Having problems with your 1999 Ford Explorer ?

Can't turn the flywheel on my '99 explorer sport with E code motor. trying to install last four bolts on torque converter to complete installation of transmission.

Posted / edited by AnonymousUser on : 22-01-2018

Answers :

Remove the splash pan from under front of engine\015\012put socket on the bolt holding the harmonic balance on\015\012u should be able to turn engine from here if not\015\012there may be other problem \015\012if the gearbox has been bolted up and the converter\015\012has not been fitted all the way into the transmission \015\012this will cause lock up loosen all bolts around\015\012bellhousing to take the weight off the try to \015\012turn the engine if its free then u will have to \015\012move the transmission back far enough to \015\012rotate the converter while pushing in it should\015\012locate and push in
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Can't turn the flywheel on my '99 explorer sport with E code motor. trying to install last four bolts on torque converter to complete installation of transmission.

Remove the splash pan from under front of engine\015\012put socket on the bolt holding the harmonic balance on\015\012u should be able to turn engine from here if not\015\012there may be other problem \015\012if the gearbox has been bolted up and the ... 1999 Ford Explorer

Original automatic transmission was slipping more so in upper gears 3 and 4. Bought rebuilt transmission from Carquest, who purchases from company called proven value. I installed transmission myself. Converter was installed so that moved freely after tranny bolted to engine. Checked out 1/8" between coverter and flex plate when converter seated completely. used washers on bolts to converter so that would not dimple converter. dowl pins were in engine. replaced radiator instead of flush

I have read your post and here is my opinion, if you flushedr the cooler and the lines properly and used the correct fluid to fill the trans and the level is correct then you have an internal loss of pressure to the forward/direct clutch pack, the ca ... Toyota Previa

I replaced the engine on my 1997 chevy blazer and now the transmission will not engage. The torque converter was engaged in the pump and after installing I installed the 3 torque converter bolts to the mounting plate and now the transmission will not engage. Is there anything else that I should check?

... 1997 Chevrolet Blazer

I am installing an m52 engine from a 1996 bmw 328i into a 1998 bmw 528i, but the torque converter and flywheel lock up when I tighten the outer engine to trans bolts. If I loosen the bolts, they move freely again. When the bolts are tightened until they stop, there's about an eighth of an inch left between the engine and trans, but no play or movement. I separated them several times to make sure the torque converter is all the way in, and it is. I'm stumped because everything else seems the same

Hi! If, as you say, your torque converter is fully engaged, then the only thing I can think is that the unit doesn't match! It may be that the dimensions between the two are different - meaning that when you try to fully tighten the bolts, the 1st mo ... Cars & Trucks

How do you align the torque converter to bolt it to the flywheel in a 1999 Ford Ranger XLT 4.0l 4x4 with over drive. The torque converter is set into the transmission but there is no way to access the back of the flywheel.

You can do the following. When you wiggle rotate the converter. You can try spinning one direction or alternate clockwise and counter clockwise. Try up and down and side to side when you wiggle or shake. When it goes on you will hear it seat all t ... Ford Ranger

1991 nissan pickup tryig to connect torque converter to flywheel, torque converter slides back inside bell housing then bolts are too short to attach flywheel to torque converter

... 1991 Nissan Pickup

95 bmw 318i. what tools do i need to check the transmission fluid. transmission is making a noise when first start it up. stops if i put it n gear. have check the torque convert bolts and they are good. flywheel is to. the noise is grind noise. transmission changes gears great.

There is a fill plug on the side of the tranmission, but the level would never cause this noise, if it was low your transmission would slip or not engage at all, so fluid level is not your problem, I think you have an internal failure in the transmis ... BMW 318

Relaced transmission and now have a rattle sound comind from torque coverter area,noise gets louder when gas pedal is applied and noise goes away during shifting of transmission btu comes right back after shift is complete,all bolts are tight and flywheel is good

Your torque converter is rattling that is the clutch on the stator inside is worn out... You can stall test your torque converter ...Do this but follow correctly. put on parking brake..on the asphalt,,,, block all four wheels...push the gas to the fl ... 2003 Lincoln Navigator

2000 Nissan xterra, 2wd v6. Do you have to remove the whole transmission to replace the 4 flywheel bolts that are connected to to torque converter? If not then What needs to be removed??

... Cars & Trucks

My 2002 MDX was diagnosed with a faulty torque converter last week. Service advisor said that I need to get the converter as well as the transmission replaced now at a total cost of $5k, because the faulty torque converter could have sent shards of metal into my transmission. After doing some research I found that Acura sent out a technical service bulletin in 2005 that a faulty torque converter could be causing a shudder btwn 30-40mph (TSB 03-024) and eventually causing transmission fail

Heres what i would do i would take all your papers showing work done and i would take the car to a transmission specialist not the dealership and have them look at it and tell you whats really wrong then i would get it fixed by him get a receipt then ... Acura MDX

I got a used transmission from a salavage yard for my 96 subaru legacy outback all wheel drive. When I tried to bolt the torque converter to the flex plate the bolt holes didnot match. Only to find out that the torque converters were different sizes. The original torque converter is larger than the replacement torque conmverter. Can someone help me with this situation?

You gotta find the actual size. Return to store. ... 1996 Subaru Legacy

Starts really hard, rpms go way up. and when driving there is a hesatation just here and there., also some times the rpm jump way up for no aparent reason.Have had all new spark plugs and wires, fule injectors cleaned and a new cadilac converter put on in the last two months and still doing it. Have also had transmission looked at and all is clear. And a complete reset of the computer at time of cadilac coverter install, now it reads miss fire on 4 cylenders. Can anyone help me?

