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No Heat In Front

\015 99 Windstar. No heat coming out in front only in rear. Was told my mechanic that I needed to have a temperature door on evaporator assembly but I am having difficulty finding the part without purchasing the entire evaporator assy. Is mechanic correct?\015\012\015\012OldLady\015
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Answers :

Yes, he was right. The only place I can think of that might even have a door by itself would be a wrecking yard. The door by itself is not generally sold even by the dealership.
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My 1999 Ford Expedition XLT is only blowing heat on rear side vents but on main front it is very cold.In summer the opisite rear cool not cold front nothing,front blows but went get cold or hot but seens like front fans work if they blow just air.We got to tirn car on and set on winshield deffoger heat seting for rear to blow heat. Its not a good thing we are freezing. Help me

I have a 98 expedition. I had this same problem with mine. It turned out that one of the blend door motors failed. The fix is to remove the dash which is a 10 hour job if you know what your doing. Also to verify that that is the only problem th ... Ford Expedition

2003 S10 heater controls dont work / work with most heat comong through front vents replaced vac cannister, vac lines from transfer case to heater control switch on transfer case and one actuating motor under the dash the whole system is right a 16 pounds right where it is supposed to be heat works but i have to close the front vents for to get def and even then there is heavy heat coming through the front vents and even bought a heater control from yhe bnre yard with no change any ideas

Your Blend / mode door inside the heater ac blower box. is stuck or not moving completly into place. ... 2003 Chevrolet S-10

Heat works on the front and the back only works when I use the front controls to turn on heater.The back Heater control panel wont turn the heat on for thr back.but still blos hot air when turned on only by the front panel.is there a fuse for the back heat panel ? if yes where is it located ?

Here's what the system looks like. left rear panel\015\012please rate as fixya if this solves your issue\015\012\015\012\015\012\015\012 ... 1997 Ford Expedition

For some reason, the front heat is not working, but the rear is fine. The front blower motor works, but it only blows cold air. While the heat in the back warms up fine, the front witll never heat...leading me to believe that the thermostat is fine. Maybe the butterfly valve is stuck? If you think it might be, how do I get to it to check it?

It probably is what your calling the butterfly (blend door), and the blend door motor has gone bad. This is a common thing on these units...The motor is around $30 and esilly replaced. Buy yourself a manual from any parts store and it will give you t ... 2004 Kia Sedona

I have a 1998 ford expedition that has front and rear heat and a/c the rear heat works great but the front heat will only heat to like warm at best. it was doing the same with the a/c but I found i was low on freon now a/c works fine just heat no working so great

... 1998 Ford Expedition

I changed front heat core and thermostat and still no front heat only cold air

It is your blend door motor ... 2003 Kia Sedona


... Chrysler Pacifica

I have a 96 dodge grand caravan with front and rear heat and air . i am looking for all the fuse and relay locations for the front blower motor ? the rear heat and air work but the front blower motor wont turn on !

#26 40 amp orange fuse ---it is under the hood of vehicle in fuse box. Relay labeled "F" in passenger comp on juction block behind left side of dash is for rear blower motor, front blower motor relay is behind juction box. ... 1996 Dodge Grand Caravan

2002 econoline ac front heat rear is problem. Plenty of ac in the front but heat blowing from bottom vents in passenger rear of van.

Heat and a/c is controlled by a vacuum servo on the rear heater box. if vacuum is lost then the servo defaults to heat. I recomment removing the rear left quarter trim to access the vacuum servo(servo cylindrical and a little smaller than 1/2 soup ca ... 2002 Ford Econoline Cutaway

No heat from the heater in 1999 dodge caravan. So I Replaced thermostat, water pump, radiator cap. flushed out the heater cores (front and back) New coolant added (removed 2 plugs so air could escape while adding. Still no heat front and back. Engine temp 195. Hoses to heater core are not warm...no circulation? Can you help? Thanks Dale

Check this site out !! http://www.automotix.net/partshotline-do...your heater control valve might be faulty al ... 1999 Dodge Grand Caravan

Front heated seats will not turn on. checked for fuse but cant find any labeled for front heated seats? any ideas

Heated seats take a lot of power so may have relays fitted as well. if all of your fuses look ok then check the relays. swap the relays one at a time for a good relay to find if one has blown. ... 2007 Chrysler Aspen 4x2

I have a 1999 dodge durango, the problem, I get good heat out of the back seat heater but the front heater (on any setting) blows cold air. I have changed the intake manifold and thermostat but still no heat in the front. Any ideas?

When the engine is cold,check the coolant level.Make sure it's on max.===A coolant system should be flush every two years.===If you did a coolant flush recently then air pocket can be the ca ... 2002 Dodge Durango

I have a 1999 ford expedition- problem is very little heat in the front and the back heaters. i ckecked both front and rear blend doors. and yes i seen them working.flushed out the complete system.truck does not over heat and when i let the truck run for an hour i turned the radiator cap and there is no pressure. can it be the water pump?

