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What does sensor code p1152 on a 1999 ford explorer mean

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What does sensor code p1152 on a 1999 ford explorer mean

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I have '97 ford explorer that the check engine light is on and when i get the codes read it says "p0141" witch I have found out means that my bank 1 sensor 2 o2 sensor is bad but i have no clue where to locate that i have the part ready to go but cant find were it goes because i replaced the o2 sensor on the driver side behind the Cadillac converter because thats witch one someone told me it was but then got the error code again even after deleting it

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I have engine code 443 saying slow response os sensor does this mean i have to replace the sensor this is on 1997 ford explorer truck. i also had a vapor leak code so i replace the gas cap will that solve the problem.

Most likely if is going to be a bad o2 sensor, especially in a car that is from 97. About the vapor leak, it could be the gas cap, put it could be a leak anywhere in the EVAP system too. If you fill you gas tank with the car running it can set the sa ... 1997 Ford Explorer AWD

Abs code c1230 it reads wheel speed sensor rear center input circuit fail, i want to know which rear wheel sensor it is that failed. or what they mean bout center input circuit, or where is it located on my 1999 explorer. thank you. my car is a 1999 ford explorer.

That error code comes back to a rear axle speed sensor, here is a great video to show you where and how to change it. ... 1999 Ford Explorer

My 96 Ford Explorer is up for it's registration well we thought that it was going to pass because we really haven't had problems with but the engine check light did come on so I figured that maybe it was the O2 sensor.. ha I was wrong! My question is this.. it failed for emissions on trouble code number P0761 ( Shift Solenoid C Performance or Stuck Off) and P0402 (Exhaust Gas Recirculation Flow Excessive Detected) I have no idea what these mean I need to get these fixed but I can't do it until I

Code 402, I would replace DPFE sensor .code 761- is transmission shift solenoid related, and may be as simple as replacing a clip/retainer in that part of the transmission, unfortunately basically one side of transmission needs to be disassembl ... 1996 Ford Explorer

My girl has a 03 ford explorer I changed the oil and spark plugs yesterday started up fine drove it like 5 miles then the check engine light came on then it just died out like it wasnt getting enough air flow or it got to much the code that comes up is p2197 o2 sensor lean what does that mean its the upward stream one

Reset the PCM Keep alive memory. That is in case you didn't leave somethind disconnected.\015\012Good luck ... 2003 Ford Explorer

I changed out the MAP sensor,and the idle air sensor on my 2006 Ford Taurus. This was before I had the fault code read at a dealer. Code came back as P0340, and P0430 Band 2 cat worn out. I had the cam sensor replaced at their recomendation. Does the other code mean the o2 sensor on bank 2 needs to be replaced or is catalatic converter bad. The car has tehe 3.0 vulcan and 139,000 miles on it

P0340 FORD - Camshaft Position Sensor Circuit Bank 1 Sensor 1Possible causes- Faulty Camshaft Position Sensor- Camshaft Position Sensor harness is open or shorted- Camshaft Position Sensor circuit poor electrical connection- Faulty star ... 2006 Ford Taurus

Engine idles rough and check engine code is P171. Someone suggested there is a vacuum leak possibly in the intake manifold. Is there a service bulletin for a 1996 ford contour with this symptom? The code book is vague and suggests a oxygen sensor, MAP sensor, or other sensors. The code book says that bank 1 is running to lean. What does that mean? What is bank one?

Spray some carb cleaner or starting fluid in short bursts around top of engine and see if it revs up. If yes, find the leak. ... Ford Contour

Where is the Purge Flow Sensor on a 1997 Ford Aerostar 4.0L AWD? I can't find any reference to it in the Chilton manual. I failed emissions test with a code P1443 Evaporative purge flow sensor fault. Does this mean the sensor is bad and should be replaced or is this a generic code for some other problem such as vacuum leak, PCV valve, etc.? Does my model even have this sensor?

The purge flow sensor is on the top of the gas tank. ... 1996 Ford Aerostar Extended

I have a 1998 ford explorer odb2 codes of p0171 and p0174 lean banks. I have already changed o2 sensors and idle control valve and cleaned mass air flow sensor. I have cleared codes but after a few weeks the light comes back on with the same codes. What else could it be. Thank you for your time

I would first change the fuel filter. ... 1998 Ford Explorer

Egr system Just found out that a mechanic a year ago put the wrong DFPE sensor in my 2003 Ford Explorer XLT (Flex)... they put the one in for a Sport Trac, which my vehicle is not. I have a check engine light with the P1401 code. I have had this code since having my head gasket repaired. Would having the wrong DFPE sensor cause this check engine code?

Have you checked the vacuum lines running to the DFPE? If they are damaged, or got switched during the head gasket replacement (not unheard of) that's probably the problem. If they aren't damaged, try switching them and clearing the codes and see wha ... Ford Explorer

I have an 01 ford explorer sport trac. once running and accelerator is pressed it stalls like it seems to lack air . had a fault code reader on to it and code P-1504 shows. What does this mean. Please advise what this code means. Thanks


Code 51 I have a 95 ford f150 with 5.0 that has a flashing air bag light that gave me a code of 51, which by code book for ford means 'ECT sensor". I also, Have had times of the A/C going out to floor panel when i press down on gas pedal to pass someone. I checked vacuum and found no problems....It"s a guess at this point for me...Thanx for any help.

