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Timing belt i replaced the timing belt got the car to start..first problem...it started but the drive belt tensioner wont stop moving now and it is making a knocking noise everytime it bangs ...second..the car wont turn off when i turn it off it will run for like another minute or two...third i have a broken throttle position sensor..will replacing the throttle position sensor and the drive belt tensioner fix my problems...or did i not time the engine right when i changed the belt..keep in mind

You obviously need to replace your TPS, and you may need a new belt tensioner as well. On these cars the timing belt setup is not about no 1 cylinder being top dead center. Here are the proper steps to do a timing belt on this vehicle:\015\012 ... 1996 Ford Escort 4 Door

Stats: Ford Bronco xlt. 1985. 170,000 miles. New Starter. Oil & Oil filter replaced as of a week ago. Carbs cleaned with "Carb Cleaner" and a toothbrush. All original parts, otherwise. Now my issue is, my car wont STAY running. I turn the key and it starts - no problem. Engine turns over and sounds fine..just like it normally does. If i sit there though, or even if i drive and come to a stop light, the car wont STAY alive! It will bog out and die. This ride wont keep an idle. Why do

This is a carb vehicle right. You didnt say whether or not you adjusted the idle screw on the side where the cable attaches. This could be your reason. . \015\012Also there are a couple real small holes in the venturi where you cleaned. Is it ... Ford Bronco


... 1999 Ford Taurus

My 1992 plymouth voyager 3.3sl started lossing pressure while driving and regain pressure afew mints later it will good then repeat. then one day i was driving and it stop driving it would ture over but would not crank some told it might be the ingnition switch box connected to the spark plugs i replaced it and my car still will turn over but wont start ps it has a full tank of 100% gas old gas was run out

Sounds like fuel starvation.did you run the car to the limit or run out recently?you may have sucked up dirt from the bottom of the tank which is now blocking your fuel system.if you crank over for a while and dont smell gas a ... 1992 Plymouth Voyager


... 1999 Ford Taurus

My 2002 mitsubishi galant stalled while driving yesterday. it does have 196,000 miles, but it had been running very smooth since i got the car. I came up to a stop sign and went to pull out onto the highway, and as soon as i started to accelerate she shut off on me. I say shut off because there was no strange engine noise when the car stalled. no hesitations nothin. it just shut off, and now it wont start at all. It does sound kind of "wonky" when it turns over. (like each rotation it goes norm

If it broke a timing belt or chain it would roll alot faster than normal.. if it just jumped time a notch or two it would still act like it was trying to start.. a chrankshaft sensor is a place to start.. but check to see if its firing first before y ... 2002 Mitsubishi Galant

Toyota Celica ST185 GT4 1990...Hi, was driving fine today, first symptom was abs light came on and off a couple of times . Then noticed dash lights and indicators had stopped (car was still running ) Got home turned car off , now it wont start . Only things working are hazards pop up lights, full beam and dip ok. interior light, horn and radio. Did have a flickery front left side light the other day , i gave it a tap and it was ok ... But now this

... 1990 Toyota Celica

2003 aerio start in morning, runs, go for a drive to make sure warmed up. Stopped turned the car off. Waited a few minutes, starts no problem. Let the car cool for about 3 hours, out side temp is a Balmy +4 Celsius, should be no problem in alberta. After 3 hour cool off wont start. This happened the other day also at the Walmart, would not start. Left it over night, and it started No problem in the morning. Made sure ground conections were good at battery terminal. One of Lifes Little Mysteries.

Sounds like a fuel problem. Check the filter - replace if not replaced before. If you hear the fuel pump working when it still won't start - try spraying some WD40 into the intake - this should cause it to try to start if it is fuel. If it is electri ... Suzuki Aerio

My daughter was driving her 08 Eclipse, it just stopped running on the highway. It wouldn't start back. The starter wont engage now. Starter motor just turns. She said it made a funny noise before it quit running. Sounded like someone threw gravel on the front of the car? Anyone help?

