Having problems with your 1999 Ford Taurus ?

Where is the Antifreeze reservoir

\015 When looking under the hood, at the motor/engine, Where is the Antifreeze reservoir located?\015
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Answers :

I have a 92 and it's locate just in front of the right (passenger)side shock tower. Or just below the radiator cap is a small hose, follow it.
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You have most likely blown a head gasket. need to have it inspected and dye tested to make sure. if it is the head gaskets make sure the head is inspected for a crack. hope this helps ... Pontiac Grand Am

Antifreeze won't stay in reservoir. Driving along fine and all of a sudden indicator was where is should have been but only getting cold air. Drove for another 10 minutes and it shot from normal to high-overheated. Then the heater kicked in and the amount of heat it threw out was above the normal amount. Checked the antifreeze reservoir and all fluid had leaked out. Replaced the antifreeze and it leaks out with exception of about an inch in the very bottom of the reservoir. You can see it

Replace the thermostat ... Ford Windstar

Not holding antifreeze, found puddle of oil and antifreeze under the car. reservoir was empty, added antifreeze to reservoir ....still leaks

You likely will not like my answer but what you need to do is get underneath and actually look very carefully for the source of the leak. There is no place where both coolant and oil can leak at the same time. If you find oil in the radiator or cool ... 2000 Jeep Grand Cherokee

Antifreeze disappearing Two days ago this 05 sentra overheated to "H". Fearful i stopped the vehicle at nearest safety. Then checked coolant reservoir and it was sure enough, empty. Filled antifreeze to radiator and reservoir to max level once cooled down. Car ran fine for next 2 days and this morning as i parked the vehicle after a icy morning i saw fumes coming out from the engine.. checked the coolant reservoir - and it is run out again. What should be the reason and what is in order, few st

Bad Head Gasket Big JobBig Repair Bill ... 2005 Nissan Sentra

Antifreeze leak my 01 lincoln ls leaks antifreeze but the strang thing about it is that it doesnt leak all the time. Firestone said there is a crack in the reservoir cause they did a pressure test but wouldnt it leak all the time? than the lincoln dealer said its the fan gasket or fan but the fan turns on and if it was the gasket wouldnt the reservoir for the fan fuild leak too? I have went to different lincoln dealer ships both gave me diff repair estimates one 500 and another 1,500. I dont kno

Had this same problem . it was the reservoir had a crack in the bottom, it is something you can do at home but it takes alittle time hardest part was gettin the hose back on the reservoir. and by the way the reservoir cost is about 250 and some chang ... 2001 Lincoln LS

Performed radiator flush & changed clamp on bottom radiator hose. Refilling radiator through reservoir with antifreeze & the antifreeze is sitting in reservoir

... 2006 Chrysler Sebring 2.7

2000 ford mercury sable ls i own this car and coolant leaks from under or off the side of the antifreeze reservoir i can't see this leak but only does it while running leaks a lot of antifreeze ways under the tank that holds the reservoir waterpump ? If so would i need to replace the lower radiator hose ?

... Cars & Trucks

What would cause the antifreeze to back up into the reservoir and overflow out the cap. The temp. is normal, I removed the water pump, it appears to be in good condition.Replaced the termostat. flushed the system but when the car gets to normal tempature the heat works for a short time than cools off, and when I shut off the engine the antifreeze backs up into the reservoir and slowly rises to the top and overflows.

It appears that you have a leak in the gasket system or in the internal engine system.\015\012\015\012You'll need to get the system pressure tested to identify the leak, once the pressure in the system is too high, even though the heat is ... 1997 Ford Taurus

Hose for antifreeze reservoir 1997 saturn SL2?

There should only be 2 hoses going to the resivoir. A small hose to the top, fender side. And a larger hose bottom toward the engine. There is a coolant level switch on the bottom. If you roll the washer resivoir forward it will lift up out of the wa ... 1997 Saturn SL

Car is leaking antifreeze and over heating even though there is antifreeze in the reservoir and is smoking after I turn car off. I bought a bottle of stop leak for radiator's and even added that and it still continues to leak. A friend of mine says it could be a water pump. I dont understand how that could be if it is leaking antifreeze. Pleae advice

The water pump is what pumps the anti-freeze half of anti-freeze is water so its called a water pump. but to me it sounds like theres something slugging up your radiator theres a small drain on the side if nothing comes out then its clogged, if it do ... 2005 Pontiac Grand Prix

1993 Camry v6 le overheating and fluid in reservoir boiling and smoking on that side only. Nothing seems to be leaking from radiator, but I'm having to add antifreeze daily. Once antifreeze is in there it runs without a problem for at least a few hours, then overheats again and the antifreeze is gone. I don't know what to do I have little to no money to fix it and am a single mom trying to do this on my own. Any DIY suggestions?

