Having problems with your 1999 Ford Taurus ?

No heat in the passenger compartment its not the stat not the blend door actuator not the anti freeze level and the sensing valve I got from auto zone looks like nothing under my hood help

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Answers :

If the thermostat and heater control valve (not the door actuator) are good. Ypu woulwant to check that the heater core is not clogged. The heater control valve is a valve in line with one of the heater hoses which allows flow or no flow to the heater core. You need to check that when temperture is on hot the hose is hot on both sides of the valve. If the valve doesn't work you will not get ant heat.
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No heat in the passenger compartment its not the stat not the blend door actuator not the anti freeze level and the sensing valve I got from auto zone looks like nothing under my hood help

If the thermostat and heater control valve (not the door actuator) are good. Ypu woulwant to check that the heater core is not clogged. The heater control valve is a valve in line with one of the heater hoses which allows flow or no flow to the heate ... 1999 Ford Taurus

My car car will not start it makes no sound when you try to start it nothing the lights work but the radio ligths flash on and of i put a new batery in it because it was bad and still nothig auto zone told me to look for a relay fuse a big black fuse under the hood they said it was the relay or the starter fuse they did not no what it was calld in my car can you help

I had a similar problem on my 94 SL2. Turn the key…..Nothing.Even worse, it was intermittent, the worst type to troubleshoot.At first it was rare. Pulling out the key , putting it back in and turning usually worked.Over ... 1994 Saturn Sl

Transmission i have had the check engine on for a while and when i got the code read at my local auto zone they told me it was a silenoid inside the transmission, i cant find it i dont know what im lookin for, and mainly what my car does is that it kinda jerks when im stopped, i also have another code and it tells me its a large gas leak, i alredy replaced the gas cap. it wont pass smog, ive done and looked at everything that i can possibly look at. help!!!!!

From the sounds of things you don't really know what your doing. I would advise you to take it to a mechanic but not a dealership. The large fuel leak has to do with the venting system for the gas tank, something in there isn't sealing properly anymo ... 2003 Dodge Durango

K...I had my clutch replaced in my 2005 Hyundai & just got the car back on Saturday. My check engine light went on...I went to auto zone-the code read spark plug/wire. I looked under my hood & the fat spark plug wire was completely off. Ive put it on real snug & now my car runs fine. How long until the light goes out?

The light probably won't go out until you reset it. You should be able to do this by disconnecting the battery and leaving it disconnected for about 5 mins or so. ... 1997 Acura CL

I have a 2004 Jeep Wrangler. The Engine light came on. I had Auto Zone check the code for me. I don't remember the number, but they said that it was the Purge Valve. I had to buy the Purge Valve from the dealer, because Auto Zone didn't have it. I Put the Purge valve on, and cleared out the code. The Jeep light stayed off for about 24 hours, and it actually ran better, then it came back on. HELP !!!

Could be the P0445 - Evaporative Emission Control System Purge Control Valve Circuit ShortedThe EVAP canister purge volume control solenoid valve uses a ON/OFF duty\015\012 to control the flow rate of fuel vapor from the EVAP canister. The EVAP ... 2004 Jeep Wrangler

My oldsmobile's hood will not pop open, the cable is not seperated from the plastic piece yet, and when I yank on the cable with vise grips nothing happens. I popped the hood fine just before closing it until I ran to auto zone, now everything I try doesn't work. I push down, put pliers between hood and side and move hood sideways, nothing, any advice?


Wont start i was driving and the vehicle shut off. i got a boost, 5 min later the car shut off again. i bought a new battery, the lights came on. i tried cranking it but got nothing. i've had several mechanics look at it. one said it was the fuel pump. i got the fuel pump replaced that didnt help. Another said it could be the distributor,another said the timing belt, and another said its not getting any fire. Someone please help me.