A common cause for this fault on FORD vehicles  is the yellow connector underneath the passenger seat making a poor contact. Push them together so that it is tight and that normally cures the problem.It is usually caused by being dis ... 1995 Ford F150 Styleside Regular Cab

1998 Ford Explorer v- 6 OHV Check engine light with code for too lean both banks 02 sensor. Have replced oxygen sensors four times. Have replaced muliple vacum lines including PCV hose. Have cleaned mass air flow sensor. Every time time I clear the code it will be back in approx. 7 to 14 days of every day driving. Any help would be greatly appreciated. I have had this problem for almost 2 years. The vehicle has 165000 miles.

OK. Since you have had so much trouble lets check the dealer for an updated software calibration for the PCM (power train control module). Once we're sure there is no "fix" here lets talk about "lean" engine conditions. Lean means one of two things a ... 1998 Ford Explorer

I have 06 ford tarus it's giving me code P1633 and po511. I could start the car but it won't stay on. you could give it some gas and it sounds like air is coming from somewhere. we checked all the gaskets. codes tell me auxiliary transmission fluid temp sensor curcuit low input and output shaft speed sensor circuit range performance. what does that mean and how do i fix it?

... Ford Taurus

I have 05 ford tarus it's giving me code P1633 and po511. I could start the car but it won't stay on. you could give it some gas and it sounds like air is coming from somewhere. we checked all the gaskets. codes tell me auxiliary transmission fluid temp sensor curcuit low input and output shaft speed sensor circuit range performance. what does that mean and how do i fix it?

Has there been a collision recently? not sure why transmission problem would make engine not run. what do you mean it sounds like air is coming from somewhere? sounds like there is a problem in wiring harness. Ford has had a lot of problems with ... Ford Taurus

I have a 1998 Ford Explorer and I can't get the P0171 or P0174 trouble codes out I've replaced all 4 o2 sensors mass airflow sensor DPFE sensor plugs Sea Foam throtle position sensor checked for vacume leaks cleaned egr valve just about everything I could think of HELP!!!!

You missed two spots.EGR air passage tubeandEGR base gasketThe air passage tube get clogged with carbon just like the base of the EGR valve.It's ten time worst!!!Get a full bottl ... 2006 Ford F 350 Super Duty

Auto mechanic 1997 ford explorer 4.0 sohc engine code p0705 replaced trans range sensor cleared code test drove 2 times then lite back on same code p0705...any confirmed repairs for me on this

Check your wireing connector for corrision or melting from engine heat this was a common problem if this was helpful please leave good feed back ... Ford Cars & Trucks

2000 ford explorer input turbine speed sensor. code po715 was pulled on the obd scanner.does any 1 no were this sensor is located at on my transmission, i beleiv e it has the 55r5e trans but not quit sure. engine is a 4.0 sohc with over drive and 4x4 any 1 can help would be great im going nuts ovewr this. also auto zone sold me a input turbine speed sensor but i cant find the part they sold me any were on transmission, so not sure if thats even the rite part i need ...(i need the input turbine s

The is also known as sensoer c it is your pressure control solenoid. if you drop the transmission pan and remove the transmission filter it is on the side of the valve body. DO NOT REMOVE THE VALVE BODY PLEASE ... 2000 Ford Explorer

I have a 2000 Ford Explorer and I used a pocketscan (OBD II code reader and the code is P1400). What does this code mean?

This code refers to the Delta Pressure Feedback EGR(DPFE) sensor voltage. The voltage in this sensor changes as it detects a difference in vacuum. Test: Engine running, so be careful and use proper care! Find the EGR valve and disconnect the vacuum l ... Ford Explorer

I have a 1999 ford explorer and the check engine light came on. I used my code checker and discovered the cam sensor was bad. After replacing the cam sensor and the synchronizer it cured the problem. But now when I turn on the heater or A/C it starts missing and check engine light comes back on saying the cam sensor is bad???

... 2001 Ford F150 Styleside SuperCrew

What do these codes mean for a 2004 ford explore codes p2100,p2104

... 2004 Ford Explorer

My check in engine light came on when i started my vehicle. I got the code with my scanner is p0325 knock sensor/ circuit bank 1 p0325 manifold absolute pressure/baro circuit. This is great but what does it mean? I had a tune up about 2 months ago at a Ford dealer. i changed my Map sensor 1 month ago. Any suggestions

Check the hose going from the air filter to the throttle body. also unplug and plug in the map sensor again. to reset the codes you need to unhook the battery for about 15 minutes or if the condition that set off the code doesn't exist after three ... Mercury Villager

I just took in my 2003 Ford Explorer in because it keeps stalling as I approach a stop. A $100 later they tell me they cannot fix it and I should take it to Ford. The code p0406 egr is what they found through diagnostics. What does this mean and how costly is it to repair?

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I have a 1996 Ford 150 ranger and the check engine light is on . My OBD trouble code is PO153 02 Sensor Circuit Slow Response ( Bank 2 Sensor 1 ) What does all this mean. Thanks

The bank 1 and bank 2 refers to what part of the engine the sensor is monitoring , usually bank 1 is one head and bank 2 is the other head.bank 2 sensor 1 look for your o2 sensor an the passenger side of you truck, and unplug the connector, the ... Ford F-150
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