Usually when the starter won't engage, it is because of a misalignment of the teeth in the flywheel. Sometimes just turning the engine over by hand, a quarter turn or less even, allows it to start up just fine. If not, then it is probably the start ... 2008 Mitsubishi Eclipse

2002 Rendezvous When I put the key in the ignition and start turning it, the car starts before the ignition is fully turned. Once running it sounds like the starter is trying to turn over when the car is in Drive and Neutral (a really loud grinding noise that stops in Drive And Revers). Also, the mileage lights up before the car is started, the doors will lock when the key is not in the ignition, and the A/C will not run...help?!?

The first thing I would do is be sure that your ignition switch is not shorting out, then I would be looking at the solenoid on the starter. The solenoid is the most common thing that fails and causes this to happen, eventually it will burn out and t ... 2002 Buick Rendezvous

Run for 20 minute car turn off in drive position and reverse but mantain on in parking and neutro . example, turn on my cars in the morning,run for aproximali 10 min constantly when stop drive position the cars turn off .

Sounds like an IAC valve problem. Many times they get carboned up, and need cleaning. ... 1994 Chevrolet Cavalier

I have a 2004 Kia Optima 4-cyl w/AT. I was driving about an hour ago. The car was running fine and I made a left turn. All at once the car started running rough. Then the check engine light came on, but would go off if I left off the gas (although the engine still ran rough). A minute or so later I stopped at a stop sign. I turned the car off and cranked it up again. Still ran rough, and now the light stays on. Could this be a simple fix? About 64,000 miles on the car.

1. First time you can try this simple procedure: \015\0121.1. Ensure ignition switched OFF. 1.2. Wait for at least 3 minutes. \015\0121.3. Disconnect battery earth lead for at least 10 minutes. 1.4. Rec ... Kia Optima

When i drive my chrysler cirrus 98' the RPM's race up and down and the motor revs up also. it mostly does it when the car is running for a while. when the rpms are racing up and down, and the car shuts off, it wont turn back on. If it does turn back on, then the rpms will continue to race when you try to drive it. Some days it acts completly normal and drives fine, other days you cant even drive a mile without it turning off 5 mins after you drive it. any answers? thanks

Is the check engine light on? If so it may be the idle air control motor that needs to be cleaned or replaced. ... 1998 Chrysler Cirrus

My cls500 wont start when I turn the key the starter is turning but car wont start and battery is ok I was driving left car running and i come back the car is off i tray to start and didnt start after 30 min tray again the car started turn it off after 5 min than again cant start could it be that the key need new battery?

Is possible too.check the cables from the batterie,are they clean.are the bolts tighten.unscrew and tighten again. ... 2000 Mercedes-Benz S-Class

I drive a Renault Clio 3 2006 Model. After having the main and bigend bearings replace I have the following problem. The car starts and run okay for a while then when I 'm driving it starts misfireing and hardly any power I then need to turn the ignition switch on and off, sometimes more than once to get the car going. After car going I can then drive without any problem until I stop and have to turn ignition of. I then need to go through the whole motion again to get goint. I had the car a

... Cars & Trucks

I was driving my car and it just stopped running ... lights and everything still worked ...no warning ... just died ... can not get it to start ... turns over like it wants to start but wont ... changed fuel pump, filter, strainer, coil, wires and spark plugs .... what am I missing

With new plugs wires and coil in place it probably wouldn't hurt to make sure that you are actually getting spark. Pull a plug and ground it DON'T USE YOUR HANDS TO HOLD IT. Then have someone turn over the motor for you as you watch. A ... 2001 Hyundai Accent

Hi please help i have a peugeot 406 hdi i have had nothing but problems with the fuel system first i changed the bosch pump in the tank i then changed the high pressure pump and the car run lovely for one day.then when i was driving home it just stopped,i turned her off and started it again and it was fine except for the engine management light on.but then she cut out again as soon as i went from second to third gear.finally got it home.now it wont start unless u squit a bit of easy start in the

Try this but the fault I have is intermittent so may take a bit to work out - switch off everything in the car so there is no noise. Turn on ingnition (do not start) and listen for the sound of of the fuel pump below the rear seat - behind the driver ... 2005 Peugeot 405

93 Dodge Shadow 2.2l started having issue of running then dying, replaced fuel pump and filter. Car ran till warm up, shut it down to clean up for a test drive, stalled and now wont start, cranks but no start. When the key turned on I hear the pump work(prime the line) then it stops.