Hay something is getting hot \015\012or you have a bad coilthe timeing belt if broke you wont know unless you pull the cover ... 1994 Mazda 626

I have a 1997 chevy monte carlo 3.1ltr i recently did a head job and the pushrods got mixed up! i know the exhaust pushrods r different lenths than intake!without taking off the head again just by looking at the valves how do i know witch one is intake and exhaust?is one valve larger or is there a certine order they go in?i think i got them wrong because its knocking real bad and the oil light is on its getting little oil to valves!! PLEASE HELP!! THANKYOU ...GARY M

The only thing I can recommend is to go to a self serve auto dismantler and take off the head and look. A camera might be useful too. ... Chevrolet Monte Carlo

Well got this car for my wife lol..Power windows wont go up or down i got power going to the motors, fuses are good ,had a extra window motor i conected ....nothing .i do hear a clicking noise when i press switch but it will go away after about 3 presses then i hear nothing unless i wait a few min.o ya got a swich off ebay for it because i thought it was that ...I just go out and look at it not sure what to do .help me be a hero ,my wife doint thank ill figure it out.

You may have a bad power widow motor, it's possible to buy a bad one. try this, with switch for window pushed for widow to go down,try pushing the glass down by hand. the motor may be weak,or car's set for awhile and motors stuck in position. strange ... 2000 Pontiac Sunfire

I just got a 1998 toyota Camry and have a couple problems. I will ask them one at a time. The check engine light was on. Went to Auto Zone and found out it was related to the EGR. I took it to a mechanic and had the valve replaced and the light came on again. Took it back and he cleaned out a hose he said had carbon build up and restricted air flow. Light came on again and a new part was replaced, Throttle sensor I think and the light came on again! I will take the car to Auto Zone again today a

I have A 1998 toyota camry also, my check engine light was on also, took it to my freinds shop, found that it was the oxygen sensor mid way back my exhaust system causing my problem ,not the oxygen sensor to the front of the motor. ... 1998 Toyota Camry

I will be driving down the road and the car shuts down.The doors unlock and 2 secs later the car just shuts off. About 3 weeks ago They replaced my fuel pump. It did it once right after I got the car back, Then here and there it would but now it is doing it a lot. Oh I lifted the hood and found a small cap a little larger than a tire valve cap. and a plce in the middle of the manifold that looks like it is missing a cap. Looks like a large tire valve.

That valve that you seen is to your fuel rail and may have to be bleed. So it sounds like when you had a fuel pump problem during that time you were getting air in your fuel system. After replacing the fuel pump they did not properly bleed your fue ... 2001 Chevrolet Malibu

My 96 Lexus ES 300 Check engine light keeps going on and off, so I took it to Auto Zone and they ran there test they do.... and the code was P1705....On there tester it has something to do with the trannsmission? But when we looked it up on the pc at auto zone it had no listings for my Lexus... So what do I need to do? I need help!!!!

... 1996 Lexus ES 300

Help! 1993 acura legend, driving home, heard a pop, antifreeze hit windshield, car started to spill anti-freeze, started to run hot. got it home, looked under hood, looked like a hose split. what could cause this? just changed radiator 2 weeks ago, was told old radiator had crack . fans would not come on after radiator was changed. please help.

Well, an old hose can bust for several reasons. Would assume that the temperature change from driving raised pressure enough that a weakened portion finally broke. As for the fans, check fuses and connections, then verify voltage going to the fan. ... 1993 Acura Legend

Dont start does not start; I have taken battery to auto zone and they say it is good, I have also taken off the starter and taken to auto zone and they checked it (good). When you turn it on you hear a click just one, from engine compartment and that is it nothing else, it has power because the radio will work. There for a while if I slammed the hood it would start I have checked the fuses to make sure they are all tight and now blown.

Have you tired changing/checking the spark plugs?  ... 1997 Nissan Pathfinder

I've got 2000 cavalier 2.2 lt 4speed auto, the problem is whn i shif on the 2nd and the 1st gear it shows the T/C light on my dash but on other geas 3rd 4th revese it says nothing Please HELP HElP HELP

... 2001 Chevrolet Cavalier

I have a 1992 Dodge Dynasty. It has 204,000 miles on it. Guess because the odometer stopped working. But my real problem is I have a very bad shaking problem seemily coming from the right front tire. The tire pressure is fine. When I got home today I went to look at it and I smelled burning plastic and the was what looked like smoke coming from the tire. My dad and I looked and nothing was rubbing together. I don't know what the problem is can anyone help?