It could be the mass air flow sensor or manifold air pressure(MAP)sensor.Some makes have 1,some the other.It could be your problem because it is basically helps make the gas/air mixture correct.It does strange things like that.I have only been on thi ... 2003 Ford Escape

Cant get to the torque converter bolts after installing the transmission

... 1999 Mitsubishi Montero Sport

04 vibe transmission will not shift into any gear. changed filter and fluid. lifted one tire off ground started and shifted into gear but wheel does not spin at all. checked bolts flywheel to torque converter good. shifter cable working. no obvious wires disconnected. wtf???

Sounds very broke! the axle are ok put out the drive axle and check the spline in maybe gone! ... 2004 Pontiac Vibe

I have a 99 vw beetle tdi alh diesel engine, manual transmission. I am replacing my original dual mass flywheel with a single mass flywheel. The new bolts that came with the single mass flywheel/clutch kit have a coating, probably locktight??? What torque wrench setting do I use on the new bolts to bolt the flywheel to the crankshaft, I don't know if these new bolts are stretch bolts or not, the supplier of the new single mass flywheel couldn't tell me if they were stretch type bolts or not

... Volkswagen Beetle

My engine has been taken from original 1986 Camaro Z28 carb system and in it's place was installed a holly carb. I was told by a few people that I need to do something about my Torque converter system for the automatic transmission on the vehicle. Though I am unsure of what to do as to solve this issue, before as one of them stated ''rebuilding a transmission'' is what I want to do. What do I do to go about solving the torque converter problem with the transmission, without returning the vehicle

Ok...first item: TV cable is a cable running from the carb linkage down to the trans linkage. What it does is change the position of a slide valve in the trans valve body to match the throttle position by changing trans internal pressure. This influe ... 1986 Chevrolet Camaro

Replacing auto trans in a v6 vn commodore.Can i leave my torque converter bolted to the flywheel and then attach the new gearbox? or can i put a paint mark across the flywheel and converter remove bolts and fit new trans and old converter together lining up the paint mark to keep the balance right? This is a rear wheel drive australian gm car.Sorry the car isnt a buick but it wouldnt let me post as a Holden.It does have a v6 motor that was derived from a Buick V8

Well You have a good car there so look after itas we make them 100% OK \015\012You dont have to mark the engine backing plate but you do have to take off the converter and leave it on the g/box and take it all out as 1 unit,,if you dont then ... 1990 Buick LeSabre

Need to know how to replace the torque converter on transmission for 2000 Ford F250 Superduty truck. Put it in and tried to bolt it up but it didnt work. Need to know when you put the torque converter in how many times do you turn it to make it drop all the way in the transmission

You must turn and wiggle it on the shaft untill it goes all the way on its got to hit those splines just right and itll pop rite on,,some swearing usaually helps out to..lol ... 2000 Ford F250 Super Duty Crew Cabs

I pulled and replaced my engine on my 1993 jeep cherokee and wen i go to bolt the flywheel to the torque converter the torque converter sits to far back and bolts wont reach to catch tread whats the problem?

Is it the same flywheel, or flex plate, that was on the old engine? ... Cars & Trucks

Hi, You assisted me before on the same vehicle. I installed my new transmission system and have been driving it for a couple of month now. The issue is a Vibration when I first release the clutch in 1st and also in Reverse. I have installed a complete new Transmission system on my 1995 Chevy S-10, 4.3L, 5-Speed truck. (new transmission, new flywheel, new clutch and clutch plate, new Master and Slave Cylinders.) Have bleed the system to the point I get great shifting and all. However, my problem

The last time I felt vibration in the pedal like that I had a broken clutch finger. I would hate to tell you to take it all out again only to find no broken fingers. I've also seen vibration from improper mating of the friction disc and flywheel. ... Cars & Trucks

I have the oil pan, flex plate, torque converter, transmission and transfer case removed from my 2002 Astro AWD. Can I start by installing the oil pan and working my way back through the rest or shoul

Yes you can assemble it that way. ... Cars & Trucks

Replacing engine on 1999 kia sportage need torque specs-torque for flywheel bolts and converter bolts. Kia is automatic if that matters.

... 1999 Kia Sportage

4t60e transmission when car idles there is a knocking noise in the transmission, i know it's not the engine because i disconnected the torque converter started the car let it run for a while reved it up no noise bolted torgue converter back up noise comes back

Well good luck cause it didn't fix mine instead it got worse so i just got a used transmission ... 1997 Buick LeSabre

I pulled on to the road rather quickly and a few hundred feet down the road the transmission whould not ingage into any foward or reverse gears. I had a mechanic advise me that the torque converter was the problem. He installed a new torque converter and its still dosen t ingage. the fluid level whould not go down with the car running.please help thank you!

The front pump in the transmission,is most likely the problem,if the fluid level stays the same even in gear,with engine running,then the pump in the transmission is out. ... 1995 Ford Escort

Trying to put a transmission into 1996 town and country van get transmission bolted into place and motor and transmission will not turn over something bound up could it be the torque converter or is it something im doing wrong?

Must install converter into tranny first. Then bolt torque converter to flywheel after you slide it into place. Make sure converter slips into tranny..you will need to turn it several times untill it fits into grrove inside tranny.:) ... 1996 Chrysler Town & Country
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