I would look for spark, you may have an ignition problem. it would be a sensor that goes into your distributor, the plug should be a round one with i believe 4 wires. ... 1993 Dodge Shadow

My buick park ave will not start batary tested good so did the alternator before it broke down when i was driving it would just stop running no warranig thanafter 3 min i would re stated the car and it would be good for awhile than now it wont even turn over

The first thing I would do is get a code reader. Start there and see what info it gives you. The next thing I would do is check the wiring. Start with the neg battery cable. make sure it is connected tightly at the body of the car, and the battery. ... 1991 Buick Park Avenue

Have a sensor i am assuming that runs into each exhaust pipe coming out of engine and has a wire that runs to another sensor that is plugged into the block, the one in the block melted off yesterday when the car died on me in the middle of the highway. car was making a ticking noise while driving and was not able to accelerate much. when stopped car smoked and smelt like burnt oil. Oil is fine and when i turned key to on the temperature gauge was over hot, next day car tries to turn over but

Try to replace the burned sensor, but first chech your car, cause by overheating, ... 1999 Dodge Stratus

I have a 2000 Cavalier that stopped cranking. Replaced the starter and got car to crank but was low on gas. Shut car off then tried to restart and wont crank now. Only will turn over. Any suggestions on wat it could be? Put gas in car already and still wont run just turn over. Even tried jumping car off

So the car will crank but not start? ... 2000 Chevrolet Cavalier

Its a 1997 chevy cavalier smells gaz in the car when im stopped when i drive no smell changed one of the injectors that was visibly alittle wet but now my car wont start i pull the plugs out turn the key and fuel shoots out from where the plugs go 2nd one or the third i plug everything back try to start the car and the car wont start one or two turns and thats it whats my problem ?

The root cause may be a batch of dirty gas, aggravated by a fuel filter that was long overdue for change. I would start by replacing the fuel filter. then replace the injectors that feed the fuel-drenched cylinders. Those injectors have contamination ... Chevrolet Cavalier

I have a 1999 Jeep cherokee Classic. My wife is the only one who has had problems with it. She says when she drives it she will be driving down the road and the engine will stop running. Its not electrical because the radio and A/C still work. The check engine light comes on when the car dies. After the car comes to a stop she turns the ignition and starts the car back up and the check engine light goes off again. Any suggestions?

I replaced the crankshaft position sensor now it runs fine ... 1997 Jeep Cherokee

Ive had a 1992 Paseo for over an year now and ive only driven it for abouy three months, the issue is that i can drive the car perfectly fine while the weather is cold but once it starts warming up the car will drive for about 10 mins and ill be at a stop light so i put it on neutral because its a 5 speed and itll turn off , and if you give it about 30 mins or so itll turn on a run for acouple of mins longer before it turns off again, ive changed the starter , fuel filter and fuel pump and ive d

Distributor or crank shaft pick up sensor ... Cars & Trucks

2000 chevy blazer 4X4. After driving twenty to thirty miles on freeway when I pull off to the off ramp and come to a stop my battery gauge will start to flicker as well as my fuel gauge, will do that everytime I come to a stop in town. Get back on the freeway drive 40 to 50 miles then car will lose rpm no acceleration when i give it gas when it reaches 0 rpm the car will shut off. the car will turn over but wont start for thirty or so minutes,cant get very far. Fuses are hot as well as the engin

Are there any codes in the pcm? \015\012There are quite a few things that could cause this;\015\012Make sure the battery cables are tight and clean.\015\012If you have a way to do it, need to find out what the fuel pressure is at w ... 2000 Chevrolet Blazer
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