Jack that side up & try to turn the wheel with it in neutral,be sure to set the e-brake. Could be the caliper hanging up due to a bad brake hose or frozen slides. ... 1992 Dodge Dynasty

Injector on 1991 isuzu trooper spraying constantly . even after the harness to it has been unplugged. new injectors and wiring harnesses .I got a light noid from auto zone but even with the wire unplu

... 1991 Isuzu Trooper

My 1990 Stanza Is Running On 3 Cyl. I Got New Plugs Distrb Cap Rotor It Just Didn't Solve The Problem Runnig Ruff. I Know Its Getting Gas Because The Plug Is Wet I Did The Plug And Wire Test And I Am Getting Spark, Please Help I Spent 42 Dollars For Nothing. I Even Tryed Disconnecting The Battery Could It Be An Fuel Injector? Looking From Left To Right It Plug #2 We Did A Comp Test 75lbs In All 4 Cylnders. I Have A Bald Head And I'm Trying To Grow Hair To Scratch It........ Please Help

Start the car. let it idle. get under hood. you should have your four spark plugs starting from left to right in front of you. starting on the left is cylinder #1 and #2, next to that one, and so on....\015\012\015\012while car is run ... 1990 Nissan Stanza

Hi, i got one renault trafic 1.9 dci the van its start and drive but with poor acceleration i replace the egr valve and the airflow meter and nothing its change on the turbo has a lot of presure and its spin free any one can help me please? i been in so many garage and people ask me to replace that and that and nothing hapening thank you

\015\012Hi!!\015\012I found his solution posted here at FixYa. I hope It will help you solve your problem."From what you have described in your post and speaking from personal experience and without using a diagnostic ... 2004 Renault 181


There is no fuse specially for them - they are powered from the instruments fuse. If all lights are off then most likely the dimmer switch has failed and must be replaced. To access it to test and replace it it's a quite complicated job for which you ... Toyota Corolla

My daughter has a 2000 Dodge Caravan 3.8..Its got no pressure in the fuel rail..First i replaced the fuel filter,,Then put in used pump..still nothing..So i returned it and got another pump.Still no fuel,,no pressure.Under the hood,left side fender i believe is the fuel pump pressure regulator valve(correct me if im wrong ) i believe..fuel lines go into it before fuel rail..I took it apart..while it was still attached and i pulled up on the plunger inside it that worked a diafram...had some one

When you turn on the ignition to start vehicle can you hear a buzzing sound coming from the rear of the vehicle. That sound is the fuel pump pressurizing the fuel system. If you do not hear that noise then the pump is not working. Check fuel pump con ... 2000 Dodge Caravan

Hi, i got one renault trafic 1.9 dci the van its start and drive but with poor acceleration i replace the egr valve and the airflow meter and nothing its change on the turbo has a lot of presure and its spin free any one can help me please? i been in so many garage and people ask me to replace that and that and nothing hapening thank you

Depends on the year ,is it a injector pump or common rail ,not turbo as they rarely go wrong ,great engine though even mitsubishi use renault engines and opel ,now the software on a renault is a headache though as its encrypted .if you post weither i ... 2004 Renault 181

Got a mitsubishi pajero 2.8tdi auto put new head on it got a new crank puly as old one had moved crank and cam look lined up put pump mark on the T mark but it wont fire up put a new front seal in pump just about had it with this motor can you help ?

Bring number one cylinder up to top dead center on the compression stroke meaning make shure both valves are closed and seated usually you can feel the spark plug hole with your finger it'll blow your finger out with the compression or use a copress ... 1994 Mitsubishi Montero

Wont start my boyfriends mother has a 1996 ford windstar van. I drove it twice today and it started just fine. After the second time i drove it, I got home, turned the car off, and i heard a noise that sounded like gargling coming from the engine. Almost like the radiator needed water. When I got into the van for the third time, it just wouldn't start. I turn it on, and it cranks just once, and then nothing. looked under the hood, and raidator has water, the battery seems to have plenty of juice

Start with charging up the battery and the try to start it.  ... 1996 Ford Windstar

I got x type 2002 and i got problem with auto transmission. that show on dash boad gear box faultand take down to tranmission spacilist and he offer to change oil firt that we changed it by him tis oil is jaguar oil. after changed the oil. then i drive the car to go home, after 10 k car stoped and do not take a gear for drive.i towed the car to same person he start the car and told me converter look do not work,if you can help send email [email protected]

How do i adjust handbrake on my x type jag 2001 ... 2002 Jaguar X-Type
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