, still no crank and all buzzers and flashers came on, could this be my ignition switch??

If there is any corrosion between your battery cables and terminals you need to clean them real well i have a 1995 chevrolet silverado and i just delt with a similar starting problem there should be 2 cables attached to the positive (+) side pull the ... 1995 GMC Sierra C1500

Hi, I have a 2002 tt Quattro 225 which has developed some faults and wonder if someone can help. I was driving when the engine management light came in followed by the battery light and the abs light followed by the yellow low battery light and the red brake warning light, the radio went off along with the air con unit. The car ran well with no loss of power. After stopping the warning lights went off and the radio and ac came back on the car started and ran as usual. Any ideas?

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I have a 2005 ford Taurus the other day warning lights came on saying check traction system then warning light came on saying check break system I pulled into my driveway turned the car off and it would not start again. I replaced the battery, every thing was fine for two days. On my wat home from work this morning the check traction warning came on again then all lights started to get dim by time I got home all lights were out as I pulled into my drive way the cae died.Tried to restart it and n

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P0505 Code HI, I recently notice my Servine engine light came on. I took it to my Mechanic who had a Diagnostic Test done and came up with the code P0505. He had it cleaned and told me it would be ok. After about 5 days the light came back on. I went back to him, had another Test done and told me i should see a Nissan dealer. Said it is ok to drive . 4 days later the light went off.However today has i was about to drive out i noticed the steering vibratin and all the light came on( Slip, Tcs ,Ab

First make sure that your wires to you iac(idle air control) motor are ok. Also that the pins in the connectors are not damaged. Most likeley you need to replace the iac motor and follow a relearn procedure for the pcm.(powertrain control module) ... 2000 Nissan Maxima

My check engine light came on a week ago with the master warning light. The master warning light went off but the check engine light never did and has been on while I'm driving the whole time(I do deliveries in it.)--Now the master warning light just came back on and won't go off.What might be the problem?--I have no money for repairs.Could this be minor?

Either take it to a autoparts store and they will turn it off or disconnect the battery for five minutes and the computer will reset. If it comes back on your local auto parts representative can harmlessly run a code check on it to see what the probl ... 2003 Toyota Prius

2007 VW jetta 2.5ltr Having problems with jetta dying. First time issue happened, warning lights in car came on, generator malfunction light and power steering. Lost power steering then car died. After a jump which we let charge for about 10 minutes, then I was able to drive a 6 hour distance. However, on the way the generator malfunction light came back on. The car died a second time after about two hours after the light came on. I got another quick jump and went about 20 feet. Went back to the

... Cars & Trucks

I have a 2004 RX 330 just purchased from Lexus went to sart it the engine would not turn over but all the lights came on, dashboard lights etc. took it to Lexus they replace the battery broght it home, tried to start it would not start same issue all the lights came on but engine would not turn over. Tried starting is again in the morning it started drove it around the block turned it off tried to start it would not start. I've gone out and tried to start it thoughtout the day still own'

... 2004 Lexus RX 330

Earlier i went to the store in my 2001 dodge durango when i tried to start the engine to leave the lights and radio came on but no clicking sounds or anything, it also wouldn't even pull into neutral. After about 10 minutes of turning the stearing wheel and finally getting it to go into neutral we got it started. what would causes this

A dead or shot battery. ... Dodge Durango
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