Hi Lil Cutey, The proof that you have a leakage is the fact that you need to add coolant every day. The leakage is somewhere else in the cooling system other than the radiator. Look at the places where the radiator pipes join to the engine to see if ... 1993 Toyota Camry V6

My daughter added some antifreeze to the reservoir right next to the coolant overflow reservoir. Need to determine what that reservoir is and what we can do to correct it. It is a 1995 Ford Escort 4dr

Its the power steering reservoir ... 1995 Ford Escort

ANTIFREEZE LEAK I'm losing about 1/2 pint of antifreeze over a two or three week period. After I fill reservoir I loses it sporadically and after it gets down about one inch it stops losing fluid. The leak seems to be toward the front of the engine and a bit to the right. It never seems to get low enough to cause overheating although the low antifreeze light does come on.

WATER PUMP ... 2002 Cadillac Deville

Why theres not antifreeze going from the reservoir to the radiator?

Thermostat? ... Cars & Trucks

Engine Coolant Thanks for such a quick response. I just want to make sure, the engine coolant and the radiator are two different reservoirs. The one I am asking about is the engine coolant container. It is a white plastic container much like the windshield wiper fluid. So, I do not need a special engine coolant, I can use the same antifreeze (Prestone 50/50) I put in the radiator, in the engine coolant reservoir, right? Thank you.

Yes that's correct\015\012 \015\012G\015\012 ... 2003 Chrysler PT Cruiser

My 3000 gt overheated on me and when I pulled over a small hose was spewing antifreeze. This hose one one of the two connected to the coolant reservoir. Not the one connecting to where the radiator cap is, the one running away and down. There is a black cylander right underneath the coolant reservoir that has a small hole that perfectly fits that hose but I don't know what it is and don't want to hook up the wrong thing. My water level is extremely low but not empty. What's that black cyland

Hi, the coolant reservoir has two hose connected. The ipper one is going to radiator, and it is the return hose. The lower one is going to water pump.The hole on the lower side of reservoir must be the water pump hose. ... Mitsubishi 3000GT

My Malibu dumps all of its antifreeze only at times. Seems to happen when im idling for any longer length of normal time. But after the reservoir is filled again, there are no leaks. It seems to come from around the area of the reservoir, but cant pinpoint where. Is this a thermostat problem?

Sounds like a thermostat,but as the car is eight years old it would be wise to start with that ..... ... 2002 Chevrolet Malibu

My antifreeze is leaking when I drive the car. I've had it diagnosed and the mechanic says I need a new water pump and antifreeze reservoir tank for my 2003 Jaguar, 6c 2.5 x type. do I need to get housing along with the water pump? Or,could it be another less expensive solution?


How do i replace the antifreeze reservoir bottle on 98 plymouth breeze? it cracked and wont hold any antifreeze...

There usually pretty straightforward. Most bottles are attached with a bolt, usually located towards the bottom of the bottle somewhere and on the opposite side a bracket usually retains it. Then of course you have the overflow hose that needs to be ... 1998 Plymouth Breeze

I have a 2000 ford taurus and the antifreeze keeps leaking out of the reservoir and we have replaced the reservoir and the cap twice and still doing it. when driving never gets hot does really well but when you stop it all come out of the opening whether the cap is lose or tight what would cause this

You need to make sure that the heater core and the hoses are not plug give these websites a try www.alldatadiy.com and ... Ford Taurus

I have a 2003 Kia Sorento. I put a new thermostat in it but it still blows the antifreeze back through the reservoir and out the overflow. The is no antifreeze in the motor oil.

Hi, sounds like the headgasket as failed and is leaking into the water jacket in the cylinder head. with the engine running remove top off the reservoir and see if you can smell exhaust fumes coming from the bottle, there could be bubbles coming up a ... 2003 Kia Sorento

Antifreeze reservoir leaking male plastic connecting tube broken off at hose connecting junction. need a replacement reservoir. where can i order one line?

I now have the same issue as you. How did you resolve it and where did you get your parts? ... 2003 Jaguar X-Type

Car is running hotter than I like. I just had the heater core, radiator hoses, reservoir cap,replaced, put a 195 thermostat in it, new antifreeze and had the guy check if the radiator was plugged. All was good. Has original water pump but no problems out of it as far as leaking or sound. No milky oil and no bubbles in the reservoir. No white smoke from the tail pipe. And bled the coolant system like the book suggested so no air in the system. But still it is running to hot for my liking. It has

You would have to install a new rad.( you don't mention that it was ever changed 1996 ) and change the water pump if you want to eliminate all possible problems. Then take it from there. Also, have the timing checked. ... 1996 Chevrolet Cavalier

My 1995 toyota avalon is overheating. When this happens, antifreeze fills up my reservoir container, even when I didn't put that much antifreeze in it.

Check to see if there is water in the oil...If there is water in the oil then it could have a head gasket problem..Did you ever replace the thermostat? If it is stuck then it would also cause overheating...Excessive exhaust backpressure because of a ... 1995 Toyota Avalon

Running Hot There is no leak from tha radiator but the gauge is displaying that it is running hot. I put antifreeze and water in both the radiator and the reservoir. But after driving for a few miles it still says it's running hot. The reservoir is empty. What could it be??

You need to have a pressure check don on the radiator. this will pinpoint the leak if you dont see any leaks externally it could be a head gasket or a manifold gasket but the simplest thing to check is the thermostat. it may stuck in the close pos ... 1992 Chevrolet Suburban
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