Its sounds to me the thermastat is stuck open ... 1999 Ford Expedition

The knob for heater doesn't work for the front at all but for the back seat the heat works any suggestions on how i can fix the problem there is heat in the truck but not in the front or the truck only in the back i think it maybe a disconnected plug some where but i don't know where

... 1999 Ford Expedition

My wifes 1998 exedition a/c is blowing hot air in the front while cool in the back. im told this yr.model has one unit as opposed to two(front/back). i removed control "box" from dash hopeing to find a damaged control reostat but there was no apparent failer.Im also told that there is a door/dampner somewhere behind the dash that opens or closes in responce to wanting heat or a/c and that it's not closeing thus allowing heat into the front ducts ?? have you any advice and or diagrams on how to

Diagram will be tough to find. there is a valve behind the dash where the hot water come in behind the dash from the engine and run through the heater core next to evaporator. Heat from an engine coolant systems will overcome any AC unit systems. it ... Ford Expedition

I have a Ford Expedition EBed (1998). I turn on the heater, heat blows for a second then goes back to cold. I am smelling Antifreeze coming through the front vents while heater is both on and off, no heat in the front or back; Antifreeze is leaking from a hose under the pass side of the car (outside) that is not connected to anything. Changed the Thermostat, not showing it is overheating, but it did not solve the problem; old theromstat was rusty and and had rust particles inside of it; prev

Most likely the heatercore,its not a easy job,,the complete dash must come out...that was my problem..hope it helps.. ... 1998 Ford Expedition

Heater valve I need to know does the same heater valve control the front and rear heat in my 99 expedition? Since the hoses to the rear just T off from the main hoses I think it would. If not is the heater vavle possibly the problem why my front heat doesn't work and my rear does?

There is no heater control valve in this truck, heat control is done through what are called blend doors. So the issue may be the front blend door motor has failed, this is very common on all Ford heatimng systems except the Focus. ... 2000 Ford Expedition

Troobleshooting issue....the front brakes on my 2003 chevy express are locking up when i drive causing the van to force its self to go forward, and making the disks and brake pads to heat up and when i removed the front tires i noticed that the disks were not able to spin freely, it looks as tho the brakes are still rubbing on the disks, it smells like heated metal....is this the way it is suppose to work? if not could you please let me know how i could repair this problem. Thanks....

I have 91 Chevy silvorado New disk and caliper , still looking up. any ideas. ... Chevrolet 1500

Has anyone successfully replaced the spark plugs at home without special tools and without loosening the motor mounts on 2000 Grand Prix GT 3.8L vin K. They had the heat shields and 3 are in the front 3 are in the back since the motor is turned sideways(what in the hell were they thinking). i used to replace the plugs and wires all of the time any of my other vehicles. I cannot even get the plugs out due to the heat shields and boots on the ones that are facing towards the front. So frustra

It does not take special tools just alot of patiances the wires are the hardest part get a set of wires and tear the old ones up ... 2000 Pontiac Grand Prix

I have a 98 ford expedition and have front and rear heater. the rear heat work fine,but the front heat works when its wants too. sometimes not at all. what could this problem be?

The climate controls on these suv's always go bad. i replace them all the time. alsao the blend door actuator fails also. a little involved for the owner and should be looked at by a shop. but those are the two very most common things and i do see th ... Ford Expedition


This could be a serious problem. Check your coolant level, then check the rear heater lines that supply coolant to the rear heater. They run under the van, over time they rust and leak. Because it is under and to the rear of the van it is hard to not ... 2004 Kia Sedona

I dont have heat in the front of the truck, but the rear heat and ac works fine? The front only blows cold

You may have a broken blend door. the only way this gets repaired is to remove the dash. This is best done by a reputable shop. Very tricky. ... 1999 Ford Expedition

Within the past year I had the heater coil replaced and the blender door because I had heat in the back but not heat in the front.. Afterwards I had heat and air for a few months only. Now I only have a little heat coming from the tiny vents at the top of the vent but nothing coming from the vents.No heat either. Cold air in the back. Also I only get the tiny bit of heat after it has idled for 15-20 min.

It sounds like the blend door motor is failing or is stuck. You could go to mitchell1diy online to diagnose this and for the instructions to remove the dash. Plan on spending a day or two on this if you have never taken a dash out before. ... 1999 Ford Expedition

No heat in front but back heat is working

Could be a blower motor resistor or a faulty blower motor. if no air is coming out of the vents when you turn the switch to on there is a fault in the electrical system somewhere. the rear blower system is pretty much totally separate from the front ... 2002 Dodge Durango

1999 windstar no heat to the front,have heat to rear

... 1999 Ford Windstar
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